To be loved by a Vampire King.

Chapter one

It's school time again!

And this is how it all began.

Marshall Lee was a senior now and loved being on top.

He was a popular per say King around most students because his mother was principle.

He was a trickster and loved being annoying around his non-friends, like nerds, geeks and hated prissy over cool people like his self.

Of course the King loved himself.

Other than his best friends-Fionna Adventure and her sister Cake Adventure of Aaa along with the prince of the Fire kingdom Ignitus Brimstone made him even cooler to be around.

The Vampire king, a Human girl, the she-cat and the fire prince made Aaa Royalty School the best place to be!

Fionna and her sister got into the school for they were the only of their kind in Aaa.

Marshall Lee Fang was sitting at his desk with all his friends around when the teacher of science, Mr. Miller came in.

The vampire king looked up and thought he saw someone outside the door.

"Okay class...I know school started just four days ago but we have a new student already." The teach said and Ignitus yawned making ML snicker.

Mr. Miller walked over to the door and opened it.

That's when Marshall Lee got his first look at the new Prince.

He was dressed in a long pink shirt with leather dark pink pants that showed him off.

Black pointed shoe's and clean cut hair made him stand out, and the teens skin was slightly tinted to his favorite color.

Marshall Lee looked him up and down.

"This is Prince Gumball of the Candy Kingdom." Mr. Miller said.

"I've been there." Fionna whispered to the vampire king as she leaned back in her chair to him.

Takeing the pen the human girl was chewing on out of her mouth she looked at him.

"All the things in that land is made of sweets."

Marshall Lee also leaned back in his chair, He had once met the King and Queen of the Candy Kingdom...Never knew they had a son.

Gumball waved to the class and said-

"Nice to meet you."

But the class room seemed to be doing whatever.

With that, the pink teen walked to the front of the class room and sat next to Ignitus who sneered at him.

"What do you think you're doing?" The fire prince said glaring at him.

Gumball Looked back at the other royal.

"Is this seat taken?"

"Yeah! Anyone but you kid." Ignitus sneered again.

Gumball looked hurt for a moment but bounced back.

He sat up straight and said nicely.

"I like to be in the front, it's the best way to be a good student."

The pink teen folded his hands on the desk as the teacher started to talk again.

"Now...Who can tell me what-"

"This guy's a smuck!" Ignitus whispered to Marshall Lee.

"A nerd." The vampire king had labeled the new student.

Once the King had labeled someone they would be treated like what he says.

Nerd's and Geeks...Suffered the most in high school.

"I think he seems nice." Fionna said and Cake nodded.

"What! Have you looked at him? He's made of candy. The fire prince laughed the last part.

That's when Gumball looked at the foursome.

"I'm made of the best pink bubble gum in the lands of Aaa."

Marshall Lee looked at him with eye brows raised.

"Really man?"

"Yes...Man." The candy prince didn't like the way he said the last part, it wasn't him.

There was a moment that the two boys looked at each other.

Marshall Lee's tinted red eyes met Gumballs pink ones.

There was a sudden cough from Fionna as she had noticed the two looking at each other.

Looking back at his desk the pink teen listened to the teacher.

The vampire king laughed in his mind.

This was going to be a fun year with this new student around.

Walking in the hallways Marshall Lee and his three friends were walking around a corner of the school when the classic smacking into someone came in.

Both of them fell back on the carpet floor.

Papers crashed to the ground and someone cursed.

Marshall Lee put a hand on his head and Prince Gumball tried to clean up his papers as fast as he could.

"Oh Dear! Oh Dear!" The candy prince said over and over again.

Fionna and Cake helped the vampire king up.

Still scrambling to pick up his work PG was looked down on by Marshall Lee.

Stopping as a foot crashed on his hand as he tried to pick up one of his papers the pink teen looked up with fright as the four seniors looked at him.

"You know a rule we have around here..." Ignitus said with a sneer (He seemed to do that alot.) as he leaned down to the other prince.

"It's time for your great welcome Prince Gumball of the candy kingdom!"

Marshall Lee stood back as the fire royal picked up the younger one by his arm.

"Come on ML! Let's be old fashion and take out the trash." Ignitus said with a laugh.

The vampire king continued to float in the air as he thought about the last nerd thrashing his group has done.

"I don't think we should..." Fionna cut into the dead teens thoughts.

Gumball was horrified...His first day in school and he already had a band of students crashing on him for he was smart.

"Please don't! I don't want this." The candy prince whined.

Ignitus looked down at him.

"Shut up man! You piss me off in class by sitting by me then you crash into one of my friend and think I'm going to let it slide? I should burn you alive!"

The pink teen closed his eyes to escape to nowhere.

"I agree with Fionna." Marshall Lee's voice suddenly said and the fire prince looked over at him.

"Really Dude? You don't want to trash this guy?"

The vampire king nodded slowly.

Gumball opened his eyes again to see ML push Ignitus out of the way.

But before the king could help the prince get up the fire royal shoved him back to the ground.


He landed on his back and said softly-

"I'm sorry..."

Marshall Lee stud over the pink teen and stuck out his hand.

"It should be me to say sorry dude."

Gumball looked at the hand...

He grabbed it and the King helped him up.

Fionna walked over to the prince and asked.

"So? You okay?"

He nodded and said back-

"Yes, I am okay."

Cake looked at the candy royal.

"Whatever! I'm leavening." Ignitus suddenly said and walked away.

As the blaze of fire disappered, Marshall Lee looked at the fightend teen.

He was back on the ground picking up the rest of the papers.

"Yeah Marsh, Me and Cake got to leave." Fionna said as the vampire king bent down and helped the younger royal with cleaning the floor of his many notes.

"Okay...Bye guys." Was all Marshall Lee said.

With that the two girl's left down the hallway were there friend headed.

After picking up the last of the notes and giving them to the Candy prince the vampire king asked as they stood up.

"So...Prince Gumball, you'er knew here right?"

"Yes, indeed Marshall Lee the vampire king."

"Urm...You can just call me Marshall."

Starting to float again the pink teen gasped.

"You can fly!" He said along with his shock.

"You just noticed that man?"

With a nod the prince backed away.

"What's wrong?"

"Um...Your friend seem's nice." PG said looking away.

"Oh! You mean Ignitus? Well...He's just a bit...sore and all now that him and Fionna broke up."

Marshall Lee scratched the back of his head.

"So...May i call you Gumball?" He asked.

Looking at him the younger one shook his head.

"No...Prince is fine."

"But...There's like 100 Prince's in this school, can i at lest call you PG?"

"You are pushing it...Marshall." The prince said with a sigh.


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