Camping is Magic
By: 41Naf Redips

Chapter Two:
Into the Woods

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or other story related elements. This is not for profit.

The day of the big camping trip has come. Scootaloo was packing her backpack for the trip. She managed to squeeze in her flashlight, pillow, first aid kit, helmet, tennis racket, tennis balls, baseball bat, baseball, football, cleets, water, toilet paper, a small shovel, a compass, a sheath of arrows and a silver bow, a basketball, mountain climbing gear, a flare gun and some of her favorite snacks. As she lifted the monolithic backpack, she was crushed into the next floor of the house.

"Oh good, I was just about to call you down" said Speedster, as he grabbed the backpack.

After loading the backpack onto her wagon, Scoot began prepping her scooter to handle the rough terrain of the Ever Free Forest. She had to make sure her wheels were sturdy for the rough, gravely terrain. Her father came up behind her. "Hey, I thought you might like this"

He passed to her Fantastic Creatures and where to find them by Newt Scamaredon. "It was a favorite of mine when I was your age" he said. "I hope you like it"

"Thanks, dad" she replied. Her mother came in the room.

"Almost ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready. I'll wheel over to Fluttershy's house and-"

"No need to, hun bun. Me and your father will walk with you. Can't expect us to say goodbye to our only daughter so early in the morning, can you?" inquired Soaryn.

"Oh, sorry, I guess you can, if you want to..."

"Come on, sport, its not like we can replace you with the Cake's infant son, he's a great flyer"

Scootaloo's demenor sank more so with her father's joke.

"I'm just kidding Scoot, I mean-"

"That's enough" Soaryn whispered. "She knows it's just a joke"

"It's alright, mom, I know its just a joke" Scoot said, hiding any trace of saddness in her voice.

A slight awkward pause began between the three. Speedster broke the silence.

"Well, lets not keep Miss Cheerilee waiting any longer"

The three began their way to Fluttershy's house, the designated spot for all those involved in the trip to gather. Scoot was having a rough time with her luggage so her parents lightened the load by not walking too fast and carrying some of her things. As they walked nearer to Fluttershy's home, her father spoke up.

"Honey, I was thinking..."

Scootaloo perked up.

"The junior summer flight camp may be over, but the next one is coming up next year"


"Do you want to sign up next year? I know we forgot the sign up registration this year, and we got you all those sports equipment to make it up to you..."

"Yeah, I really love them"

"I knew you would, mother's intuition and all that" said Soaryn

"But I know you'll make the best camper there, you might even be as good as Rainbow Dash" he said, with a wink. After lecturing her on every Cutie Mark Crusader folly, she was surprised he did pay attention to her when she came back from her Rainbow Dash fanclub meetings.

"Oh, yeah, it sounds great. But maybe I can find something to do instead, like a job helping Apple Bloom at the ranch or something"

"But you were really excited to go this year, Scootaloo" said Soaryn

"Yeah its nothing nevermind"

Her parents looked at each other.

"Scootaloo, please tell us whats wrong" Speedster beckened

"Its nothing"

"It sounds like something" her father prodded

"Well its not, leave me alone, no wait you already do that"

"Scoot, please, we're just want to help you" her mother pleaded

"Too bad, we're here" Scootaloo said, peering the cottage. She then walked faster than her parents but couldn't keep up the pace.

"Honey, please, you're only hurting yourself if you can't talk to us"

"Bored now" Scoot said. She had to stop due to the weight of her luggage.

Her mother continued; "Come on, are you not going to say goodbye to us?"

Scootaloo was mumbling under her breath. Her parents put her stuff down and went up to her.

"Please, Scootaloo, we just want to help" her father said. She wouldn't budge.

"Listen, honey, would it make you feel better if we said that the No Dangerous Stunts rule wasn't on anymore?" her mother said with a desperate grin.

Scootaloo still wouldn't budge. Her parents had grim faces on.

"Well, I guess you want to go see your friends now. But I want you to know that we love you, no matter what and you can tell us anything" he father told her. And with that, they gave her a kiss and were off. After they were a distance away, Scoot looked at them. They weren't looking back. Scoot gave a soft "Please come back" as they were going out of distance.

"Howdy, Scootaloo!" exclaimed Apple Bloom

"Hey Scootaloo!" shouted Sweetie Belle

Scootaloo exchanged pleasantries with her two best friends before Cheerlie silenced all the fillies present.

"Attention everypony, please can I have your attention? Thank you. Now, you're all familiar with the four mares Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle has gathered up a few days ago" she said, while pointing to Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and Rainbow Dash. The three girls smiled at their achievement. "And let me introduce to your four stallions who glady lend their hooves for the big trip; Caramel, Lucky, Quake and Ace" she finished, with applause following.

Caramel Chancealot was a forgetful earth pony whose special talent was cobbling horse shoes, represented by three horseshoe cutie marks. Lucky was Caramel's best friend who sold kitchenware in the Ponyville Marketplace and his special talent was probability, represented by three clovers. Quake was a serious pony who worked at the spa, he spoke in a heavy Caballo Terrian accent. His special talent was massaging anypony into sedation, represented by a fine gloved hoof cutie mark. Lastly, Ace was the fourth best tennis player in equestria. He was loud and energetic and his talent was tennis, represented by, what else, a tennis ball.

"What's up Ev-ery-Po-ny!" shouted Ace, alot of the colts responded in kind with the same loudness.

The fillies and colts were separated into four small groups for the eight volunteers to manage; Fluttershy and Caramel, Twilight and Lucky, Quake and Rarity and Ace and Rainbow Dash. AB and Scoot were in the final group along with Dinky Hooves, Snips, Snails, Truffle Shuffle and Shady Daze.

Scootaloo was still having some difficulties with her luggage. Rainbow Dash came up to her

"Need a hand?"

Scootaloo's spirits were lifted as her idol helped her. "Jeez, thats alot of stuff you got in here"

"Well, maybe a strong stallion could help you, dear" said Ace, in a sly tone

"Phhh, like I need your help. If I needed help I'll ask the other top three tennis players of Equestria" RD egged on

"Well, let's make this more interesting. First one to carry their luggage up to the campsite has to paint the winner's home"

"Hope you're hungry because your gonna eat my dust!"

With great speed, the two gathered their luggage and ran their way to the campsite.

"Ah don't think they're a comin' back" said AB, annoyed.

"Yes they will, Rainbow will beat him in ten seconds flat" Scoot protested.

"Yeah!" said Snips and Snails in unison.

A full minute went by.

"My momma would've stayed with us. My sister would've been back here by now" said Dinky.

"What are you guys doing here?" said Diamond Tiara, coming from the enterance.

"We got ditched" said Truffle Shuffle.

"My group's not doing better. Twilight keeps getting distracted by all the plants. I suppose you can come up with us, just don't drag us down more than we are, please"

And so the forgotten group got to where Twilight and Lucky's group were and explained their situation. Twilight was suprised at her friend's and Ace's behavior and apologized on their behalves. Then they continued their trip.

"Can we take a break, my bag's feeling really heavy" Twilight said, visibly sweating. Then her zipper started moving.

"Ahh! A ghost!" screamed Silver Spoon, DT's best friend.

"Dear mother of Celestia huff It was huff getting cramped in there" came a voice that sounded like it was dehydrated, a voice of someone who managed to stow away for so long in one small bag.

"Spike!" Twilight said, confused

"Spike!" AB said with much delight

A/N: I guess this would be the end of act one, what'd you guys think? I have no idea of how ideas for characters get brewed together so I hope mine have a chance of sticking. Also I've noticed that my link to my deviant page didn't work so you can just google the name Count Kraumburger1 and see what you get.