"hey you ok?" Tony asked a rather spaced out looking McGee sat at his desk,

McGee shot his head round at the sound of Tony's voice he wasn't entirely sure what he had said but came up with an answer anyway not wanting to look to much like and idiot.

"um.. yeah" McGee exclaimed feeling a little bit like he was in the interrogation room.

"its just with all that's happening I thought….well I don't know really" Tony said stumbling over his words not to sure what to say to McGee.

"im fine Tony really, no need to worry about me." McGee got up from his desk and headed towards the elevator that would take him down to Abby's lab.

"where you going now?" Tony shouted after him feeling like he had upset Tim.

"off to see Abby she might have found something by now." McGee pressed the button to call the elevator up, he shrugged his shoulders at Tony.

"she would have called us if she had found anything you know" Tony said

"I know I just need a friendly face" Tim looked Tony in the eyes they where showing nothing but hurt and sadness.

"ok well im always here if you need someone" Tony gave a suggestive Tone feeling quite hurt by Tim's last comment.

"I know Tony and when I want to hear mocking jokes about all this I'll come find you" Tim smiled he knew Tony struggled opening up about his feelings so he never felt like telling him anything or going to Tony for help and advice.

"hey abs you found anything for me yet?" Tim asked as he walked through the doorway to Abby's office.

"hey Timmy and no sorry nothing yet, but now that you're here we might as well have a chat"

Abby took one look at McGee and knew he was hurting, Tim just smiled weakly at her,

"I don't think so I just need to be alone I think for a while just came down to see if you found anything that's all" Tim turned to walk away but was swung back round into the office by a guiding hand.

"Tim I know what's going on with your grandmother is tough but you cant keep shutting people out" Abby calmly stated to McGee, he just looked at her blankly for a while, he didn't know what to say he didn't know how he was feeling it was all to messed up. His grandmother was mixed up in a murder investigation and he was unclear as to how he felt about the whole thing.

"Tim look at me, you have so many people that love you, your grandmother included ok she wouldn't have put you through all this if she could help it, she's just doing what she thinks is best." Tim managed a smile he knew Abby was only trying to help and he knew that everything she was saying was true he loved his grandmother and he knew she loved him.

"I know abs I know its just I don't know how she could have lied to me, treated me like a child again. My father used to do that and look at us now 7 years and still no word from him I don't want that to happen with her". Tim started to panic at the memories of his father and himself, nothing ever seemed to be right to that man, everything Tim seemed to do wasn't up to his standards.

"it wont Tim and you know that, she cares about you, just talk to her she might open up to you."

"your right, your right! I should go talk to her I cant keep putting this off. Thank Abby you've been a huge help" Tim's huge smile returned to his face like a child at Christmas Abby had done her job. Tim bounded off back to the elevator he needed to have a little chat with his grandmothers.

Interrogation room- McGee and his grandmother.

Tim opened the door to the interrogation room, normally he would open this door and a suspect would be sat there waiting to be interrogated by the deadly Leroy Jethro Gibbs this time however was different the suspect wasn't some lying thieving maniac it was his grandmother someone he had looked up to so much as a child and the only person to ever really understand him, well apart from Tony, McGee's train of thought was cut off by the sound of his grandmother talking.

"Timmy so you've finally come to question me have you?" Penny turned to give Tim a cheeky smile she knew the boy far to well and could read him like a book, this situation was equally as uncomfortable for him as it was for herself.

"no, Iv come to chat with you that's all I don't like the word questioning it makes it sound so formal." Tim took a seat opposite penny and smiled at the situation he was now in.

"Tim you have to believe me I only didn't tell you because I was afraid for your safety, I didn't want whoever is coming after me to go after you as well." Penny placed her hand on Tim's in a reassuring manner, Tim flinched he was still hurt by the fact she had betrayed him but he knew she had done it for the right reasons.

"I only did what I did because I promised Paul I would make sure his family was safe." Penny began what was undoubtedly going to be a very painful process

"Im your family!" Tim exclaimed in anger, how could she protect this family she didn't even know and not even show that she cared about him.

"I can see why you would, he trusted you, you showed him how to be exactly who he was despite what anyone says especially his father" Tim looked down both of them knew he wasn't talking about Paul anymore.

"Tim I will tell you all you need to know, im done hiding now" penny began telling McGee about everything that had happened with the victim before she was finished McGee would see a whole different side to his grandmother.


"hey Tim Abby told me you have just been talking to penny, how did it go?" Tony asked with a clear sense of concern in his voice.

"fine Tony it was fine, I found out enough information to help us with our case" Tim continued walking away from Tony with a look of concentration on his face, he wasn't in the mood for talking with Tony, especially not a serious conversation you couldn't have a grown up conversation with Tony not without it leading to some sexual innuendo or a film reference.

"Tim wait….!"Tony shouted after McGee who just ignored him and carried on his way.

"Tim…did you hear me…wait!…Tim!" Tony grabbed Tim's shoulder and spun him round with such a force they ended up closer together then was intended.

"Tony what the hell!" McGee exclaimed shocked by his team mates sudden outburst.

