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So sorry for the delay guys. Well first off I found a beta. She seems pretty cool and I must thank the random person that recommended her. But anyway, I've had this chapter done for awhile and she said she wanted to read the story first before looking at this chap. But that was a week ago and I haven't heard anything from her since. I'm not sure exactly when we'll get in touch again so I decide to go ahead and upload. I read over it myself four times so hopefully I caught all the mistakes...maybe.

Anyway, here's here's the long await and final (well, at least for the moment anyway) chapter of Divine.

Chapter XXIII: Sasuke Chronicles IV: Even More Revelations

'Uh my head...' Sasuke groaned, his head throbbing in pain as he slowly regained consciousness. He couldn't say for sure where he was or for how long he'd been asleep. The last thing he remembered was Itachi falling dead right before everything went black. He tried to open his eyes but pain shot through his head once more and he cringed. He felt soft fabric around him and something fluffy beneath his head. He slowly sat up, letting the sheets slide off his torso. He shakily brought his hands to his face to feel bandages wrapped around his head, covering his eyes. "Where the hell am I?" he groaned as he brought his hand to his forehead.

"Ah, it would seem you've awaken," a voice echoed throughout the room. Sasuke was immediately on alert as his head snapped towards where the voice originated. "Who's there? Show yourself!" he demanded. He only heard a dark chuckle as the voice seemed to draw nearer. "No need to be feisty young Uchiha. It's not like you can see me anyway," the voice said. It was dark, rather gruff, and just a tad bit menacing. "Where am I? And what have you done to me!?" Sasuke demanded. The voice only chuckled once more, causing a growl to escape the Uchiha.

"Fear not young master, I am not here to hurt you, only to help. As for our location, you're in a safe place...for now." Sasuke's eyebrow rose at the answer he received, the action causing pain to shoot through his eyes once more. "What's wrong with my eyes and why can't I see?" he queried as he held his throbbing head. He heard another irritating chuckle accompanied with the sound of shuffling feet. "You are rather lucky. When that sword of yours broke, shards were embedded all over your body, including tiny ones is your eyes. I managed to remove the shards in your chest but I could not salvage your eyes." Sasuke felt his "eyes" widen at the proclamation. "So you mean to tell me..." he left the question hanging, unable to finish it.

"Have been transplanted," the voice finished for him.

"Transplanted?" Sasuke echoed back.

"Yes, transplanted," the voice affirmed. "Yours were useless so I've given you new ones. It was a good thing your brother died when he did." Sasuke was caught by surprised but his brow quickly narrowed. "Just who are you? And how do you know about Itachi?" he spat. The voice only chuckled once more, which irritated the young Uchiha greatly.

"I know many things about your brother, many of which even you were left in the dark about. Such as the truth behind the events of that night and why he did the things he did."

"What the hell are you talking about!? Itachi was a traitor!" Sasuke barked.

"Was he?" the voice shot back, causing the Uchiha to flinch. "Your judgment has been clouded by thoughts of power and revenge for the last eight years so what could you possibly know?"

"S-shut up! Itachi was scum who betrayed the clan! He got what he deserved!" Sasuke heard a disgruntled sigh. "I don't have the patience to explain this to you. It's better if you saw with your own eyes." Before Sasuke could question the meaning behind those words, he felt his head grown heavy and his senses began to distort. 'What going on?' he thought as he felt himself slowly succumbing to the effects of the genjutsu.

There was a knock on the door, the action causing a low sound to echo off the walls of the small room. The three occupants looked at each other and nodded before the head turned to the door. "Enter," he said in a low, commanding voice. The wooden door swung open to reveal a young boy with long dark hair pulled into a low ponytail that fell down his back. He had striking onyx eyes and deep tear troughs that ran beneath them. He was dressed in the standard uniform of the ANBU with a ninjato strapped to his back. He walked into the office and knelt before the elders. "Hokage-sama."

Sasuke was lost in a state of confusion. His eyesight had returned to him, but he couldn't feel anything. His other senses were shot. It was as if his consciousness was floating about aimlessly. "What the hell is this? What's going on?" Sasuke thought as he stared at the figures of the long deceased Third Hokage and his two advisors. There was another heavily bandaged old man he didn't recognize. "Shut up and watch," he heard the voice say. "If you can't see the truth with words, then you'll just have to see it with your own eyes." The voice was gone before Sasuke had a chance to object. He turned his attention back to the scene before him.

