Chapter 65 The Epilogue Thread

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Decisions and Plans

November 27 2025 Thanksgiving Day or Anything Can Happen Thursday

Penny looked over the guest list one more time.

The Coopers 4
The Koothrappalis 5
The Wolowitzs 3
The Hoftstaders 4

She shook her head, twenty people for dinner well 3 were babies. They were having it catered with a large banquet table set up in the great room. Penny was both excited and nervous about her first thanksgiving as a family. She should say with their large extended family. Leonard was going to announce his retirement and she had some news of her own to add. Lisel was going to play her new small cello for the group. A round robin of Halo was planned and other games for the children. But it was "Anything can happen Thursday" and it usually did.

Penny checked on the baby who was sleeping soundly in her bassinette. She looked around for Leonard and saw he was in his spot staring at the fireplace. He had a cup of tea in his hand and his tablet sitting on his lap. Penny thought it was time to break the news to him. She walked over and curled her 5'5" frame onto the couch and into his shoulder. He must have heard her coming he had raised his arm and knew right where she'd end up. Penny leaned over and kissed his cheek softly.

He looked over at her and stared into her eyes. She loved looking deeply into his big brown peepers. They had that soft feeling look today like he'd been sentimental about something. She decided to start with the usual line. "Whatchya thinking about?"

Leonard gave her the smile it still made her heart flutter.

"Do you realize in 26 more days it will be the one year anniversary of when we found each other again. I really should have Sheldon calculate the odds but I think fate is still the right word. We should do something on that day it'll come to me I suppose."

Penny smiled her crooked little smile at him. "There you are over thinking it again. So are you going to tell me what your plans are after we get back from Europe?"

Leonard looked back at the fire.

"I might as well give you the whole itinerary I suppose. On December 26th we take the jet to Omaha so you can tip some cows and visit your family for a week or so."

At this point Penny elbowed him sharply, he feigned injury they both laughed and he went on.

"Then we're off to Geneva and we'll drop Lisel and the baby with Lena and Horst. Lena is so excited to have Matisse. Then we are going for sunshine in Mykonos for a week. After that I'm leaving it up to you. We can go to Rome, Athens, back to Paris all three if you like. When you're ready to come home we will."

Penny looked at him for a moment then she had an Idea.

"Leonard is their some place you haven't been you'd like to go. Some place we could experience for the first time together?"

Leonard just looked at her with the smile, "I've always wanted to see the Pyramids how about Egypt?"

Penny was satisfied now they could have an adventure all of their own.

"So what is the Professor Emeritus going to do when he returns from our little world tour?"

Leonard gave her a wicked little grin.

"Well I'm going to help Stuart at the comic book store occasionally. That is until I need to take care of the kids while you're making your movie"

Penny's mouth was hanging open. She hadn't told him they were going to make a movie from her TV show. It would be about where her character was now in life after the show had ended. She was committed to it by contract and she was looking forward to playing the role again. Production was set to start in mid-July.

She finally closed her mouth and gave him the wolfish grin.

"How did you know?"

Leonard chuckled unafraid of the grin now.

"Oh I keep up on the entertainment news. I am married to a star seems to be a reasonable thing to do."

Penny dug the nails of her right hand into his sides. He jumped.

"Okay Chelsea told me she was very excited about it. I haven't told anyone else."

Penny snuggled back into his shoulder.

"You don't mind it's going to be pretty hectic for a month or two, but it's all being shot here I'll be home every night."

Leonard ran his hand up her side and cupped her breast for a moment.

"That's good to know though you'll probably be too tired and cranky to be good company."

Penny ran her hand up his chest.

"I'm never that tired"

The epilogue

The guests came and dinner was served. Lisel played Mozart on the cello to resounding applause from the family. Penny won the Halo round robin. No one was surprised.

At the end of the evening Penny and Leonard lay entwined under their comforter. Neither had yet put their pajamas or boxer's back on. Leonard looked over at Penny.

Her green eyes shined in the moonlight coming through the patio doors.

"I love you Penny"

"Thank you"

"I love you too"

Leonard kept staring into her eyes, "How did we get so lucky"

Penny smiled back at him, "It all started with a snowflake"


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