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Chapter I: A New Beginning

The sky was darkened by clouds, the terrain was torn up, and a tempest was brought down upon the waters. Overall, the Valley of the End now looked like hell. The cause of said destruction were two young shinobi who were just bringing their battle to a close. Each currently stood at the feet of the great statues that reside in the Valley.

At the foot of Hashirama Senju stood a blonde boy clad in an orange jumpsuit. His eyes were a fiery red that complemented the angry scowl he wore. His body was blanketed in menacing red chakra that took the shape of a fox. He was battered and bruised all over and his left arm hung limply at his side. The air around him was filled with rage and hatred. He was glaring at his opponent.

Across the way, the other boy stood at the base of Madara Uchiha. He wore a high-collared blue shirt and white shorts. His skin was a sickly grey, his hair was now long and pale indigo in color, and a black four-point star rested on the bridge of his nose. His bright red eyes held three tomoe each that circled his irises. Most would recognize this as the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan, one of the three legendary Dōjutsu. A pair of demonic wings sprouted from his back. The air around him was filled with anger and arrogance. He too was glaring at the boy across from him.

At first sight, they would look like the greatest of enemies. But in reality, they were the best of friends. One was seeking to flee their village in search of power to defeat his elder brother while the other was trying to prevent that from happening.

The winged-boy began forming hand signs and lightning sparked to life in his left hand that quickly turned black due to the seal on the back of his neck. The sound of birds chirping echoed throughout the valley. At the same time, the orange boy formed a blue sphere of chakra in his right hand that turned purple from the influence of the demonic shroud. You could hear the surge of power that emanated from the sphere after it was formed. After sending each other one final glare, they leapt at each other intending to end their long, drawn out struggle.

The orange boy put everything he had into his technique. He had to bring his friend back no matter the cost, even if it left him knocking at death's door. Everyone was counting on him. Now was his chance to prove to everyone that was wasn't that incompetent idiot or demon that they made him out to be. Most of all, he made a promise to the girl of his dreams. Even if she didn't return his feelings, he would bring the Uchiha back because it would make her happy and that was good enough for him.

The Uchiha used the last of his power for his attack. He had to leave to village to obtain the necessary strength to eliminate his traitorous brother. But the blonde didn't seem to understand that and was intent on stopping him. Much to his displeasure, he figured the only way he would be able to walk away for good was to kill his friend. He didn't want to but he left him no choice. Killing his brother and avenging his clan were his goals in life, goals that he WOULD fulfill.

Time seemed to slow as they closed the distance between them. The valley grew quite as the end drew closer to one another. It all came down to this. This would end it all. This final clash would settle their rivalry once and for all. One final breath was drawn as they met in mid-air.

"RASENGAN!" The blonde boy yelled shooting his good arm forward; putting all put his emotion into his attack in hopes of getting through to his friend.

"CHIDORI!" the Uchiha shouted thrusting his hand in front of him; putting his everything into his attack in hopes of severing his last ties to the village.

The powerful techniques met in an abrupt stalemate. The air and excess chakra that each gave off swirled around them from the force of the attacks. The chakras mixed and from a dark cocoon of energy around the boys. The Uchiha's hand was inches away from the blonde's heart. Instead of piercing it with the remnants of his Chidori, he formed a fist at the last second and delivered a forceful punch, knocking him out. The blonde, feeling himself lose consciousness, swung at the Uchiha's head, leaving a scratch on his forehead protector.

The black dome of energy expanded to massive proportions and disrupted the flow of the waterfall behind it. Reaching the apex of its growth, the dome began glow brightly. The white light intensified until eventually enveloping the entire area in a bright flash.

As the water settled and the light faded, the results of the previous battle became clear. The blonde lay silently on the ground at the foot of the Uchiha who stood over him hunched over. Sasuke couldn't bring himself to kill Naruto. He knew that in doing so he would obtain the eyes that his brother spoke of and give him unimaginable power, but killing his best friend was something he just couldn't do. He would not stoop to Itachi's level. Instead, he would gain power through his own methods.

