The Graveyard Alchemist

Chapter 4: Changes are in the air

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(Scene Break)

Last Time…

Pinako stared at the young woman beside her and saw that age look on her face that was only present on those who returned from the war. It was sad to see such a young person already tired of the world and its doings.

"Do you know why he did it?" Pinako questioned.

Anna answered, "Yes. I was told by the other patients that Scar had lost his arm during a short battle and his brother sacrificed his arm and gave it to his brother, Scar. The arm has marking for the power of destruction. I guessed that those markings messed with his mind as he was not used to that. So with the combination of the battle and the alchemy, it was too much for him and he lost his mind for a short period of time."

Pinako lit her pipe and said, "Its so sad for all of you young folks to go through war and came out of it more damage than before. Are you going to Winrey the truth?"

Anna sighed, "Someday, when I am sure that she won't go out for revenge. Someday."

Pinako nodded and they just sat there looking at the stars. Both of them that saw too much of the bad in the world.

(Scene Break)

Present Time…

Eastern City…

With Albus Dumbledore…

Albus was sitting in one of the usual overstuff armchairs he usually conjures, thinking and planning his next moves. It was so surprising how easily people could be misled, but most of them were just sheep, not wanting to think for themselves. All of his plans were ruined now and all because of that stupid Potter girl. He had so many plans for her and now this is what happens. He should have kept a closer eye on the girl before she disappeared and then maybe this could have been stopped. He had tried to get the location of Potter from the Fury's mind, but he was blocked by so anger that it sort of scared him that a person could hold onto that amount of anger. So he tried to sneak into the mind of Anna's commanding officer, Roy Mustang, but he was blocked by a huge wall of extremely hot flames.

Anna Potter should have grown up with her Aunt and Uncle, who would have abused her and then when the girl turned eleven and got her Hogwarts letter. He would have sent Hagrid to introduce her to the wizardry world. Hagrid, then would have made it look like Albus was her savior for getting her out of her abusive home and that she would have looked up to him and do what he said without question and all because Anna would have felt like she owed him. And also Hagrid would have turned her against Slytherin and anything that would be considered dark. And during her first year, she would have made friends with Ronald Weasley, who would keep her from being too friendly with anyone outside of Gryffindor and also, keep her from gaining too much knowledge about the magical world and later his family.

And through her years at Hogwarts, he, of course, would set up some life threatening tests for the girl to face and he would come at the last minute and as he came in like a savior would, saving her and make her loyal to him even more and then she would be easier to mold. Then when she enters her fifth year, she would be fed small doses of a love potion that would have her fall in love with Ronald. And when she finally faces Tom and then if both die at each other's hand, the Potter fortune would go to the Weasley Family, but if she did not die, he would step up and kill her, while claiming that she was turning dark and was becoming the next Dark Lord. And no one would question him and her fortune would still go to the Weasleys.

But now that was all ruined and all because that little brat had to come across alchemy somehow and summon something powerful like a Gate or something of that nature. It did not really matter to him what she had summon. Now that the brat is older than she should have been, she will be a lot harder to mold into a Gryffindor martyr, but once she sees his grandfather act, she would listen to him as it never failed him before. And then Anna Potter would become a martyr one way or another.

(Scene Break)

With Severus Snape…

In a hotel somewhere in Eastern City was a pacing Severus Snape. Severus was not a very happy man, due to what happened yesterday, someone had put a spell on him that made him hate Anna Potter immediately and he had not even notice that there was even a spell put on him until yesterday. Luckily, he was able to break its hold on him without any problems or letting caster know that he had broken it.

It did not take too many guesses to know who placed the spell like that on him. And he would not put it passed Headmaster Dumbledore to do something like that. Ever since becoming a spy for that old geezer, he was forced to stand on the sidelines and watch the old man destroy countless lives for his so called 'Greater Good'. And he could not do anything, because the old bastard could say the word and he would be Azkaban faster then a second. But in reality that so called 'Greater Good' was just used for the Headmaster's own personal gain and it hardly benefited anyone else.

Albus Dumbledore may act like a grandfather that truly cares about everyone else, but that was just an act or rather a mask. Snape knew that the Headmaster took out classes that were extremely necessary to have out of Hogwarts for his gain and blamed it on budget cuts, which was never true. He even subtly encouraged the other three houses to bully Slytherin and make them look like the bad guys.

