Harry Potter was in his study finishing the report of his last assignment and he heard his black-haired carbon-copy with brown eyes come in and sit on one of the chairs.

Harry smiled when James was ready he'd get his words out.

If he was pushed he might just get huffy and leave.

James was sitting and trying to put everything in his head into a sentence and he wasn't achieving much, he was surprised that his father an Auror of high caliber hadn't noticed him yet.

James sat there twiddling his thumbs until he got the perfect way to tell what was on his mind, he wasn't getting anywhere and Harry still didn't pay attention and James just said it out in one sentence " Dadi- wannaknow-how to-makeupwith the loveofmylife"

Harry was taken aback, what had James just said he turned around and James knew his father was waiting for him to say something.

Harry said "Think a little more James I didn't get what you said"

James sighed and said "Dad I want to know how to make up with the girl of my dreams"

Harry smiled "There it is"

James glared "Dad"

Harry said "What did you do?"

James hung his head "I took her out and we were walking back when I asked her what her weight was, she asked me why and I said I wanted to know because a wizard's poll said that girls with weight above sixty five kilos make horrible girlfriends, she got angry and left. She hasn't talked to me since"

Harry felt bad for the boy, this mistake might be the most stupid mistake of his life.

Harry asked "You honestly don't think you did anything wrong?"

James thought before shaking his head, Harry sighed and put his quill down "James once you figure out what you did wrong I'll tell you what to do, but you have to figure what you did wrong by yourself"

James sat and thought while Harry continued with his paper work, James asked "What could be wrong with weight, I just wanted to know for fun?"

Harry gave a huge sigh "What if she asked you what your height was and you asked her why and she said that she read a poll that said that if a boy was shorter than five-foot seven they made bad boyfriends?"

James turned pale "Oh my god"

Harry nodded "Would you have liked it?"

James said "Bloody bloody bloody hell!"

Harry said "Mind your language"

James ignored him he asked "What do I do?"

Harry asked "Apologize?"

James looked at his father confused "Dad I'm more than five-foot seven, she might be more than sixty five kilos but I love her"

Harry shook his head "James she is not more than sixty-five kilos, and your more than five-foot seven but that's not the point, she is hurt that if she was more than sixty five kilos you wouldn't love her"

James said "Oh, I guess I should apologize then?"

Harry nodded "Yes, so you understand you need to love her no matter what"

James nodded and strode out saying "Thanks Dad!"

Harry shook his head, how did his son not get it? But how many times had he been a fool when it came to girls? Dealing with this all the time, this is what it was being Harry Potter after he defeated Voldemort. He laughed to himself.


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