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Klik= 1 minute

Joor= 3 hours

Cycle= 1 day

Breem= 1 week

Groon= 1 month

Stellar cycle= year

Meta cycle= 5 years

Deca cycle= 10 years

Orn= century

Vorn= 5 centuries

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Chapter 21

Ultra Magnus raced through the rows of houses that stood before he finally arrived at the house he had been searching for. He opened the door, flew in, and then leaped over the couch, where Ratchet was lying, to hide behind the couch.

A heavily sparked and surprised Ratchet grasped the side of the couch and hauled himself up to peer over the edge of the couch at the cowering mech. "Ultra Magnus, what in the seven levels of the Pit do you think you're doing?"

Ultra Magnus looked up at the medic. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm hiding."

"Ratchet, is somebot here?" Optimus asked from upstairs.

"Yes. Ultra Magnus just came barreling in and is currently hiding behind our couch." Ratchet replied before turning to set his pedes on the floor.

A moment later, Optimus entered the living room. "Magnus, why are you hiding?"

Ultra Magnus rose up and peered around the room nervously, as if he was expecting somebot to suddenly attack him, despite the fact that it had been five vorns since the war with the Decepticons had ended.

Optimus raised an optic ridge. "Magnus, what is going on?"

"I'm hiding from your son." Ultra Magnus stated.

Ratchet glanced back. "What did you do to piss Hot Rod off?"

Hot Rod, as it turned out, had inherited his carrier's temper, his carrier's aim, and his carrier's glares. Which meant that they had another mech that threw things when he was pissed. Hot Rod even threw wrenches just like his carrier did.

"I didn't do anything! That's the problem! And he's not acting like he's fragged off! I've never seen him act like this before!" Ultra Magnus sounded a bit panicky.

Ratchet winced at a particularly painful kick from the sparklings he was carrying.

Ultra Magnus failed to notice this. "Hot Rod just suddenly started trying to seduce me! In front of a crowd! And then he started chasing me! He's always been a bit enthusiastic in the berth, but this is ridiculous!"

Ratchet considered that a moment before he burst out laughing.

"This isn't funny!" Ultra Magnus snapped, forgetting the cardinal rule of NEVER shouting at a sparked mech, especially when that mech was Ratchet.

For once, Ratchet let it go. "Orion, you may wish to be grateful that I am already sparked."

Optimus chuckled. "Indeed. I don't have to go through this. Though Bluestreak and Smokescreen are going to be hit by this."

"What are you two talking about?!" Ultra Magnus snapped, getting irate.

Ratchet smiled at him. "Congratulations, Ultra Magnus. Hot Rod is in the middle of his first mating cycle."

Ultra Magnus's jaw dropped. "HE'S WHAT?!"
"I'd tone it down unless you want him to find you quickly." Optimus warned.

Ultra Magnus was quick to shut his mouth. After hearing what Ratchet had put Optimus through and seeing how Bluestreak acted in the middle of his second mating cycle, Ultra Magnus didn't particularly want to have Hot Rod bursting in the room and chasing him. "So, what do I do?"

"You have the same options any other bot does. Go ahead and spark him, run from him for six groon, or go into the depths of Earth's core and wait for six groon." Ratchet stated.

Ultra Magnus groaned.

Optimus raised an optic ridge. "What's the problem? Weren't you and Hot Rod considering starting your family?"

"Well, yes." Ultra Magnus admitted.

"Then stop standing around here, find him, drag him back to your quarters, and get started on sparking him already." Ratchet snapped.

Ultra Magnus glanced at him.

"No. I am not concerned about the fact that I'm telling you to drag my son to the berth. Now do it!" Ratchet snapped.

Ultra Magnus looked at Optimus.

"He's right. You heard what I did. You and Hot Rod are already bonded, Magnus. Go on. Trust me. You're better off just going ahead and sparking him." Optimus told him.

Ultra Magnus considered it a moment before throwing his hands up in the air. "Oh, what the slag! At least I won't look like a strut-less coward."

