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Chapter 6

Sins And Legacies

That night the League returned to the Watchtower nursing their injuries after their battle with Professor Zoom and the Rogues. A majority of the Leaguers were worse for the wear after being brutalized by the villainous speedster, fortunately for them Flash and Green Lantern put him out of commission for a while. With a shattered femur and lacking a superhuman healing factor it'll be sometime before he menaces the League again. The same could be said of the Rogues who were all too happy to see the League having been duped into becoming terrorists as Zoom's scheme to enhance the second string villain team's image were sent back to Iron Heights Prison in Central City. The only willing participant Heat Wave was taken down by force as part of Professor Zoom's gambit to torch a local hospital while they were busy at the Arch.

As a living inferno Heat Wave is driven by a maddened desire to watch everything around him burn. And was defeated by a tag team of Batman's epoxy foam pellets and Aquaman's water bending ability. But Heat Wave was a stubborn flame refusing to be quenched grew large to the size of the hospital itself, forcing Aquaman to drain the Missouri River in order to squelch the towering pyre with a 40ft wave slamming him against the hospital itself reverting him to his burn husk of a human form. With Heat Wave defeated they joined the rest of the League to battle Professor Zoom. Now that the danger had passed the League returned to the Watchtower to recuperate where the Team and more specifically Kid Flash awaited them. The League didn't feel like dealing with the team and shuffled past them to their quarters while Kid Flash approached his uncle and mentor.

"Uncle Barry." Wally said standing before the group. Barry sighed as he entered the room.

"I told you I'm not your uncle." Flash told him.

"We saw the battle, what did Professor Zoom mean? What happened to Iris in this world?" Kid Flash asked in a low voice. The Flash sighed looking back at him and pulled off his mask.

"Why don't you come with me?" he suggested before looking back at the others. The team looked back at him expectantly and wasn't sure if they should join them.

"Um, do you mind if…" Barry started to say in a polite tone.

"We got ya." Robin said holding out his hand in recognition. The Flash nodded and led Wally out of the command center towards his quarters.

"I'm afraid I haven't been all that honest with you…Kid Flash." Barry said walking down the hallway with him.

"You know who I am." Wally stated in a low voice looking back at him.

"Affirmative." Barry told him.

"So does that mean I have a counterpart on this Earth?" he asked. Barry sighed as they continued walking with his hand on Wally's shoulder.

"It's kind of a long story." He said leading him through another door and came into the Flash's quarters.

The room had white walls and looked like a small apartment with what appeared to be the bare necessities. A red carpet against a white tile floor with several posters along with various awards, commendations, plagues, a key to the city, along with a large wooden desk, a cot, flat screen TV, and a fireplace built into the wall on one end, and a large bookshelf on the other. Along with several souvenirs including one of Captain Cold's freeze guns, Heat Wave's old pistol, a boomerang, Pied Piper's flute and the Weather Wizard's cape draped over the back of his chair behind the desk. Coming into the room, Wally took in the scene set before him in a few seconds before noticing the large window that sat behind Flash's desk and the view of the Earth. While Barry stood over a mini fridge in the left corner infront of his desk.

"You want something to drink? I got grape soda if you want." Barry offered him.

"Mmm, No thank you." Wally said sitting down on the cot.

Barry retrieved two sodas from the fridge anyway and made his way back to his desk. And took in the sight of a tall cylindrical can reading 'Lightspeed Energy' on the side with the Flash icon near the top and the speedster's image on the other side of the can, while Barry handed him the can of grape soda.

"Heh, You got endorsement deals…nice." Wally said cracking open the can.

"That's what happens when you're a superhero as soon as they learn you're a good guy they start approaching you with all kinds of things. I don't actually drink them though, don't need to." Flash said behind his desk. Wally chuckled softly.

"You know I don't know how my Uncle Barry would react to that. We don't exactly have that where I'm from." Wally smiled while the Flash's faded away.

"An energy boost for the Fastest Man Alive." the teen speedster mused. His mood and tone soon changed as he asked the inevitable question.

"So…whatever happened to Aunt Iris? And how do you know me?" Kid Flash asked. Barry sighed as he looked back at him.

"Iris and I once…dated. It was a few years ago, I was still early in my career as the Flash and she was a reporter for the Daily News that I met a few times in between. It wasn't long afterwards I started meeting her as Barry Allen when I worked for the crime lab and…we fell for each other…really fast. For a while I was worried she was more attracted to my Flash persona than to plain old Barry Allen so one night I revealed my identity to her. We were set to get married in a few months and that's when he came into the picture." He said with disgust as the images replied in his mind.

