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Good Vibrations

I'm not sure exactly how Blaine managed to convince me, but the weekend after the handcuffs I found myself being driven to Columbus, to a store that Blaine had found out about on the internet. I literally hadn't stopped blushing since I got into the car.

"I don't understand why you couldn't just order the new handcuffs online," I grumbled. "We didn't need to go all the way to the actual store."

"Come on, Kurt," Blaine said with an annoyingly excited smile. "This is going to be fun."

I just rolled my eyes at him, hoping and praying that I didn't see anybody I knew. The shop itself was called Allure, and I was surprised when we actually set foot inside. I thought that it would be seedy and creepy, full of pervy old guys in trench coats browsing for hardcore porn DVDs and gimp masks. But the interior of the store looked more like a set from Moulin Rouge, all red velvet and black lace, feathers and diamante. It was clearly a sex shop aimed at women, with rails of beautifully made lingerie and shelves of erotic books with titles like Fantasy Sex, and The Modern Karma Sutra, and Unzipped: How to Give the Perfect Blowjob. All the eerily realistic mannequins were dressed and styled in sexy underwear, and there was even something strangely sophisticated in the way all the vibrators, dildos and butt plugs were displayed on ornate glass tables, like oddly shaped perfume bottles.

I looked over at Blaine and was amused by not entirely surprised to find him grinning from ear to ear as he looked around. He obviously loved it here. I was still embarrassed as hell, although slightly less so now that I'd seen the place. All the shoppers (mainly women) seemed perfectly comfortable. A straight couple were browsing through all the many different types of lube, a very put-together business woman was pouring over a book called The Art of Burlesque, and a kind looking shop assistant was helping a man pick out a lingerie set as a gift for his wife. Maybe this place wasn't so bad.

"So where do you think they keep the handcuffs?" said Blaine, the excitement evident in his voice. "Maybe we should ask someone..."

"I'd really rather not," I muttered.

But at that precise moment a shop assistant bounded over to us. She was almost a head shorter than Blaine, her blonde hair in a ponytail and a cheery smile on her face that alarmingly reminded me of Rachel. She didn't really look old enough to be working in a store like this. Her name tag said she was called Cindy, and I noticed her cheeks go a bit pink as she directed all of her attention at Blaine. I may as well have not been there.

"Can I help you with anything, sir?"

"You can actually," said Blaine with a bright smile. Cindy blushed a little harder. "I was looking on the Allure website and I saw a whole bunch of different handcuffs, but I don't see them anywhere..."

"Oh, we keep the handcuffs downstairs with the rest of our bondage collection, sir," she said. "Would you like me to show you?"

"Thanks, that would be great," said Blaine politely, letting Cindy lead the way.

She led us down a small flight of stairs to a basement. It was like a smaller, less crowded version of the main shop floor upstairs, except instead of the mannequins being dressed in lacy lingerie they were sporting PVC corsets, fishnet stockings and crotchless panties. It was a little more intimidating down here, a little more... whips and chains. Cindy showed us to a display of handcuffs. There were loads, from fluffy pink ones, to ones with extra long chains, apparently designed to be worn around the ankles.

"Any particular type you're looking for, sir?" Cindy asked Blaine.

"Just something really sturdy. This guy -" he inclined he head to me. "- broke our last pair, so we're looking for something a little more resilient."

"Blaine, she totally didn't need to know that," I whispered, my face burning.

Cindy finally acknowledged that I was there too, her smile becoming a little more fixed as she realised that flirting with Blaine would be utterly pointless.

"Well, we have a wide selection as you can see," she said, turning back to Blaine. "You and your boyfriend feel free to browse, and if you need any more help I'll be just upstairs."

"Thanks," Blaine said with a kind grin, oblivious to the slight bitterness in her voice when she'd said 'your boyfriend'.

Cindy went back upstairs, and Blaine looked at all the different handcuffs. He was practically bouncing with excitement.

"What about those ones?" he asked, pointing to a set with leopard print fur around them.

"No," I said, unable to hide the disgust in my voice. "Nothing fluffy. It's like something you'd see hanging off the bride at a bachelorette party. Just pick something simple so we can get out of here."

"But we just got here, Kurt," he said, a slight pout to his voice. "I want to have a good look around, buy something other than just the cuffs. I'm the one paying after all."

"Fine, fine," I huffed, unable to resist when turned on those damn puppy dog eyes.

