Chapter 1: Edinburgh, Scotland

A/N: At the time of this episode, Zak was 31, Aaron was 32, and Nick was 28… Kayleigh is about 4 years younger than Nick so that would make her 24. Just throwing the ages out there so you know.

Kayleigh sighed dramatically as she listened to Zak interview the 7th person in the last hour. They were walking through the graveyard of Edinburgh, waiting for sundown before they could get locked down in the underground vaults.

"Hey, Kayleigh. Pay attention." The voice of Kayleigh's older brother whispered harshly in her direction. Kayleigh rolled her eyes at him as she muttered, "Focus on filming, Nick."

"Yeah Nick, focus on filming." Aaron jumped in wearing a smirk.

"Hey! Nick and Aaron. How 'bout you both focus on filming." Zak interrupted annoyed at his two camera men.

"Sorry…" Kayleigh heard both guys mumble, as Nick sent Kayleigh a look. She held up her hands defensively as she started to wander off by herself, bored to death. She started checking out the old headstones, and looking at the different designs carved in the stone walls surrounding the graveyard. Kayleigh was so engrossed in the headstones she hadn't realized that the guys had ended their interview until someone came up behind her putting a hand on her shoulder. Jumping around with a yelp she faced off with a grinning Zak.

"Scared?" He asked her. She felt her face heat up as she shook her head putting on a brave face in front of him, "Yeah, whatever you say, Kales." Zak replied as he slid an arm around her using the nickname her brother Nick uses. Zak, Nick and Aaron had been friends for a long time before they even started the documentary that got the whole 'ghost adventures' show rolling. They all met each other in college, while Nick was still living at home. So that's how Kayleigh met Zak. Which was technically her first college crush. At first he didn't even pay attention to Kayleigh. At least until Kayleigh was old enough to go to her older brother's college parties. That's when she'd finally gotten the attention from her brother's friend that she wanted. It all started at a party…

"Where's your brother, and Aaron?" Zak mouthed at her as he made his way through the crowd towards her. She shrugged not really caring as she continued to dance to the fast paced song blaring throughout the house.

"I didn't know you went to college, Kayleigh." She heard his voice at her ear making her heart speed up slightly.

"Ye-yeah… sort of." She replied as she gulped down some of the beer in her red solo cup. She'd stopped dancing to talk to him now. The frat house was packed with people from wall to wall, causing the Zak and her to be in such close proximity to each other.

"Sort of?" Zak asked as he drank from his own cup.

"It's dual enrollment." She responded from behind her cup as she drank down more liquid courage. She knew that if she wanted her shot with him. It was tonight or never.

"Dual enrollment? You're a senior this year?" Zak asked her. She nodded, she knew her brother would kill her if he knew about her crush, but she was just too drunk to care.

"So, how do you like college?" Zak asked her. She shrugged nonchalantly as if it wasn't a huge deal. Her heart was pounding inside her chest from nerves, and other emotions. She brought her cup to her mouth to finish off her third drink of the night when she took to notice Zak staring at her.

"What?" She asked wearing a smirk from behind her red plastic cup.

"Nothing." Zak shrugged not taking his eyes off her. He was drunk. She knew he was but, so was she. And, right now she was only focused on one thing. She watched Zak bring his own cup up to his mouth, and she pounced taking the opportunity that was presented to her. Stepping in towards him she slid her hand to the back of his head and leaned in closing the gap between their mouths. She vaguely heard a cup dropping and the sound of liquid hitting the hardwood floor, and then she felt his arms go around her. Pulling her in closer to him, tighter against him. Pulling back the pair was breathing harder than usual. She noticed his face was flushed, but it could have been the alcohol in his system.

She wasn't sure how he was going to react, but he'd slid his arms around her pulling her in closer so that had to be a good sign… right? Suddenly she felt him pull her face back to his as the kiss got even more heated. She groaned against his mouth slightly as she felt him moving her backwards through the crowd. They broke the kiss when they emerged from the crowd and Zak gently led her upstairs. Once they turned down the hall they were back on each other. He pushed her against the wall pinning her there with his body.

