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The one thing Damon had commited himself to was keeping Elena alive, but she was proving difficult to keep an eye on. The original family were holding a Ball and despite Damon's best efforts, Elena had wandered off to speak to Esther.

Damon caught Elena as she reached the staircase, the sequins on her black and silver dress making her rich brown eyes twinkle. She was beautiful and everytime he saw her he wished he could wrap her in his arms.

But Damon was the bad guy, Elena knew that. He had killed people and used those she cared about. Then again, compared to the new Stefan, who didn't seem to give a damn whether she died or not, Damon was a saint. And she cared for him a little bit, didn't she?

"Elena." Damon breathed a sigh of relief.

She turned to face him, meeting his steel blue eyes.

"Did you get what you want?" He asked.

"Actually yes."

"Good." He handed her the black coat she had warn to the ball. "Time for a ride home, we're leaving."

She struggled and he gripped her arm.

"No.. Damon. Let go of me." She gritted her teeth in annoyance, but her expression softened with Damon's disappointed face. "Look, I'm sorry I had to cut you out of the plan."

"There shouldn't have been a plan. You shouldn't be here."

"You think I like going behind your back?" Elena asked. "I don't, but if I hadn't asked Stefan for help then you would have tried to be the hero and ruined everything."

Damon snarled. "Well I'm sorry for trying to keep you alive. Clearly Stefan doesn't give a crap anymore."

Elena was taken aback. "Are you mad at me for including Stefan?"

"No, I'm mad at you because I love you." He said it quickly, before he could stop himself.

She looked down, butterflies in her stomach. Whenever she was around Damon she just felt nervous. But how would she respond?

"You do?" She asked, still letting the three words sink in.

"Yes, Elena." His eyes searched hers and he frowned, afraid of how she felt about him.

"Damon, we can't do this to Stefan." She replied, thinking of the other Salvatore who was probably listening in to the conversation.

"Screw my brother, Elena." He frowned. "He doesn't care anymore."

"Damon can you take me home?" It was the only way she would get to talk to him without other ears hearing. Afterall, she didn't want to be the subject of more gossip.

"Okay." He slipped her coat over her and then she took his arm as they walked out to Elena's car.

The journey back to Elena's was silent. Damon couldn't help but glance at Elena, despite the fact that he was driving. Her face was thoughtful and he wished he could read her mind just so he knew whether or not he was wasting his time.

He parked the car outside her house and took a deep breath, surprised that he, Damon Salvatore of all people, was nervous.

Elena decided not to invite him inside as she knew Alaric would be up waiting for her to get back safely.

"So..." Damon said, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

"Damon, you've changed."

"Oh do I look better in a tux than I used to?" Damon smirked.

"You know what I'm talking about." She rolled her eyes at him. "Look Damon, you know I care about you... a lot.. but I'm just worried about Stefan."

"He's over it." Damon lied, knowing perfectly well Stefan wasn't. But, he was allowed to be selfish just this once, wasn't he?

"I know, but I don't want to be more compared to Katherine than I already am."

"Elena," Damon leant towards her, "since when did you give a crap what anyone thinks? You got my brother to knock me out so you could go and see Esther for gods sake."

Her heart fluttered as Damon leant closer to her.

He smiled as their faces were only inches apart, and before she could stop herself, she gabe in.

She kissed him, their lips meeting softly before she kissed him harder, wanting him, needing him.

Damon pulled away, determined not to let it go any further. After all, Alaric was probably watching from the living room window.

"Is that my response?" He asked, meeting Elena's lustful eyes.

"We'll... see how things... go." She replied, breathless.

He watched her, a true smile playing on his lips, as she held her dress off the ground and hurried inside.

Maybe this time he'd get the girl he loved.

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