He looked down at the blonde that slept peacefully at his feet. He was out cold and barely breathing, but alive none the less. He was indeed strong and Sasuke acknowledged that but there were two things that confused him.

First was the mysterious red chakra that appeared during their fight. The only other times he had experienced such strong killer intent was the night Itachi left and the time they ran into Orochimaru in the Forest of Death during the Chūnin Exams. Only this time it was different. It was not only menacing, but demonic as well. He never knew the happy-go-lucky loud-mouth was capable of something.

The second was why Naruto continued to fight for a village that obviously hated him. From what he saw everyone outside of Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, a few select ninja and even the Hokage herself, despised the boy's very existence. Even his long time crush and teammate didn't give him the time of day. It was obvious by the way she beat him senseless across the head that she clearly resented the blonde. Maybe that's the reason for his dimwittedness…

Even when they were younger, he had witnessed on occasion the beatings and resentment the younger boy endured. He knew Naruto was and orphan so at first he believe that his parents must have done something that really pissed off the villagers. But he dismissed that when he heard some of the adults call Naruto a demon. Naruto was obnoxious, loud, annoying, hyperactive, and a pain at times. The list goes on but one thing for sure was that Naruto was not a demon. He was too happy and energetic for such a title. It must have something to do with that red chakra…

If it had been him, he would've abandoned the village long ago. But Naruto didn't, he stayed. He stayed and became a ninja and protector for those who resented him. He even had the gall to declare that he would rule over them by becoming Hokage one day. And he persevered through it all with a smile on his face. It obviously had to be a mask, a way to hide his true emotions. There's no way someone can go through a childhood like that and not be affected.

And now Naruto lay motionless on the cold rocky ground of the valley. Any nearby shinobi were bound to have felt the massive spike in energy and were probably on their way to investigate. He would be long gone by then and if they were Leaf ninja, all they would find was Naruto's unconscious form and take him back to that hellish experience that he called life. Sasuke wouldn't let that happen. He could not let his only true friend return to such a horrid lifestyle.

Gathering all of his remaining strength, he carefully hoisted Naruto's limp body off the ground and onto his back. After taking a while to adjust to the extra weight, Sasuke began to walk, or at least he tried. It was more of a trudge. That last battle left him completely exhausted and having to carry Naruto was putting more stress on his already strained body. He stopped and winced when he felt a wave of pain shoot through him. The Curse Mark on his neck was pulsing and seemed to be the source.

But Sasuke pushed through it. He had to for both his and Naruto's sake. He would be damned if he had to return to the Hidden Leaf. They would have him under constant watch and then he would never gain the power to face Itachi, that's if he ever had the chance and Naruto would once again be submerged in a world of pain, loneliness, and hatred. Slowly but surely, he reached the edge of the Valley. At this point, it began to rain. It was subtle at first but it quickly began to pick up, pelting the young boys. Taking a deep breath and Shifting Naruto's body on his back to better accommodate him, Sasuke continued his snail's pace through the forest towards the lair of Orochimaru.

Kakashi felt the large spike in chakra a few minutes ago and was currently in route alongside Pakkun to investigate. With any luck, he would find his two pupils and they would all be able to safely return to the Hidden Leaf. He still couldn't believe Sasuke left the village. He knew the boy was obsessed with gaining power but he never thought he would seek out someone like Orochimaru. He had to bring him back no matter what. Sasuke was the last Uchiha besides his brother and he had made a silent vow to himself to look after the boy for Obito's sake.

Kakashi soon arrived at the Valley of the End and landed upon the head of Hashirama Senju. He surveyed the destruction that he deduced had to be the result of the power surge he felt moments before. Seeing no sign of his charges, he jumped down to the water below. He notices the holes in the ankles of both statues and he could feel some of the excess chakra that still resided. It was menacing and demonic. It sent a chill down his spine. Despite this, he still saw no sign of Naruto and Sasuke.

"Pakkun do you still have their scent?" he asked the small pug. Pakkun raised his nose and began sniffing the air. He swiveled his head making sure to cover the entire valley. But he couldn't pick up any human scents other than Kakashi's.

