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Chapter 23

Déjà vu

He was furious. No, he was beyond furious. They were over and done, so why the hell was she showing up like this? To stir up trouble, no doubt.

"What the fuck are you doin' here?"

The woman in front of him acted like his rudeness shocked her. "Why Remy, is that any way to speak to your wife?"

He glanced back and noticed that they were drawing a bit of unwanted attention from the students. There was also the fact that Rogue stood behind him with a look on her face he couldn't quite identify. He gave her an apologetic look, and quickly turned around.

He roughly grabbed the blonde woman by her arm and dragged her to the nearest room.

Once he swung her inside, he hurriedly shut the door behind them.

She yanked her arm free from his firm grasp, and had a sardonic smile placed on her face. "If you wanted me that badly, you could of just asked me to follow you."

"Quit the bull shit Belle. Why are here? You signed the papers. It's over."

As if she was a magician, she whipped out the divorce papers from somewhere he had not noticed.

She still had the same evil sneer plastered on her face. "Oh, you mean these so called divorce papers? These are no good sweetie. They are useless."

"What the hell are you talking about? You signed them!" He threw up his arms in frustration.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "And you lied to me! You never told me you were with somebody else when we signed these papers!"

He ran his hand through his hair in a frustrated manner. "And why the fuck would that matter? We are over Belle! We have been for a long time."

As if she didn't hear him, she waltzed over to the nearest chair and sat down. She crossed her legs, and allowed her skirt to ride up her thighs, attempting to give him a little peep show of what he was missing. "We have history Cher, even you can't deny that. It is who we are. You are the prince of thieves, and I am the assassin's matriarch. We were destined to be together from the moment we were born. .."

She stood up then, and sauntered her way over to him. She placed her hand on his chest and leaned in towards him. "You act like it was so bad. I remember many times when you were very pleased to have me as your woman…"

Remy rolled his eyes at her dramatic speech. He quickly shoved her hand away from his body. "You call what we had destiny? We were forced to date, and then we were forced to marry, which lasted a total of five minutes. When your brother attacked me.."

She quickly turned around and threw up her hand, not wanting him to continue. Despite her cold exterior she did truly love her brother. She headed over to the window, and slowly wrapped her arms around her form, as if the topic was actually making her blood run cold. "I don't want to talk about that. It was an accident."

He raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "Yes, and no matter what I said to you, you refused to listen! Because of the whole thing I was banished from my home! Me moving on was inevitable."

She again narrowed her eyes at him. "And I was the one who allowed you back! You should be thanking me!"

He brought his voice back down to a normal level. He knew the type of woman that she was, and him yelling at her would get him nowhere. "I am thankful Belle. I will never forget our past. We did have some good times together." At those words, she suddenly turned her head to the side, and he could swear that he saw her eyes glistening at his admission.

He continued. "But we were also young and foolish. We would have killed each other. Literally. I've moved on. I love somebody else now."

She turned back to face him, and quickly regained her composure. "Well, that doesn't matter. The divorce is null and void."

He was becoming impatient with her childish behavior. "You may say that, but you know it's not true.

She smiled deviously at him. "I didn't sign my name. So these papers are not valid."

She flipped through the signatures to prove her point. She pointed at one of the lines that she had signed within the document. He looked at her exasperated. "What are you taking about? You signed every single line Bella Donna Boudreaux!"

She giggled as if what he had just said was funny. "Exactly. You forgot that we were legally married. My legal last name is LeBeau."

He didn't know if he was mad at the fact that she had actually outwitted him, or the fact that this evil woman shared his last name.

She continued on when she saw that he had no argument. "The funny thing is, you could have gotten out of it with these papers, but not any more."

He shot her a look that could kill. "What are you talking about now?"

She chuckled lightly. "We consummated our marriage, love. Recently I might add. That was part of our marital contract between the guilds. Once the marriage was consummated, it would be finalized."

He quickly became enraged. He knew he fucked up when he had slept with her for the sake of obtaining information. She had known what she was doing all along. "I had no other choice! You intentionally withheld the information I needed to find Rogue!"

