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People believe adrenaline and fear are the same thing. They believe you only feel fear with all of your adrenaline flowing through your veins. They believe the only way you live is to feel fear at least once, and that's only during an adrenaline rush doing something so extreme.

Alex Rider thought completely different. He had a right to.

He's jumped off cliffs. He's climbed Mount Everest. He's surfed and done so many other extreme things, and only felt adrenaline. But, now on the second floor of Point Blanc finishing school, he felt only fear. They're completely different things. So different that, maybe, they were polar opposites.

He felt fear that he would be found. Fear about what Grief was doing. Fear about, well, almost everything. He felt fear for his friend. He felt fear for the world. Fear was not adrenaline in this present circumstance.

A 14 year old boy should not be feeling this amount of fear. But, a 14 year old also shouldn't be a spy, but that rule of society was thrown right into the drain, wasn't it?

He should be feeling different kinds of fear. Fear about what his geography teacher is going to do to him as he hadn't finished his geography homework. Fear about his image. Fear about whatever Jack was making for dinner that night (which, is a very frightening thing at times). Fear at what his grades were going to be at the end of this semester.

Alex Rider didn't think he was a very good spy.

All Alex Rider wanted to do is go home. But in a finishing school on top of a mountain in France, it seemed very unlikely that he was going to leave any time soon.

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