"hey, there you guys are been looking everywhere for you, why do you never have your phones on?" Abby ran over to Tony and Tim who where just coming out the elevator.

"it was on abs check your messages" Tim took his phone out looking down at it with slight confusion.

"oh ok well next time ring me I don't always reply to text Tim you know that" she playfully hit Tim's chest with a light fist.

"besides we have just found something out about the case"

"what?" McGee perked up at the thought they may have made a breakthrough in the case

"we found the killer, Max Elswood never died" Abby had a slight look of worry on her face she knew as well as McGee knew what this meant for his grandmother.

"NCIS put your hands on your head!" the sound of Gibbs' strong voice rung out as they approached the man now facing Penny.


"well you got me" Max Elswood submitted to his defeat placing his hands on his head like the officer had told him to do.

"Penny are you ok?" Tim ran to his grandmother who had now backed away from Max,

"yes, Timothy im fine" she said reassuring the young man.

"come on lets get you back" Tim lead her away back towards the car it had been a long day and he thought they could all do with a rest.


Back at NCIS the events of the past day where still very much at the forefront of everyone's minds, all except one that is Timothy McGee wasn't thinking about his grandmother and her close shave with death but the moment he had spent up on the roof with his companion and friend Anthony DiNozzo. Did that make him a bad person?.

"hey Tim you ok?" a voice woke Tim up from his deep thought looking up he was faced with his grandmother she had looked the same ever since Tim was a boy he thought.

"yeah I was just thinking, what where you talking to Tony about?" he pointed in the direction of the senior field agent who was laughing with Ziva, he had seen his grandmother talking with the two of them but hadn't paid much attention to what was being said.

"oh I was just asking him what you where like as a co-worker, he had a lot to say about you Timothy" she gave him a knowing look.

"oh god what had he told you?" Tim suddenly jumped up from his desk to stand by his grandmother

"nothing for your ears my dear" she giggled and placed her hands on Tim's cheeks, sighing she said "you have something good with this DiNozzo fellow he's a nice boy you should keep hold of that one" Tim smiled at her reaction.

"you think so? Hmm well if only he thought that way about me" Tim shrugged and returned to his desk, starting to fiddle with a stapler on his desk he slipped into the deep thought mode once again.

"from what he's told me he cares a great deal about you, don't you want to know if anything will ever happen?" she placed her hand on Tim's shoulder trying to get him to look into her eyes.

"I suppose your right, so what did he say about me?" Tim asked again he wasn't going to let this one lie.

"just how much you mean to him as a partner and a friend" she smiled at Tim who had a great big grin on his face at the thought Tony cared about their friendship.

"go on, go after him" she gave Tim a small shove towards the elevator in an indication for him to catch up with Tony.


"hey Tony wait up" Tim shouted after Tony across the car park it took him a few tries but Tony finally turned around.

"McGee I didn't see you there everything ok?" Tim asked looking a little bit worried.

"um yeah more than ok actually, I was just wondering now I don't know weather this is because of what happened on the roof earlier or what but I really like you Tony, you're a good friend and I value your friendship and you've shown that throughout this whole thing with Penny" Tim smiled he was out of breath from running to catch Tony before he left so getting this speech which he had drafted in his head on the way down was become much more difficult without breath.

"Tim you ok you seem a little out of breath?" Tony sniggered he knew where this conversation was heading and was just trying to make Tim relax a little bit as he seemed stressed and slightly shy about the whole thing.

"yeah im fine just its difficult, um we like I said I really like you and I think there is a side to us which we haven't explored and I think it would be a good thing to explore given the chance. So um what do you say fancy going out for a drink with me on Friday?" Tim kind of rushed to final part of his speech he knew if he just said it like ripping of a band aid the answer would be quick and painless also.

"yeah sure pick you up around 8:00pm?" Tony said calmly before turning to walk to his car.

"what! Really you would?" Tim looked stunned he was expecting him to turn him down flat out but this was the last thing he expected.

"great year 8pm's fine I will talk to you more about it tomorrow. See you Tony"

"see you later probie" and with a little snigger from Tony he was away this was going to be the start of something brilliant he could tell.

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