My Hero

By Harry Potter

A hero can be described as someone who has saved a life, or fights against the evil in our world, but for me, it is someone I look up to and hold a great amount of respect for. What makes them a hero is that they are always putting others needs and safety before their own. In the few years that I've known them, they have always put everything first before looking at themselves. Countless times I have seen them rush in to protect another. Countless times I have seen them in obvious pain, but still push forward to help others.

It must sound weird to anyone who reads this, but the person who has inspired me the most is my Professor. I guess most wouldn't admit to this, but they have always been there for us and me. They've always pushed us to do our best and to improve on what we can do. They've always been there for us and me when I needed help, whether it was for school work or just to understand something. They have believed in me, even when everyone else didn't, friends included.

In the years that I've been here, they always thought I could do something if I put my mind to it. And because of that, I started believing in myself. I started believing that I wasn't just a freak, but I strong wizard. Because if the Professor, who is the smartest, most bravest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing thinks that I'm worth something, I have to be, right?

I never wanted to disappoint the Professor, but over the years I have, a great many a times, but I tried to make up for those times by working harder then I normally would. Of course when I tried to thank the Professor, she said it was all me and that she had nothing to do with it. I didn't believe her, I still don't. But that's it; the only thing in which the Professor isn't good at is accepting something as simple at a thank you. One of these days I will get the Professor to accept a thank you from me, even if it's the last thing I do.

For the years that I have been in been in school, they have always stood up for what they believe in and for what is right, consequences be damned! When they're confronted with fire, they jump straight in and fight with so much determination, that anyone who see's, has to stop and watch in awe. On more than one occasion, they stood up to the vilest person to walk our halls, simply because they threatened the future of one of her students, The Toad.

That one student was me. She stood in front of The Toad and proclaimed 'I will assist you to become an Auror if it is the last thing I do! If I have to coach you nightly, I will make sure you achieve the required results!' I don't think I've ever thanked her for that. Right, that's where I'll start.

After that, my respect for the Professor reached a new height. And my disregard for The Toad reached an all-time low, only to be ground into nothing when she launched an attack on my first friend and the Professor. I have to say, I don't think I've ever felt anger like that and I doubt I will again.

So, if it wasn't for The Professor believing in me, encouraging me and giving me a couple hundred detentions, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

My hero is Professor Minerva McGonagall.

And I am proud to be one of her cubs.

Albus Dumbledore lowered the piece of parchment in his hand with a smile.