Ch1: Sasuke's new world



Two forces collide and try to overpower each other as the two combatants thrust their signature technique at each other; finally, one of the two attacks emerges victorious.

"It's unbelievable that a no-name loser like you managed to stand up to an elite Uchiha such as myself, but finally it's all over." the Uchiha said

Why am I hesitating? I am an avenger. I must gain power as power is paramount to an avenger, and by killing this Dope I'll awaken my Mangekyo Sharingan. I guess I was wrong with what I thought was the reason Itachi left me alive. It wasn't to avenge my clan it was because I was too weak to avenge my clan that I didn't matter. Well no point going to Orochimaru now for power cause I do not need it anymore and I cannot return to the hidden leaf so guess I will look for a new home. The Uchiha thought to himself.

So the lone Uchiha ran until he reached a village out of both leaf and sound territory. When he arrived, it started to rain so he looked for some shelter he came across a sheltered bus stop so he sat and waited for the rain to stop.

Suddenly, a bus showed up "hey kid this is the bus for Youkai academy are you going there?" The Bus driver asked the lone Uchiha.

"I'm looking for a new place a school would be good I guess." The Uchiha replied

"Get aboard then kid." The bus Driver told him

When the Uchiha kid climbed aboard the bus, he went directly to the last seat and sat one the seat closet to the window as the bus went into motion he watched the world pass by but suddenly felt displaced as the bus went through a tunnel as all color went weird and he almost passed out.

"Kid this is your last chance Youkai academy is really scary if I leave I won't be back for a month." The bus driver warned the Uchiha boy.

"I've had scary things for breakfast, this don't scare me one bit." The Uchiha replied

When the bus left, The Uchiha saw how the area, which the school is located, looked and muttered to himself. "Are they really trying to scare people looks like the set for a cheap horror film Orochimaru is a thousand time scarier than this."

As the lone Uchiha was walking down the path towards the academy, a female voice shouted "WATCH OUT!"


The two went flying into a tree when the Uchiha came to he accidently put his hand on her thigh while thinking I really am shadow of my former self I should have replaced myself before getting hit.

"Ah! Sorry I'm anemic I sometimes suddenly lose sight." The girl apologized

The Uchiha boy almost went in to hysterics until he realized that. A. he is an Uchiha so he does not care b. Shinobi don't show emotion

When the Uchiha looked at her, he saw that she was wearing a green blazer with the Youkai academy insignia and a brown mini-skirt.

"Doesn't matter, so are you going to Youkai academy as well." The Uchiha asked

"Yes, ah you're bleeding." The girl said as she got a handkerchief when she suddenly got an absent look and closed on the Uchiha as if she would kiss him. When she said "this scent I lose control when I smell it, sorry it's cause I'm a vampire." As she was closing in on him


There was a cloud of smoke and she realized that she had bitten into a log.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" The Uchiha asked the girl.

"I was trying to suck some of your blood." She said with a confused look.

The Uchiha absent minded brought his hand to the curse mark on his neck as it sent a surge of pain through his entire body. Truth be told he only replaced himself to hide the curse mark not to really stop her.

"Do you hate vampires?" the girl asked looking as if she was ready to run for her life.

"Never met one before so I can't say but I'm not one who has the right to judge anyone seeing that I did some terrible things." The Uchiha said off-handed

"My name is Akashiya Moka, will you please be my friend." Moka asked.

"Sure, I guess my name is Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke replied

So the two walked to school together.

When the Two arrived, Moka said, "Let's got to the welcoming ceremony."

"Sorry, but I need to talk to the headmaster first, so see you later." Sasuke replied

"O.K, talk to you later." Moka said as the two parted ways.

Scene break

When Sasuke entered the headmaster's office, he was shocked that it was actually as scary as he expected Orochimaru's hideout to be.