"Itachi, it has come to my attention that tensions between your clan and the rest of the village are on the rise. Would you agree?" Hiruzen asked the young ANBU."Yes Hokage-sama. I've noticed that some of my fellow clansmen are becoming increasingly violent and confrontational. The clan elders have also been meeting a lot more frequently as well," Itachi replied. The aging Hokage let out a sigh as he puffed on his pipe. "I see. Itachi I'm assigning you an important mission, B-rank in fact. Should you find any evidence of conspiracy or treason amongst the Uchiha, you are to report it to me immediately. This is a matter of village security. Do you understand the task given to you?"

"Yes Hokage-sama."

"Very well, you're dismissed." And with that the young ANBU phased out of sight.

"I don't understand…Why would the Hokage have Itachi spy on the clan? And why would he agree to it?" Sasuke thought as he tried to find reason behind his brother's actions.

"Big brother you're finally home!" a young Sasuke exclaimed as he slid around the corner to see Itachi coming through the front door. "Evening Sasuke," Itachi smiled at his brother as he slipped off his sandals. "Ne, ne, can you help me with my shuriken jutsu big brother?" Sasuke pleaded. "Sorry Sasuke, some other time. Why not have father train you?" a displeased frown spread across the younger Uchiha's features. "You're better than father at shuriken jutsu, even a little kid can see that!" he argued.


The small boy nearly leapt out of his skin at hearing his name called. He shakily turned around and felt himself turn white when he saw his father standing in the middle of the hallway. "Go clean up and get ready for dinner. Itachi I want to see you in my study," Fugaku said sternly. "But big brother was going to help me train!" Sasuke whined. No sooner than the words left his mouth he felt something flick his forehead. He looked up at his brother's smiling face just in time to see him pulling his hand back. "Sorry Sasuke, another time." Sasuke walked away rubbing his forehead while grumbling something incoherent about brothers and chronic liars.

After Sasuke disappeared around the corner, Itachi's expression turned serious and he followed his father into his study. Itachi closed the door behind him as they entered the small office. Fugaku crossed over to his desk while Itachi opted to stand in the middle of the room. An awkward silence permeated the air before Fugaku finally spoke. "Itachi…you serve as the Uchiha's pipeline to the village's nerve center. You know that, don't you?" he questioned as he stared out of the window. "Yes father," Itachi replied.

The older Uchiha let out a sigh as he brought his hand up to rest his head in his palm. "This village…everyday it pushes us away more and more, as if we were a disease. Ever since Madara left and the Nine-tails attacked, what little respected we still have continues to dwindle day by day. The Hokage was foolish to believe that setting us up on the outskirts of the village like this would keep the peace. He's just segregating us. But it is only a matter of time. Soon they will all see things the right way, the Uchiha way." Itachi remained silent as he listened to his father speak, only offering the occasional nod in agreement.

"Wait…don't tell me father…the clan was plotting a coup!?" Sasuke queried as he finally pieced together the meaning behind his father's words.

"It would seem we've failed again…" Hiruzen mused as he read over the letter from Fugaku. He'd been trying for several weeks to reach a compromise between them, but all of his attempts were shot down by the Uchiha head. The Hokage sighed as he let out an exhausted sigh. This whole situation with the Uchiha was taking a toll on him and he need to find a way to settle it, and fast. "I'm running out of ideas…"

"Well there's one thing you haven't explored," a gruff voice said. The Hokage turned to his old war companion with a raised eyebrow. "And what would that be Danzō?" Hiruzen queried. "It's simple. Without an aggressor, there can be no aggressive acts. We just have to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand," the old war hawk said simply. "Hiruzen was taken aback at what he was implying. "You don't mean…"

"Yes, that's precisely what I mean. The Uchiha Clan must be dealt with. If they won't act diplomatically then they must be taken out, simple as that." Danzō stated. The Hokage began to protest but stopped himself. What Danzō was saying was inhumane, but it wasn't unjustified. If he didn't do something soon, then this whole situation would get out of hand. "I'll take it into consideration…"

Hiruzen was standing on the roof of the academy dressed in his Hokage robes staring out over the village. He took another puff on his pipe when he heard someone land behind him. "Hokage-sama." He turned around to see who was addressing him to see Itachi Uchiha kneeling before him. "Yes Itachi, what can I do for you?" he asked. "It's about my mission tonight."

The Hokage stiffened at his words. It had been decided earlier that week that the Uchiha needed to be silenced and the task had fallen upon the young ANBU. Itachi had taken it upon himself to rid the village of his clan's ilk, feeling as if it was his responsibility and duty. Hiruzen wished he didn't have to resort to this, but there seemed to be no other way. It was for the good of the village and the ends justified the means. "I'd like to make a request," Itachi stated.