"Hey!" Optimus protested.

"Prowl's words, not mine." Ultra Magnus stated before leaving the Prime's quarters.

Optimus growled. "I'm going to mangle that stepson of mine."

Ratchet smiled. "Come on, Optimus. It's not that bad."

Optimus walked over and flopped on the couch. "Five vorn! That's how long it's been since that mating cycle, and I am still being teased and taunted over it! When are they going to let it go?!"

Ratchet reached over and rubbed his mate's shoulder. "Come on, Orion. It's probably the one time that any of them have seen you from anybot, even me. It's something they are not going to forget, just like no bot will forget the first time that Prowl decided to throw a party spontaneously."

Optimus chuckled. "Everybot about had a processor crash at that one, particularly at the fact that it was Jazz-worthy party."

Ratchet nodded his helm in agreement. "So, it's not a big deal."

Optimus sighed before stretching out to lay his helm in Ratchet's lap.

"Did you get your work done?" Ratchet asked.

"Yes, actually. I thought I'd be able to ask Hot Rod to take over for me while I stayed with you after our sparklings are born, though that may not be possible." Optimus replied.

Hot Rod, as it turned out, was the one destined to be the next Prime. Optimus had spent the last two vorn teaching Hot Rod all that he would need to know for when he became Prime.

"Well, you might still be able to. After all, it'll be another groon before these three decide to show themselves." Ratchet stated.


Ratchet winced at a rather painful kick. "Then again, the way they are acting, you may want to have another bot on standby just in case."

Optimus chuckled. "I think I will."

Ratchet leaned back against the couch. "How is it that all three times I have been sparked by you that I've ended up sparked with triplets each time?"

Optimus grinned. "I'm just that good?"

Ratchet glared lightly at him. "Then I wish that you would get good at just sparking me with twins. The carrying isn't too bad, but the labor is."

"Sorry, Ratch, but it's not like I can control that." Optimus stated. He chuckled. "I'm just glad that I haven't had to deal with another one of those mating cycles with you."

Ratchet laughed. "That's mainly because I've been sparked or far enough from those in the middle of mating cycles for them not to affect me." The medic reached out and started to gently stroke the Prime's finials.

Optimus always enjoyed when his mate would do this. He didn't know how, but there was something in the way his mate would stroke them that could either me relaxing and pleasant or extremely arousing. This time, it was relaxing.

The two mechs heard their door open.

"Sire! Carrier! You here?" a feminine voice called.

"In here, Stargazer." Ratchet called.

A moment later, a light blue femme with red streaks on his arms and helm walked into the room. "Am I interrupting?"

"Of course not. Ultra Magnus was just cowering in here." Ratchet replied.

Stargazer looked surprised as she sat down in the recliner. "Magnus? Cowering?" That was so NOT logical. She wasn't Prowl, but even she had trouble believing that.

Optimus laughed. "Hot Rod's in his first mating cycle."

"Oh!" Stargazer shook her helm. "I'm glad I won't have to deal with that for a while."

Stargazer had been sparked in a set of femme triplets. The three of them were only two vorn in age, so none of them would end up in a mating cycle for a while.

Stargazer laughed. "It explains why Red Cross told me that Roddy seemed to be stalking around."

Ratchet nodded. "I'm sure that it'll be fine."

"Hope so." Stargazer leaned back. "How are you doing, Carrier?"

"As well as a bot who only has about a groon of carrying left can feel." Ratchet answered.

"At least Roddy and Magnus are going to have the chance to get a little practice in." Stargazer stated.

"Indeed." Optimus then sat up. "Where is Storm Cloud? We haven't seen her in a few cycles."

Stargazer laughed. "Oh, she's been hanging around the Aerialbots a lot lately."

Ratchet sighed. "Does that translate to she's interested in one of them?"

Stargazer chuckled. "Yeah, but she won't admit it. Just infatuation right now."

"Suppose we shouldn't be too surprised. Storm Cloud is a Seeker, so she's going to end up attracted to other Seekers." Optimus stated.

