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Chapter 14: McCarran International, Las Vegas, NV

"Any swelling of the feet or any pain?" Dr. Ibay asked as he sat down on his swiveling stool.

"Nope, and nope." Kayleigh answered shaking her head.

"Okay…" He said making some notes.

"You two wanna try and hear the heartbeat today? You're 11 weeks so given the right positioning- we may be able to catch it." Kayleigh nodded with a glance to Zak.

"Of course." He said with a nod.

"Alright, Ms. Groff. Lay back and get comfy while I go grab the Doppler." Dr. Ibay said as he stood gathering up the charts and file and walking out.

"You excited?" Zak asked taking her hand with a squeeze as she laid back the paper under her crinkling.

Kayleigh nodded still holding his hand as she pulled her lavender sweater-shirt up and tucked it under the band in her bra. The doctor had sat there for the first 20 minutes of the appointment asking Zak about his and his families history of illnesses, and then he'd had a rundown of questions for Kayleigh, but finally- finally Kayleigh was getting to the good part. Her stomach fluttered at the thought of hearing her baby's heartbeat.

"I love you." She said suddenly pulling Zak out of his head. Zak looked down at her and smiled, "I love you too Kales." He said leaning down and pecking a kiss to her lips. Just then the doctor walked in holding a white plastic thing that was connected by what looked to be a telephone chord.

"Everyone ready?" He asked in his booming deep voice. With that Zak took a step back giving the doctor his needed space. He slid his phone out to Kayleigh's dismay, but she kept her comments to herself.

Dr. Ibay walked over and set the Doppler down next to Kayleigh before squeezing some sort of gel-like fluid and smoothing it over her stomach. The doctor then grabbed the Doppler and pushed the microphone looking end against Kayleigh's stomach. There was a lot of rustling noises coming from the speaker and the doctor continued moving it over Kayleigh's mid-section. They heard a sound suddenly, it was very faint and the doctor paused bringing the mic back around to where he'd found the noise.

The room came alive with the sound of the quick little beats of a heart. There it was. Their child's heartbeat. It was an overwhelming feeling that ran through Kayleigh. She felt the warmth of happiness spread through her, her stomach was doing backflips. She felt intense giddiness and she felt her eyes water slightly from her sheer joy. She turned her head towards Zak.

She saw his eye solely focused on the Doppler against her stomach. His face alight with a grin, and his phone forgotten in his hand. "That- that's it?" He asked. Kayleigh could hear the underlying excitement in his tone.

The doctor nodded. "That's it. You're baby's heartbeat is strong and healthy." he said as he looked up from his watch. If possible Zak's grin widened even more as his hand found Kayleigh's again and he gripped it tightly in his. The doctor quickly finished up the appointment after that.

"Be sure to come back in a month, Kayleigh." H said with a smile as he wiped off her stomach and washed his hands before saying their goodbyes and parting ways.

"You wanna be here for the next one?" She asked as she stood fixing her shirt.

"Kales, I wanna be here for every single one that I can." Zak responded as she moved closer to him. His arms went around her his hands rubbing her arms up and down. She smiled as she made her way out to the reception area to schedule her next appointment. Zak had a couple of questions for the doctor so he'd stopped at the doctors office.

"So three weeks? How's the 12th of September? Same time sound good?" The woman behind the desk smiled. Kayleigh nodded with a shrug knowing it was in advance enough for her to have the day free.

"Yeah, that's perfect." She responded as the receptionist wrote down the date and time on the card, and handed it over. Kayleigh said goodbye turning to see Zak coming out of the back area where the patient exam rooms were.

"You were in there a while… everything alright?" Zak nodded quickly as he took her hand walking out of the building and back to his charger.

"Of course." Zak replied. He opened her door for her before quickly moving to the driver's seat. "I- I was hoping to go out to dinner later, if that's alright?" He said turning the key and starting the engine. Kayleigh looked to him oddly.

"Why wouldn't I be up for that?" She asked him puzzled by the change in his demeanor.

"No reason. I just wanted to make sure you didn't have anything planned." He replied pulling out of the parking lot.

"… Okay." She said slowly getting a weird vibe from him. He leaned over and turned on the radio. The music filled the car filling the unusual nervous silence between the two. He reached over and grabbed her hand as he drove filling her with a sense of comfort.

She noted that he wasn't taking the usual way home- to either of their homes. "Zak. Baby, where're we going?" Kayleigh asked as she leaned over and turned the music down to a soft background noise.

"It's a surprise." He told her wearing a grin. She gave him a look quirking her eyebrow up. "Okay?" He finished as they went on the ramp towards the highway. She dimly recognized some signs and realized they were heading towards the airport.

"Zak…" She trailed off more unsure now. She didn't want to think about him leaving for an unexpected episode. "Seriously, where're we going?"

