Chapter 57 Maternal Madness

You know the weather is bad in Oregon when ducks start committing suicide. Three of them tried to fly in front of the car today. They were probably just confused with the road looking like a pond. After swerving to avoid them and narrowly missing a family of 4 in the other lane it occurs to me the time has come to live the winter and spring months in some other region. Dammit Malibu here I come. To accomplish this goal I will need some kind of stake in TBBT or some other hit show. If anyone is offering now is a good time while I'm in the mood. Otherwise I have no ownership, interest or any of that falderal. Always wanted to use that word somewhere might as well be here.

Mini Vaca

The gang and their families had all left after dinner and after the wonderful comic discoveries were thoroughly examined and discussed. Amusement was found in Raj and Sheldon's considerable amount of envy for Penny's rare Justice League comic. Lisel was tucked in and sleeping next to Schrodinger her now constant companion. Baby Matisse was in her crib with Tish monitoring her. She's gained almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks.

Penny's was on the couch before the TV waiting for Leonard to bring the drinks. He'd gotten herbal tea for her and single malt scotch for himself. The news was on but down in the lower left corner was the video feed from the crib cam. Penny was ignoring the news and watching the baby sleep as Leonard sat down. He handed her the tea and took a large sip of his scotch and set it on the coffee table. She set facing him her legs curled up under her, knees almost touching Leonard's thigh. He looked comfortable in black silk sweats and a black Caltech t-shirt. She had on her short white pajama bottoms with the little fish and a Nebraska t-shirt that was loose fitting. He looked over at her and smiled.

"Hey Tuesday let's pack up the kids and head down to San Diego for the rest of the week. We could go to the zoo and Sea World then hang out and enjoy the city?"

Penny got that crooked little smile on her face he liked so much. He knew he was a goner she'd seen right through it.

"So your mother must be coming in on Tuesday afternoon huh?"

"Did she blind copy you on the email?"

Penny started giggling, "No Sheldon told me. I've been waiting for you to tell me."

Penny put her tea on the coffee table and snuggled into his shoulder and kissed his cheek. "We'll handle Beverly together honey. Just like Paris. She's only staying until Friday anyway then she's off to a conference."

"I still say San Diego is really nice this time of year."

Penny shook her head and giggled again, "Like a dog with a bone. I say we get her boozed up and take her to Disneyland."

Leonard was not amused but he did add, "At least I can work next week you get to stay home with her every day."

Penny sat back from him and gave him the Nebraska Penny look. "Oh Dr. Hoftstader if you can take time to go to San Diego you can take a couple of days to spend with your mother. Besides do you really want Beverly to have unhindered access to me for the whole time?"

Leonard thought that over, "Maybe Sheldon does have some Compazine left okay I'll work from home Wednesday and Thursday. She'll want to leave from the hotel on Friday anyway. "

Penny shook her head, "When I talked to her she wanted to stay here she said she'd sleep with Lisel or on the couch. So we get her for the whole time, my Disneyland plan looking better yet?"

"You're just full of good news aren't you is my prostate exam booked next week also. Might as well get the full treatment and go for the colonoscopy as well."

Leonard wished there was a wall close by to pound his head on. He's had the upper hand in Paris. He was in charge of that situation. There was a hotel room to escape to. But he was going to have unlimited exposure to Beverly for 3 days. Apprehensive was not a big enough word for it. What was that acronym they had in the 1980's when everybody had enough bombs to blow up the world. Oh yeah MAD Mutual Assured Destruction

Penny was rubbing her hand up and down his chest staring back at the crib cam again.

"Don't try to over think it honey, she's here to see that little angel and Lisel. You'll get less attention than you think."

Yeah Lisel, Leonard thought, that's what I'm worried about.

Magical Mornings

Penny stirred out of sleep feeling around with her right hand for Leonard. He's escaped again she thought. She sat up and looked over and saw the crib was empty. How is he doing that? It had been two nights in a row now that Leonard had got up and fed Matisse without her waking up. She was going to have to use the breast pump for some relief. She suddenly knew. "Tish have you been waking up Leonard on a schedule to feed the baby?"

