I know I'm supposed to be working on one of my other unfinished stories, but I haven't really had the inspiration for those lately. But I have been getting a lot of inspiration from some great conversations in a Brittana roleplay I've been having with the best Brittany to my Santana that I could ask for, Maja. You're the best, Little Duckling! Anyway, this is more of a lighthearted story. In typical Brittana fashion there has to be some angst, but there won't be a lot. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this!

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Chapter 1

Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep!

"Brittany, that alarm isn't going to shut itself off! C'mon, time to get moving!" James Pierce banged on his daughter's door and she groaned, not wanting to move. She cracked open one of her crystal blue eyes and looked at the alarm clock.

5:30 a.m.

This was her first day of summer.

The 17 year old reached out and lazily turned the alarm off, sighing in relief when silence filled the room. She moved her covers from her face and knew she had to get up soon. Today may have been the first day of summer, but it was the first day of racing season at the Lima Motocross league. She had been training all spring and that day they were starting the season by going to pick up some parts in town and fine tuning her engine for her first day training on her bike. None-the-less…it would be a long day.

"You gotta let up or you're gonna blow your top end, B! Go again, this time I want you to wait on that throttle! C'mon kid!" James hollered. Brittany nodded and sped off on the dirt track which basically counted as their front yard in their large home. She sped around the first turn and over the first jump. Then, making a sharp right she punched the gas and glided over the dirt rapids beneath her wheels. She could see her dad trying to signal her to slow down, but she believed she could make it.

She hit the next turn and punched it into the jump. There, in mid air, she heard a dry pop and she knew she had blown it. She cringed at the sound as her bike landed and she pulled off to the side, pulling her helmet off and dismounting the bike as her dad stormed over.

"Britt! What the hell was that?"

"Sorry, I thought it could handle it!" Brittany apologized.

"Well…you're fixing it!" James sighed angrily.

"What? Wait isn't Andy coming down?" Brittany asked, wondering about their mechanic.

"No, he's not. Fix it yourself."


"He got a better job, okay? Now just get in there and start tearing out that top end. I'll be in soon to help."

Brittany bowed her head and wheeled her bike into the garage.

"So, why couldn't Andy make it out this summer? He's like, the best mechanic we've had so far!" Brittany complained as she sat in their garage 20 minutes later, perched next to her 125cc bike, working on replacing the top end.

"Honey, I told you, he got a job with a factory team. He needs that money," James explained, handing her a socket wrench. She sighed and took the tool, continuing her sloppy work. She knew bike engines, but she would, by no means, make a proper mechanic for a pro motocross team.

"But Dad, who the hell is going to be our mechanic? You and I don't know engines like Andy did, and you know that we need a good mechanic if we want to win," Brittany explained.

"Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about…I've been searching around, looking for replacements…and I've found someone new. And I don't know much about their previous work, but I know that they know engines," he said a little too casually for Brittany's liking.

"A new mechanic? Who is he?" Brittany asked.

"She will be here in about an hour. You can meet her yourself," James said with a smile, patting her on the back before getting up and heading out of the garage. Brittany didn't know what to think. Deciding to give whoever this new mechanic was a chance, she continued her work on the bike.


Time must have gotten past Brittany pretty fast, because before she knew it, an old black mustang was pulling up in the driveway. Brittany furrowed her brow and peeked out of the garage, curious to see who was in the car. The engine stopped and the door swung open, and out stepped the most stunning girl Brittany had ever seen. Brittany had always been comfortable with the fact that she was bisexual. But never had she seen a girl who just captivated her attention. She was tan, really tan, obviously of some Latin background. She wore aviators and her black hair flowed down her shoulders. She walked up the driveway, not yet having noticed the curious blonde who sat watching her from the garage.

She was heading for the front door when Brittany accidentally dropped the wrench in her hand. The girl's gaze shot towards the garage and she moved that way. Brittany cursed herself as she picked up the tool and started to return to working on the top end, hoping not to be noticed. The girl stopped in the garage doorway and removed her shades to reveal two deep, coke-colored eyes. Brittany felt her gaze and looked up to meet it in a small silence.

"Hi, you must be Brittany," the girl asked with a confident smirk, her arms crossed over her chest.

Brittany nodded, still not sure how to form a sentence.

The girl laughed in a raspy tone, "Do you…speak?"

"Are you the new mechanic?" Brittany asked.

"I go by Santana…but yeah, your dad hired me. Is…he around?" Santana asked.

"Y-yeah…" Brittany stood up and wiped her greasy hands on the oil rag dangling off of the handlebars. "He's probably inside."

Brittany walked past her and led her around to the side door which led into the kitchen. She removed her dirt covered motocross boots before leading the Latina into the kitchen from outside, where a skinny middle school boy sat, eating a bowl of ice cream, reading a moto-x magazine. He looked up and his eyes widened at the sight of the brunette standing behind his older sister.

"Braden, where's dad?" Brittany asked, annoyed, ignoring her brother's gaping mouth.

