'I want her to say "We are not amused." I bet you five quid I can make her say it.'

'Well if I gambled on that it'd be an abuse of my privilege as a traveler in time.'

'Ten quid?'


"Come on then, own up." Rose said later on, now all dressed up in her pyjamas. She held her hand out to The Doctor as he sat on the captain's chair, eyebrows raised at her. "10 quid you said." The Doctor frowned at her, digging inside his pocket and taking out a pink diamond the size of his fist.

"Golapogas Diamond. Only found in the depths of the clistine nebula, worth over 50 billion credits." He said, throwing it and catching it in the air.

"10 quid." She said sternly.

"Planet one, with the oldest cliff face in the universe, completely made of pure diamonds."

"10 quid." She repeated, a little slower.

"You know I don't carry money, Rose!" He whined, pouting a little.

"You owe me 10 quid Doctor, so you better find it!" She said in a sing song voice, chuckling as she made her way over to the phone as it rang. "Hello?" She asked, holding The TARDIS phone to her ear. "Hey Mickey." She sighed, listening as he wittered on down the phone. "Yeah hang on." She said, pulling the phone away from her ear and looking at The Doctor. "Mickey's been investigating 'pparently. Says sumfin' about UFO sighting and record school results?"

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