Severus collapsed in a nice comfortable armchair, not like the overstuff ones that the Headmaster conjures. He smirked to himself, as he remembers the one time that someone, like Madam Bones, went behind the Headmaster's back and did something that ruined at least half of the Headmaster's plans. It came to Madam Bones' attention (through Rita Skeeter's digging through files AGAIN) that the one Sirius Black was thrown into prison without a trail on the word of Albus Dumbledore. So Minister Fudge granted Sirius Black a trial (only because Rita threatened to go public with the knowledge AGAIN) and did behind the Headmaster's back. The Headmaster found this out a bit too late and he had personally witnessed the temper tantrum that came from the Headmaster when he found out.

Severus knew that he would have to keep an eye on Anna Potter, whenever she is around the Headmaster. And personally hoped that she did not act like her blasted no good, girl stealing (in Severus' eyes, Potter stole Lily from him) father. But with her being in the government military and had gone through from the sound of it, a very bloody war at a very young age. Apparently, from what he had read in that book that led them to Potter, she was barely in her teens when she was forced to become one of the several main high ranking soldiers on the front lines. Miss Potter should be able to see through the Headmaster's grandfather act very quickly like the Fury and Roy Mustang did. Now all he has to do is to wait and watch and do the best that he could to protect Lily's daughter from the Headmaster. It was the least he could do for Lily and he promised that he would do it on her grave.

(Scene Break)

Evening the next day in Resembool…

Anna Potter was lying motionless in bed, trying to get over the most unbearable pain that she had ever felt. And she swore never to have a limb blown off again as she could not handle this again. the surgery to attach the nerves in her arm or rather shoulder to the automail was one of the few things that she would never wished on her worst enemy… well, maybe on Scar, so he would at least hopefully, think twice about blowing someone's limb off. Anna could not even have any pain killers or that wonderful knock out gas as that would mess up her nervous system and then they would not be able to tell if they had done it properly.

Suddenly, Alex came into her room, pulling her out of her thoughts, and said, "Roy is asking to talk to you on the phone. He says its very extremely important and can not wait."

Anna sighed and asked Alex with puppy dog eyes, "Very well. Can you carry me to the phone please? Don't think that I can walk any time soon on my own."

Alex beamed with extremely happiness as little shiny stars appeared around his face, exclaimed loudly, "Of course, my dear Anna. The Armstrong Family is known to carry something twice our weight."

Anna twitched at Alex saying that she was fat and weighed twice as much as Alex, but she did not say anything.

Anna was just grateful that Alex was gentle with her since basically every move causes her pain. Finally, Alex set Anna down on the couch that is right next to the phone.

"It better be very important, Roy," 'Or else' was left unsaid, but they could hear it anyways.

"Its very important, Anna," Roy spoke into the phone. "There was a group of people here, looking for you."

Anna felt very annoyed now and was ready to hop on a train and go and kill Roy for this stupid reason, so she snapped angrily, "There are a lot of people looking for me…"

Roy interrupted her by saying, "These people knew of you before you came to Amestris through the Gate of Truth. And apparently, due to the actions of the Gate, you had traveled back through time. You should be at least fifteen years old instead of being twenty eight years old. By the way, why didn't you tell me how you really lost your memories?"

Anna felt all of her anger left her as she went into shock, here she was, searching the entire country, looking for at least one tiny clue to her past all of these years, but now her past came walking into the Alchemist HQ in Eastern City. She felt like she was going to faint at any given time, but also she felt like someone had punched her in her stomach.

Roy continued, "But be careful when meeting them, especially this Albus Dumbledore, I don't trust that man. Something about him does not seem right. And I would not put it pass him to betray whoever in order to get his way. And apparently, you are a magical witch, with real magic and also from Britian. And there is also something else that you really need to know."

Anna felt herself go numb with shock, what else did Roy believe that she needed to know about. First her past that she had been searching for ever since the war had ended came to Eastern City. Second, she just finds out that she is way older than she had be. Third, she is a real live witch with magical powers, sure she knew about the magical world, since she had run ins with that world during her travels and the war. And fourth… wait, what was the fourth thing?

Anna snapped back into reality and asked, "What else do I need to know, Roy?"

"Well," Roy said nervously, clearly not sure how he should tell her. "After the Fury dismissed the group, he had me stay behind to discuss something with him. Apparently, he had somehow found out that we are married and wanted to make sure that our personal lives and feelings did not mix in with our jobs."

Oh crap! She had forgotten about her marriage to Roy. It had happened so damn quickly and neither of them really remembers it. Only two or three people, other than them two, who knew about it was her best friend Alex Armstrong, Riza Hawkeye, and possibly Maes Hughes, who was the Head of the Information Gathering Department (AN: I am so sorry if I got the name of that department wrong. If it's the wrong name, please let me know.). Their marriage had happened right after the war; both of them were drinking very heavily, but not in celebration like many of the others, no there were trying to forget what they had done during the war. The ones who were celebrating did not fight in the whole war like they did and saw and did what they did. The rest of the night was blurry, but the next morning, they woke up in the same bed naked, with wedding rings on their left hand, going through massive hangovers, and in her case, she was very sore in certain places that her what else had really happened the night before.

