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Chapter 22

You Again

He was caught off guard from her comment, and he was not used to the feeling. At first he thought she was making an attempt to joke with him, but when he saw the serious expression on her face, he knew that she was quite serious.

Before he had a chance to respond, he heard the Professor address him. "Remy, if you don't mind, could I speak with you in the hallway for a brief moment?"

Gambit slowly arose to a standing position. Twice now the woman in front of him, the woman that he loved, had forgotten who he was. The first time she was basically possessed by Carol, and now this. Why couldn't things ever go right when it came to them?

His thoughts were interrupted by the Professor's voice. "We shall be right back my dear. Just stay put."

Rogue meekly nodded her head, and he swore that he detected the slightest hint of a blush on her cheeks. What the hell was going on? Rogue meek?

Yup. She had officially lost it.

He followed the Professor out into the hallway. As soon as the door shut behind him, he couldn't contain himself any longer. "What the hell is wrong with her?! She has no idea who I am!"

The Professor towered his fingers in front of his face as if he was in deep thought. "It appears that the trauma has caused her to suffer from a form of amnesia."

Remy leaned against the nearest wall and leaned his head back. "Is it permanent?"

"I don't believe it will be."

Finally! Some promising news. He exhaled, not even realizing that he had been holding his breath. "When will she remember?"

"These situations are delicate Gambit. It could possibly be weeks, or even years. It depends on the patient."

Remy again slumped against the wall. "Years?..."

The Professor had a sympathetic look on his face. "Possibly. There is no telling."

The older man looked at the younger one, and could see that the man was deep in thought. "What is it Gambit?"

"I just don't get it. How does she remember how to talk and walk, yet she doesn't remember me?"

"It is the mystery of amnesia. It can affect every individual differently. Ironically, she can recall her age but not who she is. I do not know if this will lesson the blow, but she does not remember any of us. Not you, not Logan, not Emma…"

Remy ran his hand through his hair. "But why?"

The professor actually lightly shrugged his shoulders. "At this point, it could either be the trauma, or that neutra, or possibly both. There is no telling for certain. But the good thing is she is awake. I have spoken with her and explained as much as I could."

"Does she know she is a mutant?"

"Yes. It seems that she just cannot remember individuals that she has encountered in her life time, along with her past."

The professor saw the younger man's shoulders sink down an inch or two. "Now now. We have to be optimistic. She has returned to us. She is alive…" he then displayed a small smile, "and she is in need of a friend. This could be healthy for the both of you."

Remy quickly lifted his head. "The both of us?"

The Professor actually chuckled. "Don't look so surprised dear boy." He then turned his wheelchair to leave. He turned back one final time before he left. "Many people do not get the chance to start over. Make the best of the situation at hand. You both are young and have been through so much. It is time to enjoy life. Why not bring her along for the ride?" He then actually winked and left the med bay.

How the hell could he be so calm at a time like this? The old timer had finally lost it.

He shook his head to help clear his mind, and took a deep breath in. How should he handle this situation? Should he walk on eggshells? He was a master thief, so he knew he was perfectly capable of doing so.

But then he thought of her. She would hate to regain her memories and find out that everyone was tiptoeing around her and her emotions. It would make her feel like that insecure goth girl that she once was.

No. He was going to take the head on approach.

He walked in and plopped himself down on the couch that was brought in for him while she was in her comatose state.

They both sat in silence staring at each other. She shifted uncomfortably due to the awkward silence. She nervously started to rub her hands together. "Where is the other man?"

Remy shrugged his shoulders. "The professor? Probably poppin' wheelies somewhere."

A small laugh escaped her. The sound was beautiful. "I somehow doubt that. So. I guess he told you what was going on with me?"

"More or less."

She leaned back against her pillows. "It's so unsettling. How does somebody forget everybody, including themselves?"

Again, he shrugged his shoulders. "Beats me. But we will work on reacquainting you with those who matter, like myself."

She rolled her eyes in a way that was so familiar to him. The sight saddened him, and it took everything in him not to shake her and scream, "Snap out of it!"

She gave a small smile in his direction. "Are you always this modest?"

"I have been called many things Chère, but modest is not one of them."

She laughed. "Maybe they just don't know you."

He took on a serious expression. "Nobody knows me like you do."

