Ouran host club

"So how do you like your new home Ruby? it's not much but it's enough for you and me ..Right?" asked Ms. Fuji. Ruby walks around the house. The house is small with a small kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. Well this is a lot smaller than my home back in California. Thought Ruby has she come back to the main front door. She smiled at Ms. Fuji and said" Thanks again for doing this for me I really appreciate it." "Oh, honey your very welcome, why don't you go and see the school and get yourself familiar with the place?" asked Ms. Fuji. "Okay sure, I mean what the worse that can happen; it's not like anything interesting going to happen when I'm there .whose going to be there in the summer. Now as you read on you get to know that Ruby never has luck with her.

Oruan High School is a prestigious school where all the richest kids go to. Think of the school like where all the king's daughters and sons would go to. Ya, a very big and expensive school. Now our friend Ruby got accepted to this grand school because the school made this new program that allows kids who needs to remake grades but has no disciplinary marks.

Ruby is walking in the hall of the school. When she notice the music room on her right. Wow they even have a music room? Thought Ruby. I'll take a peak see what's inside. She slowly put her hand on the cold gold knob and open the door. What she saw next was beyond her wild imagination.

"Welcome to the host club my princess." Said a handsome boy with blonde hair. He was surround with other cute boys. What did I get myself into? Thought Ruby.