Chapter 13: Drink to That

Sorry for the wait guys. I seemed to have kinda lost my way with this story. I really can't remember where I was going with it. I know it's been a while, but I'm really trying to wrap up the majority of the stories I'd had started. I've deleted ones in the past and have come to regret doing such a thing so hopefully this one picks up with some more excitement.

So far the drive home had been long, and silent with the occasional rant from Kayleigh about how her father had reacted. "I just can't-." She'd cut herself off with a scoff and a shake of her head.

"He's just mad right now." Zak brushed it off shrugging as he turned us down the back roads.

"I get that, Zak. However, he had no right commenting on the show. That- that's your career. It isn't just some CGI crap. You guys actually get locked down into these places- you spend hours combing over all the evidence…" Kayleigh trailed off her rant trailing off.

"I mean the show had nothing to do with us… you know?" She finished her eyes looking in his direction. "It was just a low blow to you, and I don't like it."

Zak couldn't help but, smirk at that. He knew she cared, but when she came to his defense from her family and she stuck up for his dreams he couldn't help but love her more. His hands slid over to grasp hers tightly.

"Have I told you I love you recently?" He asked her glancing her way.

"Mmm… not in the last half hour." She replied cheekily with a grin. A comfortable silence took over as she rested her head back against the seat in his Ferrari. The black leather stuck to the skin of her thighs as she shifted them. The way home seemed to drag on forever she noted as his thumb began to rub circles over the bac of her hand. Her restlessness came back suddenly, as she shifted in her seat again. Zak's thumb continued rubbing circles over the back if her hand and she couldn't help but wish his hands were elsewhere.

"Mmmm… The drive back is taking a while, no?" She muttered her head lolling to look to her left her gaze focusing on Zak.

"What's that mean?" He laughed out shaking his head.

"That means…" Kayleigh trailed off figuring out a way to get her frustrations out, he unbuckled her belt and leaned over the center to run her mouth over his neck. She heard him take in a breath as he mouth made it's way up to his earlobe as she nipped at it lightly. She giggled softly against his neck as her mouth slid back to the crook between his shoulder and jawline.

"B- Babe…" Zak trailed off.

"Hmm…?" She hummed as one of her hands moved to his thigh- gripping it tightly.

"Oh god." He breathed out as his grip on the steering wheel tightened.

"How long 'til we're home?" She practically purred into his ear. Zak breathed out a sigh as he glanced to Kayleigh his hazel eyes now a dark green.

"Buckle up." Was all he said. Kayleigh did as told as she scooted back to her seat and clicked the buckle in place. Zak's Ferrari roared and within a half a second they were speeding at 120 down the long stretch of road before them.

Kayleigh couldn't help but giggle out of giddiness. Zak has always been a car fan- the cars he'd bought over time sitting in his garage were a testament to that. His well-cared for Lamborghini was parked next to his supped-up Dodge Charger that Kayleigh always offered to take off his hands.

The speed was short lived as he allowed them to coast down the roadway- closer to home. Kayleigh began to see the familiar surroundings in minutes as they got closer to Zak's house. Pulling in the drive Zak looked to her expectantly. Her eye brows rose, "Fast enough for you?"

At that Kayleigh grinned and met him over the center console, "I love you." She muttered right before their lips clashed together. A warmth spread through Zak's body at her words. He felt it all over as he pulled back muttering for her to stay there. Kayleigh watched him open her door for her. They walked towards the door- which Kayleigh unlocked. The minute they walked in the house they were on each other. Zak's hand fisted her hair as he pulled her to him.

Kayleigh's hands yanked at his shirt as she pulled it over his head and tossed it blindly behind her. Zak's fingers worked her zipper down at the back of her little black dress and slid it down her legs leaving her heels on.

"Oh man." He groaned taking the sight of her in. Kayleigh smirked as she pecked his mouth before turning slowly giving him a show and walking further into the house up the stairs towards the bedroom. Her red undergarments drove Zak wild.

He followed along; fingers scrabbling at his belt whipping that off as quickly as possible.

Zak awoke the next day to the smell of breakfast. He sat up and scrounged around for his boxers from the previous night. Throwing them on quickly he padded out barefoot to his kitchen.

