Fire consumes what it engulfs. Everything turns to ashes without a trace. The parts it touches get burned away and leave a lasting reminder of what was…

A friendship between two completely different people began when they were very young. Deidara was always so feisty, impulsive, loud, a real badass person while Sasori had a calm, calculated, shy, and cool personality. The two came in contact a few years after Sasori's parent's death. At the time, they were only 10 years old. Sasori was an introvert, wanting to have friends but not really knowing how to get them. During classes, he would sit in the corner while the others went to recess. He would mold tiny little figurines of a variety of different things. His fingers molded each one with complete precision. His little creations became his only friends. He once had innocence, but he was exposed to the dark side of the world too soon. The death of his parents occurred at a very young age, that lose made him realize that everything in the world was only temporary. That's why he made his little friends. Unless they were initially broken, they would never leave him. They would never leave this world. They were ever lasting art. Still, he had longed for a true friendship. He wanted something to talk about to him and play games with him. He wanted the human contact he was robbed of when he was younger.

That's when he met Deidara. Deidara had always been the kid in class that got in trouble with every teacher for being too sassy and carved words into his desk. Like Sasori, Deidara also lost his parents but in a completely different way. Deidara was born to a woman that was much too young to be having children. She went through the pregnancy unnoticed by her family and her boyfriend. She gave birth to her son in the stall of a bathroom during her high school prom. She attempted to get rid of her new born child by throwing him away in the trashcan and leaving him there to die. He was found later that night by a janitor and was put into child services. He was adopted by a loving family and was given affection and love. Despite this, the pain of knowing that his mother did not want him affected him. Unlike Sasori, he tried to hide these emotions by distracting everyone with his behavior and actions so they didn't know how he really felt. Both of them were broken children that were exposed to evil at an age that they should be laughing and learning their ABC's. They suppressed the pain in two completely different ways but deep down inside they were the same.

Deidara took note of this one day. He had always noticed that Sasori never talked to anyone else in the class. His outgoing personality made him want to bring the shy redhead out of his shell. He walked over to him while all the other students were out at recess one day and slammed his hand down on the redhead's desk.

"Hey Sasori, why don't you ever come out to recess with us?" Sasori raised his head and looked at the loud mouth blonde.

"I simply don't want to…I prefer to be by myself, making my art in silence." Deidara looked down at the little clay sculptures that Sasori had scattered on his desk.

"You mean this crap? Come on Sasori let's go outside and have some real fun with the others!" Sasori gave Deidara a stern look.

"I LIKE to be alone." The two looked at each other for a moment before Deidara sighed and put his hands on his hips.

"I don't believe you. Nobody likes to be alone. Everyone likes having friends, having someone they can rely on. But whatever, if you like to be alone then be alone." At that, Deidara left the classroom. Sasori was left completely alone. He sat there and thought for a moment, thought about how Deidara was right. He never liked being alone, he wanted friends…He rose from his seat and walked out of the classroom, calling Deidara's name. That was the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. The two boys found comfort in being with each other. They had their fights and disagreements, but they always came back to each other. It became dependency. Both boys needed one another; they needed that person that knew the pain they went through. Their fates became interlocked in one another's.