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Leondhart could feel nothing, nor could he see anything that could tell him were he was. He had sealed the pillar on Lucrellia, and then he had been...consumed...was a word he would use. His soul had been used to seal the pillar; at least that was what Dyshana said would happen to him. He knew that Fyuria, Elaine, and Luana had all accompanied him as well. He wondered if they had been consumed too. Would he ever leave this place? This...limbo? He wanted to see Fyuria again. They had only been able to stay together for a short time, and it hadn't been enough.

He wondered how everyone else was. Ellis and the others should've been taking care of his new son by now. Leo wasn't really worried about that though; Ladius was in good hands, and would grow up to be a fine man. Instead, his thoughts kept wandering to his current state. Was he supposed to exist like this for eternity? He might go mad if that was the case. It would be so much easier if his friends were here.

Leo's reverie was disrupted by...wind? He could feel a cool breeze flowing around him, sending slight shivers through him. He could move as well. He stretched his legs and clutched his hands, coming into contact with soft grass. He slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the bluest sky he had ever seen; It was completely cloudless, and although it seemed to be about noon judging from the brightness, the sun was nowhere in sight. He slowly rolled over and pushed himself up on his arms. Where was he? Certainly not Heaven. At least he didn't think he was. He pushed his arms into the small of his back to stretch his chest as efficiently as possible.


Leondhart looked away from the sky to the source of a voice he joyfully recognized. He spotted his lover standing near a copse of beech trees.

"Fyuria! I'm so glad you're..." He noticed the embarrassed look on her face, the red going up to her ears, and her stare focusing on a lower part of Leo's body. He looked down to see what it was, only to see that he was completely naked, and unwittingly thrusting his..."manhood" towards Fyuria while stretching. He quickly covered himself with his hands and glanced back at Fyuria, who he noticed was also naked. She didn't really have much to hide up top, (Although he would never tell her that) so she was holding her hands in-between her legs.

Leo averted his eyes by staring off towards a very peculiar horizon, where something seemed terribly wrong about the sun. "Fyuri...why are we this?"

She looked off in the opposite direction before answering. "I'm not sure...we didn't do anything...did we?" Before he could answer, she ran off into the beech trees behind her. "I-I'll go find our clothes! They should be around here somewhere!"

Leo examined his surroundings seriously for the first time since awakening. Firstly, he didn't see Luana or Elaine anywhere. But something about the environment was...wrong to him. The trees, the grass...all wrong somehow. As he looked more closely, he saw that the trees and other vegetation had a slight "aura" to them. They had a strange light emanating from them, a sickly turquoise color that seemed unnatural. And the seemed distorted. Like the air above Leo was twisted. He couldn't really tell what was wrong with the sky exactly, but he did know something was definitely odd about the horizon. The sun, first of all, was a very pale white, as if it would give off more cold than heat, and secondly, it seemed to have an unusual growth coming from it's side, a strange, bulbous growth that on a human would've been called a tumor. Something about the actual horizon line was strange as well. Instead of the ever so slight rounding look it usually had, it seemed to cut off completely, as if it was a cliff edge or some such.

And moreover, what had happened to his and Fyuri's clothes? He knew that the day before they sealed the pillar they had enjoyed themselves in bed, but...

"Leo! I found them!" Leo turned only his head to see Fyuria walking towards him with his clothes in hand. Much to his dismay, she had already dressed in hers.

"Ah, thanks Fyuri. Where were they?"

She blushed slightly and grinned in response to Leo's nickname for her. "They were um...hanging on some tree branches in the grove back there." She said motioning over her shoulder. But then she took a serious air about herself. "But something is wrong, Leo. Look at our clothes. They're different somehow."

Leo looked down at his clothing and noticed that she was right. The changes weren't anything major; just some color changes and patterns that didn't exist before. His coat was now gray instead of white, and his undershirt had an unusual spiral pattern on one of it's sleeves, something it definitely didn't have before. Fyuria spoke up again. "And although most of our equipment was there, some of it was missing."

Leo examined his stuff again for anything missing, but didn't notice anything. "Like what?"

She sighed. "Like your sword, genius. How could you not notice that?"

Leo looked at his things again and sifted through them. Again, Fyuria was right; Leo's sword was gone, sheath and all. He looked back to Fyuria disappointingly. "Well...did you lose anything Fyuri?"

At this she plopped down and hugged her knees forlornly. "I...couldn't find...the doll you gave me..." Her tone gave off a vibe of extreme sadness. It seemed like she almost wanted to cry.

Leo leaned forward and hugged her. "Don't worry. I'm sure our things are around here somewhere. After I get dressed, we'll go look for them together, OK?"

She smiled sadly at him. "Alright. And then we should find out where we are, right?" Leo looked around again at the twisted surroundings that he had awakened in. He was still worried, but the only thing to do for now was find out just what was going on, and then find his friends. But he had a feeling that it would be far more difficult than he made it out to be.

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