CH5: showdown at witch ranch

When the bus stopped, the four students got off at a field of sunflowers then the bus driver said in a creepy voice. "You four better be careful after all there are rumors of witches spiriting people away you wouldn't want to end up like them. As he tossed a newspaper to them, then called to Shizuka. "Let's go I know a place where you can get the best fish around."

"Yeah, let's go." Shizuka yelled as the bus doors closed before zooming away at crazy speeds leaving the kids to themselves.

"What the teacher just leaves us what are we going to do!" Yukari yelled with tears coming to her eyes.

"Don't worry I told you that I would look after you, besides I've lived in the human world most of my life so I probably better at living in the human world than sensei is anyway. So relax Yukari-Chan." Sasuke said comforting the little girl.

"Thank you Oni-chan. You and Onee-chan are the best, but I don't get why you hang out with that big chested cow." Yukari says

"Hey, what the hell are you talking about I'll have you know that I'm just a good fighter maybe not as good as Sasuke or Moka but I'm more skilled than them in the use of illusions." Kurumu replied

"NO, you're just a big breasted bimbo trying to take advantage of Oni-Chan." Yukari said as she stuck her tongue out at Kurumu.

"Yukari-Chan there is more going on here than you know, so I recommend that you be quite and not judge till you get all the facts." Sasuke tells Yukari.

"Yeah, little cry baby brats like you should be quite while the adults speak; besides if a fight comes up you'll just get in the way." Kurumu says coldly.

At that, Yukari runs of in to the field of sunflowers crying her eyes out yelling. "you guys don't understand me leave me alone you idiots."

Sasuke Sighs, then Moka says. "That was sway too harsh Kurumu-san. Sasuke-kun do you think we should follow her?"

"No, but we should shadow her without her knowing for two reasons. 1. Is that we are in enemy territory so we can use her as bait to catch the enemy 2. She needs time to herself and if an enemy attacks, we let her deal with them on her own if she needs help we will help. That should boost her confidence and give a gauge on how close she is to becoming a kunoichi. If she doesn't need our help fending off the enemy we will give her a rundown of the mission." Sasuke explained

"Okay." Both girls say as they take to the shadows following Yukari.

"HELP!" A voice yelled Yukari panicked thinking that It was her friends in peril a rushed over to the voice.

AS Yukari reached the voice she saw two girls one is being eaten by a monster plant the other is trying to help the one being eaten to escape and she say. "Oh! It only humans I thought It might be my friends oh well no problem." As she began to walk away.

"Please my Sempai is going to be eaten you must help Witch-san. After all it's my fault we're even here." The girl trying to help the other one out cried.

'Okay." Yukari said as she brought out her tarot cards in sighting a spell to give them wings and make them razor sharp and Hurled them slicing the monster plant into tiny pieces without harming the girl it was trying to eat.

"Amazing I didn't think you were a real witch. I thought it was just cosplay, do you have any relation to the witches that are spiriting people away." The girl said in thanks to Yukari.

"No problem, but witches don't normally do stuff like this so I don't think it was witches." Yukari explained, just as Moka, Sasuke and Kurumu show themselves.

"Actually Yukari-Chan witches are behind these instances and we're actually here to stop them." Sasuke said

"What how do you know this and why are your blaming witches I thought you're not biased about witches." Yukari said with tears in her eyes crushed that Sasuke betrayed her.

"I'm not biased against witches or any other races, but I know witches are behind this because it was in the briefing me, Kurumu and Moka sat through. You two, do you mind giving me and my friends a lift into town." Sasuke Asked

"Sure, your friend did save us after all and the names Tsubaki and my sempai called Nanami." Tsubaki said

"Thank you, Nanami-san. We'll be in your care then." Sasuke replied

"No problem." Nanami replied with a blush

The group got in the care and drove into the city

When they arrived, the girls waved good-bye and left the students so they could go home.

The group decided to get some shopping done, all but one of them unaware of someone watching them.

Crows watching us hmm… could it be Itachi if so then that means either Itachi is working with the witches or the witch use's crows as her familiars. Sasuke thought to himself

As Sasuke was lost in thought the crowds were making observations like "look at thosehotties I bet there super models or something" on guy said another said. "who cares about them look at that loli in cosplay." Some girls said. "What a bunch of pervs, but look at that guy such an emo hottie."