She reached up and started nervously playing with a strand of loose white hair. "Is that so? How exactly do we know each other?"

He leaned back and kicked his feet up on the bed. "You want the long unrated version, or the shorter PG one?"

She let out a nervous laugh. "Lets just go with the shorter one for right now. We will possibly discuss the unrated version at a later point in time."

"Well you're no fun." He then quickly leaned forward and brushed her hair away from her face. The gesture made her blush, and he couldn't hold back his grin. "Well, to put it quite simply, you're my girlfriend."

He swore he could hear her swallow. Her blush was more noticeable. "Oh. I see. Are we serious?"

He stared into her emerald eyes. "Yes. We had a rough road, but we always found our way back to each other."

She looked as if she was unsure about what she was about to say next. The color of her face was a shade of scarlet. "Have we…" She turned away shyly, too embarrassed to finish her sentence.

He knew what she was about to ask, but he needed her to open up to him. So he would play the dumb part for now. "Have we what?"

"You know…"

"I assure you I don't."

She threw her hands in front of her face as if she could hide from the question. "Please don't make me say it."

He looked at her with concern, but inside he was grinning ear to ear like the Cheshire cat. "Don't feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about asking me anything."

She was beet red by now. "You know… have we done it."


She huffed in frustration. "Have we had sex?"

He raised his hand to his chest in mock shock. "You wake up from a coma with amnesia, and you are already inquiring about our sex life? We have strict moral values Rogue!"

She looked down ashamed. "I'm sorry, I…"

She stopped when she caught a glimpse of his face. He looked like he was about to crack up at any moment.

"You're messing with me, aren't you?"

He grabbed her hands within his own. "Yes. And to answer your other question, yes we have. But we have plenty of time to talk about the intense details…or I could tell you about them now if you like? Maybe a demonstration?"

"No! I think I am at my max today. I don't think I can handle much more." She then eyed him suspiciously. "If you are my boyfriend, then how come you don't know my real name?"

He rubbed the back of his neck. "It was something that you never told us. I asked you once when we were younger, and you got upset…" He again grasped her hand within his own. "Look, I don't know how I am supposed to tell you things. I don't want you to get overwhelmed or anything. I also don't want you to go in overload mode and detonate."

She smiled weakly at him. "I'm glad you are honest with me. Don't tiptoe around me. Just help catch me up to speed. I can handle it."

So he did. He told her about how her first kiss experience had gone totally wrong, and that is when she started using her alias. She did it, so her mother Mystique wouldn't be able to locate her. He also told her that plan didn't work out so well. He talked of their friendship, and how she had left him that letter when she upped and left to go to Emma's school. He then discussed as much as he could until the present, which sadly included the death of Mystique as well as Emma. The only tiny detail he may have left out is what he had to do with Belladonna. He had to find out where Rogue was taken when she was kidnapped, and he was desperate. He would hate that evil woman for the rest of his life. However, this was not the time nor place for him to bring up his ex wife. He wanted them to have a fresh start. It was well after midnight by the time he finished.

She sat there quietly, and gently wiped her eyes. He quickly leaned forward and wiped away a tear. "I'm here for you Chère."

She reached over to the table by her bed and grabbed a tissue. "I feel so guilty that I cannot remember these people to even mourn their deaths."

He gave her a saddened expression. "Consider it a blessing Chère. It would be too much to handle. At least this way it allows you to get used to it in a way, so if you do remember some day it won't be such a shock."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

He stood up and kissed the top of her head. She almost looked fearful. "Are you leaving?"

"You've had a long day Chère. Get some rest. I will be down first thing tomorrow morning." He knew that she probably wanted some time to herself to think.

He was proven incorrect when she quickly reached out and grabbed his hand. "Please stay. Even though I don't remember, it's comforting to have you close."

His heart almost beat out of his chest at her admission. He made his way to the couch and prepared it so he could sleep there. Before he lay down, he went over and kissed her on the forehead. "Get some rest. We will have you reacquaint yourself with everyone tomorrow."

She smiled up at him. "Thanks for everything."

He laid his head down on his pillow. "No problem Chère."

There were a few moments of silence before she spoke next. "Hey, Remy?"


"So is it possible that I may not be a mutant anymore?"

He rolled over to face her. "Maybe. We will find out more tomorrow."