"I'm sorry Kakashi but it seems the rain has washed away all traces of their presence. All I know for sure is that they were both definitely here," Pakkun replied.

Kakashi was in disbelief. Not only had he lost two of his students, they just happened to be the only remnants of his best friend's clan and his sensei. He could no longer keep his promise to look after the last Uchiha. No longer could he watch over his sensei's only son. He was ashamed and felt like he had let them down. But suddenly he caught a glint out of the corner of his eye. He walked over to investigate and found a Leaf head band with a single scratch going across the middle of the forehead protector. This was the sign of a missing-nin. He picked it up and held in front of Pakkun in hopes of gaining some kind of lead.

Pakkun sniffed the cloth that was held in front of his nose. "It's Sasuke's but I can't pick up his or Naruto's scent anywhere. I'm sorry Kakashi."

The silver-haired jōnin was saddened to hear this. It was official now. His charges were forever lost. At least for now that is. All he could do now was return to the village and inform the Hokage of the situation. Pocketing Sasuke's headband, he turned to the small pug next to him.

"Come on Pakkun, we must inform Tsunade-sama." With that, both left away and began the long journey back to Konoha.

Somewhere far off, Naruto was beginning to return to the world of living. He found himself in a warm bed. It was a little stiff but still comforting none the less. He sat up slowly holding his head while trying to remember what happened before he blacked out.

'That's right! I was fighting Sasuke in the Valley of the End. I countered his Chidori with my Rasengan but everything after that is fuzzy.'

Naruto took a minute to gaze over his surroundings. He was in a dark room with the only source of light being three small candles on the table next to him.

"Where the hell am I?" he thought aloud.

Before he had more time to muse over the situation, he heard a small click and the sound of hinges groaning. A door directly across from him opened slowly letting some light from the hallway outside. A slender figure made his way to the bed. Naruto immediately took a defensive position as best he could. He was in an unfamiliar atmosphere and he wasn't exactly sure if the figure was friendly or not.

The shadowy figured approached the bed that Naruto was resting in. Naruto ease up a little when he made out the womanly figure. Surely she could offer some sort of explanation as to what was going on. The woman chuckled. Naruto paled. The last time he heard that dark, perverted chuckle he nearly died. His fears were confirmed when light finally caught the figures body and revealed a sickly white man with golden snake-like eyes.

"Orochimaru," Naruto growled.

"Kukuku it seems you have finally awaken Naruto-kun."

Naruto immediately began forming a plan escape plan. Molding chakra, he quickly placed his hand in the cross seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he called out. But instead of copies of him spawning into existence, he felt a sharp pain course throughout his body and he doubled over. Orochimaru let out another chuckle. Naruto growled in frustration.

"What the hell is this?"

"Kukuku I see you've noticed. You're completely powerless Naruto-kun."

"What did you do to me you pedophile?"

"Tsk tsk such foul language. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all," Orochimaru grinned as he formed the serpent hand sign. Naruto immediately cringed when he felt another wave of pain wash over him. He cried out in agony.

"What did you do to me you bastard?" Naruto panted.

"I simply sealed of access to your chakra. As you've noticed, trying to mold it brings forth a nasty shock instead. If you're a good boy then I might let you have it back."

"So you kidnapped when while I was unconscious? Shows how strong you are. Can't even beat a lowly genin fair and square!" Naruto barked. This sent Orochimaru into a tirade of laughter. Naruto was far from amused.

"Kidnap you? Ha I could care less about a punk like you. Sasuke-kun arrived here carrying you on his back. Your presence here came as much as a shock to you as it did to me. But since I have you, I figure I might as well keep you," the pale man chuckled.

"You're lying! Sasuke tried to escape from me! Why would he bring me here?"

"I have no reason to lie you impudent child! Sasuke's the one that brought you here and I don't believe it or not! But believe this, you won't be leaving anytime soon!" the snake man roared.

"Oh yeah? Just you wait, Ero-sennin will find me and I'll be out of here in no time! I can't wait to see the look on your face after he kicks your ass!"

