Comic Sands

A spoon is always the funniest utensil. Why is that? Is it that a spoon has no tines or sharp edges?

It would be hard to kill a man with a spoon.

A third arm flapping in the wind or hanging uselessly while two real arms go on a mini shooting rampage. "A little help?" eye roll (might as well use em while you have em.)

"Well, I guess I should thank you for not sticking it up your ass...however."

"You're a quart low"

Cleavage inspection agency? Really? "One has to rig the game" "You're a good little rat."

The lunch boxes "I couldn't find a briefcase small enough for ten thousand dollars."

"I'm with Stupid" indeed...a prescient t shirt. Who knew?

"I'm going to freak right out"

How can you be funny at a time like this?

"I will have every single Marine from here to Guantanamo Bay up your keister, mister, so just know that."

You keep it in your crotch? "Have you ever seen one of these before? Have you ever used one?" "Oh yeah, very muertalo."

"I have no eyes, fuckmook.."

"No" there goes that arm again. She drops to the ground...muertalo.

"Well, if that isn't interagency cooperation, I just don't know what is"

"Fuck you"

Is a spoon the funniest utensil?

Yeah, I guess you could scoop someone's eyes out with a spoon.

But that wouldn't actually be that funny, would it?