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Nothing was resolved, yet everything was awkward. Dave knew he had to be absurdly careful about his physicality around Sebastian, but Sebastian seemed to be affording him no such generosity. In fact, he seemed to have shrunk every pair of his pants on purpose and was constantly strutting around in them.

Dave tried out for the football team and got quarterback barely trying. The coach had practically screamed with excitement when he'd seen him and once Dave saw the rest of the team he knew why. He was by far the biggest guy on the team and he was definitely the burliest. Sebastian was waiting for him after tryouts. In the locker room.

Most of the team had dispersed, but Sebastian didn't seem to care about the ones that were left. Dave shot the players panicked looks as Sebastian sauntered towards him in tight jeans, but unlike the reaction that would have garnered at other locker rooms, Dalton guys just patted him on the shoulder or else shot Sebastian lustful looks.

"How'd you go?" Sebastian purred. He looked hotter somehow, like he'd done something to his hair.

"Got it," Dave told him curtly as a guy walked past them.

"Guess I've got a promise to fulfil then," Sebastian laughed and Dave looked confused, "Water boy, remember?"

"You can't be serious," Dave said in amazement.

"I take hydration very seriously, David," Sebastian leered.

"Hi Sebastian," a small guy that Dave thought must have been the kicker called. Sebastian turned his head, then spun back around to Dave in horror.

"What?" Dave asked and craned his neck to get a good look at the guy.

It was the guy from the video. The one Sebastian had been fucking.

"How are you, Spencer?" Sebastian asked nervously, eyes darting to Dave and all joviality gone.

"I'm okay. Do you want to maybe go see a movie on Saturday?" Spencer asked, ignoring Dave entirely.

"Um," Sebastian started, unsure how to let him down easily.

"That sounds fun!" Dave piped up, "Didn't you say you wanted to see that one with Harry Potter in it?"

"Daniel Radcliffe, David," Sebastian corrected with a frown, "And I'm sure Spencer doesn't want to see that."

"It's meant to be scary, right?" Spencer chimed in, "I'm in if I get to cuddle up to you in the scary bits!" He had a huge grin on his face.

Sebastian saw no way out and glared at Dave who looked amused.

"Sure," he snapped and directed his words at Dave, "I'm sure I can find some way to comfort you."

Spencer practically skipped out with a "See you Saturday, Sebastian!"

Sebastian glared at Dave.

"What the fuck was that?" he demanded, "You know what's going on and you said you wanted it!"

"Actually I have no idea what's going on," Dave said, serious now. "I know you have this strange idea of us actually being together without dating, and it occurred to me that you've never actually been on a date."

"I have so! More than you, Drew Carey!"

"I have no idea who that is, but I'll take the insult," Dave said calmly, "You've never been on a date that didn't end in sex, have you?"

"Yes!" Sebastian protested.


"Preston Singh. He got food poisoning half-way through the date," Sebastian admitted.


"I guess I technically still got sex. He rode me while I held the bucket."

"Oh my god, that's disgusting," Dave retched.

"I'm joking you moron," Sebastian threw up his hands and rolled his eyes.

"So you've got a date," Dave told him pointedly. "And may I remind you that a normal date doesn't end in sex."

"Shame," Sebastian growled angrily, "I could really go some hate sex right about now."

"If you can last out three dates without sleeping with him I'll take you seriously that you really want a relationship."

"Three dates not fucking Spencer?" Sebastian screeched, "Do you have any idea how hard that is? The guy practically says hello with your cock in his mouth!"

"Well, that's the test, isn't it?" Dave insisted.

"Fine, well you need to go on dates too," Sebastian instructed.

Dave scoffed.

"No one is going to ask me out, Seb," he laughed.

"No, they will," Sebastian said darkly, "And instead of not fucking them, you have to try it."

Dave looked at him, aghast.

"What?" he demanded.

"You have to get to at least third base."

"What possible purpose does that serve?" Dave looked exasperated.

