On My Way was amazing and it made me cry... And it also made me write... I have three WIP's and ABSOLUTELY not enough time for each of them, but if this gets a good response I'm adding it to the 'more' column, because I have this idea of them in my head that won't go away now and I'm a sucker for a happy ending :P If no-one cares about it, I'll just leave it as a one-shot, but I would like to explore it a bit because there are two characters here who absolutely know what it is to feel like they are horrible disgusting people, and coming back from that takes a lot of help and courage. Lemme know, 'eh? :P

"Can I come in?" Sebastian asked nervously from the doorway. "Kurt's just outside if you'd rather talk to him…"

Dave studied him carefully. Sebastian had a reputation at Scandals that was thicker than his mane of hair. Dave had even approached him a few times, wondering if he might be the one to tame Sebastian Smythe. The last time they had spoken though had been a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day. Sebastian and his friend had been discussing loudly how stupid Anderson was, and while Dave had felt like it was sort of betraying Kurt, he'd agreed with a grin and followed Sebastian to the jukebox when he had winked at him. The last words Sebastian had said to him were scathing and rude. Dave didn't even realise that Sebastian knew his last name, let alone his personal business.

"You can come in," Dave said guardedly, "But if I kick you out, Kurt will probably tear you to shreds," he shrugged. "You should have seen the way he ripped my mom a new one yesterday."

Sebastian edged into the room, keeping his back against the wall as if afraid to go anywhere near him. He couldn't stop staring at Dave and he was finding it unsettling.

"Stop staring at me!" he warned.

"Sorry!" Sebastian inspected some floral arrangements instead. He read the card aloud. "Kurt and Blaine… What are they fucking married now?" he scoffed.

"They've been together for like a year, dude," Dave told him, grateful to have some topic to grasp onto.

"Really?" Sebastian asked incredulously, "What does Blaine see in him?"

"Everything," Dave told him fiercely, "You don't know him."

Sebastian seemed to realise where he was then, and his face sobered from its snarl.

"You're right, I don't," he allowed, still unable to look Dave in the eye or move closer to his bed. "And I don't really know you either, do I?" he said hesitantly.

Unsure was a strange look for Sebastian. He didn't wear it well. He looked so out of place and lost that Dave sighed and took pity on him.

"It wasn't your fault," he told him, "It was just something you said; it wasn't what made me do it."

Sebastian finally lifted his head to look at Dave and he was shocked to see that the boy's composure was gone entirely and his eyes were shiny.

"I am so sorry," he pleaded, "I never meant it."

"You couldn't help it," Dave told him, feeling strange to be comforting Sebastian.

Sebastian gave him a disgusted look that was aimed at himself rather than Dave.

"Really? How does it happen that everyone thinks I can't help being rude and snarky and mean? Like it's my nature and people can't expect any better of me?" Sebastian had tears that he brushed away furiously, "Kurt said the same thing to me! 'You couldn't have known'. No! But I had no reason to say it! I was trying to hurt your feelings because you were in the way that night when I was trying to hook up with Josh. I knew you'd look at me like I'd kicked your puppy and leave me alone because that's how easy nice guys are to read!"

Dave just stared at him, falling apart under his gaze. Of all the visitors, of all the conversations that he'd envisioned, this one was a surprise.

"I wasn't always like this," Sebastian said softly and so earnestly that Dave almost didn't hear him. He sank down into a chair by the door a good four feet from Dave's bed, as if he could catch suicide.

"Neither was I," Dave replied with a sarcastic smile.

"I want to be your friend," Sebastian said abruptly, looking at Dave with those too-piercing eyes again.

"You don't have gay guy friends," Dave recited, "It's your rule."

"That's because I…" Sebastian cut himself off, changing his sentence quickly. "I want to make you an exception."

"I don't want you to pity me," Dave scoffed, "You're sorry. I'm alive. Let's go back to our relationship where you know nothing about me and sleep with everyone at Scandals except me, and I'll stay out of your way when you're trying to fuck some guy."

Sebastian fell silent.

"Budweiser on Fridays and Saturdays, but bourbon and coke if you're out on a Wednesday or Thursday and your week's already crap. You sit at the bar because you're too shy to approach anyone, but you love it when guys pay you attention. You always order a large fries if you're hungry, even though you only eat about a third. Your fake ID says your name is Keith Richards and that you're fourty-nine, but the guys let you in because you're sweet and you don't make trouble."

"How did you get my ID?" Dave asked in bewilderment, amazed that he knew so many trivial details; that he had taken the time to care or pay attention.

"Swiped it when you paid for my drink that time," he shrugged. "The photo is a tiny Mexican wearing a sombrero. I have no idea where you got that thing, but it's both the best and the worst fake I've ever seen."

"Puckerman," Dave supplied.

"Geshundheit?" Sebastian smirked and Dave laughed for the first time in days.

"Guy from McKinley," he told him.

"Hot?" Sebastian asked immediately as if it were a reflex.

"Not my type," Dave hedged.

"Your type is Kurt," Sebastian stated matter-of-factly.

"And you," Dave told him, before blushing madly and stammering, "I mean… thin, tall… sarcastic-funny. Not you."

Sebastian looked horrified.

"Did you just compare me to Hummel?" he retched loudly and Dave smiled.

"Could be worse," he smiled.

"I don't know how," Sebastian said huffily.

Dave smiled and there was an awkward silence for a bit.

"If it helps, Josh was an awful lay," Sebastian offered finally.

Dave bit out another barking laugh, his throat starting to ache.

"It does actually," he smiled, "Can you bring me the water?"

Sebastian looked at the jug sitting beside him and lifted it. Dave waved his cup in the air and he tentatively came closer to fill it. It was only up close that Dave could see how pale and drawn he looked and could see how dark the circles under his eyes were.

Dave drank thirstily and Sebastian watched him with a strange look on his face.

"I should have just slept with you," he muttered.

Dave spluttered on his water.

"What?" he croaked.

"I always stay away from guys like you because it brings back… memories…" Dave waited for him to elaborate that point but he didn't, "But you're nothing like them. And I knew that. Maybe I could have had the chance at something else with you… You know, I used to just dance with the oldest guys there just to make you crazy some nights."

"Make me crazy?" Dave repeated dumbly, unable to believe what was happening.

Sebastian nodded.

"I'm sorry."

"You wanted to… ask me out?" Dave was confused.

Sebastian laughed hollowly.

"I wanted to fuck you," he corrected harshly, but again, Dave could tell that the loathing was turned towards himself. "I don't do boyfriends."

"Why?" Dave insisted.

"Because that's how I get hurt," he said simply. "Or that's how I hurt you. Fucking is simple. It's quick and fun and no-one gets hurt."

Dave shook his head.

"I wasn't always this way," Sebastian repeated again. He set the jug of water on Dave's bedside table and sat on the end of his bed.

"Maybe you won't always be like this?" Dave suggested gently. Sebastian seemed just as fragile as him. Dave stretched out a hand to Sebastian's holding it gently for a second before-

"I'll get Kurt," Sebastian said immediately, leaping up and dashing to the door.

"Hey!" Dave called when he had the door open. "Friends?"

Sebastian just nodded wordlessly. Dave wondered if he could speak.

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