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Chapter 1

5 Years Earlier

"I wish you wouldn't look at me like that." They had been through this already. He just didn't understand. None of them did.

"I wish you would tell me why you're leaving."

She hated when he would counter her response with a stupid comment. He knew exactly why she was leaving.

"Logan, I already told you why. Ms. Frost has offered me an opportunity that I can't pass up! She needs help at her school, and if I help her she will work with me …. help me gain control of my powers! I just graduated high school; I'm not a kid anymore. Why can't you understand?"

Her back was turned to him as she packed her last belongings. She did another scan about the bare room to see if she forgot anything. It was weird seeing her side of the room empty like this. Her band posters were down, and her deep purple comforter was gone, leaving the bed looking lifeless and original. She had to admit that she had grown fond of the place. This was her home, why was she leaving? Oh yeah…because of HIM.

She shunned the day that damn Cajun walked through those damn doors. Why did he have to be so charming? So attractive? He had everyone wrapped around his finger after a week, that is everyone besides her and Logan. She saw right through his act, and because of that, she got to know the real Gambit. The real Remy. The person that had flaws like everyone else. The person that escaped to the roof, like she often did, when he was feeling overwhelmed or stressed. The person that had insecurities about his past and who he was, and who he would become. She fell in love with that person, which was why she had to leave.

How had she allowed herself to get close enough to care? She knew that he was a ladies man. And to make things worse, he was the closest thing she had to a best friend. She was stupid to think that anything would happen. It was physically impossible. No guy in their right state of mind would stay faithful to a woman that they couldn't touch. It was childish and unrealistic of her to get her hopes up.

That was why she had to go. The thought of him moving on killed her inside. And she would be damned if she were one of those pathetic chicks, that moped around with blood shot eyes, eating ice-cream buy the bucket loads, waiting for the phone to ring just so they could hear the voice of their ex. Ex? He was never hers, and never would be.

"Stripes, the professor can still help you. You just have to give it more time –"

"More time Logan? Are you serious right now? I have been in the mansion for a while, and I am nowhere closer to controlling my powers now than the day I got here! I have to go, I just have to!"

She turned around, to look at the man that was the closet thing to a father figure that she probably would ever have. She could feel the dampness in her eyes starting to swell; threatening to overflow and spill on her porcelain cheeks. She hated the fact that she was leaving her friends, her family….but she had to go to progress. If she stayed here, she would be labeled the untouchable leech forever.

Logan could see that the gothic girl in front of him was about to shed her hard exterior. He loved the fact that she felt comfortable enough around him to let her guard down, but he didn't want her to feel embarrassed.

"Ok kid, I give, but I still think you should wait for the others to return from their mission."

She looked so sad. He hated to see her like this. He knew she wanted to go to the Massachusetts Academy to get help with her powers, but he also knew that wasn't the only reason. He knew she was also leaving because of Gambit. He could smell the lust fuming off of her when she was around him.

"They knew I was leaving, if they wanted to see me off so bad, they should have stayed." She new she sounded full of self-pity, but at this point she could care less.

"They knew you were leaving Rogue, but they didn't know you were leaving today. You know what I think? I think that you want them to be gone, because if they were here, you know that they would talk you out of leaving."

She stared at her mentor and narrowed her eyes, debating on whether to scream at him or punch him. She decided against both and sagged her shoulders in defeat.

"You're right. I don't want to be weak and start to cry during the goodbyes. I don't want them to tell me to stay, because if they do, I might change my mind."

He was startled by her reply. The last thing he thought she would do, was agree with him.

"Alright kid. I'll help you load up your things. Just curious, why can't we contact you again?"

She handed her suitcase to him when she answered.

"Because Ms. Frost thinks that my emotions are tying me down. She says that if I keep in contact with you guys, it could possibly slow down the control therapy process, or something like that."

She gave the room one final glance before she left. She looked at Logan, who was already half way down the stairs. She could see the sadness in his face, although he would deny it.

"Don't worry Wolvie, I'll be back before you know it."

He smiled at her concern for him.

"We will miss ya, but take your time. Just promise me you will brush up on your fighting skills once in a while. Lord knows ya need it." And with that he gave her a wink, and headed outside to load up her belongings.

There was one more thing she had to do before she left. She walked up to Remy's door. She already knew it would be locked, so she didn't even bother turning the handle. She simply slid the letter she had written earlier under his door, and hurriedly ran down the stairs and out the door, where Logan would see her off.

To Be Continued…

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