"Uh…living room…" He stammered. Santana winked at him as she walked by in Brittany's trail.

The two entered the living room where James sat, going through Brittany's registration papers for the league, he looked up through his glasses and smiled, seeing Santana.

"Miss Lopez! You made it! Hope the drive wasn't too bad. How long was your trip?" He asked standing and shaking her hand politely.

"I told you, call me Santana. And the trip was only a few hours. I really appreciate you putting me up while I work for you guys," Santana smiled, "should uh, I go get my bags?"

James lit up, "Oh, yes! Sure, Brittany will help you," he turned to his daughter, who looked shocked at all the new information, "Honey, help Santana with her things. Take them up to the guest room."

"Right…" Brittany nodded, leading Santana back outside through the front door and out to her car. Santana popped the trunk and revealed just a couple of bags full of Santana's belongings. Brittany grabbed both of them, her arms flexing, the weight of the bags not a strain for her toned physique.

"Want me to get one of those? They're kind of heavy…" Santana offered, but Brittany started back towards the house.

"I got it," Brittany said over her shoulder. Santana followed her to the house yet again and upstairs. Brittany lugged the bags down the hall and into a room directly across from her own. She placed the bags on the floor in front of the bed.

"Nice guest room…" Santana nodded approvingly, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking back at Brittany.

"Thanks…your bathroom is down the hall to your right…you'll be sharing with me, and there's towels in the closet across from the bathroom door. Help yourself…I'm right across the hall if you need anything…" Brittany trailed off.

"Do I intimidate you?" Santana asked, an eyebrow quirked in amusement.

"Wh-what?" Brittany wondered if she'd heard right.

"Do I intimidate you?" Santana repeated more clearly. Brittany just stood awkwardly in the doorway, her grease covered white tank top and motocross pants setting her apart from the soft, clean room.

"It's just…weird, having a stranger living in my house…that's all," Brittany scratched the back of her neck, avoiding eye contact.

Santana chuckled, "Well, I can assure you, I don't bite, blondie. No, a menos que quieres que morder." Not unless you want me to bite.

Brittany felt a shiver run down her spine as she searched for a scapegoat to leave the room, "Uh…Lunch..I need to eat lunch…I'll let you get settled." Then she scurried out of the room, unsure of what had just happened.

Brittany hurried down the stairs and into the living room to see her father, now accompanied by her mother, talking over some coffee.

"Oh, honey, getting Santana all settled?" He asked.

"You didn't tell me she was going to live here!" Brittany hissed.

"Well honey, you only just met her! She's sweet, and very smart, from what I've seen," James said reasonably.

"How old is she?" Brittany asked.

"Oh, just about your age…nineteen, I suppose. But she's talented, I'll tell you what. She beat some of Andy's best times for engine assembly and teardown, she's good. She knows what she's doing," James raved about the mysterious girl.

"Better than Andy? Well I find that hard to believe!" Brittany's mother, Susan, added with a joking laugh.

"She might be! After lunch I want her to start working on that top end you blew out this morning, and you can keep training on the practice bike," James instructed.

"Well, I'm gonna go into town to get lunch real quick, you guys want anything?" Brittany asked.

"No, but you should take Santana with you! Show her around!" Susan suggested.

"Mom, really?" Brittany asked, nervous about being alone with Santana again.

"You'll be fine! And you could use the company. I'm sure Santana would love to go," Susan smiled.

"Go where?" Came a raspy voice from behind Brittany.

"Brittany was just going to go into town and get some lunch and things. We suggested you go along so she can show you the town, take you by the local parts shop so you can get acquainted with Jimmy, our parts dealer. That is, if you'd like," James explained.

Santana smiled, "Sure! I'd love to."

Brittany nodded, "I'll just…shower and then we'll go."

"Sounds good," Santana nodded, watching Brittany disappear back up the stairs.

"Sorry this tour won't be very amazing…Lima isn't that much of a tourist attraction if you know what I mean," Brittany said blandly as they drove along in her white chevy.

"It's fine, I like small towns…they're charming in a way," Santana shrugged looking out the window as they rolled through the main part of town.

"Well, uh, are you hungry?" Brittany asked nervously.

"If you are, sure. What's there to eat around here?" Santana asked.

"What do you like?" Brittany asked with a smile. Was that a flirtatious smile? What was she doing?

"Italian, sushi, Mexican food…" Santana listed casually.

"There's an Italian place called Breadstix. I eat there a lot, it's delicious," Brittany offered.

"Let's do it, I'll try it out," Santana agreed openly. She was so laid back, sitting there in Brittany's passenger seat, her aviators on, a serene look on her face.

"Breadstix it is then!" Brittany nodded, deciding that maybe today wasn't going to be so bad after all.

They got to Breadstix and were immediately greeted by a host who recognized Brittany immediately. "Britt, hey!"

"Sam? Hi! What's up? You're working here now?" Brittany couldn't help but hug the blonde haired guy.