Far away watching the group from the distance was a teenage witch that's about nineteen years old. "What's that witch doing with those humans, doesn't she know that humanity is the enemy witches." The witch replied as she sent her familiars to kidnap her.

The crows start to flock over the Youkai group and attack them and distracting them from Yukari while they swipe her away. When flock disperses, the group realizes that Yukari is missing. "so Yukari-Chan was the target looks like Itachi isn't involved. We just need to follow her chakra signature to find the culprit. Too easy." Sasuke said

"You say it's a good thing that Yukari-Chan was kidnapped." Moka said

"Of course it's not good, but it makes our job easy since they made an amateur mistake." Sasuke explained

The group rush towards Yukari's chakra signature when they arrive they see Yukari looking anxious as the elder witch says "come on Yukari lets destroy the city and make the humans destroying nature regret their actions. Starting with your so-called friends. Let make them pay for their treachery."

"Ruby-san, they're not bad please leave them alone." Yukari pleads

"I see your still naïve so I'll deal with them myself." Ruby says as she releases six razor sharp crow wings and rushes towards Sasuke impaling through the heart.

"Oni-Chan no please no." Yukari cries, but then Sasuke that was impaled burst into smoke revealing a log in his place and the noise of 1000 birds taking flight can be heard from the sky. Was heard, looking up they see a lightning bolt come flying down at untold speeds towards ruby as it strikes her strait through her heart, as it hits when it slowed down it revealed Sasuke with his hand where the lightning bolt hit meaning that Sasuke was the bolt of lightning.

"H-h-how?" Ruby asked, "it is impossible for a human to move so fast." obviously close to her own death.

"Chidori, that's the name of the technique I used an A-rank assassination technique that acts as a blade of lightning that can cut through almost anything being a blade of lightning propelled me at its own speed." Sasuke explained

"I see, you really are incredible then, but my master shall avenge me, her plan can't be stopped. Your actions here are pointless and futile. This city shall become a sea of flames by our army of monster plants this city is doomed." Ruby said as the light faded from her eyes as she breathed her last breath.

"Ruby-san. Sasuke why did you kill her?" Yukari cried

"That's the life of a Shinobi Yukari-Chan, she was an enemy had i left her alone she would have killed me the moment I showed her my back. Also had I not stopped her we wouldn't have known their plan. Then the city would have been doomed now we have a fighting chance." Sasuke replied

"I know it's hard Yukari-Chan but it's the same in all Youkai races she's an enemy so we put her down." Moka explained

"Come on kiddo you need some rest to get over the emotional trauma." Kurumu said as she sprouted her wings and took off towards the hotel with Sasuke and Moka in turn. To plan for their pre-emptive assault on witch ranch.

When they reached the hotel they were greeted by Shizuka, they explained the situation to her they agreed that an all-out attack was required for a quick victory and that it had the biggest chance of success so they prepared themselves by using the spa and relaxing to clear their minds for combat while Yukari slept. They all agreed that it was best that Yukari not be present for the attack for her own mental health.

The next morning came the group headed off to deal with Ruby's master and complete the mission. When they arrived, the witch was waiting for them. "So it was you who took Ruby away from me you despicable humans. I hope you're prepared for I will make you feel her pain 1000 times over." The witch said

"Ruby died a quick a painless death plus I only killed her in self-defense she attacked first plus kidnapped our friend, but she died honorably you should be proud of her. It's not every day you face an Uchiha so she should be glad to have at least be happy to have died at an elites hands." Sasuke explained

"At least you have some honor, by the way you talk I presume you're a Shinobi from which village do you hail young one. So I can send your remains back to them as a Genin will never be able to defeat me as I have a century of experience." The witch asks

"That you do not need to know as you are the one who shall fall. Enough talking let's begin." Sasuke replies

"Very well, plant monsters rise and crush our enemies the humans." As the plants start to rise out of the ground and released an earth-shaking roar.

"Moka, come here so I can release your seal." Moka ran to Sasuke as he yanked of her Rosario release a blast of youkai turning the sky bloody red as outer Moka changed into inner Moka. Then Sasuke ripped of his own Rosario as he transformed into his vampire self.