"Tim I just im fed up of this…" Tony gestured to Tim and himself swapping between the two,

"what do you mean this? What this?" Tim asked slightly confused and annoyed as to where this conversation was leading them.

"I didn't mean it like that I meant I have been worrying about you all day, iv asked you how you are offered to help, and you've thrown it back in my face, insulted me and ignored me." Tony began with anger in his voice but it wasn't anger towards McGee he seemed to be more upset with himself.

"look Tony im sorry if you feel that way but im struggling with some things at the moment and I just didn't think you would care about my problems, either that or you would make some unnecessary joke."

Tim felt bad for ignoring Tony he hadn't realized how upset Tony would actually be by it, he really did seem to care about him the rest of the time why was this any different.

"Tony im sorry if I upset you I didn't mean to I just…I don't know I guess I thought you wouldn't be interested."

"Tim you're my friend and I care about you a lot despite what Ziva thinks and im worried Tim your not yourself" Tony placed his hand on Tim's shoulder again this time in a more gentler manner than before.

"I know you do Tony its just hard that's all" Tim shrugged,

"so tell me did you manage to get her to open up?" Tony asked trying to change the subject, he didn't want McGee to feel even worse than he already was.

"yeah I did it went really well she told me everything, she explained that a paper she published caught Max Ellswood's attention in 68'. She worked on the Anax Principle in 1968, but regretted it. She thought she was working on something to keep the men in Vietnam safe, but learned she was creating a weapon. She wanted to make amends, but the Anax project was abandoned, that was until Paul Booth was lied to aswell and the project was started up again. He sought her out since she was part of the original group, and they were planning to finish what she started to try and expose the project and what they where really up to." Tim told Tony everything she had said in brief to cut to the chase a bit.

"right well now all we need to find out is what this Anax thing actually is." Tony said with a mocking smile.

"yeah well Gibbs has me breaking into Tella's database but its proving harder than expected" McGee looked slightly apprehensive as to this fact, Gibbs was going to kill him.

"well you better get back to your desk than Gibbs isn't in a very good mood today" Tony advised and with this McGee was off like a shot, the last thing he needed today was Gibbs on his case.

Back in the bullpen (NCIS office)

"McGee you found anything yet?" Gibbs barked as he came onto the floor from the elevator, "yeah boss just give me a second" McGee frantically hammered at the keys on his keyboard and brought up a picture of a caterpillar on the big screen.

"McGee what's this?" Gibbs sounded unimpressed and slightly annoyed. "Gibbs this is the Anax project, it's a genetically engineered creature half animal half computer a hybrid actually, it was created as a plague and was going to be used in the Vietnam war but was cancelled, this is what penny was going to the press about"

"good work McGee" Gibbs patted McGee on the shoulder and stared at the screen before him, "wow this could cause some serious damage," Tony shudders,

"these things have always given me the creeps though cant stand them" Tony shivered again at the thought of thousands of caterpillars attacking him, McGee found this rather amusing and sniggered at Tony's childishness. He guessed that was part of the reason he was such good friends with him he's always up to something funny.

"penny's still going to the press about this, Gibbs I was hoping to go with her, just in case…you know…is that….?" McGee spluttered out as if he was talking to his father.

"yeah go McGee you don't need to ask me you're a grown man" Gibbs sniggered at McGee who instantly ran off towards to elevator.


"Tim I will be fine ok just stay here" penny opened the door to the car and started to walk across the deserted car park towards the parked vehicle in which her acquaintance would be waiting.

"wait penny get back in the car something doesn't seem right here" McGee sprang out the car sensing there was a reason why the other man wasn't getting out the car to join penny, as the other car sped past him nearly knocking him down he spotted the reason why.

Laid of the floor slumped up against the wall was the body of the DC chronicle's editor, penny spotted him also and ran to his aid, upon reaching her side McGee felt for a pulse knowing full well he wont find one but double checking all the same.

"hey Tim you ok?" Tony shot out of his chair almost running over to McGee to see if he was alright Gibbs had gotten the call from Tim around half and hour before telling him what had happened when they went to meet the guy from the press.

"yeah Tony im fine stop fussing its not like I haven't seen a dead body before." Tim laughed at Tony's concern as he returned to his desk.

"I know I just thought oh forget it I give up" Tony sounded hurt and walked at a brisk pace towards the stairs to MTAC, McGee felt guilty he hadn't been at all friendly towards Tony's efforts all day and after their chat earlier nothing had changed he was still treating Tony terribly. Why the hell am I doing it he thought to himself, "I better go after him" McGee thought out load. He chased Tony down the corridor towards the stairs managing to reach him before Tony could go up them.

"Tony wait im sorry I didn't mean it like that I know you where only trying to help." McGee held his shoulder while Tony was facing away from McGee he just couldn't bring himself to turn round, he didn't want to face McGee not right now.

"forget it Tim look Gibbs wants me in MTAC I have to go I will talk to you later" and with that Tony was gone leaving McGee stood at the bottom of the stairs feeling damaged he knew he had upset Tony but he wasn't interested in his apology.

"Tim! Here you are I have to show you something" McGee was brought out of his daydream at the sound of Abby's voice.