She paused before she whispered a small "Okay."

After that, sleep overtook them both.


He woke up late the next morning. He groggily sat up and stretched in a cat like fashion. He took in his surroundings, and almost forgot where he was. Then he remembered the night before, and quickly looked over to the bed to see if Rogue was still asleep.

He became concerned when he found that the bed was empty. Although he wasn't too worried because he did notice that the bed was made. However, after recent events with her being kidnapped and all, he wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea of her wondering around by herself. He quickly got up and proceeded to locate his southern flower.

He heard some chatter in the kitchen, and he detected her voice within the conversation being held.

He smiled to himself. The woman had just found out she had amnesia, and then got a cliff notes version of her past, yet she still found her way to the kitchen for breakfast.

Some things never changed.

As he entered the kitchen, his good mood was diminished as soon as he saw the sight before him.

Rogue sat there smiling (looking beautiful he might add), immersed in a conversation with a man that he couldn't stand the sight of.

She was speaking with Warren.

When she saw him enter the kitchen, she smiled warmly in his direction. "Oh hey Remy! I hope I didn't wake you when I got up this morning. You stayed up late and I wanted you to get some rest."

He looked past her and eyed her company suspiciously. "You were up just as late as me."

She raised her eyebrow and followed his line of sight. "Yeah, but I was asleep for the past month."

He stepped in front of her blocking her from Warren's sight. He knew it was childish, but she was his. Warren knew he was out of line. "I think you should steer away from Rogue for now on."

Warren stood from his seat. "Relax. We were just having a civil conversation."

Rogue stepped out from behind Remy and looked between both men. "Am I missing something?"

Remy let out a sarcastic laugh. "I would say so. Did he fail to mention the past between you two?"

Rogue cocked her hip to the side and folded her arms across her chest.

Uh oh. He knew what that stance meant.

He was in trouble.

"For your information he did tell me. I need to talk to people on my own to find these things out. I don't need you to protect me."

He knew that she meant it, because her beautiful eyes had a little fire in them. He turned towards Warren, and saw that the other man wore a smug smile on his face.

He wanted to knock his teeth out.

Warren stood and brushed past him. "You need to relax Gambit. Rogue needs to reacquaint herself with all of us, not just you."

Gambit balled his fists up as his sides. "She needs me, her boyfriend."

Warren rubbed his chin. "Hmm, that's funny. From what I heard, you abandoned her when she needed you to go visit your ex. Are you sure you guys are still official?"

Rogue quickly turned to face him, and the look on her face was enough to break his heart. He wanted to have a new start with her. He never wanted to hurt her again.

Yet here they were, and the look on her face haunted him.

She took a step closer in his direction. "Is this true?"

He sighed in defeat and sat down in a near chair. "It is true…" he then turned and glared at Warren, "but not for the reason that you think. I went to have her sign divorce papers."

She stood quietly while she soaked up the information. "You were married why we were together?" She slowly sank into a chair herself. "What kind of woman was I?"

As he opened his mouth to speak, he was interrupted by the winged Fucker. "You were…are…a wonderful woman Rogue. I mean it."

Remy had enough with this guy. He casually leaned back in his chair. Amnesia or not, he had told her A LOT the night before, and here she was trusting another man more than him.

"Well you guys seem to have gotten chummy in a short amount of time." He proceeded to grab an apple from the fruit centerpiece on the table. "Did he happen to tell you the reason you guys ended things?" He eyed Warren, and he saw a look of panic cross his face. He nailed it on the head. Warren didn't tell her.

She lifted her chin defiantly. If he wasn't so pissed off at the moment, he would of thought it was cute. "Yes. He told me we ended things because I developed feeling for you."

Remy almost choked on his apple. He then began to laugh at the fact that Warren was using her amnesia as an excuse to get close to her again. Talk about desperate!

When he regained his composure, he proceeded to explain things. "Actually, that is just a tiny bit off. You heard a noise coming from his room, and you busted his door down all super hero like, and you caught him dick deep in another woman. Another funny thing is that woman also happened to be in a relationship with me at the time."

Her confident look quickly subsided, and she looked appalled at the information she had received.

He continued. "Aww it is okay. I was going to end things with her anyway. And I don't think you were feeling him too much either."

