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Author's Note: From the White Draic Kin's perspective in Dreamfall. Sorry to everyone who's reading Fears! I am working on an update, it's just taking time. In the meantime, enjoy the poem! ^_^

Twinkling lights sparkle in my mind,

As I think about tomorrow.

I wonder what I am going to find

Amongst the knowledge that I borrow.

The dark people are my friends,

Family, but not Kin.

I will keep their secrets to the end

Because they helped my journey begin.

April is my guiding light,

As I try to find my way.

We laugh, we cry, we fight,

But we will hold hands as we face the fray.

I trust Crow with all my heart;

"It's what friends do," he's said.

Sometimes, when we are apart,

I can hear his laughter echo in my head.

I am a unicorn, you could say.

Earthlings would scoff with laughter,

But I know what will come at the end of the day,

And it's not a happily-ever after.

It's adventure, pure and simple,

A rare treasure in our world unknown.

Though my destiny has its wrinkles,

I love how I have grown.

I am a Draic Kin, a mystery by myself.

That's all I ever want to be.

My tomes of wisdom will one day be stored on a library's shelf,

While I face the longest journey.

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