He heard the door creak open behind him. He saw Bella Donna's look turn devious, and he quickly turned around.

Rogue slowly stepped inside, shutting the door behind her. Her eyes went from Belle's to his own. "Is everything okay Remy?"

His look softened when he saw her look of concern. Bella Donna made a sarcastic snort behind him. "Learn some manners you home wrecking whore! We were having a private conversation!"

Remy quickly turned back to face Belle. He stepped in front of Rogue to act as a shield. Bella Donna was a trained assassin, and a good one at that. He didn't want Rogue getting hurt because of his mess.

It was a bit worrisome when she not only stepped out from behind him, but also got too close for his comfort to Bella's face. "You know that's not what I am. We love each other. You need to move on."

Bella Donna raised her eyebrow at her. She looked past her and looked in Remy's direction while pointing a finger in Rogue's face. "This is what you want? The girl is absolutely clueless."

Rogue raised her hand and slapped the other woman's finger away from her face. "I heard a little bit of what you were talking about." She turned to Remy and gave him an apologetic look before turning her attention back to the blonde haired woman. "You tricked him. You signed the wrong name. It's a pretty desperate action if you ask me."

Bella Donna sighed as if she was bored. "He lied to me too. He didn't say he was with you." When she said 'you' it sounded like she was spitting venom.

"And what does that mean? You were willing to give him up as long as he was alone and miserable like you?"

Bella Donna quickly stood and got very close to her face. She hissed with distain, "I would watch what you say to me, if I were you."

Remy stepped between the two. "Belle that's enough!"

The other woman rolled her eyes. "She is pathetic! You always have to rescue her sorry ass." She then had a sudden thought pop in her head that would give her the advantage. "Did you tell her?"

Rogue still held her stance, and became worried when she detected a twitch in his face at the other woman's words.

Remy almost pleaded with the other woman. "Belle. Stop."

She laughed gleefully and circled around Rogue. "While you were missing in action, he came to my house and fucked my brains out. Our marriage is now consummated. He has an obligation to his guild and me. The sooner you realize this, the better."

Rogue was caught of guard. She looked at him in hope that he would say it was all a lie, but she became concerned when he remained silent. "Remy?"

He turned towards her and grabbed her hands within his own. "I hired her to find out where you were…she wouldn't tell me what I needed to know unless I did what she wanted."

Rogue was conflicted. She knew he had done it for her, but it still hurt. What hurt even more is that she still had no memories and she had trusted him. He never mentioned the fact that he was banging another woman while she was going through who knows what.

She needed to be alone. She refused to cry in front of the other woman. She lifted her chin defiantly before she did. "Yeah? Well at least I have a man who loves me enough that he would do anything for me. Even if that meant stooping down to your pathetic level. At least he sleeps with me willingly."

Bella Donna looked outraged, and Rogue quickly turned on her heels and left the room. She heard Remy call out after her, but she chose to ignore him all together.

She quickly rushed past the curious looks of the others in the mansion and rapidly made her way to her room. When she made it inside, she quickly shut the door behind her. She began to pace back and forth while biting at her nails.

She had trusted him! Why hadn't he told her? She fell back on her bed and rested her arm over her eyes. She felt the wetness on her cheeks, not even realizing that she had been crying. She whipped them away with the back of her hand.

She reluctantly sat up and brought her knees up to her chest. She rested her chin on her knees while she thought.

He probably would have told her eventually. Although she was mad and she hated to admit it, she could kind of understand why he didn't tell her. Sometimes he treated her as though she was breakable because of her 'condition'. He probably didn't want to overwhelm her. And it wasn't like he was out having a good time. He had done it for her…

She quickly shook her head. The image of them being intimate was enough to make her sick.

She didn't know how long she had been in her room when she heard a knock at her door. She hoped it was Remy coming to speak with her.

When she opened the door she was surprised to see Kitty standing on the other side.

Kitty gave her a small smile. "May I come in?"

