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Trigger Warning: bullying.

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Chapter 1

"Gosh, Quinn, when are you going to wash that gunk out of your hair?" Blaine laughed as his older sister by 6 minutes came down the stairs, her pink hair bouncing.

"When you stop wearing so many bow ties," she countered, laughing back at him. This was the Quinn that he knew—not the girl who was head of the Skanks, not the girl everyone else knew—this was the real Quinn.

She scuffed his unruly curls. "At least you stopped wearing so much gel."

"Yeah, because every time I buy a new bottle it mysteriously comes up missing," Blaine objected.

"I have no idea what you mean, Blainers. Maybe we can talk Mom into buying you contacts? I mean you're cute with your big hipster glasses, but you look like a nerd." She regretted her words as soon as she saw the sad look on her brother's face. "Oh, Blaine, I didn't mean it. You know I'm just kidding!"

"I'll stop wearing glasses when you take out your nose ring," he fired back, and the two fell into a fit of giggles.

"You ready for school?" Quinn asked when she could talk again.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Blaine mumbled, sighing as he straightened his bow tie in the hall mirror. Being dorky and gay at WMHS was pretty tough, but it was who he was.

"Hey, you know I'm here for you, Blaine. All the Skanks are. We look out for you!" Which was true, they usually stopped the bullies, but they couldn't always be there. Quinn knew that and she hated it. She loved her brother. She was what you might call an "overprotective sister", and she had every right to be, what with what happened to Blaine at his old school. She looked down at the boy who was smiling, totally oblivious to what his older sister was thinking.

"True, it's nice to know a bunch of girls are stopping a bunch of jocks from slamming me into lockers." He laughed but with a hint of sadness that only Quinn would be able to recognize.

"You're better than all of them, Blaine. You're going places," she whispered, and the boy hugged her. This was what Blaine loved about his sister, no matter how much of a bitch she was to everyone else. He knew that was a mask. He knew the real her was in there, deep down, and he was the one to drag the real her out at moments like this.

"Now come on or we are really going to be late."

"What do you care? You cut first period anyways," Blaine said, putting on his coat.

"True, but Mr. I-can't-miss-a-day-of-school-or-everything-is-ruined, here, can't miss his first period." Quinn smiled over at her brother as he was struggling to untwist his backpack strap over his coat. "You're such a dork." She rolled her eyes good naturedly, and after helping him to straighten it, the two walked out to her car and headed for school.

When Blaine entered the school, he was instantly slammed into a locker.

"Oh, is older sis not here to protect you again?" He heard a snarl but he immediately closed his eyes. It's best not to look at your attacker. But Blaine would know that voice everywhere, and not in a good way. Karofsky was always going to be there to tear him down on a good day.

"Actually, I am, so you have two seconds to drop my brother before I fuck up your face, Dave." Quinn's voice was laced with ice. The whole school knew: you don't mess with the Skanks and you definitely do not mess with their leader, Quinn, and that extended to her twin brother.

"Pfft, whatever, you can't always be here, Pinky," Dave said as he stormed off with one final glare directed at Blaine.

"Man, am I going to have to take a tip from Lopez and start hiding razor blades in my hair?" Quinn tried to joke, but she saw the fright in the boy's eyes as she helped him stand. She knew he was seconds away from tears and she felt so guilty she had left him to walk in by himself so she could smoke.

"God, Blainers, I'm so sorry! I didn't think he would try anything this early in the day."

"Quinn, you can't always be here, I know that. Just don't worry about me so much." Blaine readjusted his glasses and picked up his textbook that had slid across the floor. "And to answer your question," Blaine continued, coming back to Quinn with a tiny smirk, "no, you shouldn't hide razor blades in your hair. The silver would clash horribly with that shade of pink." And the two burst into giggles before Quinn realized where she was, and when she did, she stopped automatically. Blaine took notice right away and sighed.

"Do you ever get tired of pretending?"

"All the time, bro, all the time," she said, giving him a small smile before she parted ways to go hang with the rest of the Skanks under the bleachers during first period.

Neither of them noticed the porcelain faced boy who had watched the whole incident go down as he pretended to get a drink from the drinking fountain. Kurt hated to see Blaine, the only other openly gay kid at the school, get treated just like he did. But he looked away when the boy passed him. No, he couldn't feel bad for Blaine. Because Blaine was a nerd, and, well, no respectful head Cheerio could be caught dead talking to the biggest nerd at the school.

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