"What kind of request?"

"All I ask is that my younger brother Sasuke be spared. He is too young and does not know the truth behind our father's ambitions. I also ask that he be kept safe and that he never learns the truth behind these events. That is all," he stated. 'He's willing to bear such a heavy burden for the rest of his life, one of which I subjected him to. This is the least I could do for him.' The Hokage thought it over in his head. "It shall be done. Your brother will be kept safe from harm and will never learn of this. In fact, no one will. It will be classified a SS secret and only myself, Lord Danzō, and my advisors will has knowledge of it." He said. Itachi nodded before standing up to leave. "Thank you Hokage-sama. I'll be on my way now," he said turning to leave.

"I'm sorry Itachi," Hiruzen called out to him. "I'm sorry for placing such a heavy burden on your shoulders like this." Itachi only shook his head. "There's no need Hokage-sama. My clan brought this upon themselves I'm doing this so that the village can remain safe and continue to prosper. As long as Sasuke is safe, then I will carry out this task presented before me. I thank you for letting me serve the village Hokage-sama." And with that Itachi disappeared. Another sigh escaped the Hokage as he turned to face the monument. "What have I done?" he thought aloud as he gazed upon the stony faces of his predecessors.

Sasuke was light headed as he felt himself return to his body. He was breathing ruggedly and his mind was a maelstrom of thoughts. 'I don't understand…why would the clan plot a coup!? Why did they have to be eliminated!? Why did they pick Itachi!? Why did he do it!?' The questions ran one after another through his mind as he grasped his hair in frustration. "The Uchiha were corrupt. Their arrogance and self-entitlement alongside the scorn they built up from the village over the years led to their downfall. The Uchiha have fallen from grace. They're nothing like they used to be. It shames to me to think that the clan I serve has disgraced themselves so…" the mysterious voice came once more. But Sasuke paid it no mind. He was too busy sifting through the conflicting thoughts that were passing through his head at the moment.

"There is no value in killing you…My foolish brother…If you want to kill me…curse me! Hate me! And live a long and unsightly life…run away…run away and cling to your pitiful life."

'Itachi was evil…the absolute scum of the clan…'

"Being the best isn't all It's made out to be. When you're strong, you become arrogant and withdrawn. Even if what you sought after was your dream."

'But at the same time…'

"You know what the last thing he said to me was?" the voice asked. Sasuke only turned to face it to show he was listening. "Self-sacrifice…A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow…That's a true shinobi." It said. "Your brother was the true epitome of a shinobi. In place of love, he accepted animosity. In place of honor, he accepted disgrace. He shouldered the burden of his sins and the hatred of the entire village in order to save it. His friends…family…and even his own lover. He killed them all to protect the village. But did it not ever occur to you why he couldn't kill his own little brother?"

Sasuke's breath hitched as realization hit him. His mind was flooded with fond memories of his childhood. All the times Itachi would play with him.

"Hey big brother want to play hide and seek?" An excited Sasuke bounced back and forth as he watched his brother enter the house.

"Sure Sasuke," Itachi smiled as he slipped off his sandals.

And the times they trained together…

"Did you see that brother!? I finally did it!" Sasuke exclaimed.

"Nice going Sasuke," the older Uchiha said proudly.

"Neh, Can you help me with my shuriken jutsu now?"

"Sorry Sasuke…Another time." Itachi said, flicking his brother in the forehead.

But what struck him were Itachi's words he spoke the day before the massacre.

"You and I are flesh and blood. I'm always good to be there for you, even if it's only as an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me. That's what big brothers are for."

Tears were falling freely from the teen's eyes by now. 'It's true…Itachi's always been there. Even when it didn't seem like it…even when I thought I was alone…he was there…' he thought, finally realizing his mistake. Itachi allowed himself to be manipulated by the hierarchy of the village for the sake of its selfish attempt at peace. And at the cost of his own happiness, his own clan, his own…humanity. 'Itachi…why?…why!?' Sasuke screamed as he cried at the loss of his brother. The shadowy figure watched the trembling form of the last Uchiha and turned to leave, allowing the boy to grieve in peace. 'Now that that's out of the way I can move along with my plans.'

