No one should have to watch his lover be killed.

Sitting beside your lover as he draws his last breath of old age, yes, but to watch as a red flame pierces him? No, never.

Even worse to watch through a glaring force field, knowing you should be out there, helping him fight this red and black whirl of hatred. Knowing when the flame hits, it's because you didn't run fast enough.

And suddenly, become unsure if the red color I front of you is the force field or your anger, blocking your path.

To feel the pain of your lover, through your bond, gives you the strength needed to fight the whirl of hate. Every emotion whirling inside you is wrong; fear, anger, love. You know, and you don't care.

No one should have to listen to the two voices of Master and lover. The spoken pleas of the master, and the unspoken, but felt, love, of the lover.

No one should have to kiss his Masters hand and watch him die.

No one should have to live on without him.