She didn't feel much like company, but she moved to the side to let the smaller woman in.

Kitty looked around the room. "I feel like I haven't visited in a while."

Rogue took a seat on her bed. She knew that the other woman was here because rumors were probably flying rampant by now.

Kitty took a seat besides her. "Look, I know that you don't remember much about our friendship, but we were close. You were my best friend.." She became silent and turned her head away from her.

"Kitty, are you okay?"

She heard the other woman sniff and she turned her head back towards her. Her eyes were glistening with fresh tears that were threatening to spill over. "I just miss our friendship. I know you don't remember me, and I should be more understanding of that, but I just miss the bond we shared."

The smaller woman then sat up a bit straighter, which may have been an attempt to gain her composure. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, I don't want you to think that anything is your fault. Anyway, I came here to see if you were all right. I saw Bella Donna leaving just a moment ago..."

Rogue perked up at the news. "She left already?"

Kitty had a concerned look on her face. "Yeah, but she looked too happy to be leaving Gambit behind. I heard that she was coming back for him?"

Rogue eyed her, not sure how much detail she should go into.

Kitty grabbed her hand. "I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything. We used to talk to each other all the time. "

Rogue rubbed the back of her neck in a nervous manner. She felt guilty that she couldn't remember their friendship. She sighed before she spoke. "I guess all that happened was the divorce papers were no good."

She shifted uncomfortably before she continued. "That woman also helped him find out where I was when I was missing, and she made Remy…do things with her to get the information he wanted."

Kitty sat there for a moment before the news registered. "Oh…OH."

Rogue looked away from her. "I just wish he would of told me."

Kitty sat in silence for a brief moment. "We didn't know where you were. We thought you were dead. We had a burial and everything…"

Rogue quickly looked back at her. She had never heard this! The smaller woman had tears streaming down her face at this point.

Kitty continued. "Remy was the only one out of all of us who never gave up. He was desperate. So if he did it with that evil woman, I truly believe that he had no choice."

She whipped at her eyes and stood from the bed. "I just wanted you to know that."

She made her way towards the door. "If you want to talk, you know where my room is." She exited and shut the door softly behind her.

Rogue sat on her bed in a daze. She brought her hands up to her head and hit it a few times. "Remember damn you! Why don't you remember?"

She tried her tactic a few more times, and quickly became frustrated at her futile attempts. The whole damn situation was pissing her off. The other woman had a point. She was weak, and Remy seemed the one always trying to protect her. If only she had her powers! If only she could remember!

She stepped to her door to go try to find him, but stopped in the middle of her actions. She released the doorknob, and took a step back. She needed some time to think, and she didn't know how to face him just yet.

She changed into her pajamas, and lay down in her bed. She cocooned herself in her covers, secretly hoping that he would come looking for her when he didn't find her in his bed.

As the hours passed, she realized he wasn't coming for her, and she fell into a restless sleep.


She woke up just before the sun began to rise. She rolled over and tried to get comfortable, but her attempts were useless. She had gotten used to sharing Remy's bed. She knew that she was not going to go back to sleep, and slowly sat up and removed her covers. She swung her legs over her bed, and stretched her stiff limbs. She felt as if she didn't sleep a wink last night. She made her way to the bathroom and took care of her basic needs, and attempted to tame her wild hair. However, her hair had other plans, so she decided to throw it up in a ponytail.

She then walked over to her balcony doors and opened them to let in some fresh air. The sun was just barely peaking over the horizon, and the birds were chirping happily off in the distance.

She inhaled the scent of the outdoors.

Although she had no sense of identity, she knew somehow that she had always loved the outdoors.

She rested against the railing, enjoying the sight. As she was looking off into the distance, the events from the night before came to the forefront of her mind. She knew that she would have to speak with Remy sooner or later.

Although she felt extremely anxious and angry, she knew that arguing wouldn't help anything.

Everyone had informed her that they had a rocky past, and she wanted their future to be smooth and steady.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a silent thud behind her. She almost screamed, but calmed down a little when she saw Remy smirking at her. His hair was messy like he just woke up, and he still looked so damn cute.