"Yes Penny just as he asked, every 3 hours."

She swung her feet out of bed and stretched smiling. Her robe was on the chair beside the bed there was a note on top. "Breakfast is out by the pool, coffee is hot, it's a magical Sunday morning."

Penny put her robe on and opened the bedroom door. The dogs were waiting on the other side. She gave them each a warm pat and ruffled their ears before heading toward Lisel's room. Her bed was empty too. Penny headed into the great room and immediately noticed the stroller was missing he must have taken them both for a walk. Penny ventured into the kitchen and got herself a cup of coffee before heading to the patio. On the table was a plate with a poppy seed muffin and an apple, the slicer next to it. She sat at the table and looked at the pool the dogs were sniffing around the edge waiting. "Go swim."

The dogs bounded into the water to play while she started to eat.

Leonard came home with baby and Lisel as she sliced the apple. He came out on the patio holding the baby and sat down in the chair beside her.

"Did you sleep well?"

She handed him an apple slice and narrowed her eyes at him. "I did the last two nights in a row mister but how about you? Every three hours, that must be a tough schedule."

Leonard blushed, "You needed some rest and I won't do it during the week I swear."

Penny smiled at him sarcastically, "It's very thoughtful of you Leonard and slightly devious. But you always were the unpredictable Hoftstader."

Leonard's blush grew redder, he handed Matisse to Penny. She was awake and trying to look around. Penny lifted her t-shirt and started to feed her. Leonard just sat back and smiled at them both. "Do we have any plans for today?"

Penny shook her head no without looking up as she watched the baby.

"I thought Lisel might like to see the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena then go by the Apartment afterward for a late lunch. We could go down to old town for the evening, I hear they've got a street fair today."

Penny looked up at him. She'd never been to the museum it was European and Asian art she recalled. "I'll make you a deal you take me and the baby to the apartment and we'll stay there why you take Lisel to the museum. Then we'll go from there down to old town and check it out."

Leonard started to get up "I'd better get in the shower then."

Penny reached over and grasped his arm, "Let me get done here and I'll put her in the crib and join you."

Leonard sat back down.

She gave him a small leer, only 4 more weeks and then they could do more but for now it would be enough. Beside there's lots of spots he can't reach like I can.

Bernie and Gerry's

Penny led the way into the house from the garage. The baby was cradled in one arm. Right behind her was Leonard carrying a sleeping Lisel against his shoulder. Penny moved over and he started for Lisel's room as she followed. She stood in the door holding Matisse and watched as Leonard pulled back the comforter from the bed. He laid Lisel down very gently. Then removed her shoes and made sure Rascal was in her arms. The moment Leonard stood up from the bed the cat was up on it. She watched Schrodinger make a bed by walking in circles on the comforter near Lisel head then lay down.

Leonard walked over to her and put his hands out for the baby. Penny handed her to him with a smile then turned to head for the wardrobe to get in her pajamas. She heard Leonard's phone beep as she turned the corner into the great room. She kept going until she heard his voice.

"Penny you might want to hold on changing clothes, Bernadette just went into labor"

Penny realized her purse was still in the car and headed to garage to get her phone. There were two texts from Bernadette. "Contractions about 10 minutes apart now" was the first one then next one, "Ouch these hurt"

Penny texted her asking if she was at the hospital yet. "No we're leaving now,"

Penny texted her back, "I'll be there soon."

She turned around to see Leonard standing beside the kitchen counter with Matisse in his arms. "Leonard we need to get to the hospital."

Leonard gave her a smile, "You have to get to the hospital. I'll take care of the baby and Lisel. Call me if something goes wrong and I'll be down right away. But you need to be there for her, Howard will have Raj there. I'm sure Amy will want to be there also."

Penny frowned at Leonard even though she knew he was right they didn't have child care lined up. One of them must stay home for now. "Okay but bring the girls first thing in the morning. If something happens tonight call Chelsea to come over so you can come down."

Penny kissed him quickly but with passion and headed for the garage.

