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Darkest Before the Dawn


The shattering of his blade left a ringing sound in his ears. He dropped to his knees, numb to the pain inflicted on him during the raging battle a few moments prior. All he could think about was his sword, now laying in six pieces on the scorched ground beneath him, with the skeletons of millions surrounding him.

This cannot be how it all ends, Elio thought in despair.

Wielded against evil for generations, the Master Sword was now destroyed by the very same evil it had sworn to defeat.

Fierce Deity.

A monster unlike any seen before, Fierce Deity was a god of immense power. Once trapped in his home realm of Termina, he had broken the barrier to Hyrule in order to make a grab for ultimate power, namely the Triforce.

The Goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore, sensing the shattering of the barrier, had searched out a new guardian for the Master Sword. Elio Vantine had been that guardian, one of the last Pureblooded Hylians left in Hyrule.

Fierce set about upsetting the fabric of time, attempting to bend it to his own purposes, such as destroying the lineage of Link at its source.

Using the powers granted to him, Elio stopped the outlaw deity at every turn. From then on the two clashed for ages, taking their battle from Skyloft to the Twilight realm to every time period that existed.

But the world did not escape totally unscathed. Elio and Fierce Deity's battles eventually grew in fever, upsetting the three branches of the time stream and the planet's life force. Entire towns and countries were burned to the ground at the hands of the deity.

And Elio could not stop him.

Hyrule eventually succumbed and was obliterated. Not having lost hope, Elio continued to fight for the very survival of his planet, even though most of it had long been razed by the destructive magic of Fierce Deity.

He had traveled to Termina, the only place left unharmed, in search of a mask salesman who was rumored to have a mask capable of stopping Fierce Deity.

It had taken time, but when he returned to his home realm, Elio wielded the might of Majora's Mask, another deity of unimaginable power. Facing down Fierce Deity on Outset Island, it looked like Elio had turned the tides of defeat, but it wasn't that simple.

The mask was too powerful to control, and in a moment that will haunt him, he caused the death of the island's inhabitants. The resulting blast of energy boiled the oceans, killed the marine life, and caused the Great Sea to evaporate.

And after all that, Fierce Deity never got scratched once.

Their battles raked the planet's surface a thousand times, causing mass hysteria and destruction. Soon Elio's world was all but a distant memory, just a scorched planet on which nothing grew or lived. Even the Goddess themselves fell to Fierce Deity's terror.

Now his only hope of defeating the monster was gone, broken into pieces. He looked up at the grinning face of his opponent, Fierce's white eyes shining with glee.

The Terminan deity had always bore a striking resemblance to the Hero of Time, even clothed in a tunic and cap, albeit white. Some had speculated that he was Termina's Link, others said he was not.

Now no one lived to speculate one way or the other.

Fierce Deity reached down and ripped Majora's Mask from Elio's face, crushing it in his hand.

"I told you I would defeat you, Elio," Fierce said. "Even if it has been thousands of years since we first began this dance of ours."

"What will you do now?" Elio asked, carefully eyeing Fierce's Double Helix Sword. "You've destroyed Hyrule and all other forms of Hyrule in all three timelines; there isn't much to rule over."

"Harvest the ashes of this world and remake it in my image, of course," the god replied. "With the three lines of time shattered, I can take my rightful place as ruler of the universe!"

"Monster," Elio spat. "Someone will rise up and defeat you!"

"And who would that be?" Fierce Deity asked. "Link? I took care of him - all three of him. No, there is no resistance left in any time, and you know it."

The mad god lifted his sword, poised to finish Elio. "Let us finish what we started ages ago."

Lowering his head and softly praying, Elio awaited his death. Seeing this, the god laughed. "Go ahead, pray to your dead goddesses. It makes no difference to me."

A flash of blue light caught their attention. Both turning, a brilliant blue orb crashed to the ground, stirring up bits of bones and ash.

"What is this?" Fierce Deity asked. He turned towards Elio. "Some last defense?"

Elio shook his head. He had absolutely no idea what it was. A blue orb appears from thin air, rescuing Elio from death, and he wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Edging closer to it, Fierce Deity reached out a gloved hand to touch the now-glowing blue orb. As soon as he touched it, the orb let out what sounded like a child's scream. Going from blue to black, the orb began to radiate an energy so raw, Elio could taste it on his tongue.

Fierce Deity, despite this, grabbed the orb, and got the shock of his life. Covering him in some kind of inky shield of energy, the orb began to blink on and off. The energy coming off the thing became more charged as the blinking increased in frequency.

Finally it let out a burst of energy which engulfed the god. Elio did his best to shield his face from the burst, but when he looked up, Fierce Deity was gone.

The orb was gone as well.

What just happened? he thought.

He squinted into the distance trying to see if the god had just jumped ahead a few leagues, but he saw nothing. Scrambling to his feet, upsetting the bones of the fallen, he rushed to the spot where Fierce Deity had been standing.

"That orb," he whispered aloud. "It must have torn him apart at the molecular level, but…where did it come from?"

With the powers granted to him, he reached through the layers of time and searched for the orb's presence. After a few minutes, he almost gave up, but then he felt the faint residual energy left by the orb.

"Impossible!" he said, surprised. "The orb's energy trail leads to…another universe, another world."

As he soaked in the orb's energy, he felt something evil. Attached to the orb, riding it to another world, was Fierce Deity.

Elio was stunned into silence. So the mad god still lived after all. Which meant Elio's job was still incomplete.

He jogged back over to the broken Master Sword and collected the pieces, storing them in his backpack. If he was going to stop Fierce Deity from reeking even more destruction, he would need all the help he could get.

And that meant tracking down some old relics that might aid him in his fight. When that was done, and he was prepared, Elio would follow Fierce Deity to whatever world he had vanished to.

"I will track you to the ends of the universe, Fierce Deity," Elio swore. "You will not go unpunished for the destruction of my world! Even if I must follow you to this world called Gielinor."

Elio then invoked the necklace he carried with him, an artifact allowing him to travel through time, to take him to the first weapon he would need - the Four Sword.

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