"And Nova?" Stargazer asked.

"An exception to the rule." Optimus answered.

"Well, Carrier, it looks like everything is fine." Red Cross stated.

Red Cross, like Nova, had had an interest in the medical field from her youngling stellar cycles and had followed in her carrier's pedesteps in becoming a medic. She was training under First Aid as the medic had become an excellent one under Ratchet's tutelage.

"That's good to hear." Ratchet sighed as he reached up and rubbed his chest plates. "I just wish they'd decide to come already." He shook his helm. "It is no fun being sparked with triplets."
Red Cross smiled. She was a white and red femme with the medical sign on both of her shoulders. "Well, Carrier, they'll come when they come. You told Jazz that when he was carrying Melody."

"I know. I know." Ratchet sighed. "Well, things will be fine until I go into labor. I'm afraid my temper always gets the best of me then, and your sire turns into simpering coward."

Red Cross laughed. "Well, he is the one that kinda puts you in that position, Carrier."

"I am willing, though." Ratchet shook his helm as he turned to let his legs hang over the edge of the berth. "In any case, I should get going. I promised your sire that I would come and let him know how things went."

Red Cross nodded.

A loud groan came from another one of the examination rooms.

Ratchet raised an optic ridge.

"Roddy came in. First Aid was dealing with him. He wasn't sure how Roddy would react to all of this." Red Cross replied.

Ratchet sighed. "Something tells me that I had better go and talk to him." He got off of the berth.

"What about Sire?" Red Cross asked.

"I'll let him know. Don't worry about it." Ratchet replied as he left the room. He then contacted his mate through their bond. :Orion, everything is fine.:

:Can I assume you're not coming?: Optimus asked.

:No. Hot Rod is here, and it doesn't sound like he's too happy at the moment. I figured I'd better check in on him.: Ratchet replied.

:All right, love. I'll see you in a bit.: Optimus replied.

:All right, Optimus.: Ratchet walked into the room Hot Rod was in to find that his son was sitting on the edge of the berth with his face in his hands while Ultra Magnus stood off to the side, looking a bit uneasy.

"Um, Roddy. You know that we've talked about starting a family." Ultra Magnus tried.

"I know that, Magnus." Hot Rod moaned. "But I didn't want to start it in front of everybot that we live around!"

Ratchet chuckled.

Hot Rod raised his helm and looked at his carrier. "This isn't funny, Carrier!"

"I know it's not, Hot Rod, but I felt the same way when I was carrying you, Nova, and Ricochet. The only difference is that your sire ran from me for six groon. You want to talk about embarrassment." Ratchet walked over and gently patted his son on the shoulder. "Trust me, Hot Rod. You're blessed compared to what happened when I was in the mating cycle."

"Indeed." Ultra Magnus chuckled. "That was quite a sight. You jumping Optimus in the middle of the rec room on multiple occasions had to be my favorite." He smirked. "Or maybe when you jumped him in the middle of the base for anybot to see."

Ratchet froze. He might be an old mech, but he wasn't so old that he was losing his processors. And he was very certain that Ultra Magnus hadn't been on earth when he was in the middle of his mating cycle. "Magnus, how did you know that?"

Ultra Magnus looked at Ratchet in confusion before he realized what he had let slip. His expression went from amusing to horrified. He instantly raised his hands as he backed up. "Now, Ratchet. Calm down. No harm was meant."

Ratchet's optics narrowed on his son-in-law. "Ultra Magnus, how did you know that?"

Hot Rod was rather shocked, but had quickly scooted back on the berth, wary of his carrier when he was angry Particularly when he was angry while sparked.

Ultra Magnus decided that the truth was better for his health. He wanted to live to see his creations, after all. "Jazz showed me after I arrived on Earth. He said you had ordered all footage destroyed, but he kept some. Optimus said to make sure you didn't know-"

"ORION KNEW?!" Oh, Ratchet was going to kill him.

