The Graveyard Alchemist

Chapter One

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Summary: Anna Lily Potter was also known as the Graveyard Alchemist, had time jumped when she was younger. Till this day, she has no memory of what happened to her before coming to Amestris. Until one day, her mysterious past comes back to haunt her.

Sitting on a train which was headed toward the Eastern City where her comrade, Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, was station, was the feared Graveyard Alchemist, Anna Potter. She got that nickname from her time in Ishvalan War with the others. Even though her alchemy is based on creation and destruction, she had habit of each time that she killed someone; she would pull their bodies into the ground and leave a tombstone behind. For some reason, that person's name, date of birth, and date of death always appeared. She still remembers the war like it was just yesterday. Anna remembers how the war got started in the first place; in fact, it was one of her men that was accused of killing that young girl. But she knew it was not him as he was with her for the whole day, never went out of her sight that day. It was sad to see him resign as he was a good soldier, but it was necessary.

During the war, Anna made sure to go out of her way to make sure that the women and children escaped safely and was not killed. She even had some of their men go with them to make sure that nothing terrible happened to them.

After the war was finished, Fuhrer Bradley personally funded her project that not only is a way for her search for her lost memory, but also to see if the country was doing as well as they hoped it is. And also without the Fuhrer's knowledge, she checks up on the refuges' camps and make sure that everyone was doing okay. Unlike most military dogs, she is sort of welcomed into the camps as it was common knowledge that it was her doing that most women, children, and the elderly escaped safely from the war zone. She also made sure that they had supplies that they may need.

The reason why Anna Potter was going back to the East City was there are some pretty wild rumors going on there and she wanted to make sure that they were not true. According to rumors, Central Alchemist Headquarters is now station in Eastern City, because of some serial killer that was named Scar, and the other rumor was that Homunculi was reported to sighted. Plus, Anna had the feeling that something big is going to happen soon in that city and in case that gut feeling was right, she wants to be there to help stop it.

(Scene Break)

"Headmaster, I believe that I have found Anna Potter," Mrs. Figg said as she looked at the Headmaster through the fireplace in her home.

The Headmaster's blue eyes began to twinkle for the first time since he and the others found out that little Anna Potter was missing. He blamed himself when they all found out that Anna was being severely abused by her so called family. Even Professor Severus Snape stopped his comments about Anna being spoiled and being a clone of her father and Albus believes that Professor Snape would now get to know Anna before judging her.

Albus asked, "Where is she?"

Mrs. Figg looked at him unsure, before answering, "I know its her as the picture with her in it, she has the lightning bolt scar on her forehead. But she looks older than sixteen. My cousin sent me a history book of Amestris the other day and there in it was a section of famous war heroes and on one of the pages was the name Anna Potter, and it had a close up picture of her face. And there it was the scar. So I called you immediately."

"Thank you for the wonderful news, Mrs. Figg. I will be coming over in a moment to pick up that book," Headmaster Dumbledore said before saying goodbye to Mrs. Figg. He called a house elf and told her to have Professors Snape and McGonagall come to his office immediately and he will be right back shortly.

(Scene Break)

Professor Snape put the book down after he was finish reading the short paragraph on Anna Potter, the Ishvalan War Veteran. He was sadden that Anna Potter had to fight on the front lines in the war that lasted for almost a decade. (AN: I am sorry, but I don't know how long that war had lasted so I made a time. Please forgive me if I am wrong.) After finding about the abuse that she went through before she disappeared when she was six years old, he wanted to find her and make sure that she was well taken care of. But this was the last thing that anyone would expect to happen.

Professor McGonagall was having similar thoughts; even after all of these years since little Anna was discovered missing. She never really forgave the Headmaster for placing her with the Dursleys. But new anger towards the Headmaster began to rise when she learned that little Anna fought in the war and it was a recent war too. So the pain, scars (mentally and physical) were still fresh, and memories are still there, Anna haven't had enough time to let those healed and fade away. Soon, she would be dragged into their own war. It was not fair, it was just not fair. But there was one question that she wanted to asked when she first laid eyes on her picture.

"Albus, why does Anna Potter look like she is around twenty five years old? Shouldn't she be sixteen years old instead?"

Albus stroked his long beard as he thought, then he remembered the symbol that was drawn on the blacktop with white chalk. He looked at his duty headmistress and said, "Remember the symbol that was drawn on the ground where Anna was last been. Somehow, I did not recognized it, but now that I think back on it. Anna somehow came across alchemy and decided to try it out and it took her back in time."

Snape just frowned as he thought it over, but McGonagall sat even straighter than before as she exclaimed, "Alchemy! Are you sure Albus? How would a child who was six years old, gets a hold to something like that and then performs it? From what little that I understand of it, some people are born with the ability to do alchemy, its very much like being born with magic."

Snape then added, "Anna must have very good control when she drew the symbol. I take that we are going to try and find her after the school is done, Headmaster? Have you told this to Black since he is still looking for her as we speak?"

Albus replied, "Yes, after the school year is finish, we will try and track her down before Tom finds out where she has been and tries to kill her. No, I have not told Sirius yet as he is still not back from wherever he is, but I will try contacting him as soon as possible."

(Scene Break)

Even though Amestris is a sort of small country, it still takes a couple of days to travel from one end of it to the other by train. Finally, after traveling for a couple of days, she was finally to where she was to be.

"Welcome to East City. May you have a wonderful time during your stay!" The conductor said over the loud speaker.

Anna picked up her backpack and started on her way to the Alchemists' Headquarters in the city. Always travel light that way you can go anywhere you want without being weighed down by junk. As she made her way, it began to rain, getting her button up short sleeve shirt and her black slacks wet. Half way there, the ground shook and then there was a small explosion. Running toward the explosion, when she reached there, she saw a body of armor, a blonde haired boy trying to defend himself from an Ishvalan.

Anna saw the markings on the Ishvalan's arm and knew it stand for destruction as she too, has similar markings on her arms. She does not usually care who saw them or not. They are apart of her no matter what. When she saw the man go for the killing blow, she threw down her backpack next to the armor and put herself between the boy and the man.

"DAMN IT!" Anna shouted as her left arm was blown off, leaving her with only the right arm to fight with.

Before anyone could do anything, a giant stone fist came shooting out of the wall and almost hit the Ishvalan. Turning around, Anna saw the one person that she thought she would not see for a few more days.

"Hello, Alex. Its wonderful to see you again even during this." Anna said as she smiled at the giant man. Alex was also another comrade of her that fought during the war. He did not change much since the last time that she saw the man.

"Hello, Anna. Its good to see you as well. Please forgive me, I have make this man pay for destroying your arm," Alex replied. Anna groaned as she saw stars mysteriously appearing around his face and also from the pain of the missing arm.

While Alex was dealing with the Ishvalan, Anna turned to the blonde boy who she just saved his life, she asked, "So who are you? And why is that man after you?"

The boy grimaced at the pain that he was feeling, before answering, "I'm Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist and that suit of armor is my brother, Alphonse Elric. Scar is after any and all State Alchemists."

Edward passed out as there was another explosion that rocked the ground. When the dust settled, she saw Roy and some other officers coming their way. Roy suddenly stopped in his tracks when he saw her; Anna smiled and said, "Long time no see, Flame. I would love to chat, but I believe that I'm about pass out due to the blood loss."

True to her word, she passed and the last thing that she saw, Roy was bending over her body and was trying to stop the bleeding.

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