First off, yes the time loop between 1 and 2 dosen't make sence. That would mean Ichy lived to be well over a hundred (in dog years) as would Flo

Flo, Ichy and the other dogs all watched Killer paddled Ann Marie to shore. The two dog helped the henchman of Carface paddled the the little girl to safety.

After getting checked out by the doctors and some hospital time, Ann was adopted by the Walton family. Ichy went to live with Ann and the Walton family to, heart broken by the death of his friend, Charlie the german shepard. He had died saving Ann, his body had been recovered a short time after Ann was saved.

Yet Ichy wasn't the only dog heartbroken, Flo was shedding tears for Charlie as well.

That dog was so helpful with all the adopted puppies she had, heck they were all like a big happy family already.

It was devistating for the collie to tell the pups that Charlie was gone, it was like telling them their dad had died.

Oh so many tears were shed that night.

A few weeks later, Flo was begging outside a meat market for some food for her and the pups

Now as it so happens, another dog was trying this trick as well. At the same market, in the back.

Flo stood outside the market, with little to no luck

"Nothing but scraps," she said to herself "This won't be enough for them,"

"For who?" the other dog said with a big chunk of salami in his mouth. The dog was a malamute with blue eys, and brown and white fur

"How'd you get that?" Flo said suprised

Steele dropped the meat in his mouth at the sight of the beautiful dog

"Whoa," he said in awe of the pretty dog

"Can I please have some of that?" Flo asked "You she I have these puppies and we're very hungry,"

"Puppies?" the dog said thinking that was the end of his chances with her

"Yes, I adopted them and..."

"Orphan pups?" the malamute said "Oh my, you poor dogs,"

Yes," Flo said "We're strays,"

"I'm not," the malmute said getting showing his collar "You gotta get one of these. The humans give them out to ones with collars more. It shows your not as visious as a stray,"

"Wow," Flo said "And here I thought the sad doggy eyes were all you needed,"

"Y'know this salami won't be enough for you and the pups for long," the malamute said "You should come back to my neighborhood. Lot of humans kids on the block, you know how much kids loves puppies,"

Flo gasped

"Are you an angel?" Flo said

The dog checked his pulse "Well if I am I'm not dead yet,"

"Come on I'll go take you to them miseter..."

"Koda," the malamute said

In the end al of Flos adaopted pups got adopted, along with Flo herself. Kodas family took her in. Flo so in love with Koda. She even had pups of her own with him.

So many years later (sometime before Ichy died) heaven gates opened once again for the recenlty dead dogs

Charlie was expecting Flo today

And soon enough she came up to

"Flo!" Charlie said "Oh Flo I've missed you so..."

"You know him honey?" Koda said

"Honey?" Charlie said

And that's why Charlie went back and stayed with Sasha on earth. (Sasha is the hotter of the two female dogs anyway)

The End