Part I

Everyone on the team filed into the room, all of their eyes focused on the screen as JJ debriefed them on the situation.

"Ogunquit, Maine. There have been five murders in the past seven weeks, all of them within this small town. Police have no leads as to who the perpetrator is, but they do know one thing. This particular unsub keeps his victims alive the entire time, and only kills them hours before they are found. They think that he's keeping them between seven and ten days. So far, he has left behind no physical evidence."

She then brought up the photos of the victims.

"All of them are young females between the ages of twenty and twenty-eight. Brown hair, hazel eyes, all of them around five foot three with similar body types. None of them show any signs of outward physical trauma, and none of them were sexually abused."

She flipped to the crime scene photos.

"This unsub kills his victims by breaking their necks. And, as far as the Ogunquit Police Department can tell…he's doing it himself, with his own hands."

JJ then paused, and then scanned up another photo onto the screen and looked over at Reid as she spoke.

"The only evidence that has been found at each crime scene is this."

She watched as every member of the team looked at the photo carefully and she waited…as she had silently predicted in her own head, Reid began to speak.

"The Death Card in Tarot is commonly misunderstood…it doesn't so much represent actual physical death as it does metaphorical death, more regarding strong changes or transitions within a person's life, and not necessarily their own demise…"

Everyone nodded, and then Morgan spoke up.

"Why are we just being called in now?"

JJ exchanged a loaded glance with Hotch and then quickly explained.

"We're being called in now because Elaine Wright, the wife of the Chief of Police for Ogunquit, Maine, Jason Wright, has gone missing." She popped the photo onto the screen. "And she fits the unsub's type."

Prentiss joined in. "How long has she been missing?"

"One day."

At this, everyone looked up at JJ in surprise, everyone, that was, except for Hotch. She had told him about the situation and he was prepared for the looks and the questions. But, surprisingly, none of them came.

Instead, Rossi said, "Well, that means we have, at the least, five days to find this guy. Let's get going, then."

With that, they all stood and grabbed their case files.

"Wheels up in thirty," Hotch said as they walked out, glancing over at JJ briefly, giving her an indecipherable look before grabbing his own papers and walking out the door.

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