They never really got around to divorce, but they never mention their marriage to anyone, except for Alex and Riza who had somehow saw the rings and cornered them. But over the years, Anna would take a small vacation in her travels and visit Roy whenever.

But before she could say anything, Roy continued again, "Look I know that there is more to tell you, but I want to tell you when you come back."

Anna sighed tiredly and told him, "I will be traveling back there with the Elric brothers and Alex when we are finished here. By then I should be healed enough to travel."

"Very well, I will inform the Fury that you would be back in two weeks," Roy paused before continuing in a softer tone. "I'm just happy that you are doing alright. I don't want you to die on me or scare me like that ever again."

With that they both hung up the phone. But Anna felt really happy for some reason when Roy said that to her. Alex then asked, "May I ask what was that all about?"

Anna sighed and felt like she had aged at least fifty years in a minute when she was pulled back into reality and she answered, "My past came knocking on Roy's and the Fury's door when I was traveling here. And apparently thanks to the Gate, instead of being the age of twenty eight, I should be at least fifteen years old. And that I also have magic. Oh, and the Fury somehow found out about my marriage to Roy."

"WHAT!?" Edward shouted out in horror, causing both Anna and Alex jump as they sort have forgotten about the others being in the same room. Edward was pointing at her and looking at her like she had somehow grown two more heads. "You're married to that bastard!?"

Anna gave him a stern look at Edward and explained in a hard tone, "Its not like that I wanted to marry Roy on purpose. It just happened after the war had ended, we were drinking heavily, trying to forget the horrors of the war that we had witnessed and done. We were drunk when we got married."

Pinako sighed as she checked Anna's new arm, making sure that everything was working properly. She said what she thought, "That is one of the main reasons that war is so very horrible to live through. It can break even the strongest people mentally, physically, and emotionally faster than anything else in this world."

Edward looked down at his feet in shame and apologized, "I'm sorry. I did not know."

Anna nodded, "Its alright, but I think that I should go back to bed and go to sleep."

Alex lifted her up in his arms and put her back to bed, where she fell asleep almost immediately. He kissed her on her forehead and prayed that she would not get any nightmares from her memories of the war. Alex knew that she had forgotten about her marriage to Roy and he did not remind her as it would bring back memories that are best forgotten. Sure, she had risen through the ranks at an extremely fast pace, but she was just barely a teenager when the war first broke out and as a high ranking officer she was placed on the front lines, leading her men to war and possibly death. So it was really harder on her than it was for the others, who were older and went through the same war. Alex desperately hopes that her past would not break her even more and finish what the war had started. He just did not want to see that happen to his best friend, when she is this close to finding out what really happened to her. And she was healing from it all.

(Scene Break)

The Gate of Truth…

Truth actually felt some pity for the mortal girl for what's going to happy to her next as it would not be easy and it could possibly break her beyond repair and healing. Anna Potter, the only person to ever live that was touched by both Death and Fate. It was her fate to suffer like all others who were touched by Fate. But she did not deserve to suffer to the extreme like the old no good goat, Albus Dumbledore would have caused. And since Truth was bored and wanted to cause some chaos in the mortal world, it took matters into its own hands and gave her the means to win and come out alive. It was strange that Truth should care about any mortal, let alone Anna Potter, but lets say, she was one of a kind.

'Hmm… maybe I should help her out and keep an eye on her.' Truth thought, before snapping its fingers and smiling and cackling like a mad person when its work was done. 'Anything to ruin the old goat's day and possibly life.'

(Scene Break)

Back with Anna Potter…

Anna was sleeping like the dead when her new metal arm began to glow as the markings that were on her previous arm, began to appear on the metal, before the glowing disappeared and left the black markings. But something else began to happen on Anna's abdomen, a thick black vertical line appeared and it looked like someone had taken a very wide tip black marker and drew a line there. It was around ten inches long and it seemed to wiggle some. Suddenly without warning, the thick black line split apart in the middle and a huge eye was revealed, it looked around for a couple of seconds before closing again. Unlike Gluttony with the man made fake, the real Gate had imbedded itself in Anna's body for the future use as it would protect its new host from anything that it deems dangerous to her. Albus Dumbledore was going to be in for a huge shock in the future as Truth and the Gate of Truth now have a portal to the mortal world that can be open without any help.

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