Author's Note: This is something I whipped up a while back. Um, basically DC Comics revised it's canon and created a new universe. Revamping all the DC Universe characters. This is a project I've been meaning to tackle for some time now. So basically this will be one of those stories where the team is warped to an alternate Earth. Hope you guys like it.


In the past few weeks, a criminal has been stealing high-end pieces of technology from secret laboratories all across the country. What was puzzling about this was how closely timed the robberies were despite being hundreds of miles apart from each other, a feat that should be impossible. With the League investigating the robberies in separate cities, Batman has delegated the team with the task of tracking down the criminal and figure out what he's building. The team stood at full attention as Batman stood before the holocomputer showing them a detailed image of one of the labs.

"The last known break in happened at the Central City S.T.A.R. Labs facility at around 11:04 pm last night." Batman said widened the image via remote.

The holographic view blew up to show a more detailed look at the inside of the laboratory as the team looked on.

"And what was stolen?" Robin asked standing at the front of the group with arms folded. Batman narrowed his eyes as he looked back at the screen.

"Scientists have recently concluded that there are more than just four standard dimensions and have been developing a device that may be able to see through them." Batman replied stunning Miss Martian, Superboy, Artemis and Aqualad while Kid Flash and Robin were not.

"Well sure, scientists have theorized the existence of countless other dimensions for years. But up till now there's no concrete proof of it." Kid interjected.

"Which is why the guy we're after stole it. Do we know what exactly he was after?" Robin asked his mentor.

"According to S.T.A.R. it was an experimental phase shifter a device that can theoretically pierce the dimensional veil for only a few seconds. Poking a whole in space no bigger the very tip of a pencil. Or to put it more simply a period at the end of a sentence. This technology is in its infancy but could change the way we understand space/time." Batman stated.

"And that kind of technology could prove very dangerous in the wrong hands." Aqualad surmised.

"Especially if they fool around with it enough and accidentally cause the universe to collapse." Robin said half jokingly. His mentor regained the team's attention.

"Flash is currently investigating the Central City lab and has questioned his rouges gallery about what they might now. Surprisingly, none of them are cooperating with him." Batman stated.

"What do you want us to do about it?" Superboy asked sardonically.

Megan touched the Boy of Steel's elbow with her fingers as he looked back at her and she bit her lip as if telling him not to. Superboy furrowed his brow at her and turned back to Bruce. Batman turned back to the screen and showed them a nationwide map with markers of all the places hit spanning from New York to Los Angeles.

"Several members of the League are currently investigating each of the labs struck including the ones in New York, Pittsburgh, Columbus, St. Louis, Central City, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Seattle. A spate of which happened only hours apart from each other and have occurred every night this week." Batman said turning back to them.

"How many hours between each hit?" Robin asked.

"Two." Batman answered.

"Most jets would be able to fly between those cities on the East Coast in that rate of time." Aqualad noted.

"Yeah but you talk about a serious case of jetlag." Kid Flash joked only to be elbowed by Artemis.

"Where is the next place that will be hit?" Aqualad asked.

"There's another laboratory in Billings, Montana that holds what may be the last piece in the puzzle." Batman answered turning back to the monitor.

"They have a lab in Montana?" Kid said deadpan.

"It's a satellite research station, and the lab's remote location gives it additional security." Batman said.

"Yeah until someone flies a jet over it." quipped Robin.

"You are to head to the Billings lab and stop whoever is stealing these parts. Your mission starts now." Batman ordered.

The crew loaded into the Bioship a moment later and were over were Billings later that evening. As Megan manned the ship Wally, Artemis and Superboy looked at the city below as the Bioship flew over it in camouflage mode reaching the city's outer limits a few minutes later the bioship touched down near the mountain flanking the S.T.A.R. Labs research facility and exited the ship. The team crept along the edge of the property staying in the shadows as they approached the gated research lab that was heavily guarded.

"Miss Martian provide camo." Whispered Aqualad.