"Zak…" She muttered softly against his mouth. In response she felt his hands slide down her sides as he lifted her off the ground.

He was her first, she never knew if he figured that out, or not. I mean she figured he did, but it wasn't like she was a total amateur about it. She did have some experience, but not nearly as much as he had, obviously. "You okay?" Zak asked her pulling her from the memories. She nodded wearing a smile as she brushed her hair out of her face.

"Where are thing one and thing two?" She asked confused looking around the graveyard.

"Oh, they went to grab the equipment for tonight's lockdown." Zak answered with a shrug. Kayleigh nodded as she moved away from Zak to go through the gate exiting the graveyard. Kayleigh had been in Edinburgh with the Ghost Adventures Crew for the past week now. They landed on Sunday night, and it was now Friday and they were headed back home in the morning. Of course to celebrate landing in one piece the guys and her had gone out drinking. One thing leading to another and her Zak had a repeat of the college party night. Her brother never knowing a thing about either times, but that went unspoken between the pair. Kayleigh was about to walk through the gate when she paused at the threshold, quickly turning around she faced off with Zak leaning in she kissed him. For the first time, they were both completely sober. The kiss was sweet at first, but it quickly became heated. Bringing back the memories of Friday night.

She and Zak were walking back to the hotel after being left by Nick and Aaron to turn in for the night –who of course had to take the only map they had. She was feeling the high of her buzz, while Zak was stumbling over his own feet. She giggled at him as she watched him stumble over nothing in particular. "Whaat?" He asked slurring his words slightly. She laughed as he came closer to her. She leaned against one of the Shoppes lining the main street. "Kayleigh…" Zak said with a rather hot smirk on his face.

"Zak…" She mimicked as she watched him stumble his way over towards her. He'd consumed far more alcohol than Kayleigh had, but then again she was a lightweight in comparison to him.

"You know what I was just thinking of…?" He asked as his arms stretched out leaning his weight against the wall behind her. She was pinned between his arms against the wall.

He didn't have to tell her because she was thinking the same exact thing. That fateful night at the college party. She watched him lean in slowly as his lips pressed against hers. Her hands were in his hair pulling his head in closer to hers in and instant. His hands moved to her hips as he pulled her against his body almost roughly. She groaned against him as she felt her knees weaken, along with whatever sober part of her that was left. Zak and she seemed to always have a flirty pull to them. They'd flirt and let the tension build, then it would explode leading them to sex. Not that Kayleigh was complaining, she didn't mind having sex with Zak, I mean, c'mon. Who would?

"Zak…" She said softly. "I- I want you." She finished softly. She saw him smirk in the moonlight as his hand slid into hers, "Well, what're you waiting for Kay? Let's go." With that he pulled her in the direction of the hotel. She was mesmerized by him so much so that she didn't even point out that they had no idea where they were going.

Once she pulled away she took in his face and saw that he was enjoying this moment just as much as she was. "What was that for?" He asked her suddenly. She shrugged now looking away from him, "I- I'm not sure just yet." With that she walked off leaving a very confused Zak standing there.

"Alright. Well, ladies and gentlemen. We are now locked down in the Edinburgh underground vaults, and for those of you who don't know who this lovely young lady is." Zak began as he grabbed Kayleigh by her shoulders and turned her to face the camera, "Nick's younger sister. She is pretty much a guest star on the show for tonight." Zak finished as he let her go. Nick looked to Aaron's camera quickly as he said, "Yeah she's only here for the free trip to Scotland."

"Hey!" Kayleigh shouted as she smacked his arm. Hard. "That's so not true! I'm here to see what you guys actually do." She pointed out angrily crossing her arms.

"Alright, guys. Let's quickly set up base… riiight, here." Zak said as he stepped in the first room off to his right. Kayleigh smirked as she shook her head watching Aaron and her brother do every command Zak gave to them.