Orochimaru's patience had worn thin with the boy. He reformed the serpent sign and watched as the Naruto convulsed in pain. He turned around and spoke one final time as he left the room.

"Hmph we'll see about you damn brat. If I so wish it, you'll be stuck here forever!" with that, the door slammed and Naruto was left alone once again. He slowly sat up after finally recovering from Orochimaru's jutsu. His body ached, his head was spinning and he was panting like a sick animal.

'Sasuke brought me here? But why' he pondered to himself. His thoughts suddenly shifted to Konoha.

'Baa-chan will send someone to search for me! And even if she doesn't, Ero-sennin will come here and rescue me for sure! At least I hope they do…' Naruto's thoughts turned sullen as he kept pondering about being rescued.

'Who am I kidding? No one cares about me. They're probably happy I'm gone. I bet right now they're celebrating that the demon finally left the village…'

Kakashi went straight to the Hokage's office when he arrived back in Konoha. He had to tell her of Naruto and Sasuke's status immediately. When he arrived, he was informed that Tsunade was taking care of urgent business at the hospital so he set out the new destination. Upon arriving, he asked a nurse where to find the Hokage who informed him the she was in an operating room in ICU. When he came upon said room, he found Shikamaru and the blonde girl from Suna sitting outside of the door.

Shikamaru was a mess. This was his first mission as squad leader and it ended in utter failure. Both Chōji and Neji were on the verge of death, Kiba and Lee were banged up and there was no sign of Naruto. If the Suna trio hadn't shown up then they all would have died. He was so busy berating himself that he almost didn't notice Kakashi walking up. He stood up and faced the silver-haired Jōnin, hoping he had news on his blonde friend's whereabouts.

"Kakashi-sensei have you seen Naruto? He hasn't returned yet and no one's seen him since he ran ahead to face Sasuke."

Kakashi hung his head. He didn't know how exactly to tell the boy he couldn't find his student. Shikamaru noticed his hesitance and feared the worst. Just then, Tsunade came out of the operating room and sighed tiredly. Shikamaru was the first to engage her.

"Tsunade-sama how's Chōji?" he asked her hysterically.

Tsunade sighed again as she rubbed her stiff neck. "He's stable. I was able to concoct an antidote using the notes your father gave me. Tell him he has my thanks. As for Chōji, he's really weak and needs rest. With a couple weeks rest and a stable diet, he'll be back on his feet in no time."

Shikamaru was glad to hear the good news, so much in fact that he sat back down and cried. The three others in attendance looked at him sympathetically. Kakashi quickly redirected his attention to the Hokage.

"Tsunade-sama we need to talk. It's about Naruto."

She immediately motioned for him to follow her around the corner. She had been worried sick about the little loud-mouth ever since she heard that he didn't return with the rest of the group. She had been praying for his safety ever since.

"Alright Kakashi spill it," she commanded as they rounded the corner.

Kakashi let out a sigh as he gathered his thoughts. She definitely was NOT going to like what he had to say.

"I was searching for Naruto and Sasuke with Pakkun when we felt a massive spike in energy. We made our way toward the disturbance and arrived at the Valley of the End. Upon inspection, I found the result of catastrophic battle but there was no one around. The only thing I found was Sasuke headband," he said pulling out the tattered cloth. "Unfortunately, the rain washed away all scents lingering in the area. That's where our trail went cold and is the last confirmed location of Naruto and Sasuke," he finished.

He stared curiously at the blonde woman. She hadn't said anything or yelled out like he had thought she would. She instead just stood there looking deep in thought. After a few moments of silence, Tsunade spoke.

"Thank you Kakashi. I suggest you inform Sakura of the situation. You are to remain on standby till further notice. Dismissed." Kakashi nodded and shunshined away to find his pink-haired charge. Tsunade herself shunshined back to her office and plopped down in her chair.

All her composure left her as tears streamlined down her cheeks. Naruto, the only reason she came back to be Hokage in the first place, was gone. She wasn't sure if he had been kidnapped, defected, or if he was even still alive. The thought of not knowing was unbearable. She was too distracted to notice the strong pair of arms wrap around her. That's when the floodgates broke. She began to sob uncontrollably as she embraced Jiraiya. He had returned to the village a short while ago and snuck in through the window only to find the distraught Hokage.