"so if it isn't the Uchiha survivor I heard so much about I was hoping I wasn't too late looks like I wasn't." said a voice from the shadows

"Who the hell is that show yourself bastard." Sasuke snarled.

"My, My watch your language young boy I happen to be your headmaster after all." The headmaster replied.

"Sorry I just learned never to trust people who act like you just did." Sasuke responded

"So let's see this curse mark you have." The headmaster asked

"How do you know about that?" Sasuke asked as he prepared to use Chidori to defend himself.

"I did tell you that I know a lot about you and I just wanted to see it, so I can know if I can remove it." The headmaster replied

"Remove it, Impossible! And even if it was possible no way in hell can a regular headmaster be able to do such a thing. Since this mark was placed on me by one of the three legendary Shinobi." Sasuke answered.

"Boy you really don't know where you are, do you, I am one of the three dark lords of the Youkai world, and my name is Tenmei Mikogami, and I happen to rather gifted when it comes to curse marks so show me it so I can set about its removal." Mikogami replied

"Fine, but I'm only doing this to humor you." Sasuke said as he shifted his shirt to reveal the curse mark.

"Interesting, first time I've seen a curse mark of the heavens before, but I know how to remove it. But first how would you mind not being human." Mikogami asked.


"Simple there is no way to remove such a powerful curse, but vampires are immune to curse's so become a vampire and the curse goes' away." Mikogami explained.

"I don't mind so much but first I want to know more about vampires before I make my decision and will I keep my Sharingan." Sasuke asked.

"First. Vampires are the most powerful Youkai around.

Second. They do thirst for blood but nowhere near, the amounts the films claim.

Third. They do have weaknesses but you will not share them seeing that you were once human and any vampire you let drink your blood will also lose the weakness as well." Mikogami explained.

"Then why don't all Youkai become vampires and why don't Shinobi do the same." Sasuke asked.


1. It is only possible for humans to become vampires

2. Shinobi don't know of the existence of vampires

3. Only very powerful humans are strong enough in both mind and body to survive the transformation. If it's the body that doesn't survive that's not too much of a problem since that only means death but if it's the mind that doesn't survive the human turns into a ghoul which is a monster on equal terms of power to a vampire but it's mindless killer." Mikogami continuing the explanation

"Why the hell should I take such risks when this curse mark doesn't cause too much problems." Sasuke asked.

"1. the curse mark messed with you head even after it had been sealed

2. There is no risk to you since the curse mark works on the same basis as the vampire transformation.

3. You will keep your Sharingan if anything it would get stronger but not the abilities of the Mangekyo you'll still have to upgrade it." Mikogami concluded.

"Then do it, and when will I get to class?" Sasuke asked.

"I shall and you should be fit to go to class in about 45 minutes just in time for your second class. You should also have a seal to look like you do now and to hide your aura since a vampire's aura is terrifying. The seal looks like a religious cross so where would you like it, as a necklace or a bracelet perhaps. " Mikogami asked

"I will have it as a bracelet, since it will be easier to conceal." Sasuke replied.

"ok this will hurt slightly more than that curse mark for the transformation period so bear with the pain, to trigger the transformation I need to drain 50% of your blood then replace it with vampire blood." Mikogami told him as he applied an anesthetic.

Time skip 25 minutes later.

"Man that hurt, I feel real thirsty what happened." Sasuke asked himself.

"How do you feel kid, here drink this." Mikogami asked as he tossed Sasuke a blood bag.

"What the hell are you giving me a blood bag for?" Sasuke asked.

"Don't you remember, No? I guess your mind must have blocked it out to forget about the pain then I bet you'll need a mirror right about now as well." Mikogami sighed even though he expected something like this it was annoying since he was going to have to explain again.

"What don't I remember?" Sasuke asked as he trembled a little before looking in the mirror seeing that he had silver hair red slit eyes and matured a little, Sasuke freaked out then activated his Sharingan to dispel the illusion when he activated it he saw that instead of his regular Sharingan his Sharingan had a slit like before with the tomoes around it.