"Well, when I win after my three dates and we get together, we won't be breaking up. So I don't want you to be bitter about all the extra sex I had without you in twenty years."

"You're serious?"

"There's something here, Dave. Something big. I don't know for sure that we'll end up together, but I think that if I had the chance to be with you it might kill me to ever leave. So yeah, I'm serious." Sebastian spoke with his hands and looked so earnest and passionate that Dave couldn't help himself.

"Kissing you," he warned, but raised his eyebrows waiting for permission. After Kurt he would never steal a kiss again. Sebastian nodded infinitesimally and opened his mouth a little as Dave's open mouth came crushing into his. Their tongues met for the first time ever and Dave groaned loudly. Sebastian's hands found his ears and his fingers landed on either side of them, pulling him close and kissing him hard. Dave let him take control of it. He tasted like coffee and mint somehow and Dave rested his hands on Sebastian's hips as he kissed him.

After too short a time, Sebastian broke apart from him and Dave stared at him, panting.

"More," Sebastian requested as if he were starving and Dave didn't even make the decision, but he was kissing Sebastian again like it might be the last chance he got. It might very well be the last chance they did have. He thought the three-date premise sounded almost silly while he was kissing Sebastian, even though he had been so sure about his reasoning when his tongue hadn't been dancing with Sebastian's. Dave had kissed girls, who were generally reluctant, giggly things, and Kurt who had been frozen in shock and horror. But Sebastian was different. With Sebastian it was enjoyable; fun and exciting, and he could feel it stirring feelings in his abdomen that were speaking to his cock.

"You're amazing," Dave breathed against Sebastian's lips.

"Tell me about it," Sebastian grinned.

"I don't want to do this," Dave murmured as Sebastian peeled his lips away.


"Stop kissing you," Dave mumbled and Sebastian laughed.

"I guarantee you that I don't want to stop kissing you either," Sebastian nodded, a little dizzy from the lack of oxygen and the nearness of Dave. He trusted him so completely, but he was still experiencing those tiny thrills of panic, even as they kissed. It was better to stop even if a huge part of him didn't want to.

"How come you don't get weird about being close to other guys?" Dave asked curiously and too abruptly for it to be a random thought. It was something he had wanted to ask for a while.

"You mean, screwing random guys?" Sebastian said in a self-derogating tone. "Because I'm in charge. I'm the one fucking and they do what they're told." Dave looked dubious, "And because they're small and not as strong as me, okay? The guys who… they were your build exactly. And I haven't ever wanted anything with someone like you because of that. Until now."

"Do I scare you?" Dave asked softly, sadly and wrapped his arms around himself.

"Sometimes," Sebastian admitted, "But I know you'd never hurt me."

"Never, baby," Dave smiled and gave a wink like he was being cute.

Sebastian flinched.

"Not that," he bit out, "Not baby. Please."

"Okay, okay, sorry. You're okay, you're safe." Dave's voice was soothing and calm and so apologetic that Sebastian laughed.

"It's not that bad," he smiled, "Just stay away from it in future."

"Okay, done," Dave smiled, "Anything else?"

"Just don't grab me or get rough unless I ask you to. And I don't…" Sebastian shot him a guilty look, "I don't know about bottoming."

"Oh!" Dave looked embarrassed, "Hey, we don't need to worry about that! We aren't even together, remember?"

"We're really bad at this 'just friends' thing," Sebastian smirked, "I can still taste you."

"Stop," Dave warned with a smile.

"You still want to do this dating other guys thing?" Sebastian asked, looking hopeful the answer might be 'no'.

"I think we should at least try," Dave didn't sound confident.

"Kiss for good luck?" Sebastian puckered up his lips and closed his eyes. He made obscene kissing noises with his lips.

Dave kissed him, briefly and softly.

"Friends," he said decidedly.

"Can friends have phone sex?" Sebastian asked with a grin.


Dave gathered his things and left the locker room, Sebastian practically bouncing alongside.



"Skype sex?"



"No, Sebastian. Not really."

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