Warren proceeded to shout at him. "You have gone too far Gambit!"

Remy gave him a cocky smirk. "No, I think it was you that went a bit too far Mon Ami."

Rogue quickly stood up. She turned towards the other man. "You are a disgusting liar."

Remy wore a smug grin on his face, and was doing a little victory dance in his head.

She quickly turned around and started walking towards the door. He sat there for a moment wondering where she was going.

She turned back to him and raised one eyebrow. "Well, are you comin' or not?"

He couldn't contain his smile as he leapt up to follow her. He gave a quick mock solute to Warren before he left.

The other man looked like he was about to cry. Served him right for trying to pull something that was so low handed.


The next few weeks went by fairly quickly. Rogue was attempting to readjust the best that she could.

She was familiar with the rest of the team. It was almost comical when Kitty and Piotr returned. Although the smaller woman knew that Rogue had no memory, it did not stop her from doing a running start hug as soon as she saw her.

Rogue claimed she didn't mind, but he could tell that Kitty's action left her confused and embarrassed.

To add to her stress level, school had started back up. Numerous students were coming to greet her, and she didn't recognize one face.

There was also the little fact that she was showing no signs of her mutation. Any of them.

No absorbing. No flying. No using another power. No super strength. Nada.

He knew she was stressing because of it.

One day after class, he decided to ask her out on a date. It had been awhile since they had a chance to relax as a couple.

As he made his way to her room, he accidentally bumped into the shoulder of another teammate.

Scott Summers looked like shit. He was rarely seen, and when he was, he barely spoke two words.

One eye mumbled a quick "Sorry." before he proceeded to brush past him. Remy quickly reached out and had a firm grip on his arm. "Where the hell have you been? Your fiancé needs you!"

The other man at least had the decency to look ashamed. "How can I face her after everything."

Remy sighed and threw his head back. When had he become the mansion psychiatrist?

"Look. She obviously loves you. She has been worried about you. The other week she was looking all over for you."

Scott remained quiet, so he continued. "Plus your daughter is a handful! That little girl demands a lot of attention."

At the mention of his daughter, Scott sought out his eyes with his own. "Don't you understand? Every time I look at Megan I think of her… of Emma. That's not fair to Jean."

Gambit huffed in frustration. "Listen, tough shit. They both need you. You need to man the fuck up and handle the mess you created."

Scott straightened up. For a minute he thought he was going to throw a punch. However he was surprised at his response.

"You're…you're right. I…I need to go talk to Jean." And with that, he took off in the opposite direction.

Remy shook his head in frustration. If that was all that it took, he would have tried to talk to the man a long time ago.

He continued towards Rogue's room.

When he opened the door, he found her curled up in a chair with a book. The look on her face indicated that she was in deep thought, and had probably read the same paragraph about five times. Her look changed to a happy one at the sight of him.

She shyly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Hey."

He still couldn't get over the fact that she blushed when she saw him. It was like they were seventeen all over again. He loved it.

He went over to her bed and dramatically fell back on it. She pretended to ignore him and went back to reading her book.

He rolled over and held his head up with his hand. "Whacha readin'?"

"Just a book about vampires and other stuff…"

He raised an eyebrow. "What kind of other stuff?"

She raised the book in an attempt to block her face. He was sure she was blushing again.

He knew the kind of books that she read. He just thought she looked cute when she got all schoolgirl shy on him.

"Intimate stuff…"

He grinned in her direction. "You don't have to live vicariously through your romance novels. I can show you the real thing."

She continued to act like she was reading her book, and he knew that she was scarlet by now. He rolled back onto his back and placed his hands underneath his head.

She set her book down and sighed.

"What's wrong Chère?"

She leaned back in her chair and looked out her window. "I just don't know how I fit in here. I'm not a mutant anymore…so why am I living in a home meant for them?"

He quickly shot up. He did not want to worry about her up and disappearing.

As if she read his thoughts, she said, "Don't worry, I don't plan on going anywhere. I'm just frustrated, that's all. I want to remember everything so bad, and no matter how hard I try, the memories just don't come to me."

He got up from the bed and was kneeling in front of her in seconds. "You'll get your memories back. The professor said it could take time. Who knows, you might even get your powers back too."