Leonard turned and headed for the bedroom. He put Matisse down and got into his sweats and a white t-shirt. "Tish baby monitor on my phone please"

Leonard knew he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight anyway until Bernadette had her son. He would just stay up for a while in the living room. Bring the baby in when she woke up and feed her there. It felt really odd not having Penny there at nighttime it actually made him feel a little distraught. He shook it off, he'd be fine so would she.

He turned on the fireplace and put his phone beside him so he could see the crib cam. Leonard picked up his tablet and started to read through the different journals that were piling up in his library. He checked the clock to see how long it had been. Penny had been gone an hour.

Leonard was felling sad when the phone rang it was Penny, "Hey is everything all right?"

He heard tears in her voice, "Leonard this is the first night we've ever been apart since last Christmas so everything is not all right. I realized it on the drive to the hospital and once I got here it got worse."

Leonard used his softest tone, "I know I feel the same way, I decided to stay up as long as I can so you can leave the line open and talk to me. How's Bernadette?

Penny sounded a little better, "She's moving right along actually. Contractions are under 5 minutes and she's dilated to 7 already at this rate before mid-night. She hasn't had the epidural yet but they're prepping her now. This a little better at least I can talk to you."

"I'm going back in the room now the epidural is in and working apparently. Remind me why I didn't get one of these?"

Leonard chuckled, "They offered you refused you were afraid it would slow things down,"

"Jesus someone should have insisted. Oh just a second honey. Its Leonard he said to just leave the line open so he can hear and I can talk to him. What okay, Leonard here's Howard."

"Leonard slave your phone to Tish for a video call."

Leonard got up and headed for the TV, "Tish slave the call on my cell to video, put the crib cam in the corner."

The picture of the birthing room was there, Penny was waving as she held one of Bernadette's hands while Howard held the other. Penny looked at the screen "Hi honey can you see okay, we see you but it's a little dark. Tish can you make the picture of Leonard lighter. Much better. There you are honey."

Leonard heard Bernadette's voice and swore it could be Howard's Mom, "Ugh, Let's do this thing!"

Leonard smiled and sat back to watch and hear the blow by blow from Howard and Penny.

At 12:14AM Monday October 8th 2025 Gerald Joseph Wolowitz was born, 7lbs, 12 oz, 21" long.

By the Hand

When Penny walked into the house it was close to 1:30AM. Leonard was sitting on the couch giving Matisse a bottle waiting for her. She walked over and sat beside him. "That was amazing to watch and be a part of Leonard. I know you just went through that with me but it's different when you not the one in pain and so uncomfortable. Howard is so happy and so is Bernadette. She always said she didn't want kids, but the look on her face when she got to hold him said something totally different."

She got very close and kissed Leonard on the cheek. "I still missed you though."

He smiled at her, "Well get ready for bed our streak of sleeping together is still unbroken."

She looked at him with a slight disbelief in her eyes.

His smile turned serious. "It was very uncomfortable not having you beside me and not finishing our evening together. I guess we're becoming attached at the hip that way. So I do know exactly how you felt. Just don't tell Raj or Howard because I'll never hear the end of the whipped jokes."

Penny put her arms around his neck then her lips on his. It was one of those kisses where you lose track of time. When she pulled back Leonard looked dazed. "I believe you, I'll meet you in our bed and you can convince me some more."

Howard has his son. Leonard's getting a visit from his mommy. We didn't get a chance to talk about the art museum, maybe next chapter.

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Do you realize I let you know Sheldon didn't have Parkinson's in Chapter 55?

Chapter 55 was an Easter Egg for Sheldon's Parkinson's fear.

Everything was there to figure it out

Leonard gave you the web site:" link to the Mayo Clinic site"

Sheldon tells you he's taking meds, "He took one of the anti-nausea pills from his desk"

He looks it up on the net and doesn't faint or freak out: "He immediately moved to his computer and started doing internet searches. He had his answer in a few moments time. Sheldon sat back in his chair and saw it was time to go down and meet Amy for his ride home."

So Chapter 56 was actually in my head for one possible resolution to the problem when I wrote Chapter 54.

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