"do you like your new appearance, cause If you ask me it's an improvement you were good looking before but now most beings would give an arm and a leg for a date with you." Mikogami said with a chuckle.

"I thought that was just a dream but I guess I have got rid of the curse mark now. I guess I'll drink the bag now." Sasuke replied

"You thought that I was a dream I guess that makes it easy since I don't have to explain it again. Well take this your rosary bracelet since you need it to hide your new true form." Mikogami said as he handed a black rosary bracelet.

As Sasuke put the bracelet on he saw his silver hair turn back to its original black color and his Sharingan return to normal. "While I like the new look I'm more used to my old one so I'll keep in that form unless I need a power boost." Sasuke responded

"Now you should go to class you don't want to be late for your second class." Mikogami said


"My name is Nekonome Shizuka. Your teacher." Said a cat-like woman

"We have a new student. Come on in." Shizuka said

All the male students were thinking I hope it's a hot girl, while the female students were hoping for a hot boy.

The door opened revealing the pink haired vampire Akashiya Moka, all boys thought what a cute girl this cannot be a transformation she just too cute, while the girls were just depressed since they did not get what they wanted.

When the pink haired vampire got in the teacher asked her to introduce herself.

"My name is Akashiya Moka; I hope you'll all be nice to me." Moka said.

Scene break 30 minutes


"Looks like the bell for the next period." Shizuka announced


"Ara, oh right class there's another new student coming in now, come in and please introduce yourself." Shizuka said

The door opened revealing the new vampire Uchiha Sasuke. When he reached in front of the chalkboard, he introduced himself, "my name is Uchiha Sasuke." All the girls in the class screamed "he's so cool", "he's so handsome" etc. As he made his way to an empty seat, only when he got there Moka enveloped him in a hug "I'm lucky Sasuke in the same class as me. Now I won't be lonely." She said

Great every time I got to a school I always end up as the hot boy, why can't someone else be that this time Sasuke thought to himself.

Scene break 45 minutes


"Since this is the first day you've got the rest of the day of to look around the school ground." Shizuka announced.

As soon as the words left Shizuka's mouth Moka dragged Sasuke out of the class to start exploring the school ground she quickly took him to a drink vending machine. "As an apology for trying to suck your blood without asking I'll buy you a drink so what would you like." Moka asked

"You don't have to, but if you insist I'll have the same as you." Sasuke said since he was sure that the machine did not have blood and he would like to see what else vampire's drink.

Suddenly a huge punk like student came through a grabbed Sasuke by the collar "what the hell are you hanging around trash like him. When you can hang with a man like me, my name is Komiya Saizou. By the way if I see you around Moka again I'll kill you." Saizou said

Everyone in the crowd were terrified one said "isn't that the rouge Youkai Komiya Saizou, I heard he was forced to attend since he was causing too much trouble in the human world and needed reeducation to stop attacking humans."

"I would like to see you try." Sasuke said.

"What kind of monster are you to act so smug like your hot shit." Saizou said

"A. it's against the rules to tell you

B. I could beat you without transforming any day

C. insult me once more I'll kill you" Sasuke said with a smirk

Just before it came to blows, Moka grabbed Sasuke and said, "Sorry I'm having too much fun with Sasuke."

"I never let nice ladies like you get away." Saizou said with a smirk

Scene break

"Wow, you were so brave weren't you scared cause I was." Moka asked Sasuke

"believe it or not I've dealt with people 1000 time scarier than him and a lot more lethal as well so scum like him are not even worth my time." Sasuke said as he thought of the snake Sannin that had placed the curse on him.

"Amazing, what are you a ninja or something." Moka asked with stars in her eyes, funnily enough that her guess was accurate.

"Maybe, or maybe not, anyway I'm going to the dorm to get some sleep." Sasuke said as he walked off to the dorm.

