Barley a month after their first lunch together, Minerva received a letter from Harry and another picture from Lily. Looking at the portrait of herself, she smiled and got up from her desk, tucking the letter in her pocket of her robes. Still admiring the picture, she went into the small sitting room behind her office. The last picture Lily had given her was up on the wall above the fire place so she could see it no matter where she stood or sat in the room. And now she had another one to put up. With that in mind, she sat down and pulled out the letter from Harry, a smaller one slipping out from inside of it.

Dear Minerva,

This is just a short letter to ask you when a good time would be for Lily to visit you. Lily is looking forward to seeing you again and cannot wait to see Hogwarts.

Talk soon,


PS: I would like to see you as well.

Shaking her head, she opened the smaller one, recognising the small writing of her niece. Reading over the sweet letter, she smiled and summoned some parchment and a quill to write a quick reply to the Potters. She had an idea.

Harry wasn't surprised when he got a reply so soon after sending the letters. What did surprise him was how short the response he got to his letter.

Be here tomorrow, just after breakfast.


Snorting in amusement, he walked outside and called Lily over to give her her letter.

"Yes Daddy?" She asked, beaming up at him.

"Aunt Minerva sent you a letter." He said, holding it out for her.

Smiling even wider, Lily quickly opened the letter.

"Well," Harry laughed, "What'd she say?"

"She loved my picture!" She squealed.

Harry reached out and ruffled his daughter hair with a laugh. "Well of course she did. Now, how about lunch?"

That night, just as she was about to hop into bed, a light tapping on the window alerted Minerva to the presence of the owl. Opening the window, she smiled as Hedwig hopped inside out of the cold. Smiling, she gently ran her hand over the snow owls back before taking the letter.

"Why don't you stay the night, I'm sure Harry won't mind."

Giving a soft hoot, Hedwig jumped from the window sill and glided over to the chair in front of Minerva's duchess. Smiling, the headmistress turned from the beautiful owl and turned her attention to the letter in her hand. Again, it was a short one.

We'll be there.

Sweet dreams Minerva.

Chuckling softly, she put the letter on her night stand and hopped into bed.

"Good night Hedwig."

She got a quiet hoot in reply.

She knew the moment Harry and Lily arrived the next day. The letting her know they had crossed through the gates. Smiling, she pushed herself up from her seat at the head table in the Great Hall and left through the side door the teachers used. Taking the less used hallways, she ushered any stragglers to move along as she tried to make it to the entrance hall before anyone could see her two guests. However, as she turned the corner, she spotted young Albus and James Potter talking in the middle of the hallway. Glancing out the window, she spotted Harry and Lily on the path, not far from the doors. Hissing, she turned sharply and marched up to the boys who had yet to notice her.

"What are you two still doing inside?" She barked, coming to a stop in front of the startled boys.

"W-We were just talking Headmistress." Stuttered Albus, looking up at her terrified.

"Well along with you," She ordered, waving her hands impatiently, "This is a walk way not chatter hall."

Both boys quickly turned and walked away from the woman, James grumbling under his breath about woman and that time of month.

Arching her eyebrow at that, she called out, smirking. "I'm much too old for that Mr Potter."

Not understanding, Albus asked his older brother what she meant, only for him to grab his hand and pull him around the corner, but not before Minerva saw the pink cheeks of the young boy.

Chuckling, she turned and waved open the door with a smile. "Good morning."

"Aunt Minerva!"

Ducking down, Minerva scooped up the small red head and twirled her around. "Lily! Welcome to Hogwarts my dear!"

Laughing, the young girl wrapped her arms around the Headmistress' neck, hugging her tightly. "It's so beautiful!" She cheered.

"That it is." Minerva agreed, carefully placing the girl back on the stone floor, "Now tell me, what would you like to see first?"

Bouncing on her toes in excitement, she beamed up at her Aunt. "Your office."

Ignoring the oddness of that, Minerva offered her hand to the excited nine year old. "Then I will show you my office, and afterwards, I show you the grounds."


Laughing, Minerva started leading Lily back up the hall, answering each question that tumbled out of her mouth. As they reached the stairs, she looked over her shoulder and smile at Harry.

"Coming, Mr Potter?"