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"Lost time is never found again." - Benjamin Franklin

Amy had walked into the control room of the Tardis wrapped up in her husband's arms. The two were obviously having a fun time, giggling up a storm and hanging off one another like two love-sick teenagers, and Amy... Amy was wearing something that was decidedly not hers.

"What is that, what are you wearing?" I felt my two hearts stutter simultaneously.

"Oh, do you like it, Doctor?" Amy gave a cheeky grin and pulled away from Rory. She did a little twirl, her hands holding onto the edges of that blue jacket. I felt I was going to be sick. "I found it stuffed behind a chair in the library."

"Take it off, Amy." I pulled my clammy hands off the controls and brushed them against my trousers. That jacket evoked memories that felt more Human than Time Lord. Sometimes I forgot...

"Ooh, are you sure?" The gravity of the situation seemed to elude Amy Pond. She thought I was being waggish.

"Yes. Take off the jacket. Please," I said firmly. Or I had intended to say it firmly, anyway. My words came out in a harsh, strangled whisper. Really, it was more choking than speech. Her face dropped, along with the light-hearted mood. The Tardis seemed to shiver. Surely it remembered who that jacket belonged to...

Rory stepped around the main console to stand next to his wife. He took her hand as she pulled it out of the sleeve. Amy examined the jacket for a moment, seemingly stumped as to what brought about such a strong reaction in me. The Ponds exchanged a look, and she held the innocuous clothing article out to me. I took it with shaky hands.

Their eyes seemed to shout at me, boring four holes into my skull. We're sorry, their eyes said. We don't understand, but we're sorry. Amy shifted closer to Rory, and he wrapped a comforting arm around her.

I held the jacket, craddled it gently to my chest like a wounded bird. The adventures this jacket had seen.. The love, the laughs, the heartbreak. All culminating in the day I made the most important decision for her. I took away her choices and made her break her promise on that day. I broke my hearts, and hers. Even the TARDIS missed her.

Of all the things Amy Pond could have found, it had to be that jacket. That wonderful jacket.

Rose Tyler...