"You'll see soon, babe. I promise." With that he continued driving the next fifteen minutes until he pulled into the parking garage, and got out. Kayleigh got out quickly before he could open her door for her.

"Seriously, why are we here? And, why on earth did we park in the long term parking garage?" She continued pressing him for answers, but didn't get any as he took her hand in his and moved towards the exit, and into the airport. Upon entering the lobby area Kayleigh was greeted by her brother, sister-in-law, Aaron, and her mother. She dually noted the absence of her father, but thought of it more as a blessing given their last encounter.

"Whoa, what're you all-?" She started only to be bombarded by hugs from Ronnie and, her mother. Aaron and, Nick made their way over to Zak as they slid him two suitcases among other bags. "Oh, we're so excited for you." Kathleen practically shouted her high pitched voice echoing. Ronnie bumper her mother-in-law with a quick shake of her head.

"Excited?" Kayleigh asked, "For- for what?" She finished feeling thoroughly confused by this.

"For our trip." Zak said as he smoothly came up behind her as his arm wrapped around her mid-section.

"Trip?" Kayleigh squeaked her surprise visible to all.

"Yeah, babe. We're going to travel Europe." He grinned down at her as she spun to face him. Her eyes widened and her mouth hung open.

"Travel- travel Europe?" She repeated still feeling shocked.

Zak laughed at his girlfriend's reaction to his surprise trip. "Yeah, is that alright?"

"Alright?" She asked still feeling flabbergasted. "Obviously it's alright. I'd love to go!" She cried as she leaned up to kiss him softly.

"I'd been planning it for a while, but I- I wanted to check in with your doctor to be positive it would be safe for you two." As he said this his hand slid down to the little barely pronounced bump over her stomach.

"I told him it would be, but he was adamant about talking to the doctor." Ronnie said with an eye roll.

"But, how-? How'd you get stuff packed without me knowing?" Kayleigh asked glancing back to Zak.

"Well, that my darling daughter. Is where I came in. See while you stayed at Zak's your sister and I went to work packing up your things." Kathleen explained with a small all knowing smile. Kayleigh looked to Zak from her mother.

"I don't know what I did to deserve you…" She muttered leaning up for another swift kiss.

"Alright, alright." Nick cut in as he and Aaron approached from the ticket kiosk. They handed off the boarding passes to Zak and said their goodbyes. Nick hugged his sister tightly and muttered something about staying safe, before he and Aaron switched off. Aaron swept her up in a tighter hug while telling her to have fun. Kayleigh moved over to Ronnie, and her now blubbering mother.

"Bye, honey. We will see you soon. Send lots of pictures, and please. Have a good time." Kathleen said as she hugged her daughter with a kiss to her cheek. Ronnie quickly said goodbye before a one armed hug. With that Zak pulled their bags with him to his girlfriend, "I'm just gonna check these really quick, alright?" Kayleigh nodded as she continued to chat with Ronnie trying to press for more information as to why this trip was planned.

"Hey, don't ask me anything. I just did as instructed." As she said that she pointedly glanced over to Nick and, Aaron. Kayleigh knew that if they were in on it she wouldn't get much information. Zak and the guys had always been a tight net group of friends, even with her being his sister she knew Nick wouldn't give up anything. Zak came back rather quickly as he looked down at his phone.

"Alright, babe. We better get going if we want to be at the gates on time." She nodded knowing security could take a while. The group said their goodbyes before they parted ways. Kayleigh let Zak lead her through the long lines before her. She was trying to work through reason's in her head as to why Zak would suddenly want to take a trip around Europe with her. She was drawing blanks as they made their way through security briefly- the only thing that needed scanning was her purse.

"You hungry?" Zak asked as she watched his eyes scanning over the airport signs as if he hadn't been in and out of this airport on a regular basis. She shrugged with a nod.

"So whatcha thinking?" He asked as he pulled her along with him down the long halls. "About the trip. You're not mad, are you?" He asked not sure what to make of her silence.

"No, Zak. I'm not mad. I'm actually really excited." She told him her hand holding his tighter at her words.

"Oh good. I wasn't sure how you'd take the surprise." He admitted with a sheepish smile. "We're gonna land in Paris first and we can probably just rent a car from there…" He began only to trail off upon seeing Kayleigh become distracted

"Mmm…" She smelled the most delicious scent.

"What?" Zak chuckled out halting his steps Kayleigh's eyes scanned the surrounding places before they stopped on the cause of the delectable smell.

"Pretzels" Was all she said before pulling Zak along with her towards the small, mostly vacant restaurant. Zak just let her take him with her as he laughed out at her reaction to certain foods.

Once they stood in the short line and retrieved their pretzels they took up seats at a vacant table just outside in the massive airport halls. Kayleigh watched as Zak checked his phone again for a time check. As she dipped her soft pretzel into the cheese dip she had to have.

"We good on time, babe?" She asked before taking a bite.