Sasuke stared ahead with dull eyes. He stood in front of a blotchy mirror, taking in his appearance. He was dressed in the same attire as his blonde friend, only his clothing was black as a soulless night and the rope around his waist was a bloody red. His shirt was zipped up completely and he let his hair hang loosely in front of his eyes. It had been almost a week since that day. The day he learned the truth of his beloved brother. 'Itachi…'

The door to the room opened and the sound of footsteps followed shortly after. Sasuke lazily turned to see his visitor. In stepped a fox nearly as tall as him. It had dark grey fur, with a black ruff going across its torso. It had a long red mane spiked with black tips that reached down its back that narrowed into a teal bangle before spanning out again. It was armed with blood red claws on its paws and feet and a set of menacing teeth hidden behind its feral grin. "I see you are on your feet young master," It said.

Sasuke only turned back to the mirror. "What do you want?" he asked tonelessly. "It is time for us to move on. We have much to accomplish and so little time to do it in," it said simply. Sasuke turned to the shadowy creature, boring into its red eyes with his own onyx ones. "Just who are you exactly?" he queried. The fox's grin only widened. "As I have told you before, my name is Zoroark, and I am but a humble servant of your clan," it replied.

"What do you want with me?" Sasuke asked. The smirk on the fox's features was beginning to annoy him greatly. "There are many a things in which you are needed for young master. If you would but follow me, all will be explained. There is someone that you should meet," it said turning to leave. Sasuke stared at its back, his body not moving in the slightest. Zoroark sensed he wasn't being followed and glanced over his shoulder and his gaze met that of the stoic teen. "It also concerns Itachi-sama…" His smirk returned when he saw the young Uchiha show some form of expression for the first time in the last seven days. Feeling that he caught the boy's attention, Zoroark slipped out of the room. Sasuke stared at the open door with wide eyes. The mention of his brother was enough to catch his attention. 'This thing has information on Itachi…' He knew it was against his better judgment, but something seemed to be drawing him in. He let out a sigh as he turned to grab his pouch off the bed and left the small room.

Sasuke slipped his pouch onto his waist as he made his way down a dark tunnel. He emerged from the hallway into a large room. He scanned the large chamber and noted how old and run-down the catacombs were. He saw Zoroark standing in the middle of the room next to a podium. He made his way to the podium where he found a black metallic armlet resting on its center. He eyed it curiously as Zoroark looked up at him. "This artifact has been a part of your clan for many years. It belonged to your first ancestors," he said seeing the curious glint in the teen's eye. Something compelled Sasuke to reach out for the armlet but he soon found his arm stopped and a furry paw gripped onto his wrist. "Careful Sasuke-sama, once you take it, there's no going back. Sasuke snatched his arm away and turned back to the ancient artifact. He made to grab it but just before he touched it, a slit on the side snapped open, revealing an eye. But it wasn't just any eye, it was a Sharingan. Before Sasuke could react, the Sharingan began to spin rapidly and he found himself growing faint. It wasn't long before he lost consciousness.

Sasuke awoke with a start. He glanced around to survey his surroundings but found nothing but an endless white void. "What the hell was that? And where am I?" he asked as he rose to his feet. He felt a burning sensation on his forearm and looked to see the dark armlet wrapped around his left wrist. "I don't remember putting this on…" he mused.

"Do you know why you are here?" an ethereal voice suddenly asked.

Sasuke tensed as his senses were put on high alert. "Who's there?" he queried as he scanned his surroundings. He clinched his fists as he continued to look around, ready for a fight to erupt at any moment. He caught something in his peripherals and his gaze snapped to it. The space before him began to shift slightly and a figure began to manifest. Sasuke took a precautionary step back as the figure began to take the shape of a person. Before him stood a young woman. She was dressed in the traditional attire of a Miko and he had silky hair that was black as night that flowed down her back. She had calm red eyes, nothing like the angry flare of the Sharingan that complimented the rest of her soft features. Other than his own mother, she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. There just seemed to be this otherworldly glow about her. "Who are you?" he asked carefully.

"Fear not child, you have nothing to fear," she said, sounding a lot older than she looked. Sasuke was taken aback slightly but quickly schooled his features. "Where am I? What is this place?" he asked. "A safe place," she said simply. He was beginning to get annoyed at the generic answers she was giving him. Seeing the teen's exasperated expression the woman spoke again. "Do you know why you are here?"

