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Dave barely knew how to behave when he was allowed home. He felt absurdly happy that he had chosen to live with his father after the divorce, because he couldn't fathom even speaking to his mother right then. His dad was absurdly cautious, barely leaving him alone, censoring the news and he didn't allow Dave a steak knife with his T-bone at dinner. He'd put on some old sixties bands and the house was continuously permeated with songs about loving yourself and others, and small references to substance abuse that Dave wondered if his father really understood.

He had not been allowed on the internet.

Kurt had called in the afternoon and although the conversation had been short, Dave appreciated the call.

"I'm going to call you every day," Kurt promised him, "Answer me or text me back every time. I don't care if you don't always feel like talking. There will be some days you don't. I just want you to be reminded that I'm always here to talk to."

Dave had been seeing a hospital therapist, but now he was home, his file had been sent to the new psychologist who would be working with him and he had also called in the afternoon to set up twice-weekly appointments. Dave felt like there was suddenly a lot of dependable regularity in his life where there had been none before.

Except when it came to Sebastian. People could hardly call him dependable.

Dave didn't know what to make of him. He hadn't heard from him since his hospital visit and the only mention of him had been from Kurt who had stepped back into the room in awe saying "What in the world did you do to him?"

Dave didn't know whether it was worth mentioning him to Kurt to try to see how he was. Dave felt like Sebastian needed all these rules and people helping him just as much as he did. But he didn't know why. There was something about him that seemed broken. He'd slipped and revealed a bad past, but didn't everyone have a bad past? Why was his still keeping him broken?

Dave told himself he didn't need to worry about Sebastian, that it was none of his business what he did or how he behaved. He told himself that Sebastian had visited out of guilt and nothing more.

But he could still see the haunted look in his eyes that night when he tried to get to sleep.

"I've been talking to Burt Hummel," his father told him at dinner a few days later. The house was so quiet with unsaid feeling that Dave felt a little startled whenever he heard his father speak. Of course there was always the drone of the 60's records. That night it was The Beatles. His father had flipped the record when Happiness Is A Warm Gun had started to play.

"Oh?" Dave asked, unable to find an appropriate response.

"He said that when Kurt was getting… When things got bad for Kurt that they sent him to Dalton."

Dave knew this. He'd come back from his suspension only to find Kurt transferred and a torrent of abuse from the glee club members. He almost corrected his father to remind him that he was the reason Kurt had had to leave in the first place, but he stopped himself. Everyone knew now. There was no point in re-hashing things.

"Dalton has a football team, a polo team, a glee club, a chess club, higher credit courses and it has a zero-tolerance bullying policy," his dad continued.

"Doesn't it cost like a fortune to go there?" Dave asked, stabbing at a piece of chicken with his fork. At least his father had given up the idea of serving him pre-cut dinners now.

"It's expensive," Paul told him with a nod, "But we can manage it. Haven't you got friends there? That kid who came to visit you in the hospital? What's his name? The singing crab?"

"Sebastian, Dad," Dave smiled.

"Yeah, him. If you already know people there then the battle's half over. Would this kid look out for you?"

Dave shrugged. As much as he wanted to believe that Sebastian would look out for him, it would be a different story once he was in a school environment. Dave knew first-hand how the peer pressure could get to you and force you to act in ways you never thought that you would.

"Reckon you could ask him what he thinks?" Paul asked again, "It's a big down payment if you're going to be miserable. I'd like to send you somewhere safe."

And so, Dave had a legitimate excuse to call Kurt and ask for Sebastian's number.

Kurt had the decency to keep the intrigue in his tone to a minimum. "Hang on. Let me just grab Blaine's phone. No! Gimme! Blaine, it's Angry Birds not the Olympics, you can have it back in a minute!" Kurt snorted as Blaine said something else, "You're not that good, honey. Now, Dave want's Sebastian's number… Dave want's Sebastian's number… Dave want's Sebastian's… Aha! Blaine! Why is his number listed as Best Sex I Ever Had?"

Dave heard Blaine spluttering in the background, "He must have changed it when we gave him a lift to the hospital! I swear I didn't write that!"

Dave listened to the half-amused bickering and playful flirty banter (complete with the squeals that came with the beginning of a tickle war) for another minute before, "Really, Kurt, I just need his number! I don't need to hear you guys beginning foreplay!"

Kurt shushed Blaine noisily.

"Sorry!" he apologised and gave Sebastian's number, reading the sequence carefully and twice. "What did you need his number for?" Kurt asked as if bursting with the question that was going unanswered.

"Oh, homework," Dave said airily.

"Sure," Kurt agreed.

Dave wondered if Kurt would realise that he didn't have homework because he didn't attend school right now. If he did he didn't make it obvious. He just said, "Tell him to keep his hands away from my boyfriend and get his own!" with a happy voice and told Dave goodbye.

Dave sat and stared at the scrap of paper in his hand that had Sebastian's number written on it. It seemed silly after all that had happened, but it made him nervous to think of calling him. He'd called Kurt dozens of times and felt that expectation as he waited for him to pick up. But this seemed more than expectation. Dave felt like he was about to smack himself for being a moron, so he grabbed the phone and punched in the number quickly before he could chicken out.

It rang once.

It rang twice.

"Dave?" Sebastian's voice came, out of breath and worried.

"Hi," Dave sighed shakily, willing his voice to stay steady and not break.

"What are you up to?" Sebastian asked. He was still out of breath.

"Nothing," Dave replied, "My dad's watching me like a hawk."

A muffled voice came from the other end of the line. Sebastian answered back in a muffled tone and the voice got angrier.

"Jesus Christ, Seb! You can't stop mid-fuck to answer the phone!"

Dave froze. Holy shit.

"Shut the fuck up!" Sebastian snapped frantically, "Get out. I'm bored of you anyway. My hand does a better job than you do!"

Dave stayed silent as he heard a few insults being thrown around, then a belt buckle and finally a door slamming.

"Thanks for that," Sebastian said sarcastically, "I didn't even get to come."

"You didn't have to answer the phone!" Dave retorted in horror.

"Well I thought you might want to offer me some wicked phone sex," Sebastian purred.

Dave choked.

"Um… raincheck," he stammered, "I was actually ringing to ask you about Dalton. My dad's thinking about sending me there."

Sebastian's line went quiet.

"Sebastian?" Dave asked hesitantly.

"Do it," Sebastian ordered, "The Warblers will make sure no one gives you crap. Plus you could join the football team and get on as quarterback like immediately. Our last guy was caught screwing the water boy at halftime last game. He forgot to head back out onto the field."

"Are you the water boy?" Dave heard himself tease then grimaced.

"Tell you what, if you get quarterback, I'll go for water boy. Maybe we can carry on tradition." Dave could practically see Sebastian winking at him. "Can you sing?"

"Kinda," Dave replied, "But I don't sing by myself."

"Perfect," Sebastian said smugly, "You can join the Warblers then. They really only exist to back me up, so no one will even notice you."

"Well I guess I'll see you in a couple of weeks then," Dave said awkwardly.

"Hey, Dave?" Sebastian asked in a conversational tone.


"You sure you're not interested in phone sex? I'm just here and hard and…"

"Bye!" Dave yelped and hung up the phone to Sebastian's gentle mocking laughter.

It was only later that he realised that Sebastian had answered the phone with "Dave?"

Sebastian had his number.

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