We ended up in Allure for almost an hour. After picking out a set of strong looking silver handcuffs, Blaine insisted on looking around the entire store, upstairs and downstairs. He was like a kid in a toy shop – or, more literally, a teenage boy in a sex shop. Every few minutes he'd find something he wanted.

"Ooh, Kurt, can we get we get a spanking paddle?"


"Kurt, can we get a riding crop? This one's shaped like a heart at the end!"


"Ooh, Kurt, can we get a ball gag?"

"God, no."

"Oooh, Kurt, can we get these nipple clamps? They vibrate!"


"Oh my God, Kurt, can we get chocolate body paint?"


"Why not?"

"Think of the calories. Think of my Egyptian cotton bed sheets. No."

"Ugh, fine. Ooh, Kurt, can we get a tickle whip?"


"Ooh, ohh, Kurt! Can we please get this blindfold? It says 'Master' on one side and 'Slave' on the other!"

"Actually that quite nice..."

"Yaaay, taking that as a yes!"

Another shop assistant had given Blaine a basket, in which he'd placed the blindfold along with the handcuffs. He was now browsing through all the bottles of lubricant.

"I didn't even know they made this many different types of lube," he said. "Ooh, they have one that specifically for anal." He picked up the bottle and read the back out loud. "Contains soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to relax the area, and stays slippery for longer. Kurt, can we get this?"

"I supposed so."

"Awesome," he said, putting it in the basket. "Can we get the Slide & Ride too? That sounds like fun. Ooh, and Very Cherry?"

I sighed. "If you must..."

He put the bottles into the basket happily as I glanced aimlessly around. The lubes were close to where all the vibrators were. Some of those vibrators were so discreetly designed that they looked practically innocent, while some were so obviously plastic penises that it was kind of embarrassing to look at them. There were some really alarming looking ones with a hundred different functions and parts that pulsed and vibrated at different speeds, ones that had remote controls so you could go hands free, so to speak, and even a vibrator that looked just like a lipstick called, amusingly, a Clit Stick.

And that's when I saw it. There amongst the tasteful display of cock rings was something called the Joy Rider. It was a bright blue vibrating cock ring. I picked it up and read the back of the packaging before I even realised I'd moved. 'The cock ring for him to give pleasure to both of you, this not only keeps him harder for longer but the powerful vibrations will give you both the ride of your life!' Huh. For the first time in this store, I'd actually found something like I kind of wanted.

"Hey, Kurt, can we get this strawberry flavoured lube too... oh, what have you got there?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin when Blaine came up behind me. "It's nothing, just – just browsing."

He snatched the Joy Rider out of my hand before I could put it back. His eyebrows rose as he saw what it was and only got higher as he read the back of the packaging. Finally he looked at me and smiled.

"Looks like fun. Do you want to get this?"

It felt like my entire body was blushing.

"Well... I don't know," I stuttered. "I mean... if you want to. We don't – we don't have to..."

He put it in the basket with a smirk. "My treat. We're totally getting the strawberry flavoured lube as well. I love this store."

So we finally left the little shop of new and exciting ways to be a pervert. The bag of four bottles of lube, handcuffs, a blindfold and a cock ring were on my lap as Blaine drove us back to his place, singing happily along to the radio as I tried to suppress the uncomfortable squirm in my stomach. It was a weird feeling, somewhere between crippling embarrassment and tingling excitement.

As usual once we got back to Blaine's house we had the place to ourselves, so we went straight to his bedroom, Blaine eagerly leading the way. He chucked the Allure bag on his dressing table and, without much further ado, grabbed me and kissed me hard. His tongue plundered my mouth, the prominent bulge in his pants rubbing against my thigh as he held me close. I let out a breath I hadn't even realised I was holding once we finally separated.

"Oh, wow..." was about all I could say.

Blaine just chuckled, his eyes already dark with lust. "I have been crazy horny since we got to that store. I was imagining using pretty much everything on you. Thank God I decided to wear slightly baggier jeans than usual, because I've had quite a few accidental boners today."

"Well, you did seem very at home in that place," I giggled, blushing as I thought of Blaine getting hard in public. "I'm sure if you'd gone there without me there to stop you, you would have bought one of everything."

"Yeah, probably," he said, nodding.