SCRAP! "Ratchet, please calm down." Ultra Magnus had backed against the wall while Hot Rod and First Aid were on the other side of the room out of the line of fire. "It was a long time ago. When I first got to Earth, actually."

"Orion knew that long and never told me that you knew! I'll kill him!" Ratchet was really pissed off. He wasn't pissed off so much at the fact that Ultra Magnus had seen the footage, but more so at the fact that Optimus had never bothered to tell him.

"I believe my sire is going to die a slow, painful death." Hot Rod muttered.

"Better him than us." First Aid replied. He was rather glad that Ratchet was on berth rest now, though, since it meant that Ratchet would be difficult to deal with at the moment.

"I can't believe this! All this time, and he didn't tell me!" Ratchet snarled.

Ultra Magnus would die by Optimus's hands if Ratchet didn't kill the Prime first.

Ratchet was prepared to open their bond and let his mate have it then and there, but a sharp pain went through the medic, and he doubled over, reaching out and grabbing the berth as he fell to his knees.



The three bots ran to the medic's side.

Red Cross ran into the room and was shocked to see her carrier on his knees with the other three bots surrounding him. She rushed forward, shoving past her older brother, and knelt down by her carrier. "What's going on?"

Ratchet winced and barely suppressed his cry of pain at what he knew was a contraction. "Labor." It was the only word that the medic could mange through the pain.

"Scrap! He's gone into labor!" First Aid looked back. "Hot Rod! Ultra Magnus! Out now!"

The two mechs wasted no time in getting out of the room at the very Ratchet-like order from First Aid.

"Red Cross, help me get Ratchet to the berth." First Aid stated.

Red Cross nodded and helped First Aid get Ratchet to his feet. "He wasn't supposed to have them for another groon."

"I know, but he'll be fine. Trust me." First Aid replied.

Ratchet vented roughly. "Orion."

"Oh, right. We need to get Optimus here now." First Aid said. He wondered vaguely if Ratchet would kill Optimus before or after the sparklings were born.

Optimus was busy working on some of his reports, trying to get them done. He wanted to get as much of his work done before Ratchet had their sparklings, and he went on leave for a while. No need in leaving Prowl and Hot Rod with a lot of work.

"Hi, Sire!"

Optimus looked up and smiled at Nova, who was holding her twin sparkling Seekers, Black Hawk and Starstreak. "What are you doing here, Nova?"

"Oh, Blaster had a job as the DJ at a party today, so it's just me. Thought you'd like to see your grandsons." Nova walked into the office.

"Of course I would, Sweetspark." Optimus always made time for his family, no matter what he had going on.

Nova walked over and handed his grandsons to him.

Black Hawk and Starstreak were Optimus's first grand-creations. At least ones that shared energon with him. Nightwalker, Shadowblade, Windblazer, and Kickstart were also his grand-creations. As were Melody, who was Jazz and Prowl's orn-old daughter, and Camshaft and Five Speed, Smokescreen and Hot Shot's second set of twins. Optimus had considered them all his grand-creations and always would.

Black Hawk and Starstreak were rather thrilled to be in their grand-sire's arms, chirping and clicking happily at the Prime.

Optimus smiled. "It's hard to believe that they are already so big."
Nova laughed. "I can remember you saying that when we were growing up." She snickered. "I guess you're going to end up saying that again with the three that Carrier's sparked with now."
"Probably." Optimus chuckled. "All of you simply grow up far too fast for my liking."

"I know what you mean." Nova sat down in the chair across from the Prime. "I think that now, too." She shook her helm. "It doesn't seem like they should be three stellar cycles yet."

Optimus chuckled. "I know."
A moment later, the door to Optimus's office opened, and Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus rushed in.

"Hey, Roddy. Magnus finally spark ya up?" Nova asked with a smirk. She just loved tormenting her brother.

"Not now, Nova." Hot Rod snapped before turning to Optimus. "Sire, you need to get to the infirmary right now."