She didn't really know what to say, so she turned back to the rising sun.

The two took in the sight in silence, and she felt him move closer to her. He stood behind her, and wrapped his arms around her waist as he rested his head on top of hers.

No words were spoken between them, but the action indicated a type of peace treaty between them. It was as if he was asking for her forgiveness, and she would oblige him.

"I have to leave Chere."

She steadily gazed forward. "When are you coming back?" She was dreading the answer.

When he did not reply, she already knew his response. She stepped out of his hold. "So that's it? You're just leaving me?"

He gave her a sad smile as he brushed away a tear that made its way down her cheek.

When he still remained silent, it angered her. "Things may be better off this way. It seems that I depend…depended on you too much. You would end up hurting me in the end any way."

She turned towards him with tear filled eyes. "I'm glad you're a coward. Get the fuck out of here and go be with your wife and your fucked up marriage."

The words broke her heart, and she started to cry. She felt his strong arms embrace her, and she went to push him off of her. When he didn't budge, she hit him in his chest to push him away. He still didn't move, and she grabbed his shirt within her fingers and attempted to shove him off of her. His embrace became tighter, and her gripped loosened. She began to sob into his chest.

"Why are you doing this to me? I thought you loved me?"

He lifted her chin up so she could meet his gaze. His stare was wild and intense "Never doubt my love for you. "

"If you love me so much, why are you leaving me? I need you…"

He had a sense of Déjà vu. He remembered when he had left the first time, and she had said those same exact words to him. The only difference was last time he knew he was coming back, and this time he never would.

He leaned in, and the two shared a passionate kiss. He felt his own wetness in his eyes as he leaned his forehead against hers. "Je t'aimerai toujours."

He quickly released her and left. As he closed the door behind him, she felt as if a bit of her soul had left with him. Although to her the relationship was new, it seemed that everything else in her knew that he was a major part in her life.

Although she tried to hold them back, the tears sprang forward with no indication of stopping anytime soon.


Why did he always have to be such a fuck up? Why did he listen to his family when they said he had to marry this evil cunt of a woman? Why didn't he turn the other way running?

All he could think about the whole ride home was all the 'whys?'. He felt like an empty hollow shell that no longer contained a soul. He would just wither away to dust soon.

"Don't look so down my husband, things aren't that bad."

He continued to ignore the woman sitting besides him. He felt her hand travel up his thigh.

He gritted his teeth, and snatched her hand up within his own, threatening to crush every last bone. "I agreed to come back with you, and that is it. I will stay until I can convince you how fucking psychotic this is, and that's it."

He released his death grip on her hand, and she cradled it against her chest. She narrowed her eyes at him when she spoke. "Don't forget our deal Cher. If you even try to back out on me, I will kill your precious little Rogue."

How could he forget? The only reason he was going along with this crazy situation was for Rogue. Belle had made it very clear that if she couldn't have him, no one would. She quite plainly stated that she would kill Rogue without a second thought. The woman was clearly a sociopath.

He couldn't risk it. Bella Donna was one of the best assassins known, and he knew she would make good on her promise. He couldn't put the woman he loved through this. He could not live knowing that her death would be his fault.

As they made their way to her home, he remained silent, praying for a release from his personal hell.


The next few days were uneventful ones. Rogue tried to go on with her normal daily activities the best that she could.

While she was in the gym, the man known as Wolverine came in. She had not really spoken to him much, but people told her they had been close. She couldn't really see how. The man had barely said a few words to her since she had been 'awake'.

She moved over to a different machine, and the two worked out in silence.

As she grabbed her towel, the other man spoke up. "Never took you for the type to give up so easily."

She turned towards the gruff man, and raised her eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

He continued to lift his weights. "Do you really need me to repeat it? I thought you lost your memories, not your hearing."

She balled her fist at her sides. "What the hell do you know?"