"Yeah, we've still got about a half-hour before boarding." He said as he sipped their shared lemonade.

"So… not that I'm complaining, but why did you come up with this surprise trip to Europe?" Kayleigh asked sitting back in her seat looking on expectantly awaiting an answer.

"Well, I know when I was working it's hard on you, and I wanted to take sometime to ourselves… aaand," he added before putting the drink down in the middle of their small table. "I'm pretty sure we won't be traveling for fun once the little one gets here, and as of now neither of us have any commitments keeping us located in Las Vegas."

"Well, I mean I do have an appointment-." Kayleigh began.

"No you don't." Zak answered as he quickly swallowed a pretzel. "That was another thing I spoke to Dr. Ibay about. He knows about the trip and, has said as long as you're feeling fine we can schedule your visit when we get back." Zak said leaning in closer across the table.

"On the off hand you start to feel like something's wrong." Zak began again cutting off the protests he saw forming on Kayleigh's lips. "You can call this number." He quickly pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. "Dr. Ibay left his cell number and, he said he knows a few doctors here in Europe." Kayleigh was left chewing on her pretzel trying to think of anything Zak had missed, but she couldn't. He was right in making this trip for now. Her work commitments she could easily do from her computer, which was the first thing she'd found out that Ronnie had packed.

"Well, I guess there's only one thing left to do…" Kayleigh trailed off as she gulped down her last bite.

"And, what's that?" Zak asked her as he leaned back in his chair a determined expression on his face.

"Go to Europe!" She all but squealed before leaning in and snagging the collar of his jacket to kiss him. There was a quick flash from a nearby camera aimed at them before they could lean in fully.

"What the hell-?" She asked pulling back and shielding her eyes.

"Oh my gosh, I am such a big fan!" Kayleigh just barely heard the voice squealing before a person came running over to their table. Zak glanced around seemingly just as disoriented by the flash as Kayleigh was.

"Can I have your autograph?" The woman asked in her squeaky excited voice. Kayleigh looked up seeing the girl standing right next to their table.

"Uhm…" Zak began his eyes finally focusing on the person standing practically on top of them. He stood up hoping to get the person to back away and give Kayleigh some space from the stranger, but the red head didn't get the message. "Sure…" He trailed off grasping the napkin she offered with her pen.

"If you'd wanna include your number on there, I'm not saying no, you know…" The redhead trailed off. Kayleigh snorted unattractively at that as she sipped on her lemonade passive aggressively eyeing the girl now staring at her boyfriend as he bent over the table to sign his name on the stupid napkin.

Zak awkwardly chuckled as he stood up to hand the woman her things back as he said, "Yeah. As flattered as I am; I really don't think my girlfriend would appreciate that very much." He finished without so much as a glance to her before offering his hand to Kayleigh who stood somewhat shocked by his dismissive behavior. Zak was normally all smiles, and welcoming to fans that approached him, but I imagine he was just as annoyed with being hit on all the time as Kayleigh was with hearing him be hit on right in front of her.

"O-oh." The woman said now feeling taken aback as her eyes stared at Kayleigh as the brushed by her. "It was real nice meeting you, Mr. Bagans!" The woman called after them as Zak deposited their trash into the receptacle before sliding his arm around Kayleigh very ostentatiously showing any other fans around that he was very happy in his relationship. Kayleigh chuckled loudly as he pulled her along.

"What?" He asked smirking down to her.

"Nothing… You're just cute when you're attempting to be subtle." She answered as she sucked down some more lemonade.

"Yeah… I don't think subtle is my specialty." Zak responded his grin growing as the continued to walk further and further into the airport following the sign to their gate.

Kayleigh had slept through most of the flight. He didn't blame her, it was a long flight and, there isn't much else to do in the air. Luckily for them with the time difference, they'd be landing at 8:30 in the morning London time. Kayleigh groaned letting her hair down. Zak watched her carefully as she arched her back and stretched while they paused waiting for their checked baggage at the claim.

"That wasn't so bad." She said turning to him with a grin.

"Yeah." Zak scoffed down to her. "You slept the entire ride here."

Kayleigh leaned up closer to his ear as she rested her hands on his chest "Ah, well… If I hadn't; I'd have to have found better things to do for ten hours." Her lips brushed his ear with every word sending a shiver down Zak's spine thinking of the positions they could've gotten into in the small airplane bathroom.

He cleared his throat his hands instinctively resting on her hips. "Guess we better head to the hotel then?" He asked as he spotted their luggage sliding down the ramp and slamming on to the conveyer belt. He released Kayleigh's hips and moved to grab the bags quickly. Kayleigh came up with a smirk gracing her pretty features meeting Zak to grab her own luggage and dragging it behind her. Zak took notice to her hips swaying with each step and he thanked the lord for her picking out the tight pair of jeans she had in her rush to get ready this morning. He had to speed up to catch her before she headed out the glass doors to the taxi area.

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