I stepped out of my old Chevy truck and barely glanced at my surroundings. Gray skies and dull plantings guarded the old, gothic church as the wind whipped leaves from the trees to down the pathway. I slammed the door with an earth-shattering grimace.

Pain was all I could think. All I could feel. All I could comprehend. I thought Jacob Black was going to be mine for the rest of my life. If that asshole, James Hunter, hadn't crashed into him, it was quite possible that he would still be alive. And here they say everything happens for a reason.

My outfit was dull; a simple black maxi-dress and simple gray flats. My hair was flat, my eyes lifeless. I felt as though I could never love again.

"Isabella Swan?" a young voice called out to me. I turned to see a beefy young man about six feet tall, with dark curly brown hair.

"Emmett?" I said, unaware of who this man might be.

"Yep, that's me."

"My god, you've grown. Lay off the steroids, Em!" I joked, trying to lighten the mood. He smiled and laughed, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. There was a long pause. We didn't know what to say in this atmosphere.

"I'm sorry, Bells." He said suddenly. "You know what I mean. After loosing him three weeks ago… I've heard that you haven't been much over lifeless."

"I can deal." I replied, gazing my eyes anywhere but his. "Its not that hard. I'll find someone new."

"Bella, you damn sure suck at lying."

"I know."

There was another pause.

"We should probably go in now. Before the rain hits." I said quietly, barely mumbling the words.

"Yeah. I've got to go back. I brought my family." He answered.

"Entire family?"

"Yeah. Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. Jacob was a big deal, you know." Emmett mentioned.

"I know." I said, blinking back the sudden oncoming surge of tears.

"I'll see you inside, Bella."

"Well… 'Kay, then." I sighed.

Emmett walked back over to what looked like two large black Escalade limos. I was surprised they even made those! I turned my head. I didn't need to see a bucket-load of snotty rich people dressed in Chanel and Louis Viton. I didn't need to feel shittier then I already did.

Then again, I wasn't sure that was possible.

I groaned, and took a deep breath, as I proceeded into the church.

I was okay, for a while. Everyone gave me sad glances, and 'I'm so sorry for your loss' smiles. I sat down next to a man in the front row who hopefully wouldn't bother me. I didn't even glance his way.

I was fine, until I realized that it was an open-casket.

Oh hell.