He let go of me and rummaged through the Allure bag, pulling out the blindfold. It really was beautiful, like a sleeping mask made of black and red satin. On the black side the word 'Master' was embroidered in red thread, and on the red side the word 'Slave' was in black thread. Blaine flipped it from black side to red side, letting the satin ribbon ties slip between his fingers. The look in his eyes made me shiver.

"So which do you want to be, Kurt?" he asked, his casual voice at odds with his flirty smirk. "Master or Slave?"

I didn't think I'd ever be able to answer that out loud. So, instead of talking, I took the blindfold from him and, after a second of hesitation, held it in front of me so he could see the word Slave. The devious smirk on his face got even bigger.

"I guess that makes me the Master then," he said, his voice irresistibly husky. "In which case you need to strip, slave. Now."

The authority in his voice made me do as he was told immediately, especially him calling me slave – it was almost as good as him calling me a slut. I didn't even bother to fold up my clothes as I quickly undressed. I just let them fall to the floor, even though this shirt was Prada. While I was stripping, Blaine was basically ignoring me as he took everything else out of the Allure bag and placed them neatly on the bedside table. By the time he turned around to look at me I was already completely naked, holding the blindfold and waiting for further instruction.

"That was fast," he said with an arched eyebrow. "You really an obedient little slave, huh?"

He walked slowly towards me, his lust-darkened eyes raking over my body.

"Beautiful," he muttered, his eyes lingering on my hardening cock. He took the blindfold out of my hands and tied it around my head so it was just above my eyes, the word 'Slave' now on my forehead.

"Undress me," he ordered.

He didn't need to tell me twice. I quickly took off his cardigan and polo shirt, making sure to find any excuse to run my hands over his skin. I got down on my knees to take his shoes off and pull his jeans down, my breath hitching in my throat as I saw the massive bulge in his briefs and the dark wet stain on the material. My hands shook slightly as I slowly pulled his underwear down, my hands caressing his ass and the fabric dragging against his cock – he actually groaned – until his erection was finally free. My mouth was watering as I looked up at him, naked and rock hard and smirking down at me.

"Suck me, slave," he told me. "Wrap those pretty lips around my cock so I can fuck that gorgeous mouth."

His words made me tremble. I held onto his hip and wrapped my other hand around the base of his cock, taking the head of his cock in my mouth and flicking my tongue over the slit, lapping up the hot beads of pre-come. I heard him moan, his fingers tangling in my hair and holding on just tight enough to feel amazing without actually being painful. I relaxed my throat and took as much of his length in my mouth as I could until my nose was buried in his public hair. I swirled my tongue around him, revelling in the way his twitched and swelled in my mouth and the weight of him on my tongue and his crown just tickling my throat. Finally I started to bob my head back and forth, flattening my tongue and putting my totally lack of a gag reflex to good use. As he thrust into my mouth steadily Blaine didn't stop talking.

"Baby, you're mouth is magic... it's like your mouth was made to suck my dick... look at you, taking me down your throat like a fucking pro... ohhh God, you're fucking amazing, Kurt... you're such a good slave... such a perfect little cocksucker... ahh, suck me, my gorgeous slut...swallow my cock... I'm so already so, so close, baby..."

I moaned around him, sucking hard and swirling my tongue and fondling his balls, willing him to come as his words made me insanely fucking horny. Finally, with a strangled cry of my name, Blaine came, grabbing tightly onto my hair as he filled my mouth. He pulled my head back as he carried on shooting, jizzing all over my lips and my neck until he was completely spent. He looked down at me with a breathless smirk as I swallowed my mouthful of Blaine and then got to work collecting up the come all over my neck and around my mouth with my fingers and sucking them clean.

"Kurt, you filthy little cum-slut," he growled. "I love you so fucking much."

I looked up at him through my eyelashes and smirked. "I love you too, Master."

He grinned deviously at that, pulling me to my feet and catching my lips in a hard, dirty kiss.

"I think it's only fair that I return the favour after that, baby," he said once we separated. "And we still need to make sure your new handcuffs are strong enough."

He pulled me closer to the bed and picked up the handcuffs. I was so hard that it was almost painful.

"Do you want me on the bed?" I asked timidly.

"Yeah," he said. "On your stomach, pillow under your hips."

I quickly did what he said and felt him on top of me. He pulled my arms behind my back, attaching my wrists together with the handcuffs. They felt much better than the old ones, smooth against my skin and tight in a much nicer way, probably because they were made of metal rather than scratchy plastic. Blaine then pulled the blindfold over my eyes. I already couldn't see what he was doing from this position, but now I'd never felt so wonderfully vulnerable. I couldn't do anything like this, but I knew that if I ask Blaine to stop he'd end this in a heartbeat.