His heart almost broke from the sad look on her face. How could one woman turn him into a mushy pile of feelings?

He stood up, and grabbed her hand. He pulled on it slightly making her stand up.

"What do you say we do something tonight?"

She smiled up at him. "What do you have in mind?"

It took everything he had in him not to make some perverted comment. "A date."

She looked up and pretended to think. "Sure. But I pick the place."

He smiled at her playfulness. "Why not? What do you have in mind?"

She was quick to answer. "Dinner. A picnic dinner by the lake. There is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, and I really wanted to see it."

He shrugged his shoulders. He would much rather wine and dine her at a nice restaurant, but she was calling the shots tonight.

He nodded his head, and the grin on her face was almost child like. "Great. I'll bring the blanket, you cook the food."

He laughed at her giddiness over a little picnic. "Sounds like you are getting the sweeter end of the deal."

She then shrugged her own shoulders in a nonchalant way. "Hey, you were the one who asked me on the date, remember?"

"That I did. We have to do this right though. What time should I pick you up?"

"Seven okay with you?"

He began to move towards the door. "Seven's good."

He had to get going. He had some cooking to do.


They both sat on the picnic blanket gazing up at the sky. She was dressed casually in some shorts and a shirt that went off of her shoulders, but she looked beautiful. Her hair was down and wavy, and while looking at her profile he could see her long lashes and full lips…

He had to shake his head. Since she had waken up, they had not been intimate what so ever. Not even one little kiss. He had wanted to jump her on numerous occasions, but he had to keep in mind that to her this was something new. He didn't want to move too fast.

As if she felt him staring at her, she looked over in his direction. "You're looking in the wrong direction. The stars are up there." She pointed to the sky with her finger.

He gave her a crooked grin and lay back against the blanket. His heart began to beat a bit faster when another cover appeared out of nowhere to cover them both up. She laid her head down on his chest while still keeping her eyes up above.

"Hey Remy?"


"Even though I don't remember, we have known each other for a while, right?"

He scrunched his brow in confusion. "Yeah we have. We are friends as well as lovers."

He could feel her smile against his chest. He could only imagine the blush creeping throughout her cheeks.

She rolled back over and again proceeded to watch the sky.

After a few moments of silence she spoke again. "Can I ask you something?"

He absent mindedly said "Mmmhmm." He was really trying to find this meteor shower they were supposed to be looking for. So far the only thing he saw moving up there was the occasional plane.

"Do you love me?"

That got his attention. He rolled his head over, and found that she was looking up at him with those emerald orbs of hers. He didn't have to think twice when he answered.


She shyly smiled. "Then kiss me already."

There were very few times in his life when he was caught off guard, and this was definitely one of them.

He almost thought he didn't hear her right, but when he looked at her he knew he heard correctly. She looked at him expectantly, and slowly closed her eyes. He needed no further encouragement and quickly rolled on top of her, cradling her face between his hands. She let out a small gasp from the quick change in position. He made sure to place most of his weight on his arms so he wouldn't hurt her. He then placed his lips on her own.

He could have sworn he saw fireworks when he closed his eyes. Or maybe it was the damn meteor shower. All that he knew was that this was one of the best moments of his life. He had missed this.

He slowly pushed his tongue towards her lips, asking for her permission to enter. She quickly obliged, and he felt her hands rubbing through his hair, attempting to bring him closer.

Her kisses became more urgent, and he felt his body respond to the contact.

He gently caressed her sides, and brought one of his hands to rest on top of her fleshy mound. He pulled her shirt off of her shoulder, and grabbed her breasts within his hands. They were plentiful, and he had almost forgot how perfect they were. He gently rolled her nipples between his fingers, and she arched her back in response to him. Her head went back, exposing her beautiful neck to him. He slowly ran his tongue up the crevice of it, and she shuddered in response. He was afraid that at any moment his manhood would bust through the seams of his pants.

He was surprised when she placed her hands on his chest and quickly rolled him over onto his back. He grabbed her thighs in his hands and brought her closer to himself. She again gasped in his mouth, and he could feel her smile slightly while they were kissing.

He separated himself from her briefly and grabbed her face within his hands. She brought her own hand up and rested it over his own. "What's wrong Chère?"

She smiled down at him. "Nothing. I just think I love you too. I feel like I always have."