Scene break

Hmm, a school for Youkai, not the best place for me, the only reason I really have to be here is Moka so I will check how she is about humans if she does not like them I will leave. Sasuke thought to himself as he prepared a dropout slip and went out to find Moka.

Scene break

"I thought you were going to go to sleep?" Moka asked Sasuke.

"Just an excuse to get to a quiet place to think. By the way what do you think of humans" Sasuke Asked

"I hate them I went to a human school before here and they all made fun of me for thinking that Youkai were real and I was so lonely, why do you ask?" Moka responded

"I see that's all I need to know; sorry I can't be friends with someone who hates humans. So see you later," Sasuke replied while walking towards the bus stop.

This left Moka really confused why can't Sasuke be friends with someone who doesn't like humans I don't get it. Moka thought to herself.

Scene break

I really feel sorry for her but how can I be friends with her if she hates humans and I used to be a human oh well no point crying over spilt milk. Sasuke thought to himself



I had better go apologize to Sasuke for offending him. Moka thought as she looked for Sasuke.

"I found you Moka when girls are like this I really lose control of my transformation." Saizou said as he jumped her ready to attack

"Leave me alone I'm looking for Sasuke right now." Moka said

"Why don't you transform to your true form? It's okay since we are far enough from the school that it doesn't matter. See I'm revealed my true form an orc. If you won't be mine willingly I'll take you by force." Saizou said as he grabbed her with his tongue

"AHHHHHHH!" Moka screamed

Moka that idiot probably looking for me and one of those hormonal teens got her oh well I had better go help her. Sasuke thought to himself.

It took Sasuke all of two minutes for Sasuke to find them due to his tracking ability he gained from his training "Man I thought you were ugly before but now man not even a mother could love that face" Sasuke taunted Saizou. As he made a clone, to get Moka safely behind him.

Saizou ran to the attack but was surprised when Sasuke just disappeared in a cloud of smoke, "hey Idiot behind you." As Sasuke taunted him again.

This time when he charged, he hit Sasuke and he went flying accidently taking Moka rosary, when he looked at his hand he realized that he accidently released Moka's true form and rand so that she would not steal his fight.

A dark aura started to blast from Moka as she started to transform her pink her bled silver her eyes turned blood red as her pupil changed from circle to slit.

After the transformation, Saizou was trembling "those eyes and hair and the aura it's just like what the legends say. Saizou said as he was trembling ready to run for his life.

"I thought you were going to try and take me by force." Moka taunted

Just before Saizou could charge, a burst of smoke appeared in front of Moka and when the smoke dispersed, it revealed Sasuke. "Sorry Moka can't have you stealing my fight no can i." Sasuke said as his eyes changed in to the Sharingan.

"Do you seriously think I can't take care of myself?" Moka replied semi-annoyed at the low opinion that this boy had of her.

"Not at all, it's just a nice girl like you shouldn't have to get her hands dirty, and I did say that I could beat him without transforming I want to make good on my word." Sasuke answered

"Fine show me what you can do then, don't you dare lose or I will kill you myself." Moka said

"Now I'm hurt, do you really think this trash can beat me seriously I'm hurt." Sasuke said with a tone of mock hurt.

Sasuke first undid the bracer he had to prepare for his signature technique he started to go through the hand signs for the technique. Ushi- U- Saru, as he threw his hand for the Chidori as the sound of thousands of birds taking flight but in truth the sound came from Sasuke's hand as a ball of lightning formed in his hand.

Sasuke charged at unreal speeds that It looked like he simply disappear and then reappeared with his hand all the way through his gut. Impossible he moved as fast no faster than a werewolf under a full moon, not to mention that he hasn't transformed yet what the hell is this guy. Moka though to herself

Sasuke simply pulled his hand out and Saizou dropped like a log as life drained from his eyes. "I told you I could beat you any day without transforming and if you went near Moka again I'll kill you. Just making good on my own word." Sasuke spoke in an icy cold tone.