He leaned down and grabbed his towel, and threw it over his shoulders. "I'm not a fan of Gumbo, but I do know this; the whole time you were missing, that man never gave up. Not once. He was the whole reason we found you in the first place."

She turned to leave. "I don't need this right now."

"So the one time he needs you to rescue him, you just turn the other cheek like you don't give a shit? I know you're better than that Stripes."

She felt a tickle in her mind. She knew that his nickname was one of endearment, but how did she know that?

She was becoming confused. She rubbed her fingers in a circular motion against her temples. "And what exactly am I supposed to do? I don't have a mutation."

"I didn't release only mutants could be heroes. Must have missed that in the manual."

She remained silent and contemplated what he said. "I…I…love him. I don't know what to do."

"All you need to do is ask for help. We all are here for you."

She met his eyes with her own. "What do you suggest?"

"The day we got you off of that piece of shit island, Magneto was after that enhancement formula. He took off before the fight, which makes me think that ol' tin head might have found something."

She looked at him confused. "You mean you think he has something that can make me a mutant again?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Its not definite, but all the signs do lead in that direction."

She pondered what he had just informed her of. If this was true, she could possibly have a way to regain her powers. Her memories may be lost forever, but at least this would give her back a small sense of who she was. And she could retrieve Remy from that bitch of a woman.

A sudden thought occurred to her. "Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"What would have been the point? You were with Gumbo, and despite everything, for the first time since I have known you, you seemed happy."

She gave him a slight smile. "When can we pay a visit to this 'tin' head?"

He walked past her. "Follow me. We will go give Chuck a visit to see if he can tell us where Mags is hangin' around these days."

She eagerly nodded her head and followed his lead. As they made their way through the mansion, things seemed eerily quiet. They soon discovered the reason why.

In one of the rooms, a TV was giving a live broadcast on some urgent breaking news.

"We have just confirmed reports of a hostile take over from a group known as the Hellfire Club. They claim that they have placed numerous nuclear devices throughout the country. There have also been reports of a planned forced "mutanizing" of the nation. This group claims to know how to bring forth dormant X genes within our population, although the method is unknown. We advise that everyone stay calm, and remain indoors until further notice-"

The broadcast was interrupted by a live feed. A man appeared on the screen, with slick back hair and an evil look about him. The woman that stood next to him looked like she once may have been beautiful, but now was cold and domineering. "Let me introduce myself. I am Sebastian Shaw. A company that you all may know, Trask enterprises, has unfortunately done a very terrible thing by betraying my fellow mutants and myself. Well, now their wrongs will be their undoing! My fellow mutants, help me destroy what little ranks they have left. Together we will destroy their attempt to exterminate the X gene. They are trying to commit genocide, and I will not have it!" He paused briefly with a crazed look in his eye. "I will lead this nation the way it should be lead. All of those who oppose me will parish! We will bring forth the mutant gene within every person in this nation. If you are not a carrier, you unfortunately will not be needed. I just need one last piece to my puzzle." He stared right into the camera, and the look alone almost made Rogue scream. "I know you are watching my little Queen. I will find you, and you will help our cause…Rogue."

She quickly looked at Wolverine, and he actually looked at her as if he was frightened for a moment. A searing pain shot through her head, and she could barely stand upright. The last thing she remembered was Logan carrying her. "CHUCK? JEAN?"

He looked down at the woman he considered to be family. He rushed to the med bay and laid her down. Jean came rushing in. "What happened?"

He ran his hand through his hair. "I assume you saw the news? Well, as soon as she saw Shaw she started screaming and fell over."

Jean quickly began to prepare an IV. "Logan, go get the professor—" She stopped short when she felt Rogue's hand rest on her own.


She blinked a few times, and abruptly sat up. "We have to find Magneto. It's the only solution." Jean didn't know why, but of course Logan did. "You need to rest, you had me worried for a moment—"

She suddenly threw her arms around his neck and began to cry. He awkwardly rubbed his hand against her back. "We will figure things out—"

She released her hold and held his gaze. She sobbed a few more times before saying, "Logan, I remember everything."

To be continued…

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