"What's wrong Tsunade-hime?" he asked, wondering what could've happened to bring her to tears like that.

"He's gone Jiraiya…he disappeared and we can't find him!" she cried.

"Who's gone?" he asked rubbing her back.


"Jiraiya's mood dropped at that. "Tsunade what do mean he's gone? What happened?"

"Sasuke Uchiha left the village three days ago and I sent a the team of Shikamaru Nara, Chōji Akimichi, Neji Hyūga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Naruto to retrieve him. According to a report from Shikamaru, Naruto went ahead to confront Sasuke and that was the last time he was seen. Kakashi arrived at the Valley of the End sometime later which he confirmed was the boys' last known location." She managed to choke out in between sobs.

Jiraiya stood there and digested the information just delivered to him. Tsunade on the other hand began to cry even harder as her thoughts from earlier came back full force.

"He could be in trouble Jiraiya. What if he's hurt and can't make it back? Or got kidnapped? What if he defected? What if…what if he's dead?"

"It's okay Tsu-hime," he cooed softly "The fox will heal any wounds he sustains and I highly doubt he ran away. He cares about the village too much."

"How can you be so sure Jiraiya? You know what his childhood was like? What if he finally had enough and snapped?" she argued.

He was taken aback by her outburst. What she said was true. What if Naruto DID get fed up with the villagers and left? It was very well a possibility and he couldn't say he would be surprised much if it that were the case. They treated Minato's last and only legacy with such malice and hatred, the exact opposite of what he wanted. Jiraiya continued to stroke Tsunade's back lovingly as she cried into his chest while his thoughts drifted to his latest blonde pupil.

'Naruto…Where are you?'

Six months. Six long months were spent looking of Naruto and Sasuke. Tsunade had argued with the council to give her some time to search for Naruto since it was unknown whether he left willingly or not. Unfortunately they couldn't come up with any leads. Kakashi and his ninken came back empty handed every time and even Jiraiya's spy network couldn't get a fix on the missing blonde. The best trackers in the Inuzuka clan swept over the whole Valley of the End and could not pick up a scent on the boy.

Their only sure-fire way of finding the Naruto was by obtaining a Bikōchū, a rare bug said to be able to track anyone or thing no matter where it is as long it's scent was the first thing it smelled after metamorphosis into an adult. Tsunade had sent Team 8 to retrieve it but unfortunately it ended in failure after it was taken from them by members of Iwa's bug user clan, the Kamizuru, after they threatened Hinata's life.

So without any leads as to the blonde boy's location, Tsunade was forced to make a decision that she would regret. She tried to stall for time but the council was very firm in their judgment. So now she found herself in her office with all of Naruto's friends and their respective sensei, Iruka, and Kakashi. Jiraiya stood just behind her for moral support. 'Well since everyone's here it's now or never I guess' she told herself.

"I'm glad that all of you could make it today. I have very important news to share with you, though I'm sure some of you won't like it," Tsunade began.

"What this about Hokage-sama?" Neji asked.

"It's about Naruto." Gasps erupted randomly around the room.

"Tsunade-sama has he finally been found? What about Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked, voice full of hysteria.

"I'm sorry no. as you all know, roughly six months ago a team lead by Shikamaru Nara embarked on a mission to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha after he fled the village. That mission ended in failure and everyone but Naruto returned home." She replied. Shikamaru hung his head in shame at the mention of his failed mission.

"Naruto was last confirmed to be with Sasuke before he suddenly disappeared. We speculate that the two are together but are unsure if he was forced or left willingly. The past six months have been sent trying to get a fix on the boys' location but every attempt was in vain. I tried to buy more time and I'm afraid I can't hold it off any longer. As of today, both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha are declared missing-nin."