Optimus raised an optic ridge. "Why, Hot Rod?" If somebot in the infirmary had pissed Ratchet off and was currently on the receiving end of his temper, there wasn't a chance in the Pit that Optimus was going anywhere near the infirmary. That bot was on their own.

"Because Carrier's in there, and he's gone into labor." Hot Rod replied.

Optimus was on his feet, had given Black Hawk and Starstreak back to Nova, and was out the door in less than five astroseconds.

"Last time I saw Optimus move that fast was the last time Ratchet was royally slagged off at him and was chasing Optimus with a wrench in hand." Ultra Magnus stated. He then looked at his mate. "Think we should have mentioned the fact that Ratchet's slagged off at him?"

"Maybe, but it'll be better off for us to keep our mouths shut and let Carrier tell Sire in his own way." Hot Rod replied.

Nova looked at them curiously. "So, why is Carrier mad at Sire?"

"Oh, Magnus let it slip that Jazz still had recordings of when Carrier chased Sire during that mating cycle of his, and Carrier's mad at Sire because Magnus also let it slip that Sire knew that the recordings still existed and didn't tell him." Hot Rod replied.

Nova grimaced. "Well, Sire's had it."

"Yeah." Hot Rod agreed.

Ultra Magnus sighed. "Yeah, and I've had it the moment that Ratchet has the sparklings."

Hot Rod and Nova, well versed with their carrier's temper, knew that he was right. Ratchet was going to kill Optimus, Ultra Magnus, and probably Jazz.

Ratchet barely bit back his scream as another painful contraction wracked his frame. Even after giving birth three times before this, the medic still could not adjust to just how painful it was. Although the medic knew that the pain was just going to get a whole lot worse.

First Aid glanced at Red Cross. :Are you sure that you want to do this, Red Cross? I would understand if you prefer not to aid me since this is your carrier we're talking about. I can get Jolt or Perceptor in here to help me.:

Red Cross shook her helm. :No, First Aid. I want to help.:

First Aid nodded before turning back to Ratchet. "All right, Ratchet. It's very early, so-"

Ratchet vented air roughly. "I know, Aid. I've got a while." He couldn't stop the cry of pain. "Now get my slagging mate in here!"

First Aid and Red Cross both jumped at the angered shout. Primus! That mech could strike fear into just about any bot he wanted to.

A moment later, Optimus rushed into the room. He completely ignored the fact that First Aid and Red Cross were in the room as he dashed to his mate's side. "I came as soon as Hot Rod told me."

Ratchet glared at his mate.



"Ow!" Optimus rubbed his cheek strut from where he was on his aft on the floor. "Ratchet, what was that for?"

"For not telling me Jazz still had footage of what happened while I was still in the middle of the mating cycle! And for not telling me that Ultra Magnus had seen it!" Ratchet snarled.

Optimus cringed. What a time for Ratchet to find out about that. During labor when the medic had an even greater reason to cause bodily harm to him.

"When did you find out, Carrier?" Red Cross asked.

Ratchet growled.

Optimus cringed before opening his bond with his daughter. :Red Cross, please! Your carrier already wants to kill me! If you let him know that all of you knew about that, or even worse, have seen it, I am not going to live very long!: Optimus told her.

:Sorry, Sire.: Red Cross replied.

Optimus hauled himself off of the floor before casting a glance at First Aid.

"Early. He's got a while before he'll be able to deliver them." First Aid explained.

Ratchet knew it, and he really hated that fact.

Optimus nodded. That meant that it was going to be a really long cycle.

"How long has Ratch been in labor now?" Ironhide asked. He was sitting in the rec room with Hot Rod, Wheeljack, and Stargazer.

"About seven joor now." Hot Rod shivered. "Last time I went to check, Carrier was threatening to rip Sire's spark out."

"Yeah. You'll be the one making those threats to Ultra Magnus in about eighteen groon, Roddy." Springer stated as he walked into the room. The green mech was Ironhide and Chromia's son who was also Hot Rod's best friend.

"Don't remind me." Hot Rod muttered.