"Yeah, making money for my family and stuff…you know…are you racing this summer?" He asked.

Brittany nodded, "Of course. Uh, this is actually our new team mechanic, Santana. Santana, this is Sam…we're classmates."

"And best friends!" Sam joked. He held out his hand and threw Santana a friendly smile, "Nice to meet you. Can I get you guys a table?"

"A booth, if you can," Brittany requested. Sam nodded and grabbed two menus before leading them to a booth for two in the middle of the restaurant. He took their drink orders and left them to decide what they wanted to eat.

"So, Sam…he's nice," Santana observed, smirking.

"Yeah, and a great guy," Brittany nodded.

"Have you dated him?" Santana asked. Brittany giggled.

"Me and Sam? Yeah right! No, we're just more like brother and sister," Brittany assured her. "Why? Do you think he's cute? Wait, what am I saying, your boyfriend is probably way hotter than Sam…"

"I don't have a boyfriend, actually," Santana shook her head.

"But you could probably get any guy you want! Sam would probably be a piece of cake for you!" Brittany joked.

Santana shook her head, examining her menu, "He's not really my…type."

"And what is your type, exactly?" Brittany asked innocently, laying her menu down, already knowing exactly what she wanted. Santana on the other hand, was still buried nose deep in the menu in her hands.

"I don't know…funny, sweet, energetic," Santana shrugged.

"And as far as looks go?" Brittany urged her on.

Santana shrugged, "Tall."

"Blonde or brunette?" Brittany asked.


"Brown eyes or blue eyes?"

"Blue," Santana said quickly before looking up, realizing that the spitting image of her description was sitting across from her. She coughed and looked back down.

"Man or woman?" Brittany asked casually.

Santana almost chocked. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Man or woman? Do you like boys or girls?"

"Well I-,"

"Here are your drinks ladies!" Sam interrupted. Santana silently thanked him for helping her avoid the question. She wasn't sure that she was so ready to tell Brittany her sexuality just yet. Sure, she'd been out of the closet and proud to be gay for a few years now, but it was always tough telling individuals, one on one, who she really was. Sam also placed a container of their famous breadstix in the center of the table. "Ready to order?"

As they talked, Brittany found it easier and easier to talk to Santana. She felt good that Santana was actually laughing at some of the stuff she was saying and she was really enjoying their meal. By the time they were ready to leave the restaurant, Brittany was almost sad that they had to go. They called for their ticket and Brittany started to get her purse out, but Santana stopped her.

"No, I got this, don't worry, I owe you for driving and showing me around," Santana explained.


"No if's, and's, or but's about it!" Santana stated clearly. Brittany pursed her lips and nodded.

"Okay…if you really want to," Brittany blushed and looked down. "Thanks."

Once they paid they left and headed over to Jimmy's part shop and Brittany strode inside, feeling at home amongst all of the motocross parts, bikes, and gear. She felt like she'd partially grown up there.

"Jimmy!" Brittany called, "You here?"

Suddenly a nerdy looking guy in his late twenties came out, thick glasses slipping down on his nose slightly as he placed a handful of containers on the counter.

"Brittany! How's it going, girl? You must be here to pick up those parts your dad ordered, right?" He asked, giving Brittany a fist bump.

"Yeah…and to introduce our new mechanic, Santana. Santana, meet Jimmy, the most amazing parts dealer on the planet!" Brittany smiled goofily.

"What's up? Whatever you need, I got it! Or I can get it…either way, I'm your guy," Jimmy said, his rather high pitched voice making Santana giggle.

"Thanks, Jimmy. Good to know. You and I will probably be seeing a lot of eachother," she smiled.

"Well uh, were you guys going to order stuff or…?" Jimmy asked.

"Actually I just brought her by to show her around and introduce her. But we'll probably be by later this week," Brittany said.

"Yeah, cool. Catch you later then," Jimmy nodded, pushing his glasses up and waving awkwardly.

"Bye, Jim!"

"Nice to meet you!" Santana called following Brittany out of the shop. "He's goofy…I like him!" Santana added spiritedly as they climbed back into the truck.

"Yeah? He's pretty fun…and he's great to work with. He's really fast at getting us the parts we need, so you shouldn't have trouble getting stuff for our bikes," Brittany nodded.

"Great," Santana nodded. "I uh, had fun…seeing the town and stuff. It was nice."

"Yeah, it was. I'm glad you came," Brittany nodded, not really sure what to say, so she fiddled with the radio until she landed on a song she knew. It was a song by Adele. They listened and without warning, Santana started singing. She was amazing, too. Brittany couldn't believe how perfect her voice sounded. She listened in awe as Santana looked out the window. But she felt Brittany's gaze glance over at her and she turned to look back at the blonde, who blushed and looked back at the road.

Santana just smiled and kept singing, a little smirk on her face.

Not as long of a first chapter as I had hoped for…but still, that's okay. I'll make the next one slower and a lot more detailed than this. This was meant to be more introductory than anything. Anyway, tell me what you thought!