Sakura did her best to hold back tears. She couldn't believe her ears. Both of her teammates had just been declared missing-nin. First Sasuke-kun left and then the dobe went right after him. She felt hurt and abandoned. Her resolve broke and she began to sob in to the shoulder of her best friend Ino.

Hinata herself was on the verge of crying. Naruto-kun, her long time crush and the one person she admired the most, was now gone forever. He would now be hunted down and possibly killed by his fellow comrades. She felt like a part of her left with him. She was her inspiration in life, the driving force behind her newfound courage and strength, the reason she woke up with a smile every morning. And now he was no more.

The rest of the Konoha 11 was in a state of shock and disbelief. Naruto was a lot of things but he certainly wasn't a traitor. Lee was the first to voice his objections.

"Tsunade-sama surely there has been a mistake. Naruto-kun's flames of youth burned too greatly with passion towards the village to commit such an unyouthful act! We must find him and bring him back to the safety of the village. And if we cannot then I will run 500 laps around Konoha every day until we do so!"

"No, I'm sorry. The decision is final. Naruto is an enemy of the state now and will be treated as such. Should he be found and captured, he will be returned to Konoha to stand trial," Tsunade answered the green-clad boy.

"Trial? He hasn't done anything wrong Hokage-sama. We all know Naruto is mischievous but he doesn't have an evil bone in his body. For all we know, he is being held by the enemy somewhere and need rescuing. We must act fast to find him!" Shikamaru uncharacteristically yelled.

"I'm sorry Shikamaru but there is nothing else I can do for him," Tsunade replied sternly. Underneath her professional demeanor, she was actually in pain. It hurt her too much to have to say those words.

Hinata couldn't take it anymore. Her grief was too overwhelming and she darted out of the office. Kiba, Shino, and Kurenai were hot on her trail. They had to find and console the hurting bluenette.

"That is all I have to say, you are all dismissed," Tsunade commanded. Everyone else in the room, albeit some reluctantly, filed out of her office. Sakura took some extra help from Kakashi and Ino to get her to leave. She was an emotional wreck. After everyone but Jiraiya had left, Tsunade slammed her fists on the desk and tears began to stream down her cheeks. She just made one of the hardest decisions ever since she became Hokage and she didn't enjoy it.

Jiraiya stood behind her and just stared out of the window. He let his former teammate cry and release all of her built of guilt. After a few minutes, her voice brought his attention back to the room.

"Jiraiya I have a mission for you," she said wiping the last remnants of tears off her face.

"What is it Tsu-hime?" he asked.

"She turned around to face him and met his dark eyes with her reddening hazel ones. "Jiraiya I want you to find Naruto. I don't care what you have to do as long as it doesn't cause political fallout but I want you to find him and bring him back no matter the cost."

Jiraiya nodded understanding the task given unto him. "I planned on doing that anyway. The little gaki can't get rid of us that easily. Soon he'll be back annoying people and wreaking havoc throughout the village in no time!" he said assuming Gai's infamous 'nice-guy' pose.

Tsunade smiled and her spirits were lifted a little. If anyone could find the boy it would be Jiraiya. She turned her thoughts to said blonde praying for his safety. 'Naruto wherever you are, I hope you're safe and return home to us one day.'

Naruto sat in his bed staring at the wall across from him. He had done this every day for the last seven months he had been held in captivity. He pondered on thoughts of his life up to now. It's not like there was much else to do. He felt he had gotten strong but not enough to earn the respect of those around him. And with him being stuck in the perverted snake's clutches he wouldn't be able to fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage. Speaking of Hokage, he began to think of the elderly woman.

He was sure that Baa-chan would have sent out someone to find him by now, or at least he hoped she did. He considered her, Shizune-neechan, Ero-sennin, and Iruka-sensei to be the closest thing he had to a family and he only hoped that they felt the same way about him. Surely they had to be concerned about his absence.

But alas, Naruto was bored out of his mind. He couldn't leave the room and since there wasn't much to do in there he just laid in bed all day. He rarely got visitors other than the guard who brought him food and this strange redheaded girl with glasses named Karin. She was ordered to keep him company so that he didn't go insane. He was actually grateful for her visits. Sasuke had visited him once before. Naruto was infuriated that he brought him here and cursed his name since he couldn't do much else without any chakra. Sasuke tried to assure him that it was for his own good but Naruto wouldn't hear it. That was five months ago and he hadn't heard from or seen the Uchiha since then.