Ironhide leaned back. 'Mia's been sparked four times, and I gotta say that I'm glad she ain't been in labor for more than five joor at a time. Ratch was in labor with Stargazer, Storm Cloud, and Red Cross for nearly thirty-six joor." Ironhide shook his helm. "Wasn't sure Prime was going ta be in one piece after that one."

"Better him than you, right, Sire?" Springer asked as he sat down next to Hot Rod.

"Exactly." Ironhide agreed.

"Well, I know Ratch, and he'll be just fine. Might scare the slag out of Prime with all the threatenin' and yellin' he does, but Prime'll be fine." Wheeljack laughed. "His biggest problem is figurin' out if Ratch is serious about his threats or if it's the pain that talking. I know that's what happened with Sky."

All the other bots nodded in agreement on that.

Ratchet barely stopped himself from screaming at the painful contraction, but he wasn't able to stop the small whimper that escaped from him. He also squeezed his mate's hand so hard that Optimus's hand had some dents in it.

Optimus winced, but said nothing. He reached out and gently rubbed his mate's shoulder. "It shouldn't be that much longer, Ratchet."

Ratchet glared at his mate. "You said that six times when I was in labor the last time, Orion! And I was in labor for thirty-six joor then!"

Optimus wondered if he would be better off simply keeping his mouth shut.

Red Cross happened to walk in at that moment. "You're better off keeping your mouth shut, Sire."

"I know. I know." One of these cycles, Optimus would remember to keep his mouth shut when his mate was upset with him. Or in labor as that was the case this time around.

Red Cross did the usually check on Ratchet and found that he was nowhere near ready for delivery. "Sorry, Carrier, but-"

"I know. I know." Ratchet groaned. "Another thirty-six hour labor."

Red Cross smiled. "Don't worry, Carrier. It'll be fine." She then left to let First Aid know the progress, or lack thereof, that Ratchet had made.

Ratchet let his helm fall back against the berth. "Primus! I wish that they would hurry up and come already."

Optimus wasn't sure what to say or do at that point. Hr continued to run Ratchet's shoulder. "Is there anything that I can do?"

"Yeah. Think you could relieve some of the tension in my back?" Ratchet asked.

When Ratchet had been in labor for so long the last time, the two had found out that the Prime could help ease the pain in Ratchet's back some by massaging the medic's lower back and using electromagnetic waves as well.

Optimus was just glad to be able to do something to help ease the pain his mate was in. "Of course, Ratchet." He helped his mate sit up before the Prime moved so that he was partially behind Ratchet, allowing the medic to lean back against him. He then started to gently moved his hands over Ratchet's back at the same time he used the waves to ease the pain.

It didn't help a whole lot, but at least this took away some of the pain that he was in.

Prowl was currently going through the reports that littered Optimus's desk. He was putting them into two piles: the ones that Optimus had gotten to and the ones that he had yet to get to. Since Optimus was with Ratchet, Prowl knew that it would be a while before Optimus got back to work.

"How much do we have to do, Prowl?"

Prowl glanced up to see his younger brother standing in the door. "I admit that Optimus has kept very up to date with his work. There's not a whole lot that we're going to have to do at the moment."

Hot Rod nodded before walking on into the room. "Well, I'm sure we can handle it." He smiled. "Which do you think Sire would prefer: being snarled at by Carrier while in labor or doing reports?"

Prowl considered that a moment. "Most would think he'd prefer to do the reports, but I know better than anybot just how much Optimus hates reports, so I'd say he'd rather be where he is right now." Prowl smiled. "Congratulations, by the way."

Hot Rod smiled. "Thanks." He rubbed the back of his helm as he sat down in the chair across from Prowl. "I've got to admit that I'm a little scared. I mean, I know Magnus is going to be there, but-"

Prowl chuckled. "I think all first-time creators are worried and scared, Hot Rod. I know I was when Jazz and I had Bluestreak. And I've noticed that with all first time creators, whether they are the sire or the carrier." The black and white mech smiled. "And I'm sure you'll be fine, Hot Rod. It'll just be like with the rest of us. Every little thing and you're going to be coming Carrier in a panic."