"Professor Zoom appeared from the future claiming he was to be my greatest enemy. He said the reason he came to the present was because I incarcerated some distant ancestor of his that ruined the ancestor's life leading to a family feud by his era. I never really believed that. Not long afterwards he ran into Iris and was smitten with her, he began stalking her both in and out of costume and tried to convince her to love him or else. Iris was repulsed by him and knew he was insane, which only furthered his obsession with her. Then at a Halloween party that same year, while I was away he gave her one final chance to change her mind or else. Iris instead stood her ground and told him that she'd rather drop dead than love him. Professor Zoom granted her wish." He said.

The painful memories rolled in his mind as he recounted the image of Professor Zoom looking at her disgusted and vibrated his hand at hypersonic frequency phasing it through Iris' masked forehead at the costume party severing the neural connections in her mind as Iris stood there with a look of shock softly killing her. He watched the life drain out of her as Iris collapsed to the floor on her back with her legs drawn sideways, her left arm splayed next to her forehead with her right hand folded across her stomach still clad in her Batgirl costume as horrified partygoers looked on.

"When I got back to Central City and heard of her demise…I knew that it was time to end it. Hunting down Zoom running the entire night to find him, when I finally caught up to him…I had never been so angry in all my life. He killed her Wally…and I was going to make sure he paid for what he did. We raced across Central City with him taunting me all the way about how Iris was now gone. Angered I put on a final burst of speed and beat him senseless on the outskirts of town." he said as the memories of that night continued.

Flash tackled him from behind pinning Zoom down and pummeled his face repeatedly at warp speed. The speedster groaned flashing his teeth as Zoom's face jerked back and forth from the barrage of hits being delivered by an enraged Barry. Flash joined his hands together above his head smashing his fists against the crown of Eobard's helmet and a large crack split down the middle. Overcome by grief he grabbed Zoom's throat and held his remaining fist threateningly overhead. Still seething in anger Flash opened his fist vibrating it at supersonic frequency and drove it through Zoom's chest plate causing him immense pain as the evil speedster cried out. Barry grit his teeth as he wrapped his fingers around the villain's heart squeezing certain he felt as much pain as humanly possible. But something came over Barry as a look of frozen horror was now evident on his masked features and threw Zoom over his shoulder to prevent himself from killing the villainous speedster. Zoom landed on his back a short distance away as the Scarlet Speedster was on his knees in contemplation. Professor Zoom breathed heavily grabbing his chest with blood trickling from the corner of his lip and coughed as he struggled to get up.

But the Flash didn't move an inch from his spot as though he was in a trance. Zoom knew he was lucky to be alive and beat a hasty retreat before Flash changed his mind. He remained there on his knees for the next three hours, until a young Wally West jumped out of his jeep and came upon the speedster with a look of absolute terror on his face. He touched Barry's shoulder breaking the trance as he looked back at him, and the two embraced in mutual grief. That night at Central City Hospital they said their goodbyes to Iris with the family and friends close by. And whose death would turn one of the men to bitterness.

"Professor Zoom laid low for all of three days before coming out in the open. He had the entire police force baring down on him including myself. Apparently Zoom found great pleasure in murdering Iris and set out to complete more, and set out to murder my close friend Fiona Webb at her wedding before moving onto the rest of my family members. We set out on a race across the world with him trying to pick off relatives along the way including my mother. When Zoom injured her I was forced to stop which was exactly what he wanted so he could kill Fiona even sooner. And was soon back on track my mom's urging. And gave it my all to stop him at all costs. We had finally made it back to the wedding party and Zoom was closing in on Fiona and started vibrating his hand. He was going to kill her the same way he had Iris but I wouldn't let him. At the last moment I put him in a headlock and stopped. It took everything I had to keep him from reaching Fiona but at the last possible second I managed to stop him. I heard a snap and he fell over. It took a few seconds for everything to catch up to me when I realized what I had done. I'd broken his neck, I thought for sure I had accidentally killed him but to my surprise he was alive. Naturally Zoom was horrified at what I had done to him and was taken away. For the next seven months he was paralyzed from the neck down, driving him insane and swore revenge. I felt terrible and despite protests he was given physical therapy after being bedridden for three months. To a speedster being unable to move is the worst punishment imaginable, which is why I broke his leg ending today's confrontation." Flash told Wally.

