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Truth and Lies

Beckett narrowed his eyes as he watched the man in the front seat of the car turn. His gut twisted in fear as he realised who the man that had abducted him and Ros really was. Memoried of Cyberax and other nightmares from their past crossed his mind as the bald man turned and almost smiled at him. He would know that voice anywhere. Glaring ahead he didn't allow himself to look at Ros, knowing that Jean-Daniel knew she was his weak spot. He may have been dating Crystal but everyone knew that Ros was the only woman he had ever really cared about. Jean Daniel narrowed his eyes as the gun remained focused on Ros' head. Becket swore silently as he watched Ros narrow her eyes. He knew that a bullet fired at that range would be fatal.

"What do you want?" Ros surprised herself at how level she was able to keep her voice. Beckett kept his eyes on Jean Daniel knowing that Ros was playing for time.

"Miss Henderson." Jean Daniel smirked. "I want many things. You and your colleague dead will do for now.

"Why?" Ros ignored Beckett, knowing he would be trying to work out how to get them both out of there. For a moment her thoughts turned to Ed and Alex. She just hoped the Australian and the bride realised something was wrong.

"You killed my brother."

"No I didn't."

"Look." Beckett cut in for the first time as he realised the car had sped away from the Manor House where Alex had been preparing to marry Adam.


"Hey." Ed ran towards Alex as she lay crying onthe polished hardwood floor. Alex lifted her head as she realised her friend was trying to prise her away from Adam's body. "I'm sorry. I am so sorry."

"Ed." Alex sobbed as he pulled her into his arms. Adam's lifeless body lay behind her as Jan walked in, clearly horrified by the sight in front of her.

"We need to find Ros and Beckett."

"Yeah." Ed agreed as Alex turned in his arms at the sound of her boss' voice. "I haven't seen them since we heard the shots fired."

"I've had security look through the CCTV cameras and spoken to Crytal. It seems they are together. A woman matching Ros' description got in to a limo about twenty minutes ago."

"And Nick?" Alex sighed as she thought of the older man.

"Is apparently with her." Jan sighed as Ed smiled. He quite liked the idea of his friends getting back together, especially since he had talked with Ros once she had got out of the hospital following her brain surgery.

"Yes." Ed smiled as Jan looked around as uniformed officers began swarming the rooom.

"Apparently so is Jean Daniel."

"Oh my God." Ed helped Alex to his feet as he spoke. "You're right. We have to find them. He will kill them."

"He killed Adam." Alex glanced at the dead body of her husband as Jan nodded.

"Yeah and we have to find Ros and Beckett before he kills them." Ed stated as Jan nodded. She glaned at Ed knowing he was as angry and worried as she was. Every instinct shee had told her there was a very real chance Ros Henderson and Nick Beckett were already dead. She just prayed she was wrong.


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