Naruto was drawn out of his thoughts when he heard the ever so familiar moan the door opening. He sat up so see Orochimaru gracing him with his presence.

"What do you want pedophile?" Naruto growled.

"Tsk tsk I thought we were past the nasty name calling Naruto-kun. I'm sure you wouldn't want me to go get the soap again."

Naruto shivered at the thought. He once called Orochimaru a very explicit name who responded by sticking a bar of soap in his mouth for two hours. He definitely did NOT want to go through that again.

Orochimaru chuckled at the distant expression on the blonde's face. He obviously was reminiscing on the aforementioned event.

"Actually I came to show you something that you might be interested in. It's about Konoha,"

Naruto snapped back to reality at the mention of Konoha. Maybe they had found him and sent a team to come rescues him. Or maybe Baa-chan herself was marching an army herself to come liberate him.

"Ha I told that someone would find me sooner or later!"

Orochimaru smirked. "Actually it's quite the opposite," he said as he tossed a scroll to the boy. "This was intercepted from a Leaf courier-nin a few days ago." Naruto was hesitant at first but he picked up the scroll, unraveled it and began to read its contents. He was confused as to why he was reading over an update on missing-nin. His confusion quickly turned to shock when he came upon two pictures in the middle.

The first was a picture of the last Uchiha himself, Sasuke. But the second was the one that stood out the most. It was a picture of him. The caption beneath read "Naruto Uzumaki: defected from the village during a mission. Wanted dead or alive for the crime of treason. Bounty: 1,000,000 Ryo."

Naruto's hand went stiff and the scroll dropped from his hands. Feelings of anger, betrayal, fear and most of all despair washed over him. 'So they've forsaken me after all' Orochimaru watched the boy's reaction. His face was blank and expressionless while his bright blue eyes were now dull and void of life. He had expected Naruto to be crushed by the news. That would make it easier to manipulate him. But there was something off about him now. It was almost as if he's given up the will to live.

Naruto was silent for a few minutes and Orochimaru decided to try to influence the boy while he was at his lowest. "See Naruto-kun I tried to tell you. They don't care about you. They're trying to eliminate you."

"Eliminate me…" Naruto replied dully.

"Yes eliminate you. They only see you as a demon and want to rid the world of you as if you were a disease."


"Yes but I see something else. I see a young boy with tons of potential."


"Yes Naruto-kun and I can make you stronger, strong enough to protect yourself from the tyrants of Konoha."

"Make me stronger…protect myself…"

Orochimaru smiled as he saw that he was getting through to the boy. He just needed to push a little further. "Yes Naruto-kun, stronger. Under my guidance you will be a force to be reckoned with. No longer will people call you a demon. You can finally gain the respect you so rightfully deserve. So what do you say Naruto-kun? You could sit here and wither away the rest of your life or you can go out and prove the world wrong. Show them your true strength. Make them regret the day they looked down upon Naruto Uzumaki!"

Naruto was silent. He hadn't moved in the slightest since he had dropped the scroll. His village had forsaken him. His "friends" would come to hunt him down one day to bring him back to the village, only not as a citizen but as a severed head in a scroll. No more friends to look after, no more dreams to fulfill, no more precious people to protect. It was just him now, him against the world. Only he didn't care about the world anymore. He could care less what people thought of him. But he would become strong enough to protect himself. He would only look out for number one.

"Teach me…Orochimaru-sama…"

The snake-nin grinned widely. Not only did he have a strong Uchiha for his next vessel, but now he had the strongest of the tailed beast under his control. He might not be able to take over Naruto's body because of the demon within him but with his undying loyalty and the Sharingan that was soon to be his, he would unlock the secret of the immortality and wreak havoc on the world.

"This is going to be fun," he chuckled to himself as he left the room, already planning ahead for the future.

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