He lifted his head slightly to resume their kissing. He had waited a long time to hear those words from her.

He was surprised when he felt her hands begin to unzip his pants. She fumbled momentarily, but in a short amount of time she had freed him from his fabric prison. She then began to place a series of gentle kisses down his chest, and hesitated ever so slightly when she made it to her destination.

He watched her observe him, and he chuckled slightly. "What is it?"

"It's a bit big."

He laughed out loud, and one look from her was all that it took to silence him. The girl was on a mission.

She slowly put forth her tongue, and licked the tip of him. She then wrapped her mouth around him and slowly moved her way down to his base. He swore that he had never felt anything better. He moaned in response, which made her a bit bolder in her actions. She brought her hand next to her mouth and started to quicken her pace.

If she kept this up, it was going to be a very short night. He quickly adjusted himself and had her pinned beneath him in seconds. She looked confused by his movement. "Didn't you like it?"

He smiled down at her. "A little too much."

She seemed satisfied with his answer, and they resumed their kissing. He started placing his own series of kisses down her stomach, relishing every moment. He made quick work of her shorts, and soon she was naked beneath him.

He sat up and grabbed her foot, suddenly yanking her down closer to him. She gasped at the movement, and he could see the look of need in her eyes. He grabbed her leg and lifted it up, bringing her foot to his mouth. He placed soft kisses on the bottom of her foot, watching her toes curl at the sensation. He placed a kiss on the feminine curve of her instep, and slowly moved his way to her ankle. He could hear her breath quicken, and he knew she was anticipating the moment his lips would find her lower ones.

He kissed all the way down her leg, and grazed over the spot that she wanted him most. He then kissed her opposite inner thigh, and she let out what sounded like a growl. He found his way to her center, and pressed his hand firmly on her stomach while he began to kiss her flesh on her most sensitive spot. Her breath hitched and a moan escaped her lips. He slowly sucked her bud in his mouth, and began to move his tongue in slow sensual circles. Her taste was magnificently delicious, and he felt the need to lap up all that she was giving him. He felt her legs begin to tense, and he knew she was close. He continued his ministrations and suddenly she called out his name as she came. She attempted to squirm away from the intense sensation, but he held her thighs firmly to keep her put. She almost screamed in bliss, and she soon was having another orgasm almost immediately after the first.

He gently kissed her center a final time before he made his way back up to her mouth. She was still panting from her ecstasy, and she roughly ran her hands through his hair to bring him to her mouth. He smiled against her lips, and realized that she was just as ready as he was for the grand finale. He was already at her entrance, and he positioned himself to enter her. He looked into her eyes one final time before he pushed himself into her being.

She felt magnificent. Her warmth and tightness was about to push him over the edge. He slowly began to push in and out of her, and was pleasantly surprised when she bucked her hips up to intensify the contact. That little movement was his undoing, and he quickly began to thrust in and out of her as he grabbed on to her thighs. She cried out his name as she attempted to grab onto him to steady herself, and he could feel her slick walls flutter around him. She arched her back and he could feel her release around him. The feeling pushed him over the edge, and he released himself in her.

He rested himself on her, and he could feel her gently rubbing small circles on his back with her fingertips. Surprisingly, she was the first one to speak. "If I knew that is what I was missing, we would have done it the day I woke up."

He sat up and smiled down at her. "Oh trust me, we have a lot of making up to do."

He began to kiss her again, and they proceeded to do a lot of 'making up' that night.


The weeks that followed were fairly normal. He had basically moved Rogue into his room, and they couldn't seem to get enough of each other. Despite the fact that she still had not regained her memories, they were happy.

One night they were in the recreational room, when there was a knock at the front door. When no one jumped up to answer it, Remy begrudgingly raised himself from his comfortable position (His head was placed quite nicely on Rogue's lap). She quickly hopped up and said, "I'll get it." And made her way towards the door.

A few moments passed and she came back with a look of concern on her face. "Hey Remy? There is a woman here to see you."

His heart sank into his stomach at her words. He got up and made his way to the door, followed by Rogue. When he saw the blonde haired woman waiting for him in the foyer, his fears were confirmed.

She raised her blue eyes to his ruby ones, and smiled sarcastically. "Well hello husband! I'm here to bring you home Cher."

To be Continued…

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