"No, that's what I'm trying to figure out," Sasuke replied. It was then he noticed she had her hand raised, motioning him to come closer. "I don't have much time. Come, there is something you must see," she said. Sasuke was hesitant but found his feet slowly inching him forward. When he came within arm's reach of the woman, she gently laid her hand on his head, causing him to freeze. For the second time that week, Sasuke's mind was filled with memories that were not his. He saw nightmarish clouds and skies of never ending darkness accompanied with fiery plains littered with corpses that blanketed the land. Similar images continued to paint a picture in his mind until the woman removed her hand and he stumbled backwards.

"What the hell was that?" Sasuke asked, trying to control his rugged breathing. "That Sasuke was the past, present, and future of this world. As we speak, Susano is down in Yomi biding his time and gaining strength for the time which he is to be released, which will be upon us soon at this rate. If he is not stopped, what I have shown you will be the fate of this world and the fate of all mankind," the woman explained. Sasuke stared at her with a frown set on his features. What did she take him for? Some little kid easily vexed by fairy tales? "Impossible," he said, finding it hard to believe her.

"Is it now? You saw it for yourself, did you not?" she queried. Sasuke didn't respond. He couldn't deny that the images he'd seen were very realistic, almost as if he'd actually been there himself. But that didn't stop him from having his doubts. "Ok let's say I actually believe you. But what does this all have to do with me?" he asked.

"It has everything to do with you Sasuke. You are one of the last people alive who have inherited my power and thus one of the only ones capable of stopping Susano. But this is not a task you can complete alone. You must seek out the descendants of Fuijin and Raijin. Only when the three of you band together will you be able to defeat Susano," the woman said.

"What do you mean by "inherited your power?" Just who are you?" Sasuke queried. The woman smiled at him. "I go by many names, but am most commonly referred to as Amaterasu. And you, along with all other Uchiha, are my descendants. You inherited everything from Masato, the Sage of Six Paths, who was my son. I am also the reason you have such a string affinity to fire." Sasuke's eyes widened as her explanation made a shocking amount of sense. He'd known that the Uchiha were direct descendants of the Sage of Six Paths, only to find out now that he was the son of the legendary Sun Goddess Amaterasu herself. It would certainly explain why the proclaimed God of Shinobi and Father of Modern Day Ninja Arts came to be so powerful. Sasuke was lost in thought as he tried to process the new information presented to him. The Sun Goddess saw the young boy struggling in a mental debate with himself and moved forward, placing her hand of his shoulder. Sasuke's gaze snapped towards her and he found himself on the receiving end of a soft smile. "I know it's a lot to process right now Sasuke, but do not worry too much. I can sense great potential within you and if you can learn to control this new power of yours I have no doubt in my mind that you will succeed." She told him.

Sasuke nodded his gaze fell upon the armlet around his wrist. "But you must be careful Sasuke, for this power comes with a cost. If you cannot overcome the Curse of Hatred, then you it will consume you and slowly destroy you from within." She cautioned. Sasuke nodded but something confused him. "Curse of Hatred?"

Amaterasu let out a sigh. "Yes Sasuke. I would like to say it is nothing more than an ideal but it truly is a curse. Its origins date back to your first ancestor, Atsushi. After Masato named his youngest son Kazuhito, who later took up the name of Senju, as his successor, Atsushi became enraged. Consumed by his hatred, Atsushi took up the name Uchiha and waged war against his brother and thus began a cycle of hatred that transcended history and brought about a mutual hostility between the Uchiha and Senju," she explained. Sasuke remained silent as he digested what he'd just been told. "Sasuke, do you know what your clan treasured most above all?" the goddess asked.

The young Uchiha thought for a moment before his answer came to him. "The Sharingan?" he replied. Amaterasu merely shook her head. "It wasn't their bloodline, jutsu, or any other type of power. The Uchiha cherished love above all." She said. "Love?" Sasuke asked, looking as if he'd been insulted. "Yes Sasuke, love. Though it was not something they expressed openly, the Uchiha valued love above all, even more so than their own clan. But this also led to they're downfall. You see, when an Uchiha loses something dear to them, their love deteriorates into hatred. The despair caused by such an experience causes a special chakra to manifest in their brain, one that affects their optic nerves and leads to the creation of an eye that reflects feeling, the Sharingan," she explained to Sasuke, who seemed to be blown away by the revelation.

"Tell me Sasuke, did you love your family?" Amaterasu asked.

"Yes, with all my heart," he replied.