The groups charged each other though the pant monsters could land a hit on the group from youkai academy for every 1 they destroyed 5 replaced them. Therefore, Shizuka and Sasuke started to fly through hand seals yelling. "Fire style: Great fire ball Jutsu" both them releasing a fireball that devoured hundreds of plant monsters.

Realizing that victory was impossible under these circumstances, she cast a forbidden spell that fused her with the hundreds of thousands of plant monsters creating a monster that could go toe to toe with the Shukaku for a while. "you may be stronger than I thought but now I'll show you the powers I gained with my centuries of preparation.

"We may be in trouble here she's a real monster her powers are on par with one of the tailed beasts now. This battle is not going to be easy. Shame the dope's not here he would really come in handy here seeing as he could summon the toad boss to help." Sasuke said

"So how can we fight that thing, if it's on par with a tailed beast then surely we'll lose outright." Kurumu said

"Not defiantly, even though she has the power to face a tailed beast but she doesn't have the level of control over power as they do so we need to keep her in a Genjutsu while we prepare a seal to drain the power as there is always consequences on using power that's not your own. Plus tailed beasts have almost perfect immunity to Genjutsu while she'll be very susceptible to them." Shizuka said her years of experience shining through.

"What sort of seal were you thinking of sensei something like the five elemental seal but on a large scale as a regular would never work on an opponent such as this. Maybe an area version" Sasuke said

"That should work but we will need to buy time so I think that you and Moka should go on the offensive while Kurumu covers you using Genjutsu and I'll prepare the seal." Shizuka said

"Yes sensei," the three said as each headed out to play their part Sasuke and Moka leaping releasing monstrously powerful kicks obliterating large areas of it's body but it regenerates at a speed that it makes the attacks primarily useless except for slowing her down. Slowly but surely they were tiring out and she managed to grab Moka and they realized that her greatest power was a power drain and started to drain her power. Sasuke dived down and severed the tentacle that had grabbed Moka using Chidori.

"Damn we can't get near her with that ability we need to resort to long range combat." Sasuke grunted realizing that this battle just got one hundred times harder.

He rushed of dodging tentacles releasing fireballs as often he can. Then Shizuka yelled "back off the seal is about to activate if your caught in it your chakra will get sealed forever."

Both Moka and Sasuke body flickered away from the seal radius to watch the seal take down the witch. Not knowing that since she's a witch the power she's using is magic not chakra or youkai making the seal all but useless.

Both watched as the seal activated at first the witch screamed in pain as the seal locked her chakra but as the seal released the screaming ceased and she continued her rampage.

"Impossible that seal would have been strong enough to defeat a tailed beast so how could she survived. We really are running out of options here." Sasuke said

Then the bus arrived revealing Yukari and the bus driver as Yukari got out Moka asked. "What are you doing here it's far too dangerous for you here."

"well obviously you two never faced a witch other than Yukari the thing about witches is that if their magic attribute is destroyed they lose all their power till they can create a new one. So did she hold something before she cast this spell?" Yukari asked

"Yes she was holding a book with a gem embedded in it. The gem glowed before the plant monsters fused with her." Sasuke replied

"Then find the book on her person and destroy it and victory is yours." Yukari explained

Armed with this new knowledge both Moka and Sasuke began releasing monstrously powerful kicks to different areas to probe and find the book but they both know that the kicks would not destroy the book but it would need piercing attack they finally release a powerful attack to the face destroying it revealing the book that needed to be destroyed. So then Sasuke prepared a Chidori, told Sasuke, and told Moka to toss him in the air so he can use a diving Chidori to destroy the book

"Chidori" Sasuke yelled as he dived aiming the Chidori towards the book as he hit it an explosion launched both Moka and Sasuke away from the area when the explosion subsided it revealed that the witch was on the brink of death.

"It looks like I have been defeated, I guess it time for me to go and join Ruby and my sisters. You have shown me the error of my ways. In the end I'm glad you stopped me. Please protect this hill it is all I have left as a legacy" The witch says barely able to breathe

"You have battled well before you die tell me your name so I can prepare your grave. And don't worry I shall make sure this hill is protected." Sasuke asked

"Oyakata." She said as she fell over. Completely still and at peace

Sasuke released a fireball at a nearby mound creating a grave placing oyakata in it and burring her. The group left but not before making sure the hill was marked a nature reserve.

Authors notes:
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