"Impressive you completely defeated him I'm impressed. But why are you acting protective of me." Moka asked perplexed at why Sasuke was defending her

"It's simple, those who disobey the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are even worse than scum, and I am one who will never let my friends die or be abused even if it costs my life. It's a lesson my sensei taught me a long time ago, it's called the will of fire!" Sasuke answered.

"I see well keep protecting my weaker half and me and you can get along." Moka replied as she grabbed her rosary from Sasuke and reattached it to her leather choker.

Suddenly all her power drained as her returned pin and her eyes changed back to green and fell into Sasuke's arms.

When Moka woke up, she saw she was in Sasuke's arms she blushed and moved but then she froze up as she smelt something but she remembered how Sasuke reacted the first time she tried to suck his blood. "You're bleeding. Was it my other self that did it?" Moka asked as she hoped it was not her other half that hurt her only friend.

"No it wasn't your other half that did this to me I dropped my guard for a second and Saizou got a bad hit at me that's all. Still have problems around blood." Sasuke asked

"Yes, but I'll restrain myself cause I know your uncomfortable around that." Moka responded

Sasuke sighed, "Go ahead have a little just not too much now. I need it to live you know." He said.

"Thank you, but why are you suddenly letting me have some of your blood?" Moka asked.

"Easy cause I'm a vampire as well and I know how thirst is so I don't mind letting you have some of my blood." Sasuke replied.

"YOU'RE A VAMPIRE ASWELL, wow I don't believe it amazing. I thought I would be the only vampire here. Wait a second; how come your eyes aren't red all vampires got red eyes you know." Moka replied thinking Sasuke just lied to her.

"you obviously don't remember when your other self was out I changed my eyes to red but not the same red slit eyes as vampire completely red with three tomoes circling the outer section of the eye. Plus I wear a seal like yours but no dual persona." Sasuke replied

"Where is your seal I don't see it." Moka replied

Sasuke lifted his sleeve to reveal his rosary bracelet. "Believe me now?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes, but I've never heard of eyes like the ones you described." Moka asked

"Probably it's because it's the Sharingan of the Uchiha clan, and the Uchiha clan are all dead but me and my half-brother Itachi." Sasuke semi lied.

"I've never heard of the Uchiha clan. What happened to them?" Moka asked.

"on the night of my 7th birthday I returned home to see all the members of my clan slain on the floor of the district of the village that belonged to my clan. I rushed home to check on my mother and my stepfather but I found them dead. Therefore, I rushed to Itachi's room to check if he is all right, I find the window open I look out of the window to see him on the ground him the only one standing. I jumped out of the window and asked him if he defeated the group that attacked our clan. Since he was of the elite ANBU or the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad. However, what really happened shocked me to the core. It was my own half-brother that slew our entire clan." Sasuke replied

"What is the Uchiha clan?" Moka asked

"You could say that they are the vampires of the human world in power and pride but they don't drink blood." Sasuke replied

"Wait, so that means that you are half vampire half human right." Moka asked.

"No, since vampire blood is superior to human blood even though my mother is human there's no such thing as a half vampire or damphir as the movies call them." Sasuke answers her.

"I see so that's why you said you couldn't be friends with someone who hates human right." Moka asks

"No, I just don't like it when people judge others by race that's all. Since you can't judge a race, by the minority of them." Sasuke replied.

"I see well I give humans a second chance." Moka said. As she leaned of to have some of Sasuke's blood.

She bite into Sasuke gently so she doesn't hurt him and slowly drinks being careful not to drink too much when she's done she says "If you need some blood sometime I don't mind letting you have some of mine. By the way this is my first time." She said since her starting to really like Sasuke maybe even fall in love with him.

"First time, I hope you're not angry at me or anything but if I was to drink from you that would be my first time too." Sasuke answers.

"Of course, I'm not angry but I think we may end up as more than friends." Moka said with a blush