"And what did you feel when they were killed? When they were taken away from you?" she asked. Sasuke thought about it and his eyes widened in realization. "Hatred…"

"Exactly, hence why you possess the Sharingan. An Uchiha's mind is already warped by the despair and hatred they hold from experiencing the trauma of losing something dear to them. But when something happens to them that brings about even greater pain than the first traumatic event, their Sharingan morphs into the Mangekyō and they are driven further into darkness," she explained. "The armlet your wear now is something I forged for the Uchiha, in hopes that it would help them channel that hatred so that it would not consume them as it had Atsushi. But I failed; they only let their hatred fester even more. Hence why it is named Nikushimi, for it is the embodiment of the Uchiha Clan's hatred that has manifested over the years."

Sasuke stared down at the mysterious relic on his arm as he listened to her words. There was no doubt that it radiated a powerful, yet dark aura. Could this be the hatred she spoke of? "Sasuke." The teen turned to the goddess upon hearing his name. "My time is nearly up so I shall leave you with this. I can sense that you bear much hatred in your soul. Nikushimi feeds on this hatred and it can end up driving you mad. But if you can overcome your abhorrence, then and only then can you unlock Nikushimi's true potential and gain strength, strength that will allow you to banish Susano from this world forever," she told him. Amaterasu felt herself beginning to fade away and walked forward, placing her hand on Sasuke's shoulder once more.

"I believe in you Sasuke. Much like your brother and the few Uchiha before him, I believe that you can transcend the limitations of your clan. It is a lot to place on the shoulders of a boy as young as yourself, but the world is counting on you and the others. I'm counting on you," She said with a sincere smile as she began to evaporate. "But remember this: when all seems dark and you find yourself losing hope, just look deep within yourself. For there is a light there brighter than the sun itself that will throw back even the darkest of shadows." As the last words escaped her mouth, a bright light began to blanket the area and Sasuke had to cover his eyes as the sun goddess vanished from sight.

Sasuke opened his eyes to find himself back in the old catacombs. He glanced around and saw Zoroark grinning at him. "I take it your meeting with Lady Amaterasu went well?" he queried. Sasuke ignored him and felt a sharp pain in his wrist. He clutched his arm and his eyes widened at what he saw. The armlet around his wrist began to expand and engulf more of his arm. It spread down to hand, encasing his fingers and it shot up his arm, stopping just short of his elbow. Where there was once flesh, there was now dark metallic claws and armor plating. Sasuke stared bewildered at his gauntlet of an arm. "The Nikushimi is already transforming in accordance with the hatred you hold within you. The more you let it consume you, the more it will spread until your body is completely encased in it. And should that ever happen…you will die," Zoroark explained.

Sasuke turned from the fox and looked over his newly transformed arm. He flexed his fingers, trying to get a feel for Nikushimi. "Where to first?" he asked, not taking eyes off of his arm. Zoroark smirked. "First we must meet up with the other two descendants. It's been awhile, but if I remember correctly they should both be in Water Country by now. Our destination is Nadeshiko Village." Sasuke nodded as he rose to his feet. He stretched out his body before turning to Zoroark. "Lead the way," he said simply. The fox's grin, if even anatomically possible, widened even more as he began leading the way out of the old tomb, Sasuke following behind silently.

The young Uchiha had a lot to think about. Not only about what he learned of his brother, but what the Sun Goddess had shown him. At first, his mind was plagued with thoughts of annihilating Konoha for what they had done to his brother. But after meeting the Sun Goddess, that all changed. Though he was skeptical at first, she'd had shown him that there was a bigger threat at hand. If he and the other so called descendants didn't put a stop to it, it would be the end of the world as they knew it. 'Sorry Naruto…Tsuki. It seems we won't see each other as soon as I'd thought,' he mused to himself as images of the smiling blondes appeared in his mind. His thoughts then shifted to his late brother. He was plagued by guilt at what he'd done to his brother. He'd been manipulated and his hatred had been used against him which led to his older sibling's demise. It was then and there that he vowed he would avenge his brother, one way or another.

"Forgive Sasuke...It ends with this…" Itachi's last words played over in his head, finally becoming clear to him.

'No brother…' Sasuke thought, unconsciously activating his Sharingan. But unbeknownst to him, it was beginning to morph. The three tomoe in each eye began spin slowly until his Sharingan took on a whole new shape completely. His sclera were now an ominous black and his irises bled a deep crimson as they took on the shape of six-pointed stars. Lastly, his once perfectly round pupils expanded into three pointed stars that rested in the center of the abstract design that was the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. 'It's only just beginning,' He finished the train of thought as his eyes hardened and he continued to follow after Zoroark, setting out on the path that would lead him to his destiny.

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