"Did you?" Hot Rod asked.

"With Bluestreak, yes. Carrier once said he got as little recharge as we did, and he didn't even live in the same house as Bluestreak." Prowl replied.

"So I won't seem crazy to him." Hot Rod stated.

"Nope." Prowl laughed. "Although he'll be getting as little recharge as you will anyway since he and Optimus will already have three that they are taking care of."

Hot Rod laughed. "Guess so." He shook his helm. "How does Sire manage to spark Carrier with triplets each time?"

"I don't know, but if he winds up sparked with three a fourth time, I fear that Optimus may not live to see their birth." Prowl stated.

"I know Magnus wouldn't live." Hot Rod stated. He knew he was having twins, and he was praying that neither spark decided to split on him.

"Nor would I. Jazz would murder me, particularly if all three ended up with my frame type." Prowl smiled. "Melody was a lot easier on him since she inherited his smaller frame type."

Hot Rod nodded in agreement, wondering if the sparklings he would carrying would have his frame type of Ultra Magnus's. He was hoping that they got his frame type since Ultra Magnus was a bit bigger than he was.

After a full forty-eight joor worth of labor, for which Ratchet came close to murdering his mate, he finally gave birth to the triplets, with two mechs and one femme.

Ratchet was thoroughly exhausted and probably would have cursed his mate had he had the energy to spare. He had his recharging daughter in his arms. She was entirely dark blue and had inherited her sire's finials. They had named her Nightfall.

Optimus held their two sons. One was chartreuse and blue, a mixture of his creators' colors, with Ratchet's facial structure. He was called Blade Runner. The other sparkling was completely red with doorwings. He was called Blaze.

"Well, they're here now." Optimus stated.

"I know, and I'm glad." Ratchet sighed. "And I thought labor was bad the last time." He shook his helm. "These three just didn't want to come."

Optimus smiled. "Well, they're here, and you don't have to worry about it for a while." He glanced down at his sons. "I suppose we're going to need to introduce them to their siblings."

"It's late, Orion, and I just want to rest. That can wait until tomorrow." Ratchet sighed. "Besides, I highly doubt that any of them are going to mind waiting another day to meet them."

Optimus nodded in agreement. "You're right." Besides, he could always go with having a bit of time alone with his mate and creations before all of the others came.

Red Cross knew that her creators needed some time alone with her new siblings. She didn't mind it, though she had a feeling that her other siblings would have issues with it. She knew that they wanted to see them.

"Oh, come on, Cross. Why not?" Storm Cloud asked. She really wanted to see her creators and her siblings now.

"Storm Cloud, Carrier was in labor for forty-eight joor. He's exhausted. If he's not in recharge now, he will be soon. And the sparklings are most likely in recharge. We wake them, they are going to cry, which means-" Red Cross was cut off.

"That Carrier is going to come out of recharge, and he won't be happy." Prowl stated.

"And when Carrier's not happy, Sire's really not happy since Sire's the one who always takes the bunt of Carrier's anger, whether Sire's at fault or not." Ricochet added.

"Which also means we're all slagged because we're going to have Carrier and Sire both slagged off at us." Stargazer finished.

Red Cross nodded. "Let's save ourselves a lot of grief and just wait until tomorrow. I'm sure they'll be happy to let us see them then."

"Better that way, actually. No need in pissing Carrier off." Smokescreen snickered. "Besides, this means we'll get to see the grand-creators go nuts over them."

"And we'll get to see Carrier gets irate with them." Nova added.

"Well, we'll see them tomorrow, so why don't we all go get some rest." Hot Rod suggested.

None of them argued that and went to their respective homes to get some recharge before seeing their new siblings the next cycle.

Ratchet had just finished feeding Blade Runner, the last of the three new sparklings to be fed, when all of his creations and his and Optimus's creators decided that it was time to show up to see their creators and, more importantly, their new siblings.

