The last con.

It was the last con they would ever pull, or at least for the foreseeable future. It should have been brilliant, early retirement and all that. After all he was only twenty four!

But, it wasn't.

Sean loved the con, loved the thrill and he loved learning the trade. It was all over too soon for him to really appreciate that he had been taught by the Three Socks Morgan and Micky Bricks, he didn't want it to be over.

He would miss the gang, all of them but especially Ash. Ash had been there for him like a surrogate father and he didn't want to lose that- again.

He would miss the bar, the money and the glamor. Somehow the money in the bank wouldn't make much of a difference. He wanted more than that, he wanted the friendship.

Being on the street, conning was all he had ever known. He'd been on the street as long as he could remember and he couldn't imagine life.

Because conning wasn't about the money, not really. It wasn't even for the thrill or because they could. The world of Grifting welcomed misfits and no qualifications were necessary. It was where he wanted to be.

So as they parted at the airport that last time it was hard for Sean to keep it together, but he did.

Strained smiles, claps on the back and they were all gone. Even Emma.

It would be okay sooner or later. New crew, new friends. A new family.

But they would never be the same again.

A/N Loved this episode, really going to miss Hustle