"You look absolutely beautiful like this, Kurt," he said, his voice so growly and sexy.

I trembled at the sound of his voice, my leaking cock rubbing between the pillow and my stomach. I don't think I'd ever needed to come so badly in my life.

"Talk to me, Blaine," I whimpered desperately, writhing on the bed. "Please, please talk to me – AHH!"

He actually slapped my ass. The sharp pain tingled through my body, straight to my cock, and the cry I let out turned into a moan of pleasure in no time. Wow, I did not I was into that. I kind of regretted not letting him buy a spanking paddle now.

"I want to get you off, baby," he said, sounding stern. "So I will talk to you. But that doesn't mean that you're allowed to. Slaves don't speak unless spoken to first, understand?"

"Yes, yes – AHH!"

He smacked my ass again, so hard that I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd left a hand print.

"Yes, Master," he corrected fiercely.

"Yes, Master!"

I heard him chuckle, the sound of a bottle cap opening and got a strong smell of cherries.

"I think I'm going to try out the Very Cherry," he said. "It's not that your pretty hole doesn't taste delicious by itself, but this sort of thing is what flavoured lube was made for. It's going to make this tasty ass of yours even more edible."

I hissed in surprise when I felt his wet fingers smear lube all over my hole, before crying out when I felt what was unmistakably his tongue. He lapped at my hole over and over, spreading my ass cheeks apart with his hands.

"Delicious, Kurt... you're fucking delicious. I could eat this gorgeous little hole all day."

I felt the tip of his tongue push into my puckered hole, thrusting in and out until he was really fucking me with his tongue. Oh God, oh God, oh my fucking God, I never wanted him to stop. I was rutting against the pillow and pushing back against his face, trying desperately not to say anything. My arms ached behind me, the handcuffs cutting into my wrists and making this all feel even better. Holy shit, I was already so, so close to the edge. I screamed in pleasure when I felt two lubed up fingers slip inside me, thrusting and twisting, curling to touch my prostate. Fuck.

"Are you going to come for me, slave?" he asked, husky and fierce.

"Yes-yes-yes, Master! Oh God, don't stop, Blaine!"

"I want to see it. I need to turn you around, baby. I need to see you coming without me even touching your cock."

I felt disappointingly empty when he removed his fingers. He lifted and turned me with a surprising amount of strength (did not know I'd find him lifting me so hot) and turned me around so I was on my back. It was a little awkward since my hands were behind my back, but I stopped caring once he rammed his fingers inside me again, finger-fucking me hard and fast as he held tightly onto my hip. His fingers rubbed against my prostate every time. I wished that I could see his face, touch him, anything...

"Come for me, Kurt," he commanded. "Come for me, slave. Let me see my slut fall apart."

Finally I snapped and my orgasm hit me without him even needing to touch me cock. I threw my head back with a loud cry, coming hard all over my chest. I was still trembling from the aftershocks when Blaine dipped his head and licked up all my come.

"There's no way that I'm not fucking you after that, baby," he said, licking his lips. "That was hot as hell. I'll never get tired of seeing you jizz all over yourself like that, like a wanton little slut. I'm already rock hard again."

I felt him lift me again so I was straddling his lap, before he tangled his fingers in my hair and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I could taste myself on his tongue, as well as the sweet taste of the cherry lube. I whimpered when he pulled away. I didn't want him to stop, but I couldn't tell him not to.

"Do you want to try out the Joy Rider, baby?" he asked.

"Oh God, yes," I said, nodding. "Yes, Master."

"And do you want to see me?"

"Yes, yes, I want to see my Master."

The blindfold was pushed back onto my forehead, the sudden light hurting my eyes for a second before I was met with the gorgeous sight of Blaine sitting against the headboard, glowing with sweat and staring at me with his pupils so dilated that there was only a small ring of startling hazel visible. I really had the most beautiful Master.

"Now, let's see how this thing works," he said, picking up the Joy Rider and taking it out of the packaging.

He quickly glanced at the instructions, before slipping the cock ring around his erection. He was about to grab a condom when I quickly said "No!"

He looked at me and raised his eyebrows. "No? You mean you want to go without?"

I couldn't believe I was actually blushing. "Yes, please."

He smirked and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Bareback it is."

