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Chapter 11. An Old Face

(A/N: I've stopped using location and years at the beginning of each chapter because we are going by days instead of years now)

He drove over to Kelso's. How long it had been since he'd been there, TJ couldn't remember but it didn't matter. Right now it was the only place he felt he could get some peace and time alone. He hoped Mr. Kelso would still remember him, for some reason it brought comfort to him. But he doubted it sincerely.

He parked his jeep on the sidewalk and looked up at the big letter's that still spelled: KELSO'S.

He got out and headed inside.

As soon as TJ opened the door a series of smells and memories came flooding back to his nose and mind. It still smelled of candy, chewing gum and the fresh paper of comic books. It brought back times to when he went over trading crads with Vince, chewing gum with Gus, looking over comic books with Mikey, and looking over the latest WrestleMania magazine with Spinelli. Where had the years gone?

Then he looked over and saw a booth. It was right by the window and it looked like a good spot to relax and have a shake. TJ walked over and sat down and observed the salt and pepper shakers until it hit him: this was the last time where all six of them had sat together at Kelso's.

Flashback: 8th Grade June 1st, 2009

"Hey Teej, help me with my sundae, I don't think I can finish it all"

He had smiled. "I don't know I'm pretty full Spin."

"C'mon you're a guy. You're supposed to be hungry all the time!"

"Alright Spinelli I'll help your cute, little body get fat." he joked.

"Shut up! And anyway I'm not getting fat anytime soon! So dig in!"

Spinelli never ceased to amaze him. She was just the coolest person ever. But then again she was female.

They both started chowing down on ice cream until Vince started laughing.

"Hey guys, I don't think Mikey needs any help eating. But we might need to carry him home"

They looked over and saw that Mikey had demolished his sundae but had fallen asleep and was snoring. Ice cream was all over his face and shirt.

Immediately they all started laughing as they began to help Mikey on his feet to his journey home on a hot summer's day.

End of flashback.

TJ smiled at the memory. Had it really been that long since they'd been together as a group like that? TJ was beginning to feel even more guilty than he already did. That's when he heard a ring of familiar laughter

He saw Mr. Kelso laughing and talking to customers at the counter. Many years ago as a way to put his kids through college, Kelso had set up a bar in the back that sold alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. This did not change the outlook of the store. Kids would come by day, when the bar would be closed and the wino's and bums would come by at night, when the kiddies were put to bed, so nothing changed. Mr. Kelso was still the same man he was all those years before. He was slightly more lined, but other than that he the same cheery face.

He spotted TJ sitting alone and quickly rushed over with a pad and paper in his hand.

"Hey there young fella, what can I get you?" he asked with a smile.

TJ was surprised Kelso did not recognize him. He used to come every day and order his "usual"- a chocolate M&M shake. Even so he made no attempt to get the old man to remember his face.

"Just a chocolate M&M shake please" was all TJ said.

"Very well, coming right up."

Mr. Kelso wrote it down and turned to go back to the counter when he suddenly frowned. All of a sudden he smiled, as if remembering some pleasant memory.

"You know something, I used to know a kid years back who would come in here and order that very same thing every day. He and his friends would always make me laugh" he said.

TJ didn't say anything. He just remained silent and stared at the napkin dispenser at the table.

"Well I'll uh get you your order. Shouldn't be more than three minutes" said Kelso sounding uncomfortable now. He quickly left to fulfill the order.

The shop bell rang, as someone entered the store. TJ didn't look up at first, until he noticed the attire on the man who had just entered. Gray slacks, black shined shoes, a pink buttoned up shirt, with a tie and black Gabardine Jacket. He had a full head of graying, black hair, with a thick moustache and glasses to fit the profile. The man stopped and smiled at TJ.

"Hello TJ" he said in a kindly voice.

TJ swallowed, the effect this man had on him never wore off. Not even if it was a pleasant greeting.

"Hello there Principal Prickly…"

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