Megan's eyes glowed white as she rendered them teammates invisible and made their way past the guards with the team vaulting over the front gate. Their feet scuffled in the dirt as they stopped short of the front door and stood off to the side waiting for Kaldur's signal as one of the lab coats walked past them and opened the front door with his key card. The team rushed in a second later as he entered. The scientist raised his head and looked back, as the invisible heroes stood pressed against the wall before him. The scientist shrugged and went about his business.

Once he left the team rushed down the hall towards the satellite command. In the skies overhead a large black jet rumbled towards the lab. Inside the team continued running down the hallway when the jet fired two rockets at the laboratory blowing the fa├žade wide open knocking everyone to the ground inside the compound as the blast ruptured overhead. Alarms sounded as the lab's sentries opened fire on the encroaching ship as it landed.

"Come on!" Aqualad yelled.

"What about the attacker?" Robin asked.

"Let the guards handle him. We have to secure what he's after!" Aqualad called back as he ran.

Outside guards continued shooting as a man in a luminescent white suit with a crystal disk in the middle of his chest and on the back of his hands with black hair and a pencil thin mustache and goatee emerged from the ship. The guards continued firing as the man raised his hands and engulfed the two men in waves of which vanishing from sight. The mysterious felon smiled and looked up at the guard tower who rained down gunfire on top of him. The white suited thief then swept up the tower guard and dispatched him like the other two. The man soon found his way inside as workers scrambled while the man in question callously blasted them with the same beams of light as they fled and more guards showed up cocking their assault rifles. The man smirked and cut a swath before him taking out eight more guards in one blinding sweep.

Eventually the thief made his way into the lab where his prize awaited him. Having wiped another hapless individual from existence he stepped into the lab to find it abandoned. The supervillain smirked.

"Too easy." He thought to himself.

"Not for long." Aqualad said as he and the other revealed themselves to him. The villain narrowed his eyes at the six superheroes that stood poised to fight him.

"I'm sorry I wasn't expecting any company. No matter I'll be rid of you guys soon enough." He said bending his right arm across his shoulder about to strike.

"So who are you supposed to be? Whiteout?" Superboy asked.

"The name's Warp. But you wont be around long enough for that to matter." He said as his hand started to glow and sent out a pulse of energy as they attacked him.

Kid Flash and Superboy were among the first to reach him as Warp issued a wall of the mysterious white energy and fired it at Kid as he jumped over the blast kicking Warp in the face and knocking him to the floor. Superboy yelled as he threw a punch at Warp as he fired a blast in Superboy's face. Miss Martian shielded him at the last moment with a miniature force field. Warp continued to firing as Megan's shield remained in place and started pushing her back. Superboy's fist flew around it punching Warp in the face.

Warp retaliated firing a second blast burning Superboy's face, the Teen of Steel screamed as he was thrown back. Aqualad went on the offensive throwing himself in the air with his water bearers deployed in a pair of maces. Warp fired a second blast as Aqualad hurled his water construct transforming it into a shield and was thrown back by the blast. Kid Flash, Robin and Artemis then joined in as the boys rushed towards him and Artemis opened fire. Warp fired another blast absorbing her arrows as Robin threw two bladearangs at him and sent the weapons flying back at them a moment later. The trio got down as Artemis' arrows blew up next to her. Warp then expanded a large field of white energy from out of his body holding them at bay. Across the battlefield Miss Martian cradled the injured Superboy's form, the right side of his face still badly burned.

Her face twisted into a scowl at Warp as Miss Martian flew at him.

"Miss M! No!" Robin yelled.

The Martian flew blindly at the field of white as she conjured a large ball of mental energy with her hands. Warp in panic sent the massive pulse of power at her as Miss Martian yelled and shot the mental sphere at his chest. The blast hit its mark but had a reaction as Warp started to scream throwing his suit's powers in reverse, turning Warp into a singularity a virtual black hole.

"No! No! What have you done?" Warp cried as he struggled with his costume in vain.