"Kales…?" He asked following his nose.

"In here babe!" She called over her shoulder as she danced around the kitchen to her music. Zak's eyes adjusted to the amount of sunlight flooding in through the wall of windows he'd had installed over his bench of a dinning area. The couch was wrapped around a small center table.

"Are- are you cooking breakfast?" He asked as his eyes focused on his petite girlfriend in nothing but his black hoodie he'd put on last night when he'd taken Gracie out.

"Mmm-hmm." She nodded as she turned facing him from across the granite island. She turned again bringing the pan with her and scrapped eggs on to a matching set of plates. "Hope you're hungry." She said as she placed the pan in the sink. Zak came up behind her his eyes raking over her form appreciatively. He was thankful that the hoodie didn't come down too low on her. His hand slid up from her thigh as he gripped her ass. She squealed in surprise turning to face him.

"Zak!" She scolded with a playful pout. He grinned his hand falling away as his arm enveloped her into a hug from behind. Kayleigh squirmed out of his hold as she turned around to drop the pan in the sink.

She turned expecting to wrap her arms around him only to find him already digging into breakfast. She chuckled shaking her head at him leaning against the counter.

"You know… this is really good." Zak said through the food in his mouth. She laughed now with an incredulous look to him.

"Zak… it's eggs, and toast. Any moron could have made it."

"Will you hush, and let me appreciate the effort?" He said once he swallowed down a gulp of food. "How're you not hungry anyway? After last night I'm starving." He said turning to lean against the opposite counter to face off with her. Kaleigh let a small smile grace her lips as she muttered something about cooking and eating being one of her skills.

Zak laughed moving walking over the fridge on the other side of the island. Kayleigh watched as he pulled out some orange juice. He stood next to Kayleigh now by the sink placing it down, looking to her he raised eyebrows as if asking her if she'd wanted some. He poured himself a glass and made a move to put the orange juice back, but Kayleigh reached over quickly and gulped his little glass down. He chuckled shaking his head leaning down to grab another glass out of the cupboard and poured out two more..

"Thanks babe." Kayleigh said with a peck to his mouth moving towards her own half-eaten plate of food.

"So… You're coming to the appointment today, right?" Kayleigh asked turning to face Zak. She stepped away from her plate and wrapped her arms around his middle as he rested his head atop hers.

"Of course." He replied his arms going around her.

"Hopefully we'll get to hear the heartbeat." Kayleigh mumbled against his chest as she leaned in closer to him.

"Mmm…" Zak agreed, "What time are we supposed to even be there?" He asked suddenly reminding her that these moments don't actually stop time.

"Oh jeez. I've got 45 minutes to get ready." She said suddenly noting it was 10:15.

"'Get ready'?" Zak asked confused. "You're going to the doctors. It's not a date."

"Babe! I'm not gonna not shower. The freaking doctor has to check my vagina, after last night I think a shower is mandatory." She yelled down as she raced up the stairs onto the landing above where Zak slept.

Zak smirked suddenly, "45 minutes, huh?" He called as he jogged up the stairs after her. Kayleigh entered the bedroom that Zak had rebuilt to make it enclosed. Before the reconstruction the upstairs was just a loft bedroom- it had all been open- except the bathroom, of course. He'd had too many supernatural occurrences. The last one she'd vividly remembered him explaining it to Nick when they'd all been over late one night.

"I'm not kidding, dude. I was terrified." Zak said as he placed his beer down on the granite island.

"So, let me get this straight…" Kayleigh began as she placed her beer down on the small table that was in the center of the couch/bench she'd been seated on. "I'm supposed to just believe that a ghost- of all things. Dragged you out of bed and down the hall towards those set of stairs- right there." Kayleigh finished defiantly gesturing to the staircase right before them for emphasis.

Zak just stared at her, his eyebrows raised. "Uhh… yeah. Do you not know what we do for a living?" He asked her.

"No, I get it. However," She said dragging out the word, "I also know that it's TV. You could CGI anything you wanted too."