The junior speedster sat doubled over on the cot looking down at the floor with his hands clasped together over his knees.

"That's horrible." He said in a low voice.

"Yeah…she meant a lot to you on this world. I'm sorry I couldn't save her." Barry said solemnly. Wally shook his head slightly as he looked back at him.

"Don't blame yourself, you would do anything to save her. Just like the Barry on my Earth would. There's no sense trying to change the past. So then what became of me on this world, I mean if I'm not Kid Flash…" Wally countered. A playful smirk appeared on the Flash's features as he looked back at the boy.

"You turn into something great. Why don't I show you?" he asked getting up from behind his desk.

The pair teleported to Central City shortly thereafter and then raced across the bridge to nearby Keystone City for Wally to meet his counterpart. Elsewhere at NOWHERE's secret holding facility for metahumans, the organization's director was greeted by a visit from one of their benefactors the enigmatic Ra's al Ghul who had a special interest in one of the facility's charges as he and Dr. Zaniel Templar walked along one of the many catwalks that lined this area of the facility as the two men walked side by side.

"Thank you again for coming on such short notice sir." Dr. Templar said keeping a courteous distance from the man in question.

"How did he fare?" Ra's asked never looking back at Templar.

"Both the subject and the target preformed exceeding well tonight Mr. al Ghul just as you'd expect from either of them." Zaniel told him.

"Unfortunately the Superboy did rough him up a bit. However he was stubborn and would not go down easy." He added remaining a few steps behind him.

"And I expect nothing less from him, after all he is The Detective's son…and my heir." Al Ghul said as they continued walking.

"Where is it you are keeping him?" the man added.

"Just beyond this door sir, it wont be much longer." Zaniel told him as they walked past a large cylindrical door.

Inside the room was pitch black aside from the faint glow of the immersion tube that stood in the back of the room. And was littered with a slew of long metallic green cables that were as thick as either of their waists that clung to the walls and lay across the floor connecting to the immersion tube's various functions. Coming into the light of the tank the aristocratic villain gazed within the pod that contained the young Damian Wayne, the grandson of Ra's al Ghul, and the third and current Robin of this world. Earth-0. Ra's put an affectionate hand against the tube as he gazed upon his grandson suspended by the mysterious goo unconscious and still clad in his Robin uniform.

"Have you disabled the tracking device within his Utility Belt?" Ra's asked.

"Yes sir." Zaniel answered and nodded. The villain narrowed his eyes as he turned back.

"And the secondary one behind his emblem?" he added cynically catching Zaniel by surprise.

"We…did a through check of his suit sir and made sure every form of communication we found on him was disabled." He replied. The answer didn't sit well with Ra's.

"Then this place has already been compromised. Begin the procedure, I will leave with the boy when it is completed." He ordered as Zaniel rushed to the computer council behind him.

"Right away sir." He said and started the sublimination program on Damian.

Back in Gotham, Nightwing and Red Robin finished doing a visual and long range technological sweep of the city and found no sign of the youngest member of the Bat clan. Tim landed beside Nightwing on a rooftop wearing a scarlet jumpsuit with twin gold belts crossed over his chest with a center clasp and a red and black stylized bird's head symbol, with black leggings, red stripped boots, black gloves, with similar disk icons on his shoulders, with long scarlet and ebony sleeves, a feathered cape with crimson parsecs, and a black domino mask with short black hair. While Nightwing wore a standard black unitard with a large red bird symbol on his chest, black domino mask, with Kevlar padding along his midsection, utility belt and a small pair of nightsticks strapped to his left thigh as they reconvened.

"He's nowhere in the city, we've scanned it at least four times now." Tim told him. Nightwing touched his chin and took a few steps away from him as he pondered.

"What do you think happened to him?" Red Robin asked.

"I don't know." Dick said.

"I guess we start interrogating the bad guys then, see what they know." Red Robin suggested. His older brother sighed exasperated at what they had before them.

"You all right?" Tim asked raising an eyebrow behind his mask. Dick tried to smile but couldn't as he faced him.

"I just get the feeling that it might be a waste of time. Are you sure you couldn't locate his signal?" he asked. Tim went to his computer gauntlet and pulled up a holographic screen.

"There's no trace of his Utility Belt signal." Red Robin said.

"Try the backdoor scanner, there's another tracer behind his symbol." Nightwing told him surprising Tim.

"How did you…" Red Robin said looking back at him.