Miss Martian's cape billowed across her shoulder as she felt the effect. Warp yelled as he was transformed into energy and started pulling Miss Martian in. By this time Robin and the others began to intervene as he fired a rescue line from his gauntlet at her, catching her wrist. The other teammates formed a human chain behind Robin and started to pull. A look of terror was on Miss Martian's face as she looked back at them.

"Guys it's too late for me. Pull out now!" she pleaded.

"Can't do that M'gann!" Robin groaned as the others held onto him with Artemis, Kid and Aqualad pulling with all their might. The only one unaccounted for in their number was the still unconscious Superboy.

"Superboy!" Kaldur called out holding the back of the line.

"Superboy we need you! M'gann is about to be sucked in!" He implored.

The Boy of Steel finally came to. His eyes still blurry from the blinding flash earlier skewed to see Aqualad standing before him and saw the rest of his team linked together with Miss Martian on the far end.

"M'gann!" he yelled getting up.

The rescue line seemed to give and Miss Martian was hurled into the void as Superboy leaped after her.

"Conner!" Robin yelled as Miss Martian started to disappear. Aqualad broke rank and used his water bearer to grab Superboy's wrist and attempted to save him. Superboy looked back at his teammate in shock but opted to go after Miss Martian instead vanishing into the void.

"No!" Kid and Artemis yelled.

"Their gone." Robin stated.

"Not yet." Aqualad replied.

"We don't even know what's beyond that thing!" Kid Flash yelled.

"Guys I don't think we have a choice!" Artemis as the vortex grew more unstable and started sucking them in.

The team yelled as they were pulled into the white and blue void, their grasp on one another broken as they were flung into the event horizon of the portal. The nexus opened in another city above the skyscrapers and shot at the ground in a large explosion. On the street below the team and Warp lay in a crater as people on the sidewalk looked on in shock. The team groaned as they came to lying close to each other, while Warp was on the other side of them flat on his back with his costume smoking.

Onlookers were still shocked by what they saw as Robin and the other heroes started to move. Sirens wailed as police cars whipped around the corner at the head of the street responding to the blast. The first officer stepped out of his patrol car behind his door and was amazed at what he saw, as more squad cars appeared a fire truck came around the corner not far behind. The officer closed his door and walked towards the edge seeing six young vigilantes strewn out beneath him with a seventh individual opposite them. The man in question didn't recognize any of the suits save for maybe one as he slid down the crevice towards them and was joined by several more officers.

As he reached the young heroes he studied each of their costumes and as stated didn't recognize the majority of them as Robin groaned and rolled to his back. It was then the officer saw the 'R' badge and recognized at least one of their numbers, and pulled out his cuffs before turning his attention to the older man in the white suit lying across from them. More policemen scaled down into the pit to check on the heroes. But in a move that seemed to defy logic the officers began to arrest the unconscious teens.

Up the street at the head of the police blockade a large futuristic styled transport rolled up behind the police cruisers as men in hazmat suits got out and walked towards the scene. Down in the pit Robin's eyes fluttered open briefly to see an officer standing over him and could hear the handcuffs linking infront of him. Dazed he was unable to react as the officer started to pick him up, the men in the hazmat suits stood overhead and started climbing down into the pit and started to retrieve the other heroes. The hazmat officers climbed out of the pit a moment later carrying each of the six teens while two more studied the unconscious form of Warp. The men walking back to their transport, in which it and the backs of they're uniforms all had one name. N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

Back in the Cave, Batman tried contacting the team but could get no response from them.

"Batman to the Team. Do you copy?" he said at the controls and heard only static.

"Batman to Robin do you copy? Aqualad, Superboy, Kid Flash, Artemis, Miss Martian do any of you hear me? Over." he said again but got no response.

A while later the six teens were being transported towards N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s facility each of them being held in glass containment tubes with the majority of the team knocked out. Barely conscious Robin's eyes flitted slightly as a tiny red light flashed on the left side of his utility belt.

"What will we do with them?" one of the men asked.

"The same thing we do with every other metahuman. Study them, dissect them and see how it goes from there." a second one answered.

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