Chance Encounter.

Chapter 1: And so they meet.

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Raven, walking down the street was unusually distracted. But of course, this didn't show on his face. Ever since he had realized that he had no control over his own will, his face refused to display his emotions and thoughts. No. That's not quite true. He had since realized, with the help of his master, Edger, and Miss Lydia, that his heart was not completely ruled by the heartless sprite in his left eye. Since that time, his surroundings had become less bloodstained, and his face occasionally let an expression slip past his carefully composed guard.

Suddenly, he snapped to attention, his left eye glowing slightly with a pale mist of green flame. He froze, but did not turn around. The figure behind him did the same thing. He inwardly cursed himself for not noticing before now. Because of the shadow the street lamp at his side cast, he could see that the figure was willowy and not particularly tall. He sensed that it was a female. He didn't want to fight in the open like this, when there was the option of not doing so. There was no one to protect but himself. None the less, he couldn't just continue to ignore it. His eye was already beginning to burn as his sprite urged him to attack. Luckily, he had some experience in controlling this impulse. Unlike when he was young, he was no longer a slave to his sprite; He was no longer an out of control beast.

Slowly, he angled himself down the nearest back road. All the while the hidden dagger in his jacket pressed temptingly against the fabric of his shirt. The footsteps padded softly on the road behind him. Was the person barefoot? When he reached the deserted park at the fringe of the outlying forest, he once again stopped. This time he did turn around, with the cold, wide eyed look that always masked his face when he fought already spread across his face.

His body tense, he prepared to spring. His eyes widened. Before him stood what appeared to be a young woman. She was almost unnaturally thin, pale, and as the shadow had suggested she was decidedly fair boned. She reminded him somehow of a wild animal. Timid, but by no means tame or weak. A bird maybe? No. A lynx matched her better. Wide hazel eyes, and a stance that assured him that she would, if prompted, flee at a seconds notice. Flee or attack that is. The wildness in her eyes left him with no doubt that her appearance could not lead him to believe that she was by any stretch of the imagination helpless.

He didn't know what to do. She wasn't attacking although he had given her plenty of time to attempt the feat, mesmerized as he was by the young girl. So instead they both stood there in a strained silence. Waiting for something that neither could name. Then he listened as she attempted to say something. She was speaking too quietly. He couldn't hear her message. Her words were quavering and musical, but completely undecipherable.

Then, she suddenly shivered and doubled over. Kneeling on the sparse grass that carpeted the area. He watched as her eyes fluttered shut and her breathing slowed to an almost invisible rise and fall of her chest. A puff of dirt marked the second when she completely collapsed in a single lithe motion. She was still. He stared at her in her unconsciousness. Then without a word, he strode over to the spot where she laid, and gently picked her up in his arms. Supporting her slight weight with one arm under her knees and the other cradling her side against his chest with his hand wrapped lightly around her shoulder. Then he strode off into the darkness of the deserted streets as the smell of her blood blanketed the air.

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