He shouldn't have to see this. No one should be forced to watch someone they love be killed. Struck with the thought, Incarnis twisted the boy out around to face him, fingers tightly grasping his shoulders. The half-Sith took this chance to study the young Jedi's features, his eyes flickering over the boy's face. But he was struck by the anger and fear that were fighting there. Perhaps, indeed, Sidious was right, and this boy was ripe for the Dark Side...though Incarnis had been hoping it would not be so.

Incarnis looked into the boy's eyes again, intending to discern if there was anything that did not lead to darkness there. But he did not get his answer. Those eyes... They were blue. A striking blue, like the sky, but darker...and he had seen them before...

The world spun and shifted around him, colors blurring and changing... A desert. A silver ship. Sky without end. He was looking down at a small boy, who stood beneath his gaze, azure eyes oddly persistent. His eyes! Incarnis knew those eyes - the same shade as before. But now the the blue was rising around him, a deep and endless tide. Now he was staring up into the sky, half blinded by twin suns. Two figures were silhouetted there, one tall and purposeful, the other other seemed hopeful, hiding fear. A deep voice spoke.

"Hurry, Anakin!"

The cerulean sky shifted, becoming darker, darker. Black - shot through with flame. And he was burning. He tried to follow the figures, but they hurried past him, away from the flames. His own voice cried out, raw and strained. "Master! Don't leave me!" But what master was this? The fire intensified, robbing him of conscious thought. The pain became unbearable, and then faded slowly, leaving him trapped in a clear, hard world. He was surrounded by people, some old, some young, all with expressions of grief on their faces. It was dark, but all was stained with a fire's light. He turned. A funeral pyre. The tall figure rested amid the flames, slowly turning to ash. He was filled with an overwhelming sense of sadness. The fire rose up around him, shutting out the faces and the cool twilight beyond, leaving nothing but leaping red and absolute darkness. Pain welled up within him as shadow and flame flowed into a new dimension. Black and red patterns, swirling and stabbing across a twisted face. A red saber flashed in the blackness beyond. Incarnis stumbled backward, away from pain and despair. He whispered,' I killed you', without knowing why. The face hardened.

"Then die." The flames swallowed him.

Incarnis' eyes flew open. He was again kneeling on the cold stones of Cywr, (sp)and not staring into that horrible face. It was a vision, only a vision, he told himself. The half-Sith took a moment to breath, letting the pain flow away. But the boy, where is he?

Ah, with Dooku, of course. Incarnis turned his eyes away from the choking boy. There was nothing he could do. But there was something he could for the boy's master. Incarnis had felt a sort of respect for the Twi'lek, for certainly he had loved his padawan. And there had been no fear in his eyes when Dooku's saber came down. The red haired man frowned. It had not been part of Sidious' orders to kill the Twi'lek, only a cruel act by Dooku...to spite the boy? His feet carried him to the fallen Jedi, and Incarnis looked down on his calm face and almond shaped eyes. They would never see again.

He summoned the Force, lifting the fallen Jedi with effort. The least he could do was to see that the Jedi received a proper burial. A glance at his master showed him to be standing over the boy, potent anger creeping up his stony face.

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