Nick groaned knowing we were in for a long debate now. "Kayleigh, you're brother and I go on investigation almost on a weekly basis- with all the evidence we've put together. I HAVE to ask you- how the hell can you still deny the existence of ghosts?" Zak stared at Kayleigh as if she'd been the one suggesting she'd been attacked by a ghost.

"Uhm… because believing in ghosts would be like believing in Santa Claus." She responded sharply.

"Oh, so because you can't see it, it doesn't exist?" Zak asked her as he took a swig from his beer bottle and moved over to the couch where she was seated cross-legged in the center. "How can you be sure god exists?"

Kayleigh just looked at him, "I'm not sure, but there's a difference between having faith in religion. Than having faith in some spiritual after life." She defended.

"Mmm… no. Not really." He said making himself more comfortable on his couch. "Believing in god is pretty much believing in a spiritual after life." Zak finished with a smirk as he drank another gulp down finishing his 4th beer of the night.

Kaleigh just stared. "No, this is stuff written down in the bible- there's testaments to some of it actually happening."

Zak chuckled, "What do you think Nick, Aaron and I do?" He said waving his arm in their direction. Aaron and Nick just stared at the pair as they continued to debate. "We film the 'testament'- as it were." He said using air quotes around the word testament. "To the actual existence in ghosts." Kayleigh leaned forward to grab her beer off the table and took a long swig.

"And, that brings us back to the whole 'CGI' thing." She muttered as she took her drink.

Zak scoffed throwing his free hand up. "The only way to convince you s to come on a lockdown with us."

Now Kayleigh scoffed rolling her eyes. "Yeah, okay."

"No, I'm being serious." He stated just staring at her.

"Uhhmmm…" She began softly her eyes glancing in her brother's direction, but he was too into whatever he and Aaron were currently discussing.

"Forget about your brother for a second. Wouldn't you like to see if the great mystery of the after life is real or not?" Zak asked his hand resting on top of hers as he leaned in closer.

"Y-yeah, I mean-." She began feeling her stomach flutter at the contact.

"Great! It's settled. We're headed to Edinburgh in the next two weeks. You're coming." Zak said as he retracted his hand standing up.

"What?" Nick asked his head snapping over to their general direction.

"You're sister is gonna be our special guest for our next episode." Zak told him a broad smile on his face. "If she doesn't believe us, she'll have to believe the ghosts themselves." Zak told him.

"Well Kales, looks like you'll have to re-new your passport after all." Nick told her a grin on his face as well.

"Uhm…" She started about to point out how she hadn't agreed to coming just yet.

"We're going to Scotland." Nick said in a sing-song voice. "C'mon you know you want to take a trip to Europe." He finished nudging her shoulder with his as he drunkenly sat down besides her. Zak placed his beer on the counter and quickly went for another one. Aaron wore a smile too, "You know a female might actually bring out more spirits. Women are more intuitive than men are."

Kayleigh just stared. "Alright, alright, fine. But you are not using me as bait." She agreed finishing off her own beer.

"I can drink to that." Zak said grabbing her another one as he popped the cap off with his bottle opener and handed it to her. He held out his bottle to her. "Deal?" She knocked them together to hear a light, 'clink' sound saying the same as they drank.

"Ugh, If you keep this up we are gonna be late." Kayleigh laughed out as she felt Zak continue to wash her body slowly with the loofa.

"Hey, I just wanna make sure that you are as clean as you were hoping." He replied standing up from her thigh as he leaned in and kissed her. She backed up under the comfort of the warm water beginning to wash herself off.

"You're helping is more of a distraction." She replied rinsing her hair out of conditioner as well.

He shrugged as he took a step closer to her, "Ah ah. You're turn lover boy." She said quickly switching spots with him as the suds were washed down his body and into the drain.

He leaned in and brushed his mouth over hers when she made a move to shut the water off. "Mmmm you are so not fair." She told him with a smile before kissing him more. Zak reached behind him and shut down the faucet.

"I know." He told her as he pulled back and exited the bath. She pouted staring at where he once was.

"Are you coming or what?" He hollered from the bedroom.

Alright all! Here's another chapter sorry it's not as exciting as the last two. I figured it's time to focus more on the pregnancy and the relationship between Zak and Kayleigh. All the drama can wait. Thanks again for reading!