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~ This would definitely be a great time for the ground to open up and swallow her... ~

Aqua felt as though this was the first time in two whole minutes that she was able to breathe properly again. Of course, she had hoped that this ritual would allow Terra to get his body back, but her rational side had told her not to get her hopes up, only for it to be crushed down when it wouldn't work. However, now that it really had happened, she felt strangely lightheaded.

She knew she wasn't dreaming, but why did it still feel that way? Maybe because it was too good to be true?

The Terra that she knew as a child was finally back. His hair was beautifully dark brown again and his eyes were no longer a penetrating gold that would haunt you in your dreams. Cobalt blue looked better on him, anyway. It was easy to tell that he was still slightly disoriented and weak (that adorable, sheepish look that made her want to hug the heck out of him totally gave him away), but Aqua simply couldn't care, nor could she hold herself in any longer; she practically threw herself to him to give him the biggest hug ever. Needless to say, Aqua was more than glad when he put his muscular arms around her. His warmth and familiar scent made her let out a deep, happy sigh.

From now on, there would be no "Good old times", because the good would be happening in the present again. With Terra on her side, nothing would ever wear her down.

But she was so tired, and so relieved to have him back after all these years of darkness plaguing her mind, heart and body, that she felt fresh tears pooling in her eyes. Her throat was constricting too, indicating that if she didn't do something soon, she would be crying her eyes out in front of all the seven Keybearers of Light (and Terra...). Aqua felt like she could break down any moment, but if it was in his arms, nothing would matter anymore.

Sora, who was not even a Master yet, had somehow defeated Xehanort and her Terra, her everything was back…

Before her brains could register what was happening, she had stood on her tiptoes and was kissing him right on the lips. It felt even better than she had imagined; his lips were soft, warm and delightful, and he just tasted like home, lazy afternoons, and something sweet and…waffles perhaps? It was a weird, but perfect combination of everything that she loved.

Terra's eyes then widened in sheer surprise when realization set in, as well as hers (but hers were more out of shock that she had actually done this).

This would definitely be a great time for the ground to open up and swallow her...

So she pulled away quickly, apologizing for her random action, but Terra merely motioned for her to be silent, taking the initiative this time to pull her closer and kiss her like he had never done before. Again, all rational thought left the bluenette. She didn't even care that all the others (Ven!) were watching them.

"Welcome back," she muttered in his chest, and his grip on her merely tightened, because there were no words that could describe how he was feeling right now.

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