"I added it to his suit before he became Robin as added insurance. All our suits have one including Batgirl's." Nightwing answered surprising him even further.

"And you were going to tell us this when exactly?" Red Robin asked.

"It was on a need to know basis, and you need to know. And it's not exactly a secret since Bruce and Alfred already know and approve." Dick said. Tim shook his head and continued scanning for Robin's signal.

"So when did you have these installed?" he asked.

"About the same time you and Damian graduated to your mantles. He did it as a precaution so he wouldn't have to spend the whole night looking for us if something happened." Dick told him.

"Well Batman was always ten steps ahead of everyone else." Tim muttered as he continued typing on his computer gauntlet. Zooming out of Gotham he conducted a global search and tracked Robin's location moments later.

Back at the secret base however Dr. Templar continued to plant subliminal images and messages within Damian's mind brainwashing him, turning him away from his father Batman and to his grandfather Ra's and the League of Shadows. The boy though unconscious started to react physically as he was fed images of the Batman being abusive to him and even suffering and turned even darker and became all too realistic for the boy break him mind and spirit.

And was fed false memories of a mission gone horribly wrong where he was shot in the chest by the Joker with a high-powered rifle. He could feel the bullet slam into his insulated vest rending the outer red shell to shreds, and was then beaten and tortured savagely with a crossbar inside a factory that was rigged to explode. The factory went up in a flash as Batman arrived on the scene too late and was fed fleeting images of him dying only to find himself rising out of a Lazarus Pit with his grandfather and mother Talia looking on. And was filled with intense hatred towards his father, joining Ra's crusade to avenge himself on his father and his last implanted memory his killing of the Joker. Damian writhed in agony within the immersion pod gasping out in vain through the fluid he was submerged in. The pod drained as his grandfather looked on and Damian emerged under his spell.

Back in Keystone City that evening Wally awaited to be introduced to his counterpart. It was getting close to sunset as they stood on a back lot in costume. A single headlight peered off in the distance with Wally having to squint his eyes in order to make out the object heading towards them and heard the low rumbling of a motorcycle engine. As it got dark a pair of blue strobing police lights flashed on either side of the bike, oddly enough to him the placement of the lights seemed to be above the bike's frame and thought there was a police car following close behind. He glanced up at his mentor confused as Barry chuckled and the rider finally came into view rolling his bike sideways and parked it.

The rider wore what appeared to be a black leather bodysuit with blue lightning bolt shaped highlights covering his chest and shoulders in a downward streaking fashion with a diagonal black lightning bolt affixed as his symbol, with a black motorcycle helmet, crystal blue visor with light up red and blue lightning bolts adorning the sides of his visor, finally had two large police light bars on the shoulders of his costume as he stepped off his bike.

While the bike itself was a streamlined blue and black motorcycle with a futuristic design and wide ring shaped tires that had a glowing orange inner core, and a similarly glowing engine. Wally was enamored with the bike before focusing his attention back to the masked man standing before him.

"Is this the kid?" the man asked.

"Yep this is the one I told you about. Kid Flash I want you to meet Wally West also known as…" Barry trailed as the masked man removed his helmet showing an older version of himself by about five or so years and introduced himself.

"Hot Pursuit. Pleasure to meet you Wally." He said shaking his younger self's hand.

"Uh huh…" the younger Wally said dumbstruck.

Author's Note: All right so what'd you think of that? In the last chapter I dropped since hints of the animosity between Flash and Professor Zoom so I guess its time I explain a few things. Basically this is something I've been planning for a while regarding the Flash mythos. In the comics Professor Zoom is a time traveling villain from 25th Century. His reasons for antagonizing the Flash changes. At one point in the comics he had an obsessive crush on Iris West-Allen and tried to threaten her to leave her husband for him. Then in issue 275 of the Flash comic book Zoom killed her after she refused him for the last time. The above is an adaptation of that scene. As well as Barry racing to stop him from killing Fionna who had become the Flash's new fiance after Iris died. Barry stopped him accidently breaking his neck and killing him in issue 325. And is largely an adaptation of Flash's history which happened in 1979 and 1983 respectively. The mysterious ancestor Flash mentions is a reference to Cobalt Blue another Flash villain that has ties to both him and Professor Zoom's family which turns into a family feud by Zoom's home era. Hot Pursuit is another plot point I wanted to do involving Wally. Since he doesn't actually exist in the New 52 (which is stupid), and is actually another version of Barry Allen in the comics. So yeah kill two birds with one stone. Let me know what you think of it guys.

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