"First degree burns are superficial. They only affect the first layer of skin. There are 3 degrees of burns…" Sasori took notes diligently on what the teacher was saying. He wasn't trying to be a nerd, but the topic truly fascinated him. Deidara, however, did not listen very intently. He learned all this stuff while he was younger through his fascination with fire. People often asked the blonde haired boy why he was so intrigued by fire. He didn't really know when or how the interest came into his radar…all he knew was it was something very beautiful. Fire was a power, and those who possess the power controlled everything around them. Nobody held immunity to fire, and it took no prisoners.

Deidara finished drawing pictures on his notes and looked at the clock. Only 5 minutes were left in class. He inwardly smiled and sat back waiting for the bell to ring. Who knew more about fire then he did? The bell finally rang and Deidara stood up with his book bag ready to go before his teacher had to get one more final comment in.

"Remember everyone, fire is deadly and is not something that should be played with. Don't under estimate its power."

It was now lunch time and Sasori went to his locker to retrieve his lunch. He made a habit to always bring his lunch because he found that the crap they served in lunch room would cause him to have vomit spells. Normally, Deidara and he went out and sat in their car during their lunch break. Mainly they did this because Deidara liked to smoke and felt they couldn't stop him if he was in his car on school grounds. Sasori found the idea of smoking very disgusting and didn't understand what possessed his best friend to do it. He made his way over to his car and saw Deidara already there, smoking. He rolled his eyes and got in the car.

"You know if you smoke too much you will get that smokers voice." Sasori said as he got in the car. Deidara looked over and smirked.

"Don't worry Sasori; I have control over my own addictions. I can stop when I want."

"Then stop." Sasori said straight forward. Deidara glared slightly.

"I said when I wanted, not when you wanted." Deidara sat back in the passenger seat and continued to smoke. Sasori took out his sandwich and ate it. There was a long silence before either one of them made a sound. After last night's incident, they both felt slightly awkward. Deidara never expressed emotions in that manor. Finally Sasori decided to be brave and bring up the topic again.

"So what bothers you about abortions?" Deidara was caught off guard and was quiet for a little bit before he answered.

"It's just…I know that people think that the women should choose if they don't want their child…but why doesn't the child get a decision in this?"

"Because the child isn't even born yet." Sasori stated like a smart ass. Deidara looked down.

"That's not what I mean, like the mother shouldn't only think about herself. She should also think about the child. Their taking away a life from an innocent baby…" There was silence after that for a little while. It was a really deep conversation and neither of them was used to talking about a topic such as this.

"Why does this bother you so much?" Sasori looked at his best friend. He wondered if there was something that his best friend never told him because this was completely out of left field for Deidara. He was normally always happy and didn't have a care in the world. Deidara finally started to break down.

"When I was younger….I was abandoned…my mother didn't want me so she threw me away. She didn't think about me, all she cared about was herself. She wanted me to die that day but I didn't…I survived." Sasori listened as Deidara told him what had really happened to him when he was younger. He could tell that the whole thing hurt Deidara really bad and he wanted it to stop. He just wanted Deidara to be the happy, go-lucky person he was.

"I see…" Sasori leaned a little bit closer and put his hand on Deidara's arm. "Deidara, I'm sorry…I don't really know what to do or say though…" Deidara shrugged and looked over at his best friend. Sasori had always tried to keep him calm and had always been there for him no matter what it was. Deidara really admired that about him. Nobody else was there for him like Sasori was. When they were in middle school, he used to have some what of a crush on his best friend…but he pushed those feelings behind him. He never wanted to jeopardize his friendship with Sasori. Deidara sighed one more time and looked out his window.

"I wish there was something that I could do…" Sasori sat there for a little bit, trying to figure out something that he could do.

"You can always try and campaign against it." Deidara made a face of slight disgust.

"Like they would listen to someone like me! Besides, they are going to do whatever the fuck they want…"

"Then there's nothing that you can do." Sasori didn't like saying it, but it was the only thing that could be said. "Unless you did something illegal, there is nothing that could be done. And that would be stupid." Deidara continued looking out the window.

Later that evening, Deidara was outside playing with his lighter. It was almost like a stress reliever to him. He slightly wished he had the power he had over his lighter; able to stop anything from getting too big but also able to create something huge.

"And they call the younger generation ignorant." He sighed and closed his lighter. No matter what he did that day, he could not get the thought of what his mother did to him out of his head. He didn't want anyone going through that. Nobody deserved the pain that he want through. He opened the lighter he had and opened it. He stared at the flame for awhile. In frustration with himself, Deidara threw his lighter on the ground into the pile of leaves he had around him. He stared at the flames as they burned away the leaves. He let the fire burn and spread before he put it out and went inside for the night.

Neither Deidara or Sasori realized it, but a spark in Deidara has been ignited….and the fire was about to begin.