"Oh, they are so cute!" Stargazer squealed as she looked at her newborn siblings.

"So, what are their designations?" Starlight asked, smiling at her new grand-creations.

"This is Blade Runner." Ratchet said, indicating the sparkling that he was currently holding in his arms. "The femme is Nightfall, and the other mech is Blaze."

Nightfall was in a sound recharge in her sire's arms, blissfully unaware of the large crowd that had gathered in the medical room that they were in.

Blaze and Blade Runner were both online, though, and they were very aware of the large crowd. The two mechlings weren't sure what to make of all these bots that they didn't know, but both could feel through the bond with their creators that their creators were at ease with them, so the two mechlings interpreted that as being safe with them.

"So, are you two ready to be kept up all night again?" Nova asked. She had become well acquainted with being up all night as neither of hers wanted to recharge through the night for the first stellar cycle.

"Might as well be." Ratchet smiled. "This is the third time that we've done this, so I think that we'll be fine."
Optimus nodded in agreement. "If we could survive it the first time, then I think that we can manage it this time."
Ricochet, Hot Rod, and Nova were a bit surprised to hear that.

"What was so bad about us?" Nova asked.

"At least one of you was up at all joor of the night. We weren't able to recharge much for the first two stellar cycles." Optimus answered.

"The pains of being a creator to newborns." Alpha Trion missed.

"You're really not helping me at the moment." Hot Rod was already nervous enough as it was, and this wasn't helping his nerves at all.

Ratchet smiled at his son. "Don't worry, Hot Rod. You'll be fine." He chuckled. "You'll probably just do like your sister and comm us at all joor of the night with questions or in a panic."

Nova looked embarrassed while the others laughed.

"Don't be embarrassed, Nova." Ratchet smirked at Prowl. "Prowl and Jazz were coming me virtually every with questions and sometimes in a panic over what turned out to be nothing."

"Yes. I have already told Hot Rod this." Prowl wasn't embarrassed at the fact that he had disturbed his carrier a great deal when Bluestreak had been a sparkling.

"You'll be fine, Hot Rod. All new creators are worried and scared, but it turns out all right in the end." Optimus assured his son.

Hot Rod hoped that they were right.

Ratchet was stretched out across his and Optimus's berth while his mate was checking on their new creations. The medic was glad to be back in his own quarters now.

Optimus walked back in a moment later. "They're in recharge."

"For now." Ratchet muttered.

Optimus smiled as he walked over and sat down on the berth, gently rubbing his mate's back. "I'm sure we'll be fine, Ratchet."

"I know. We're both just going to suffer from a lack of recharge for a while." Ratchet stated.

"Normal, Ratchet." Optimus reminded him.

Ratchet rolled over and sat up. "I know. I feel a bit better once I'm not so sore and tired from giving birth." The medic shook his helm. "I am happy to have them, Orion."

"I know, Ratchet." The Prime knew that Ratchet would never regret having any of his creations. "It is taxing to have to care for sparklings while you're still recovering from giving birth to them. That's why I always take time off afterwards to help you."

Ratchet smiled. "And I appreciate it."

Optimus then leaned down and pressed a kiss to Ratchet's lips. Ratchet sighed in appreciation as he wrapped his arms around his mate's neck and pulled him closer. Optimus then slipped his arms around Ratchet's waist to pull the chartreuse medic closer to him.

A loud pierced the silence then.

Optimus pulled with his own groan. "And so it begins."

Ratchet chuckled. "Not like we could do anything like that right now anyway."

"I know." Optimus moved off of the berth. "I'll get whoever it is." He then headed back to the nursery.

Ratchet knew that he and his mate were going to lose a lot of recharge and a lot of time alone in the cycles to come. But he knew that he would enjoy raising these three with Optimus just like he had enjoyed raising their last two sets of triplets together and just like he would enjoy raising their future creations together.

He just hoped that the next set wasn't a set of triplets.

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