He covered his cock in more lube, held onto my waist with one hand and shifted down so he was lying on his back. I knelt above his cock and he helped me to slowly lower myself down onto his lap until I was completely impaled. I loved being on top of him, he felt so incredibly deep, I could feel him everywhere like this.

"Should I turn it on?" he asked breathlessly.

I nodded. "Oh yeah, do it."

He switched the cock ring on and both of us groaned. Oh my actual God, this was... indescribable. It was like Blaine's cock was an extremely realistic vibrator, pulsing through my entire body, vibrating right against prostate. I couldn't help but grind down into him.

"Oh fuck, baby... you feel so good," he moaned. "Ohhh wow... this feels so different... ride me, slave, fucking ride me."

Blaine held tightly into my hips to keep me upright as I raises myself with my legs until just the head of his cock was inside me before falling back on him. Oh my God. In no time I was really riding him, Blaine thrusting upwards in time with me, his grip on my hips so tight that there were sure to be bruises there tomorrow to go with the marks that were going to be on my wrists because of the cuffs. The part of the cock ring that vibrated was right between my ass and my balls which felt fucking amazing every time I slammed down onto his cock. And he was keeping up a stream of deep, growly talk as we went that just turned me on even more.

"Fuck, Kurt, you feel fucking incredible... oh God, look at you... you look so fucking hot on top of me, riding my dick like the filthy slut you are... you're such a slut for my cock... such a good little slave... ahhh... fucking ride me, Kurt... take it... ride my dick, you beautiful slut..."

I was so close to the edge, painfully close, the vibrations coursing through me and his cock hitting my prostate every time until I couldn't even think straight. Sweat was burning my eyes, my arms were aching behind my back, my legs were sore with the effort of bouncing up and down but I just didn't care and I didn't want any of this to stop, please don't stop...

"Come for me, Kurt," he said, wrapping his hand around my leaking cock and stroking quickly. "Cover me in your come, baby. Come for me, slut!"

That was all I needed. I may have screamed but I wasn't entirely sure. I was too busy coming myself inside out, erupting all over Blaine's chest, lights popping in front of my eyes as my heart skipped several beats, Blaine still pounding into me and vibrating inside me, my arms pulling against the handcuffs, which thankfully held. I fell back onto the bed, breathless and convulsing, when suddenly I felt Blaine slam back into my ass – he wasn't vibrating anymore, but that really didn't matter. In just a few thrusts he was coming too, sinking his teeth into my shoulder to muffle his cry as what felt like endless streams of his seed shot inside me. He collapsed on top of me, planting wet, messy kisses on my neck and my face, before me moved lower. With what little energy I had I raised my head to watch as he actually licked ad sucked all his come out of my ass. Sweet Lord...

As I came down from my absolutely incredible orgasm the uncomfortable ache in my arms finally kicked in.

"Blaine, can you... can you take the... the cuffs off please?" I asked, my speech sounding slurred with exhaustion.

"Oh yeah, of course, sweetheart," he said, reaching over me to the bedside table for the keys.

I rolled onto my side so he could take off the cuffs, and the moment I was free I wrapped my arms around him. He was dripping with sweat and sticky with my come. For all intents and purposes he was gross and needed a shower, but right now I'd never loved him more. He smelt musty and sweaty and manly and perfect.

"That was epic," he said, his arms snaking around me. "We are totally going back to that store next weekend."

I didn't have the energy to argue. I'd already fallen asleep in the crook of his neck, a blissful smile on my face.

In case anyone cares, the shop 'Allure' was based on the UK high street shop Ann Summers, which is like an underwear shop that also sells vibrators and costumes and playful bondage wear and stuff. It's probably my favourite shop in the world, which is weird considering I'm a lonely virgin spinster and all, and I've only bought two things from the shop (a corset and a vibrating bullet, if you really want to know). But I have Ann Summers catalogues stashed in my room, and the following are real things that I took from those catalogues and put in this fic:

- All the erotic book titles, except for The Art of Burlesque which is actually an instructional DVD

- The vibrating nipple clamps

- The heart shaped riding crop

- The Clit Stick

- The names of the different lubes, including the description of the one specifically for anal

- The Master/Slave blindfold

- The Joy Rider, which is disposable and comes in a pack of three in a range of colours. Although I made up the description on the back of the packaging

Don't ever say that reading my fics isn't educational. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the shameless filth, Humble Readers.